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183 Return

 "Calm down!" Chen Ge immediately ran to the middle of the corridor. "We're all allies here; there's no need to harm each other!"

His back was drenched from being squeezed between two Red Specters. Chen Ge was shocked by this scene himself. Two Red Specters were going to fight it out, but he, a living human, was the mediator. Perhaps it was due to Chen Ge, neither the boy nor Zhang Ya made a move.

In reality, the boy was already compromising. After he woke up, the blood vessels inside the Third Sick Hall had continued to surge into his body, and the more he dragged this out, the more powerful he would become.

"I can give you the old man's body, but I must keep his head." There was a unique connection between the boy and the Third Sick Hall. If the Third Sick Hall was a monster, then he was the monster's child, so he had perfect control of the many things here.

Many blood vessels appeared on the surface of the corridor, and they curled themselves around the old man's neck. The old man, who had surrendered to his fate, suddenly opened his eyes and started to struggle. Unfortunately, Zhang Ya's feet were still on his body, so he could not even move.

The blood vessels drilled into the old man's neck, and the image that happened next was a bit gory. The old man's scream reverberated down the hall. The blood vessels formed tentacles of sorts and transported the old man's head to the boy.

"What kind of mistake has the old man made?" Chen Ge was past feeling pity for the man. After all, he did try to kill him earlier.

"When the door was first opened, the man used the patients as test subjects." The boy's hollow eyes looked at the head in his arms. "He forced the patients to enter the door and that included my mother.

The boy hugged the man's head and was smiling sweetly. "He is a very fake and selfish man. The reason I fell asleep was because of him and a few of his patients."

"Him and a few patients? There are other people inside the door?" Chen Ge nudged toward Zhang Ya; he felt safer being close to Zhang Ya.

"I promised Doctor Chen that I would guard the door after entering it. However, five years ago, the door was forced open from the outside." The boy started to explain what happened five years ago. "The old man suffered from cancer, and he knew that he wasn't going to live for long. To extend his life, he turned his interest toward the world behind the door.

"But he was scared, so like so many years ago, he sent a few patients into the door first. The Third Sick Hall was a quarantine building, and the patients there had no family or background, so the whole process was very hush-hush.

"After one week of trials and making sure that there was no danger, the director entered the door with a few patients." The smile hung on the boy's face as he petted the old man's screaming head. "After the door closed, this place became my world, and there is nothing inside the Third Sick Hall that can harm me.

"I didn't want to harm them; I just wanted to find something to do after so many years of boredom. However, to my surprise, to escape, these people opened the door for the monsters to enter the Third Sick Hall. Some of them even got possessed by these monsters.

"When I discovered this, it was already too late. They trapped me inside the electroshock therapy room and had the dying director look over me while the others escaped with the sin and terror."

After listening to the boy, Chen Ge nodded. "I've seen several patients of the Third Sick Hall in the real world. A thin monster possessed each of them. The old man said that they were a manifestation of human desire."

"Indeed, those are creatures that originated from inside the door, but they are also the weakest." The boy's words scared Chen Ge. The thin monster was the weakest, but he had always thought that the mirror monster was the weakest.

"Five years ago, seven patients entered the door, and four of them were possessed by the weakest monsters. As for the other three, I couldn't tell." The boy glanced at Chen Ge. "The fact that you're here means that you've fought with them already. The remaining ones might seek you out for trouble."

"Can you tell me about the three that are most dangerous?"

"There's an incredibly beautiful woman, a man with a ruined face, and the last one is called Wu Fei." The boy's teeth gritted together when he said Wu Fei's name. "It was this Wu Fei who came up with the plan to trap me."

Then, the boy added, "But Wu Fei is not the most difficult to deal with. You have to be careful about the ruined face; he's the most dangerous."

"Thank you for the reminder."

"There's no need to thank me because I have a favor to ask of you." The boy had observed Chen Ge for a long time and finally voiced his real purpose. "I am just a persona, and this Third Sick Hall behind the door is my host. Since I've been here for so long, from a certain perspective, you can say my consciousness has joined with the building. Outsiders cannot kill me; they can only weaken me and make me fall asleep.

"They cannot kill me, but they can influence me by harming my second persona. In fact, they might be able to control me through him. That is what I'm most worried about, so, if needed, please help me protect my second persona. I have no family left in that world, and he is my only friend."

"No problem. I am friends with your second persona as well, so I will never not help him." Chen Ge tried to befriend the boy and wished that one day he would be able to hire him as one of his workers. His Haunted House needed someone of his age.

"Hopefully, you'll hold onto your promise." The boy carried the old man's head to Room 3. "Staying too long in this world will damage your spirit and body. It'll be filled by negative thoughts. If you stay long enough, you too will go insane."

He pushed the door to Room 3 open and placed the old man's head beside the bed. "I'll send you off. If there's any problem, you can come find me at midnight; I'll hold the door open for one minute."

"Why one minute?" Chen Ge's eyes twitched.

"That's the limit of my control," the boy answered. "This world is huge, and there are many other doors. Some doors, like this one, are guarded by people, and some are left unattended. Normally speaking, if there is someone guarding the door, the time of door opening will be one minute."

"Okay, I understand." Chen Ge lowered his head, thinking about the door in his Haunted House.

When both Chen Ge and Zhang Ya walked into Room 3, the boy closed the door. He stood beside the door. "You can go back now."

"But how?"

The boy pointed at the door of Room 3. "Push it open, you only have one minute."