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178 The Chase

 Black snow seemed to be falling in the corridor. Zhang Ya stood in the midst of it as her black hair absorbed the energy from the torn apart thin monsters, and the red on her clothes burned even brighter.

She has gotten even stronger...

Chen Ge's eyes twitched. Zhang Ya's affection level toward him was increasing at lightning speed. What if they broke through a certain level and Zhang Ya 'accidentally killed' him?

This girl, who looked cute and quiet, had a penchant for torturing her victims. If there was a seat open for the worst villain in this story, she would be a good candidate.

"We'd better leave the Third Sick Hall soon." Chen Ge walked toward Zhang Ya to try to get her to leave. Of the three monsters, only the one who was blinded remained. It was heavily wounded, and the faces on its body were screaming for help. Even Chen Ge could not help but feel sorry for the helpless creature. "Zhang Ya, it has received enough punishment. Stop torturing it, and just end its life. We're in a hurry, and I don't plan to stay at this place for long."

Blood streamed out like tears from the monster's only functional eye. It tried its best to struggle from the bind of the black hairs. The faces on its body started to scream shrilly.

"It's calling for help? Just leave it be then, let's go!" Chen Ge walked a few steps and realized that Zhang Ya was still standing where she was, her black hair slowly curling around the monster's feet. At the other end of the corridor, endless pulsing blood vessels seemed to reach into the monster's body like they were trying to rescue it.

The stench in the air turned heavier. While Zhang Ya was fighting with the blood vessels, the real monster at Third Sick Hall was awakening. More blood vessels poked out from the walls and ceiling. Part of them wrapped around the monster's upper body while the rest crept toward Zhang Ya.

What is the thing that is controlling these blood streaks?

Chen Ge tried to go and help Zhang Ya, but before he got near, the thin monster was torn into two. Most of the body parts were wrapped up by the blood vessels and carried downstairs. Zhang Ya only got a small part of it.

This was the first time Zhang Ya had lost, but from how Chen Ge saw it, they were lucky they kept their lives. He was about to advise Zhang Ya to leave, but before he could say anything, he saw the black hair come out of Zhang Ya's back like waves, and that flash of red rushed down the stairs!

The blood vessels along the way were torn apart, and Zhang Ya soon disappeared down the fourth-floor corridor. A cold draft blew into Chen Ge's open mouth, and he said after two seconds, "She still wants to give chase?"

Chen Ge looked at the dark corridor, and various scary images crowded his mind. His rationality told him it was time to leave; things had gone beyond his expectations. Retreat was the wise solution. He wanted to leave, but Zhang Ya had rushed forward alone. In fact, she might be tricked into enter the blood door.

It was a dangerous world on the other side of the door, and Zhang Ya might be outnumbered. The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. Chen Ge slashed the cleaver on the wall, yelling, "What am I doing‽"

Then, he gritted his teeth and rushed into the darkness. Sitting beside a bloated mattress, the white cat's eyes were filled with confusion. This man said one thing but did another; his body even ran faster than earlier.

Chen Ge ran from fourth floor to second floor, but he still did not see Zhang Ya. More blood spots appeared on the walls, and it looked scary.

"All the blood streaks along the third and fourth floor were taken care of, but only some are destroyed on this floor, so Zhang Ya probably stopped here." Chen Ge did not see Zhang Ya on the second floor, and Chen Ge went down to the first floor.

The blood red corridor was empty. Chen Ge stepped into it cautiously. "Don't tell me... Zhang Ya has already entered the blood door?"

He walked to Room 3, and the originally closed door was now fully open. Obviously, someone had gone through the door. Chen Ge picked up Doctor Skull-cracker's hammer that was lying on the floor. He glanced inside his backpack. The cock was already dead, and it had died without even making a noise.

"Wait outside or walk in to look for her?" There was no sound from the other side of the door, and Chen Ge hesitated. He would not necessarily be able to handle the dangers that were inside the door, but if something happened to Zhang Ya inside the door, Chen Ge would not be able to escape even if he stayed outside the door.

Holding the doorknob, Chen Ge's fingers were twitching. He took a deep breath and removed the almost shattered ballpoint pen from his pocket.

"It's already a new day; I want to use my fortune-telling chance." Chen Ge straightened the pen above the brown mattress. "Pen Spirit, is there a way for me to save myself and Zhang Ya?"

Without any hesitation, Pen Spirit wrote down three words on the mattress-Enter the Door.

"Isn't that a bit too fast? Don't you need to think about it?" Chen Ge pocketed the pen. He looked at the door and made his decision. He took out his phone. There was only a small amount of battery left. He called Men Nan to ask, "Didn't you say some mysterious memories would appear inside you mind? Are there any blood red scenarios among those memories?"

"There are."

"Try to focus on those memories, and tell me, is there anything I should pay attention to regarding these blood red scenarios?" Chen Ge could not just leave Zhang Ya behind. He was in too deep, and he would need Zhang Ya's help in the future. He could not lose her.

"The extra memories are rarely related to blood red, and even when they are, they seem to happen inside a similar scenario." Men Nan thought about it. "It is a fully enclosed room; there are no windows and only one door. The space is small and has a wooden bed. There are binders attached to the bed, and there are machines next to it. It looks like an electroshock therapy room."

"Electroshock therapy?"

"Yes, in the memory, various monsters entered the room. They twisted the binders around the bed, and then they conversed with each other as if saying, don't wake it up." Thinking about these things seemed to put extra pressure on Men Nan's head. His tone sounded pained. "I couldn't see the monsters closely, but I do know one of them seems to have a broken face and the monster mentioned a name-I think it was... Wu Fei."

The broken face and Wu Fei were both patients at the Third Sick Hall. They respectively took up residence in Room 10 and Room 9. They were the most dangerous presences at this hospital.

"Is there anything else?" Chen Ge stood at the door.

"There's something, but I'm not sure whether it will be useful or not. Ten years ago, I remember the main persona telling me that if I needed to find him one day, after entering the blood red door, I should not speak."

"Okay, thank you." Chen Ge zipped his mouth shut, placed the phone in his pocket, grabbed the hammer and cleaver, and stepped into the door.