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315 Respectfully Waiting

 Like a burst of thunder, the sounds penetrated their ears and reverberated in the distance.

The Knife Qi transformed into a bright dragon and rushed toward Wang Siyuan, its winding body looking like a huge mouth.

Ruan Yaoguang and Wang Buchi's gazes froze because they hadn't expected such changes. It was reasonable for Wang Siyuan's flow of genuine Qi and muscle to deceive them, but they didn't think so would Su Meng, the Killing Blade.

Facing such a blade, Wang Siyuan was neither surprised nor angry. He still sustained the stage of Oneness of Heaven and Men. His sword suddenly exuded a dark and dim Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi was so quick that it almost attacked Meng Qi with a swoosh sound. The flying leaves were all cut.

It was unexpected that Wang Siyuan chose to risk his life to attack instead of defending himself!

The Sword Qi moved in a beautiful circle, containing the laws of the universe and had an imposing momentum.

It went by the shortest way without mistake, seeming to move just as planned!

The Knife Qi and the sword light hit Meng Qi and Wang Siyuan respectively. It seemed to have hurt them both badly.

But Meng Qi felt that Sword Qi was quicker. Before he hit Wang Siyuan, the Sword Qi had penetrated his body. If so, he couldn't control the Knife Qi. With the steps which contained the law of Nine Palaces and Eight Diagrams, Wang Siyuan was sure to dodge Meng Qi's deadly attack.

Well, he had the Golden Bell Shield and the Eight Nine Mysteries!

Meng Qi gritted his teeth and became serious. He leaned sideways and protected his key points. With the dark light that enveloped his body glowing, he didn't retreat at all. His hand that gripped the blade was as firm as a stone!

Wang Siyuan suddenly transformed into a residual shadow. His sword jumped up and lifted Sword Qi up and toward the Heaven Inflicted Pain.

Clang! It sounded like bells and drums. The Sword Qi passed by Meng Qi, rushing into the sky while his Heaven Inflicted Pain was also lifted up by the strong force. The bright Knife Qi flew into the sky in front of Wang Siyuan and exploded in the air, illuminating their surroundings.

For all of these, a small mistake would lead to a complete failure, but it still dramatically ended. The Sword Qi and Blade Qi both failed as if Wang Siyuan had expected this.

He was like a dancer who weaved fate. He had planned the beginning, the process, as well as the ending. This relieved Ruan Yaoguang and Wang Buchi who had intended to pull Meng Qi and Wang Siyuan apart from each other.

However, Wang Siyuan's gaze froze when his sword lifted up the Heaven Inflicted Pain!

He could feel that the Heaven Inflicted Pain wasn't being controlled by inner force, but rather its own Knife Qi. When his sword hit the Heaven Inflicted Pain, the latter was so light that it was easily lifted.

If Meng Qi's genuine Qi wasn't in the Heaven Inflicted Pain, then where was it?

A trap!

He then saw dizzying sword light rushing toward him. It was plain and didn't change. The soul flew before the sword, looking like a Heavenly Fairy.

Meng Qi hid his intent and pretended to dodge the trap laid out by the Eight Nine Mysteries. He finally found a chance to support himself to withdraw Meridian Sword.

If he didn't use Sacrifice Formula, he could've used two and a half Exterior movements. But after three months of Samsara Symbol practice, his strength had largely improved. His cultivation of Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth had improved and he could use it three times within a short timeframe.

This was his last chance and his last move. If it didn't work, another use of Sacrifice Formula wouldn't change his doomed fate!

Meng Qi's mind settled as the still water and his eyes were firm. He didn't believe that Wang Siyuan could still calmly deal with such situation!

The sword light was elegant and as fast as thunder. The scene was so beautiful that it seemed to come out of a dream.

Before the dream ended, the sword had already targeted Wang Siyuan.

It was a brilliant light.

Ruan Yaoguang and Wang Buchi didn't expect such a change. They intended to stop the fight, but it was already too late. The situation was tense, so they planned to use their strength to separate Meng Qi and Wang Siyuan.

Qiu Fei looked at the scene in surprise. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had thought that there wouldn't be any further changes, but there was still another layer of deception!

A small smile appeared on Jiang Zhiwei's face. She was satisfied with Meng Qi. Ruan Yushu's cheeks lifted ever so slightly, but she soon regained her calmness.

Wang Siyuan moved, his feet stepping on the Nine Palaces and sliding away as if he was flying above the water. However, the sword light was so close that he couldn't dodge it!

All of a sudden, his Deliberation Sword disappeared.

But it didn't really disappear, going backward directly instead. Its sword hilt functioned as the tip and the sword tip functioned as the hilt. It clung to the entrance of the tiger cave like a snake passing by a cave, causing a cluster of fog that shrouded the surrounding and obstructing their vision.

In such a thick fog, the wonderful sword light was like a rainbow that lit up the darkness. It was so brilliant that it made the scene look fantastic.


The fog suddenly dispersed, clearing the sky. Wang Siyuan held the sword tip while the sword hilt was targeted at his throat. The sword hilt was embossed with plain black and white Meridian.

Wang Siyuan managed to block the attack, relieving both Wang Buchi and Ruan Yaoguang.

Either way, Meng Qi had finally managed to force Wang Siyuan into defending himself!

"Nine moves. Thank you for letting me win." Meng Qi's eyes were tinted red due to his excitement and pleasure.

Though he had only forced Wang Siyuan to go on the defensive by one movement, it was a huge progress for him. If he encountered masters like Wang Siyuan in the future, he would have some experience and wouldn't be at their mercy.

Wang Siyuan's pale face became red again. He began to cough blood.

He finally stopped coughing after a long while. He looked at Meng Qi with excitement and said, "Your moves are interesting..."

Whenever he came across situations that he could not foresee or control, he always seemed a little crazed.

The "Derivation Sutra" was a study of the laws of the universe, the mortal world, and all lives. The Eight Nine Mysteries was so changeable that it concealed the secret to avoid disasters!

He took two deep breaths. "You may pick an item."

"What do I choose?" Instead of proposing an item this time, Meng Qi looked at Jiang Zhiwei and Ruan Yushu for an answer.

"Any would be okay." There was no sword art, precious sword, or similar objects, so Jiang Zhiwei didn't care too much. She merely smiled.

After thinking about it, Ruan Yushu said, "It depends on you."

Why did he felt as if he had heard those words before? If he chose something, she would just reject his choice... Meng Qi cursed inwardly, but said nevertheless, "What about the Space Ring?"

Meng Qi chose it for two reasons. The Space Ring was useful and also had a similar value to the Purple Ruler if exchanged for Karma points. It was worth a bet. If the ring contained many items inside, it would be great for him!

Jiang Zhiwei smiled. "You won the battle, so you decide."

Ruan Yushu's mouth twitched. "Maybe it has the seeds of precious plants of ancient times."

Meng Qi sniggered. She meant ancient ingredients for food...

Wang Siyuan looked at Meng Qi with a smile. Meng Qi went inside the inner room and picked out the plain ring.

The ring was square and black. It wasn't eye-catching.

With the help of Ruan Yushu and Jiang Zhiwei, Meng Qi recognized the words on it. He used Will-projecting instead of following the complex steps. He recited the epigraph and dropped some blood on it, opening the ring.

He suddenly frowned as he sensed its perimeters. The space inside the ring wasn't big, just eight-feet long and three-inch high. There was only one thing in it, a scroll that floated mid-air.

"What's this...?" Meng Qi didn't take the scroll. He waited for Wang Siyuan to take the Purple Rule and farewells to be exchanged before asking the rest about it.

They noticed some words written on the unfolded scroll, written in elegant handwriting. The words were square but cool.

"Who am I, I am who..." Ruan Yaoguang's clear eyes showed her confusion. "What's the meaning of these words?"

If it was insights into practice, why was it formally put inside the Space Ring?

Its material and the six words on it both showed that they were just ordinary words. They didn't contain the laws of the universe or Dongyang Gist of Trueness.

"Maybe they have other meanings..." Meng Qi shook his head and put the scroll back into the Space Ring.

Ruan Yaoguang took out a warm and beautiful red jewelry and a special weapon that looked like a brass broom. "These are the Devil's belongings."

"Please keep them. Without you, we never could've killed the Devil," Meng Qi sincerely said.

Ruan Yaoguang laughed. "You don't have to hold yourself back that much. Am I the kind of person who would bully her juniors? Since I've already read 'Donghua's Green Book' and the formula for the Immortality Elixir of East Pole, I'll just take one of them. You can distribute other objects."

She put away the precious weapon as she spoke.

The other three wanted to exchange Karma points, so they didn't think too much. Jiang Zhiwei took the Qianyuan Composing Bead and Ruan Yushu put the book into her own Space Ring.

Of course, Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei would be sure to read the entire book before exchanging it for points from Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms. It may offer them some hints about other moves, perhaps even recording some precious skills.

"Another thing," Ruan Yaoguang said, suddenly became serious. "The Devil didn't die."

"What?" Meng Qi was surprised. "Old Zhong is still alive?"

Jiang Zhiwei nodded to show her agreement.

Ruan Yaoguang sighed. "He had a special evil strength and incredibly apt at feigning death. I thought he had died, so I used his body to derive his Devil Qi. However, he was only pretending and escaped while I was caught in a battle with the disciples of the Life-changing Sect. That was why I was late."

Without Old Zhong's corpse, how could Ruan Yaoguang trick Jiang Hengchuan's sense? After all, the characteristics of Kung Fu of Heaven and Demon were obvious.

"No wonder..." Meng Qi thought. He had been fighting for some time before he saw Senior Ruan arriving.

He vowed not to give Old Zhong any more chances if they were to meet in the future. He must kill him!

The villa had been invaded, so a lot of masters were hurrying over there. Meng Qi and the others had already left before they arrived.

After a long while, those people left empty-handed and the place returned to its usual tranquility again.

Jiang Hengchuan suddenly appeared, his figure transparent. His breath didn't leak. No one could see, hear, or sense it.

He had sold all of his belongings for this secret object. Even though he fought with an Exterior expert, the enemy wouldn't perceive it even if he didn't have the corresponding Dharma Access and didn't size up the enemy.

He immediately jumped forward because he was afraid that it would be a trap. He touched the muddy ground with a finger and stood up without leaving any trace.

It was quiet, with smoke and rain everywhere. Nobody was in sight.

Jiang Hengchuan was a little relieved. He carefully walked over to the wooden bridge, went across the pavilion, and arrived at the exit.

Since no one was hiding to ambush him, it seemed that they didn't know the secret of Samsara Symbol.

He heaved a sigh of relief and went out. The secret weapon attracted the light but nothing strange happened.

Clusters of clouds tainted yellow flowed in the blue sky, making up a beautiful scenery.

Jiang Hengchuan saw such scenery first, but he suddenly felt he was about to fall!

The mud that surrounded the green stone had been dug out and it was connected to the river!

"This is bad!" Jiang Hengchuan calmed himself down. It was hard to return halfway, so he planned to counterplot and escape.

But the water was just over his ankles!

The water splashed a little.

Jiang Hengchuan knew it was a bad sign. He suddenly spotted a young man in black clothes. He was manly and handsome, with a bright long sword in his hand.

The man smiled and said, "Brother Jiang, I've been respectfully waiting for you for a long time."