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313 Donghuas Green Book

 Like the sheathed sword in her hand, Jiang Zhiwei's energy, Qi, spirit, and will were restrained. However, everyone present had a feeling that her sword would be an inexplicably bloodcurdling one when she pulled it out.

It was as quiet as the dwelling place of the dead underground, but as swift and violent as the thunder on the Ninth Heaven!

"This is the best kind of response..." Meng Qi gently exhaled. The limitation of ten tricks itself was the trap that Master Wang set secretly during the spiritual confrontation. Master Wang's arrogance in looking down on his enemies had made him neglect this. Ten tricks weren't too few. Rather it was one trick too "many"!

The Truth-seeking Sword Scripts of the Wang family had reached the Exterior peak sword art of Sword Principles Dharma and Logos. It wasn't only similar but also better than the Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords and the Bright Swordsmanship. Besides, Wang Siyuan had achieved success in practicing the "Derivation Sutra". With that as his main technique and the Truth-seeking Sword Scripts supplementing him, it could even touch the Sword Principles. It was similar to a Dharmakaya movement.

How terrifying it would be to deal with the Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords or the Bright Swordsmanship, which had reached the level of the Exterior peak or even Dharmakaya.

Once Master Wang considered the limitation of using only ten tricks, and how he shouldn't be rash in the beginning and just sound out his opponent, as well as how he should use his tricks only toward the end of the battle, it would result in him entertaining the thought of retreating, being defensive, and harboring hesitation. These combined factors would allow the Truth-seeking Sword Scripts to take advantage of him and attack his flaw while he was still testing the enemy. The initiative would be in the opponent's hands.

And once the initiative had fallen to this kind of sword art, it would be nearly impossible to take it back! Even if he resorted to his trump card, he would still be limited by his passive stance at that time and wouldn't be able to achieve the best effect. Wang Siyuan would have to watch his ten tricks pass without using any tricks to defend against his opponent.

Thus, it was the best choice for swordsmen like Jiang Zhiwei, who were accustomed to only advance in a battle, to accomplish the task with one sword. She wouldn't give Wang Siyuan the chance to lay out the setup with his sword art. She would if she thought she could, otherwise she would not. Putting the secret plot, defensive position and trap aside, she fought against him in a split second!

Jiang Zhiwei's right hand was white and slender, but her five fingers were powerful. She held the sword hilt in an extremely slow way coinciding with the current atmosphere, creating an outbreak of repression and stagnation.

The closer she got to the hilt of her sword, the stronger the illusion that Meng Qi got of her intrapersonal swordwill increasing by leaps and bounds.

When Jiang Zhiwei's five fingers had taken hold of the hilt, his heart increasingly wavered as if he felt the swordwill shooting up to the sky. Even others like Ruan Yaoguang and Wang Buchi subconsciously held their breaths.

Wang Siyuan was forced to draw his sword before Jiang ZhiweI drew hers under the assault and oppression of this kind of swordwill. He wouldn't get the chance otherwise!

Under the confrontation of Qi function, Jiang Zhiwei had made a comeback.

Wang Buchi sighed internally. "Su Wuming's disciple ranked among the top ten of Six Acupores and among the top Five of Eight Acupores. She truly deserves the reputation that she's enjoyed. She isn't any inferior to Su Wuming back in those days."

Wang Siyuan pulled his sword in an ordinary manner, but coincided with the world truth and corresponded with the trajectory of the flowing river water nearby. It was so natural and harmonious that there was not one spot that was unharmonious. It seemed that he was the earth and sky itself, with no weakness to exploit!

Meng Qi "participated" in the battle in his mind as a bystander. If it was he who was fighting Wang Siyuan, whether with the Lonely or Heaven Blade, he wouldn't have been able to discover his opponent's flaw. He could only breakthrough with great force.

Clang! Wang Siyuan drew his sword slowly, the sound of which like gurgling water. The great river nearby became violent as if it was affected by the sword power.

His sword was filled with gloom, like the most ordinary of iron swords. Yet Meng Qi knew that it was the world-famous Precious Weapon, the Deliberation Sword belonging to the young lord of the Wang family.

Those who had learned the Mathematical Classic would "think carefully" before acting. If he had the habit of considering every trickery, it would be difficult to withstand the envy of God!

Just as Wang Siyuan pulled out his sword, so did Jiang Zhiwei.

Her grasp on the sword hilt had been slow but she had pulled out her sword quickly. It was as if she had meshed the slow movement, momentum, and time earlier into a split second.

The swordwill shot into the air with it, causing the fall of many green leaves from the trees on the bank. Their leafstalk incisions were smooth, like the sword had been made from the autumn wind.

Jiang Zhiwei had never reached the realm of Heaven-man Connection, but she converged her swordwill with the mysterious world truth to reach the level of Oneness of Heaven and Men with the help of the Exterior sword, Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow. She had polished and got along with the sword since childhood.

In these six months, she who had already been close to Nine Acupores had not broken through. That was because she had spent more than half of her energy to familiarize herself with and nourish her sword all over again. This way, she eliminated any unfamiliarities to reach the psychic communion between human and sword.

The sword of the swordsman was her hand. Since the sword and her hand had reached the Exterior level, how could the swordsman not take this chance to amount to the higher realm?

The world suddenly darkened, taking away the radiance of the sword was taken away. Wang Siyuan saw Jiang Zhiwei pull out her sword and an indescribably swift and fierce sword light rose in front of him. The light swiftly came in front of him. It was as if the movement of drawing sword and the sword light in front of him had appeared in Meng Qi's sight at the same time.

This streak of sword light moved as swiftly as terrified birds and as strong as a wandering dragon. It was dazzling as if carrying a charm capable of attracting all minds and sights. Once one's mental state was insufficient, his vital spirit would be pressed as he watched on helplessly. It would be hard to extricate himself and resist!

Everyone didn't look at Jiang Zhiwei, for their eyes were drawn to the sword light as if it was the only thing in the world.

The sword light was concentrated while the Sword Qi was overpowering and quiet.

The impetuous river suddenly cracked and the deep slit reached for Wang Siyuan quickly as if it was split from its heart by someone.

The smoke cloud in the air dissipated, revealing the clear sky. The rain had also abruptly stopped.

There was no redundant trace of the Sword Qi on the ground except for a slit ripping through the sword and the black soil.

The waves were roaring and the tidal bore was rolling. Yet the clear sky was somber as the brightest thing in the area was the dazzling streak of sword light.

The Sword Qi was surging tens of meters above the ground, bringing change to the wind and clouds!

The swordwill and sword light were terribly fearsome. Meng Qi felt a feeling surging in him that he couldn't suppress, even if he stimulated the Heaven Inflicted Pain and used the Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky. Jiang Zhiwei's realm and control were much superior to his. If he tried to confront the tough with toughness, he would likely have his vital parts hurt. Yet the opponent's sword had failed to hit Jiang Zhiwei by a nose.

If he fought Jiang Zhiwei, he must attack her before she found an opportunity. He mustn't let her accumulate the momentum necessary for a chance to raise her Anatta Sword to such a high peak.

"She has reached such level..." Standing behind Wang Siyuan, Wang Buchi was watching Jiang Zhiwei's sword art. Apart from Wang Siyuan, he was the one who had felt the sword art most deeply. If he was the one fighting, he was afraid that he would be forced to go all out.

Just as the sword light was about to cut Wang Siyuan, an iron sword suddenly struck out.

It was sudden! This was Meng Qi's most intuitive impression.

The sword seemed to be incompatible with the world and every place went against the Dharma and Logos. It frustrated people and caused others confusion as to how to describe it.

This sword was skilled but awkward, heavy but seemingly light. It stabbed the vacant space at the side of Jiang Zhiwei's sword light.

Suddenly, the sword light became even brighter. The sword that had integrated with the world seemed to have created an enmity with nature. They couldn't exist in harmony as if they had been separated from the general rules by this sword. The sword was peeled off from the world and expelled all of the splendor that it had absorbed. The surroundings were no longer bleak and had returned to its usual scenery.

Jiang Zhiwei's sword swayed after she finished demonstrating this sword art. From its heavenly condition, it returned to a worldly form.

However, her sword light remained firm and Sword Qi didn't disappear either. With its remaining prestige, it broke through the resistance of Wang Siyuan's sword and cut him.

Wang Siyuan continuously stepped on the ground, scurrying in place. His footwork was exquisite as he secretly stepped on the Eight Diagrams. It was hard for anyone to grasp his movements. He transformed into a series of shadows and attempted to evade the sword light.

Since the sword light was aimed at his heart, he couldn't remove himself from being its target. The Sword Qi appeared vertically and horizontally, cutting streaks of virtual shadows. It got closer to seek out Wang Siyuan.


His sword somehow appeared before him, protecting him from the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow.

"Thank you for letting me win." After Jiang Zhiwei put back her sword and stepped back, she was brimming with energy and vitality. Her spirits were soaring. She seemed like she still wanted to continue their battle even if she had already forced her opponent to draw his sword in defense and she was already trembling.

Wang Siyuan coughed heavily, once again dyeing the white silk handkerchief in his left hand with blood. After a while, he said, "Lady Jiang, you truly deserve your reputation. Your Anatta Sword is so valiant that I accept my loss."

Meng Qi secretly clicked his tongue while watching the battle. Though Wang Siyuan was forced to draw his sword back, except for the Exterior, he was the first who had enlightened the Acupores to face with Jiang Zhiwei's Anatta Sword without injury. He had completely resisted the sword!

Could that sword that was incompatible with the world be a Dharmakaya movement?

However, was Master Wang really not hurt?

He spat out blood anywhere and anytime, so how could others tell? Besides, his breath was mingled with the world, without being separated from the state of Oneness of Heaven and Men. Even if he had been hurt, it wouldn't be a serious injury, perhaps simply a large consumption of energy.

Wang Buchi looked at Ruan Yaoguang with a smile. "Please."

He invited them to be the first to choose an item.

Ruan Yaoguang looked at Meng Qi, Jiang Zhiwei, and Ruan Yushu. As an elder, it wasn't a good idea to act arbitrarily. Besides, he was just a helper.

"What do you think about Donghua's Green Book?" Meng Qi directly asked Jiang Zhiwei and Ruan Yushu.

After much consideration, this was his choice. Since an elder of the Ruan family had come here to lend a hand, how could he let the elder return empty-handed? If he was stingy, how could he have the face to visit the Ruan family in the future? It would overshadow the relationship between the little glutton and the family.

Out of the four items, only the book was suitable for sharing. The Space Ring was too, but it was difficult to determine. Though the Ruan family had no lack of martial art scripts, the book could provide reference and help them attract foreign officials to leave more details. As for him and other people, they could exchange the book for Karma points.

"Okay." Jiang Zhiwei always showed little concern whenever sword art wasn't concerned.

Understanding Meng Qi's meaning, Ruan Yushu said with Secret Voice-sending, "There're actually Old Zhong's precious weapon and the Qianyuan Composing Bead. Both of us can take one of them, but the scripts aren't a bad idea either."

"Let's take "Donghua's Green Book" then. Elder Yuan, you've worked hard. It doesn't matter that you take another copy of martial art script," said Meng Qi, feigning boldness and generosity. If he could establish a good relationship with them, it would be easy for him to ask for their help in the future. Besides, he would please his friends too if he could get along well with their parents.

Ruan Yushu displayed no objection.

Ruan Yaoguang nodded in appreciation to see Meng Qi choose the book. One could only go far if he knew how to restrain his greed.

She incurred it remotely, with the sounds of musical instrument sounding in the emptiness and the wind wetted by water whisking off. She held the book in her hand and her eyes suddenly lit up when she flipped through the book. "There's the formula of Immortality Elixir of East Pole, capable of lengthening one's lifespan by 60 years lifespan even for the current situation. Though it's only an ordinary Exterior martial art script, it can surpass others with this formula."

The elixir was one of the elixirs that Blue Deity refined. In the ancient times, just one elixir was capable of extending one's lifespan by a thousand years. It also had the mysterious ability to heal those who were close to death.

Not bad! Meng Qi lit up with pleasure immediately. Such a formula could be exchanged for thousands of Karma points, even if it would be shared by the Ruan family and several friends!

Wang Siyuan looked ghastly pale as usual. "We would like to take the Sun Fire Essence."

Even if he took the Immortality Elixir of East Pole, he wouldn't be able to live beyond 50 if he couldn't become Dharmakaya. Besides, would the Wang family lack formulas of lifespan-extending elixirs inherited from ancient times?

While Wang Buchi took the Sun Fire Essence, Wang Siyuan harmonized his Qi-circulation. Meng Qi stood up to prepare for the second battle.

"Childe Wang, please."

He suppressed the distracting thoughts in his mind, making himself as calm as a deep pool of water.