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299 Clues About the Wolf Kings Whereabouts

 Qing Yu flexed his left arm and made sure that it was nothing serious. Then he said with a smile,"It's no use hiding myself. Afterall, this is River East. "

The Wang family was in River East. The "Derivation Sutra" was handed down from generation to generation in their family... Meng Qi looked thoughtful. He nodded and said,"I'll go to Six Fan School later to announce this. The two countries are at war now, so how can he be so arrogant?"

Other things needed to be coordinated by Six Fan School, and if he did not use his identity as Secret-searching Nark, no one would give him enough respect to help him.

Meanwhile, Meng Qi wanted to see how they could hunt and capture Wolf King. He intended to learn how to save himself if he got in such a situation in the future. Because of his identity as a Samsara traveler, he lacked a sense of safety at all times. He had the idea that if he was prepared, he would be safe.

"Be careful on the road, because he may still be hovering near by." Qing Yu took up the "Time Sword" with his right hand and patted his priest frock. He intended to get up and go to Six Fan School at Maoling with Meng Qi, so as to avoid a sneak attack by Wolf King.

Meng Qi said with a laugh, "I happened to meet Wolf King just now and was nearly killed by him. If not for that, how could I guess that he was Tie Sheng just based on what you said?"

"You've met him?" Qing Yu looked puzzled and stared at Meng Qi, wondering why he had not gotten hurt. He had just escaped unscathed from Wolf King!

He had been injured even though he had used all of his skills to fight against Tie Sheng, so he finally used his best tricks to force Tie Sheng to retreat. After all, it was difficult to close a gap between realms. If Heavenly Emperor's Scripts was not so special, he would have met with more hardship and danger. He had had to use the Dharma Access of self-injury Blood Essence to break up the fight, since he could not escape just with minor injuries.

And yet "Killing Blade" Su Meng looked as well as usual, as if he had not done his best just now.

Meng Qi was secretly pleased with himself, explaining with a smile, "I just happened to fight against him with a new trick. Otherwise, I would have dropped dead on the spot. When the Wolf King comes to his senses, the trick won't work next time."

Meng Qi decided that he would not let others overestimate him, and that he must keep a low profile!

Qing Yu's surprised expression vanished. He became arrogant, though introverted, as usual with a natural expression. He said, "Let's go together, and perhaps we can join forces to have a better chance at catching him should we meet again."

"OK." Meng Qi seemed so happy. He paused and said, "May I ask you for some advice?"

"No one goes to another's place for help except on business. Is that why you come here late at night?" Qing Yu smiled and pointed at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi got it right and retold the discussion he and Jiang Hengchuan had. In the end, he asked, "Have you ever told anyone else about the conversation of that day?"

Qing Yu, the heir of the Xuan Tian Sect, was the real successor of Heaven Sovereign. He had sufficient martial arts and resources. Unless he had to enter Samsara involuntarily like Jiang Zhiwei and Zhang Yuanshan, Meng Qi could not think of any reason to explain his joining of the Mythology and The Immortals, so he appeared to trust Qing Yu wholeheartedly.

--It was possible that after arriving at the Exterior, he had joined the mysterious organization just to break through the pass, congealing the Dharmakaya, hiding the ancient, prolonging the lifespan or keeping the core of his sect or aristocratic family. But Qing Yu had not enlightened the acupores yet, and it was only a matter of time before he opened the life and death hidden latch to make a connection between the inside and outside. He had to practice more challenges and lay a foundation to walk his road life practically, since there was a great distance between him and those desires.

This kind of attitude made Qing Yu feel great and he answered after a moment's thought, "No. I haven't told anyone about this."

"Is it really 'Bizzare Man' Ren Pingsheng..." said Meng Qi frowning.

Qing Yu thought for a moment and said, "Ren Pingsheng was a Rogue Cultivator in those days with a clear background, but he later had a promising encounter that could have promoted him to the Exterior, and built the Hero Tower to make friends with heroes from different places. It made sense that he was the mastermind, but he would have been discovered if he had abnormal behavior, since the Hero Tower was renowned and Maoling was within the Wang family and the Dajiang Gang jurisdiction."

"I also think it's strange, because Ren Pingsheng is on the Exterior level, and it's easy for him to kill me. There's no reason to set a trap to catch me..." said Meng Qi seriously.

Besides, it was obvious that someone had let out a secret about Chu Guan's suicide.

"There's quite a lot of suspicion around the matter, so we need to carefully think before making a decision." Qing Yu stood up. "We have to deal with the Wolf King first."

Without anything out of the ordinary along the way, the two arrived at Six Fan School in Maoling that very night, and told the arrester on-duty that night about Wolf King Tie Sheng.

The next day, Maoling was as busy as usual, but there were many people of various trades that had set out to find someone from a different race, without missing any clues.

Two days later, in a certain Notes Room in Six Fan School.

Slivery-badge Arrester Yu Wangyuan, Green-ribbon Arrester Dai Fei, Money Sect grand master "Super Rich" Sun Ke, Meng Qi, Jiang Hengchuan and Qing Yu sat together.

"There're no clues. It's as if this person has never been to Maoling, or suddenly disappeared." Sun Ke said of the report of people in various trades from his henchman.

Yu Wangyuan was a middle-aged arrester with bureaucratic airs. After straightening his clothes and sitting properly, he said, neither too fast nor too slow, "There weren't any clues from other approaches, and it was the same as Dajiang Gang. Is it possible that Tie Sheng entered the city secretly and left immediately after he failed to defeat someone?"

"The wolf isn't a beast that can be easily scared off." Qing Yu said shaking his head.

Meng Qi followed immediately saying, "According to Tie Sheng's previous examples, it's likely that he continues to lurk in Maoling."

"No matter how he lurks here, he would leave a trace, such as talking, drinking, being spotted while inquiring about information..." Sun Ke didn't agree with him.

Jiang Hengchuan glanced at Sun Ke who was richly bejewelled and said, "Grand master Sun, can you be sure that your subordinates have mastered every detail of Maoling?"

Sun Ke opened his mouth and said, "No, I can't."

Maoling was a large city of the Great River, with a registered population of 478,900. Since there were innumerable people from Jianghu and itinerant merchants with great mobility, who would dare boast that he knew everything about the livelihood of everyone in Maoling?

Even if he had gotten the information of most of the people in various trades, he would, at best, only know of the extraordinary matters about them.

Sun Ke explained, "Tie Sheng took action alone, unlike Eight-armed Flying Dragon, who had so many people it was easily noticeable. Besides, I can't control everything in places like North Street and the old Guanting street."

"Grand master Sun, have you ever found the whereabouts of Eight-armed Flying Dragon and the others?" Meng Qi blurted out the question after listening to what Sun Ke had mentioned. By means of the matter about Wolf King Tie Sheng, he told Six Fan School about the encounter with Fire Lord and asked for their help to identify where the copper ring came from and to find Eight-armed Flying Dragon and Three Eagles of Cloud Ridge. Six Fan School would look for them in their own way, while they had invited Turf Lords like Sun Ke to look for them.

Sun Ke felt embarrassed suddenly and said, "Maybe, maybe they've taken action separately so that they couldn't be found in such a short time."

Green-ribbon Arrester Dai Fei spoke up, resolving Sun Ke's embarrassment. "Tie Sheng was known as Wolf King and his previous actions catered to the temperament of a wolf, so perhaps we can think about it in this respect."

"If he was a lone wolf, he would have changed his appearance and entered the city, mingling with the crowd. He would casually find an uninhabited wing room of common people to sleep and change places every night. He could also drink water from the courtyard when he was thirsty and steal some food from a nearby house to eat when he was hungry. In this way, he could stay alone without making contact with others, which is equal to the fact that he had disappeared in Maoling." Said Qing Yu looking thoughtful.

Meng Qi shook his head and denied what he said. "But he needed some information, otherwise how could he dare to take action to attack me and others? If he couldn't make sure the Exterior was in the Yellow Court Temple, would he visit your place to find you? "

If someone wanted to ask for information, he could be noticed by the person he asked and, after all, 70% of information about Maoling was derived from Six Fan School, the Dajiang Gang, the Wang family and the Money Sect.

"The wolf is also a beast which is good at cooperation." Meng Qi paused and said, "The two countries are in hostility with each other now, and Maoling is the city for transportation, so it's likely that there's a secret stronghold of Grassland power here. If Tie Sheng hides in it and leaves the other things to those that are acquaintances in the neighborhood, who would be suspicious?"

Sun Ke said in meditation, "we can find out an inkling from the amount of food that they buy."

"Perhaps there's food stored in advance for this kind of secret stronghold." Jiang Hengchuan interjected.

Sliver-badge Arrester Yu Wangyuan thought for a moment and said, "There're no clues of any Grassland spy in our hands at the moment, so it's hard to deal with the matter. We can only go to Su Garden first and ask the Wang family members to make a prediction."

The opponent lurked so secretly that no one could discover him.

"I haven't been to Su Garden. So, since I'm here in Maoling now, I shouldn't miss it. Can I visit Master Wang?" Meng Qi volunteered. The others had no objection.


Su Garden, the side yard of the Wang family, was a world famous yard. It was built with the momentum of mountains and rivers, showing the amazing landscape of River East.

There were 365 places total, such as towers, halls, lobbies, pavilions, pavilions on terraces, ferries, corridors, platforms, galleries, docks, and the like. They were all near the mountain and by the river, timeless, beautiful and natural. There were numerous pavilions with people singing and dancing there, making it a material and secular world. There were also winding paths leading to secluded quiet areas, strange trees, hills and birds, making it a land of idyllic beauty. It was truly a sight to see, with a good reputation of "a yard in a picture, a picture in a yard".

It was a pity that Meng Qi was not one for poetic temperament, and after admiring the view for a bit, he rubbed his chin, wondered and said,

"Could it be that there is a large array of the numbers of sidereal revolutions?"

"I'm just that unrefined!"

Wang Siyuan saw Meng Qi at Listening Rain Shed. He wore white clothes purer than snow, which merged with his pale face. His features were more beautiful than that of ladies, but he looked sickly.

He looked at the chessboard and card in front of him, with a black chess piece in his hand. He asked, "Did you come here about Tie Sheng? "

Meng Qi was not astonished by this. After sitting down with a smile, he said in a familiar tone, "It really relaxes me talking with Master Wang. Since you know my purpose in coming, would you please help me with a divination?"

After looking up at him, Wang Siyuan did not look surprised, as if he had expected that Meng Qi was thick-skinned. "It seems to be great that Tie Sheng made a mess in the situation."

Even so, he took out the counting rod with a steadily intense expression, his eyes brimming with radiating vigour.

After a moment, looking at the counting rod he said, "'North'... Tie Sheng can maintain the status of Oneness of Heaven and Men, so the results aren't quite accurate. I only know that he's on North Street."

"North Street..." Meng Qi was a little confused.

North Street was the busiest and most chaotic place in Maoling. There were people of various trades gathered there, and different kinds of people. People from several of the oldest professions were active there, such as prostitutes, assassins, informers, and the like. The fight between Six Fan School, the Wang family and the Dajiang Gang had left a vacancy in power there, making it full of all kinds of forces. It was said that there was no lack of heretical past masters reaching the Exterior level.

Wang Siyuan coughed and said, "The only way is to invite the elders of my family to go to Maoling, but it might take a few days."

As far as that was concerned, Meng Qi would not ask more about it and told Wang Siyuan about the Fire Lord and Ren Pingsheng.

After silently listening to Meng Qi's story, Wang Siyuan indifferently stated, "I've learned a lot of things from you this time. Please continue working hard. Eh-herm."

While saying this, he started coughing acutely again, and it took him a while to breathe easily. He then picked up the tea cup to invite Meng Qi to have a drink, seeing him off thereafter.

On his way back, Meng Qi thought it was a bit strange. "With the character of the Ledgerkeeper of Lives, he should have made good use of the Wolf King Tie Sheng matter. Why would he obediently provide a divination?"