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314 The Ten Strike Promise

 Wang Siyuan still looked like he was keeping everything under control. He gave a quiet cough with his Deliberation Sword naturally drooping toward the ground. He nonchalantly said,


He seemed integrated into the world, becoming part of nature. Without the need to gather momentum, he looked as vast and unpredictable as nature. So the other side, no matter how powerful, wouldn't make any difference.

Meng Qi did not wait any longer because the longer he waited, the more scared he felt about the realm of Oneness of Heaven and Men. To cut into the sky, he had to grasp the opportunity of having the strongest momentum!

His Kung Fu was much different from Jiang Zhiwei's. Even if he took Heaven Inflicted Pain along with Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky provoked by Purple Thunder Force, his attack, albeit close to the Exterior, still would not compare to Jiang Zhiwei's previous sword performance. At most, he could force Wang Siyuan to perform Dharma moves that were incompatible with Heaven and Earth so that Wang Siyuan could never break free of the shackle of phantoms, and Meng Qi would not need to go on defence himself.

He drew Heaven Inflicted Pain up and suddenly slashed down. Following the Knife Momentum, Meng Qi moved his body so that the distance seemed to shorten drastically within a moment.

While the knife was raised, he was far from Wang Siyuan, he had run closer untill Heaven Inflicted Pain was came down.

Meng Qi's back looked like it was tightening, but in fact, his muscles were relaxing in secret, poised to deal with any changes through Trio Combination of Yin and Yang.

After the long saber sliced down, the atmosphere dimmed with Yin and Yang interlacing and mutually transforming.

Meng Qi had heard of Truth-seeking Sword Scripts for a long time. So he first used his self-created knife form. Frankly speaking, it was to mislead Wang Siyuan through the combination of Yin and Yang. Once he made an error in judgement, Meng Qi could tell a good story through bladesmanship.

"Not bad." Ruan Yaoguang saw Meng Qi attack for the first time and recognized that he was in the preliminary stages of Dharma and Logos of Heaven and Earth.

Wang Siyuan suddenly weilded his sword, and pointed it directly at Meng Qi's knifepoint. Meng Qi felt the force was very strange. Yin and Yang intertwined with each other while softness and hardness fused together. The transformed force gushed out, easily offsetting Knife Momentum.

"Break the combination of Yin and Yang by using the combination of Yin and Yang!"

Master Wang made a precise judgement on Meng Qi's knife form, which just interrupted Meng Qi's subsequent changes and setups.

Knife Momentum immediately disappeared. Wang Siyuan did not take attacks one by one or make a setup using his sword. Instead, he drew the long sword back and casually waited for Meng Qi's next attack as if he, in order to keep his status, refused to go all out and gain extra advantage by unfair means.

"The first attack," He said.

Having known that it was a fight between their spirits and also a means to irritate himself, Meng Qi was in a peaceful state of mind and calmly released the knife energy of Peace Quietude Split. Once Master Wang was affected a little, Meng Qi could continue his story with his bladesmanship.

Thanks to the fight experience with Jiang Hengchuan, Meng Qi could not be affected too much by Oneness of Heaven and Men.

Heaven Inflicted Pain was very heavy, yet its knife form looked light and graceful. Each quiver of the knifepoint initiated one change, and each change caused fickleness in the mind. It seemed that those surrounding recalled their unforgettable pasts and could not calm their emotional waves.

The knife energy, like smoke, swelled up in one's mind!

As expected, mountains and rivers as well as the momentum of Heaven and Earth came to Meng Qi's mind. All of them were scattered here and there, and yet under the control of hidden rules. Meng Qi seemed to be standing in the sky, overlooking all of them.

With the previous experience, Meng Qi immediately restrained his emotional change. When he regained his senses, he only saw Wang Siyuan's faint smile. Soon, Deliberation Sword was drawn out in a strange manner directly at Meng Qi's left ribs. This was the place Meng Qi had to protect, and also the key point of Knife Momentum.

If Meng Qi was stabbed by Deliberation Sword, a precious weapon, his Golden Bell Shield won't work well.

"Was he not influenced or did he recovered faster than me?" Meng Qi thought.

"Or is my Peace Quietude Split limited within my realm and was defused by his Oneness of Heaven and Men?"

When the knife energy was withdrawn, the subsequent changes instantly stopped and Heavenly Fairy that should have been taken, couldn't continue.

Drawing back the long sword, Wang Siyuan said again,

"The second attack."

Meng Qi took a deep breath with the momentum growing. Then the long saber was promptly wielded. As knife force was stacked layer by layer, the air shook as if there were thunder.

After the saber absorbed all of the vitality and airflow, Heaven and Earth seemed to become smaller, as if only knife energy could be seen in the world.

This was Meng Qi's own way of performing Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky. Without Heaven Inflicted Pain here, clues to his true identity would be easily revealedprovoking if he used the original form, especially facing experienced people like Master Wang.

This knife showed the strength and overbearing of the bladesmanship. It seemed to crush the void and split the earth!

Wang Siyuan once again raised his hand to calmly draw a sword. The sword pierced through airflows layer by layer. Like a leaf in mad winds, a fish in the torrent, it passed through the gaps that ordinary people could not control and was thrust toward Meng Qi's wrist.

Meng Qi had to retreat. He draw back his knife and stepped back.

"The third attack." The red color on Wang Siyuan's face faded away and the excitement just now, beyond control, began to fade.

Three attacks finished. Wang Siyuan always used attacks to replace defenses, forcing Meng Qi to give up the changes and the follow-up story. He seemed very relaxed, as if giving directions to subordinates. Meng Qi thought that he was a powerful opponent that could even see all his ideas.

Meng Qi was unwilling to admit defeat. In the face of this, he did not feel discouraged but conjectured many ideas instead.

"Use Eight Nine Mysteries to hide the running of Qi? No, the Wolf King once had cooperation with him. Such an anomaly may catch his attention and alert him. If it is not the right time, hastily using it would only waste the opportunity."

"What should I do? I can't tell the story..."

Suddenly, the words of Jiang Hengchuan and Wang Siyuan flashed into Meng Qi's heart,

"The success of a conspiracy mainly depends on hiding the true purposes..."

"What you just said was right. The core of the setup is to hide your purpose. Therefore, as long as I insist on your several goals, no matter what you are to do to destabilize the situation, I can stay still and wait for you to bite the hook..."

Swordsmanship was like chess playing and also like storytelling. The two things both needed setups, and so did swordsmanship!

My own purpose was to force Wang Siyuan to defend through one move or to win him. Therefore, the purpose was very clear. Wang Siyuan had his own thoughts and plans, and thus he could stay still and calmly wait for my fall into the snare. No wonder my own story was always interrupted at the right time and the flaws that I had discovered could not be grasped!

"I must hide my true purpose..."

"To cheat Wang Siyuan, I have to first successfully cheat myself..."

Meng Qi immediately had an idea. The fourth attack came naturally. The knife was as fast as lightning. In a trice, the knife came to Wang Siyuan together with his sound.

This was Speedy Lightning, one of the essences of Five Thunder Bombardment of Sky that he had practiced well under the guidance of Huangfu Tao in Zhenwu's Decoy Grave!

Like an old man, Wang Siyuan moved his sword slowly. Compared with Meng Qi's fast knife movement, the sword, though second to start, reached its target first and stabbed the flank of Heaven Inflicted Pain in an extremely weird manner. The weak position of Qi on Heaven Inflicted Pain led to the leaning of Meng Qi's knife. He had to take back knife energy by the Immortal Pressing Art and dodge the following attack through Hallucination Body Movement.

"The fourth attack." Wang Siyuan coughed slightly, sounding calm and cool.

Meng Qi was not furious or in a hurry. The long saber was swung out again, neither fast nor slow. But it collapsed the surrounding airflow, seemingly as heavy as mountains. The roaring sound was endless.

This was Thunder Force, one of the five essences. Because it was evolved from Huangfu Tao's Kung Fu, it was less pure than Speedy Lightning.

Before the blade, the air flow curled up with powerful suction. It seemed that no matter how the other reponded, he would be sucked into the front of the long saber!

Wang Siyuan had no facial expression as Deliberation Sword came out, following the suction. Seeing it about to collide with Heaven Inflicted Pain, he suddenly raised the sword body, with a certain constant principle. It jumped out of the knife performance, freely and leisurely like birds returning to their old forest or fish swimming in their old river. Soon it was aimed towards Meng Qi's throat.

Putting the long saber in a horizontal line, Meng Qi blocked Deliberation Sword.

"Well, the fifth attack." Wang Siyuan took a slow breath.

"Good swordsmanship." Meng Qi commended him, trying his best to take in what he had just seen.

At the same time, Heaven Inflicted Pain was slowly and abnormally thrust out. They were moving slowly. However, Qiu Fei, on the opposite side, had the peculiar feeling that he would not be able to escape this trick anyway. That's because it seemed to deduce countless changes and maneuvers. If any mistake was made, Qiu Fei would fall into danger.

He felt like facing the thunder and lightning and countless ideas flashed in his mind. Its speed served to offset the slowness of its surroundings. All kinds of things were entangled in a flash!

Wang Siyuan did not choose to make a circle by long saber to accommodate all the changes. His eyes blinked and the sword was quickly drawn out.

"Bang!" Deliberation Sword hit the blade of Heaven Inflicted Pain. All the changes vanished, and what was to come unable to be deduced.

This sword had the same wonderful subtlety as Normalizing Finger!

"The sixth attack." Wang Siyuan once again took a sword in a carefree manner, yet with a thin physique and a pale face.

Ruan Yaoguang and Qiu Fei around were quite surprised. After the three strokes, Killing Blade Su Meng was not fighting, more like practicing bladesmanship here to acquaint with all the previously uncertain places.

Had he lost confidence in forcing Wang Siyuan into defence once, and simply chosen to seek other gains?

"Have another taste of my blade!" Meng Qi shouted as thunder rumbled. The Knife Momentum looked rounded, deducing the void of Sky and holding all things.

As for this knife, Meng Qi combined the concept of Trio Combination of Yin and Yang; offensive and defensive potential were both involved. It seemed offensive yet contained defensive potential, and vice versa. So it was difficult to predict.

Wang Siyuan raised his hand and held his sword toward the center of the circle. No matter how it changed, there was always somethibg unchanged. Although the sky was void, it contained rules!

"Bang!" The knife and swords collided and the knife momentum was broken again.

At this time, Heaven Inflicted Pain broke the rule of "collision causing elastic force" and burst out of the long knife energy condensed into electric light!

The purpose that Meng Qi hid for a long time, suddenly appeared at this moment!

Behind the mystery of the Eight Nine Mysteries and the void of the heaven, he finally disguised his purpose!

After the burst of knife energy, the sky became dark. Numerous silver-white flashing lights were entangled into the knife energy. The energy rushed to Wang Siyuan so fast, like a dragon or a snake, and the surrounding spurred surges that seemingly overwhelmed the sky.

The distance between them was very short. The knife energy approached as soon as it shot out.

"Have another taste of my blade!"

The shout was still echoing endlessly.