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296 All Are Acting

 Jiang Hengchuan paused and seemed like he was about to stop Meng Qi, stuck in that moment of hesitation. Then he eventually let out a sigh. Jiang Hengchuan stepped forward and blocked Meng Qi's side, guarding against any sneak-attacks by the two masters.

"Ghost Shadow" Ding Xiaofeng and the other swordsman were both shocked and furious. They could not believe that "Killing Blade" Su Meng had dared to raise his hand at the casino owner! Was he not afraid of the "Justice"'s rage?

Similarly, they could not believe that Meng Qi's blade was so fast. The two of them had been completely unable to react. It was almost on the level of "Aurora Electric Sword". Was he not known for his ferocity instead?

Man changes with his environment and encounters. Having lived as an elite for many years, You Shaohui was able to maintain his despotic Maoling attitude after the initial shock and fear. He ignored the long saber at his neck and cast Meng Qi a cool gaze. "Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to make it out the door?"

"With Brother Jiang and I joining hands, who in Skyfirst No.1 Casino can stop us?" A grin was plastered on Meng Qi's face.

Experts of the Exterior, no matter whose side they were on, could be considered to act out of loyalty. Passing it down the family or to establish a sect was out of the question. Even You Shaohui's brother-in-law, "Justice" Ye Taoguang, had only a handful of trusted Exterior-level experts at best. They were more like partners working together rather than actual subordinates. How could You Shaohui possibly get experts on that level to help manage his casino?

Unless he gave up more than half of the estates in Maoling. However, with his brother-in-law's deterrence, he had no reason to do so.

As for the Half-step Exterior Scenery, as long as he did not run into any outstanding individuals or more than two of them, they would be fine. With his and Jiang Hengchuan's combined strength, they could at least escape, if not beat them.

You Shaohui did not yield. He sniffed, "You may live today, but aren't you worried about tomorrow?"

"If you look past our former ill will and tell us who Qiu Fei was meeting, you'll be perfectly fine. I believe such a trivial matter won't make it to the ears of senior Justice. As for any other retaliation, you can go ahead and come at me with everything you've got. I'll gladly take you on." Meng Qi's words were full of cheer. Then he changed the topic and continued, "If you don't treasure your life... I have no family or kin, just this rotten life of mine. What do I have to be afraid of?"

You Shaohui's pupils constricted. Meng Qi was all smiles and looked clean and pure, but the words that came out of his mouth were cold to the core. "Of those who come to the casino, ignoring the weak ones, those with the power to threaten you mostly have families and establishments. They wouldn't want to offend Senior Ye. Those from the heterodox school wouldn't stir trouble for no good reason either. After all, they're hated by the masses. I believe that because of these reasons, you ended up belittling heroes."

"The world is a large place. How much land can the Dajiang Gang control? In River East, they're only on the same level as the Wang family and Ruan family! I have confidence that I'll be able to get away before the Dajiang Gang's Exterior and Half-step Exterior Scenery masters arrive. I'll travel far and wide--the North Zhou Dynasty, the Great Plains, the Eastern Sea, the desolate land of the North, the West Regions--there isn't a place I can't go!"

"Furthermore, with the strength I've just displayed, many a big power will accept me. Even if I don't publicly offend the Dajiang Gang, I can still be blessed in secret. After changing my name and identity, there's a chance that I may survive and stage a comeback in future."

"As for you, Owner You, if my blade slices down, you'll lose your wealthy and cozy home. You've tried so hard to make Skyfirst No.1 Casino the way it is today. Can you bear to see it gone just like that?"

You Shaohui looked terrible. He had wanted to speak up several times, but had been continuously cut off by Meng Qi. Listening to his words that hit too close to home and seeing that gentle smile on his face, You Shaohui suddenly felt that the man would really dare to kill him.

"The world is a big place, but in the end Kung Fu rules over all. So, Owner You, do you really want to test the sharpness of my blade with your neck?" Meng Qi stared into You Shaohui's eyes, a half-smile on his face. He pressed Heaven Inflicted Pain down slightly harder on You Shaohui's neck.

The color on You Shaohui's face changed. He gritted his teeth and eventually decided that a wise man should not fight when the odds were against him, as they were now. He had money, women, and underlings in abundance. His life was great and he treasured this precious life of his. What point was there in fighting a young, naive child who had yet to experience the beauty of life?

"The one Qiu Fei's been meeting several days in a row was the head of Money Sect, 'Super Rich' Sun Ke. He should've gone to see him for information. As to why they're being so secretive, outsiders wouldn't know." You Shaohui spilled everything he knew in one breath. Then he stared at Meng Qi, waiting for him to remove his blade.

"Super Rich?" Meng Qi and Jiang Hengchuan covertly exchanged glances. They both inwardly heaved a sigh of relief, because that powerful man on the Half-step Exterior Scenery level had always been sly. Moreover, since Qiu Fei was colluding with the Nine Evil Paths and ruined his reputation, as long as they could offer him a good price, he would probably spill the beans.

Sun Ke had been a Rogue Cultivator, and was a local of Maoling. He had fought his way to create Money Sect and was one of the area's Turf Lords. By integrating the various schools and sects, he had quick access to information and exceptional intelligence. As long as one paid, he would help to probe information for them.

You Shaohui snorted again, "You can remove your blade now."

"We still have to request that you send us out. Your subordinates don't seem too friendly." Meng Qi replied in a carefree manner. Smilingly, he sized up Ghost Shadow and the other master who was waiting to pounce on him and Jiang Hengchuan.

Jiang Hengchuan could not help but shake his head. He told Meng Qi vis Secret Voice-sending, "Master Su, while your method is good and effective, the consequences aren't small."

"Brother Jiang, are you afraid of the revenge of a casino?" Meng Qi responded with a smile.

Jiang Hengchuan's lips twitched and his jawline protruded out even more. His tone was filled with all the pride of an individual ranked in the top ten of the Ranking List of Young Masters as he said, "What's there to be afraid of?"

As long as they did not involve the Dajiang Gang, how powerful could the masters Skyfirst No.1 Casino invited be? Framing them? Planting evidence? It was not as if Meng Qi and Jiang Hengchuan did not have connections!

Even if You Shaohui could send assassins from Unrelenting Tower after them, it still would not be that easy. He would be doing it only for the sake of face, with no benefit to himself. Would You Shaohui be willing to waste large sums of money on Exterior-level assassins from the red rank?

As for the golden rank of assassins who had enlightened their Acupores, while they were dangerous, there was still a chance that Meng Qi and Jiang Hengchuan could kill them. What was there to be afraid of?

You Shaohui's face flushed with anger, but he suppressed it, and slowly got up. With the blade against his neck, he brought Meng Qi and Jiang Hengchuan to the door.

Along the way, Meng Qi's bright voice suddenly rang out in You Shaohui's head. "Owner You, we've offended you. Please do pardon us."

Secret Voice-sending? You Shaohui was still a Nine Acupores Master, so he was capable of Secret Voice-sending even if he could not fight. He hatefully spat back, "It's too late to apologize now."

"It isn't, because I believe you have a deeper meaning behind this." There was a hint of deliberation in his voice.

You Shaohui was struck dumb. The inflection of his voice wavered as he said, "What're you talking about?"

Meng Qi's external countenance did not change as he continued using Secret Voice-sending. "I know of something. When one walks along the river too much, he'll get his shoes wet. Skyfirst No.1 Casino has been around for about 20 years I guess? If you've always been acting like this, how could this be your first time meeting a fearless person like me?"

"That only shows that you're foolishly bold." The anger in You Shaohui's voice had magically disappeared.

Meng Qi smiled and continued, "Outsiders all think that Owner You has achieved what you have today only because you have a beautiful sister who found herself a powerful husband. But the Dajiang Gang's Head Altar is at Hechuan, which is quite a distance away from Maoling. You didn't set up your casino in the prosperous Hechuan, a place of strategic importance in River East, but chose to do so in Maoling, away from the shelter of Senior 'Justice'. How could you possibly be a man who only relies on his family?"

You Shaohui was impressed. "You do have a good sense of judgment."

Who would not enjoy hearing words of praise?

"Even with the backing of the Dajiang Gang, which allowed Skyfirst No.1 Casino to be renowned and become the best in River East, why would you act the way you just had? That haughty look, careless state, belittling of masters, delayed sense of enmity, treating Martial Artists as mere circus acts... I couldn't stand it, and I'm sure many other masters couldn't have stood it either. Therefore, for Owner You to survive until today, it must not have been easy." There was cheeriness in Meng Qi's voice. "I believe that anyone who can accomplish great deeds is not someone who can be dealt with easily."

You Shaohui's chubby face trembled a bit. "Really?"

In a half-joking manner, Meng Qi replied, "The way Owner You was acting just now seemed to be telling me 'come hit me, come hit me, hurry up and hit me'. With such an excellently displayed attitude, I couldn't control myself for a second and took action, trying to sound you out."

You Shaohui sighed, "I'm old and overdid it. It's not as natural as it used to be."

That counted as a tacit confession.

"I didn't think 'Killing Blade' Su Meng was the reckless type." he sighed again.

Meng Qi smiled, "I always act only when I've certainty. I wonder what deeper meaning Owner You has?"

"Master Wang asked me for a small favor, how could I refuse?" You Shaohui straightforwardly answered.

Meng Qi was not surprised, "So it is him."

Information obtained after many twists and turns was infinitely more convincing and trustworthy than if it had been freely given out.

"You've guessed it?" You Shaohui, on the other hand, was surprised.

Meng Qi chuckled. In an ambiguous response, he said, "In a game of chess, since the opponent has already made several consecutive moves, Master Wang has to respond to it, doesn't he?"

At this point in time, the three of them had reached the door. Meng Qi was intending to relieve You Shaohui's neck of "Heaven Inflicted Pain" and push him to the opposite side.

"Your guess might've just been more probable. What if after sounding me out, you realized that I was really the kind of person I had portrayed?" You Shaohui suddenly asked.

Meng Qi gave a half-smile and said, "The words I had said at first are not untrue."

You Shaohui was shaken up and momentarily speechless. With a push from Meng Qi, he fell towards the other side.

"Heh, that's a lie. If I hadn't been certain, I might as well have found a chance to use the Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth..." Meng Qi had successfully created his desired image in You Shaohui's heart. Borrowing the force of his push, he and Jiang Hengchuan lifted themselves off the ground and onto the roof of the VIP room like large birds. They avoided Sword Essence and the Ghost Shadow, and vanished in Skyfirst No.1 Casino within a few moments.


"If it concerns the Nine Evil Paths, then I won't accept any money." 'Super Rich' Sun Ke acted with awe-inspiring uprightness.

"Actually, you're just afraid of being implicated in Life-changing Sect's matters and ending up as a persona non grata..." Meng Qi was totally not buying it.

He and Jiang Hengchuan were currently seated in the large hall of Money Sect's Head Altar. There was a painting consisting of words behind Sun Ke. There were nine characters of 'money' to signify opening the way for wealth to flow in and smooth success in all they did.

Sun Ke was a middle-aged man with a square face, thick brows and large eyes. He did not have an ordinary air to him, but he wore ten rings on his ten fingers. There was jasper, jade, and many more, all of which were exquisite and hard to come by, and a portion of them were even decent materials for smelting. His neck was adorned with five chains, and his brooch, buckles and clothes were made of a fine gold silk. Overall, the man looked magnificent, like a walking treasury.

Jiang Hengchuan ignored the Half-step Exterior Scenery master's strange appearance and respectfully cupped one hand in the other before his chest. He said, "Please tell us, Leader Sun."

"On the first day, Qiu Fei asked our sect for information on the whereabouts of a group of people. On the second day, we found that group of people in the North of the city. After reporting the information to Qiu Fei, he asked us to investigate further to confirm the identities of the people. On the third day, by disguising ourselves as vegetable deliverypeople and arresters, we confirmed that there was the Eight-armed Flying Dragon, Three Eagles of Cloud Ridge and others in the group," answered Sun Ke in an orderly manner.

"Eight-armed Flying Dragon, Three Eagles of Cloud Ridge..." Jiang Hengchuan's expression slightly changed.

"What's wrong?" Meng Qi asked by Secret Voice-sending.

Jiang Hengchuan's complexion changed again. He said, "Back then, they were in possession of another Chance."