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268 The Zombie Herder

 She just sat down in the same way she had stood up. The only difference was the direction. With the firelight, Xiao Yue's beautiful face seemed to be swallowed by the darkness. She was completely at a loss.

"Exactly! That's it exactly!"

"I'm so indignant! I lost because I underestimated him. For my first move, I paid too much attention to the zombie herder so he took advantage of my flaws. One mistake made everything wrong. Given another chance, I would have fully displayed my strength so that I would not be totally defeated. But now I understand that I am doomed to lose no matter how many times I try. That captor called Little Su was just playing jokes on me. He teased me with his strength, but did not exert all of his strength!"

"Even if I had killing moves, he's still likely to triumph over me. He could play tricks on me so easily, which makes me think that his true strength is as bottomless as the vast sea."

It was the first time that she had been so depressed. There was a great disparity in strength between them!

This was a fight between an infant and an adult. This battle was like a breeze hitting a huge mountain!

Xiao Yue was lost in thought and did not have any will to fight anymore.

Li Chong looked at the tidy Little Su who wore a small smile and regarded him as a monster that did not belong to the mortal world. Little Su, who sat around the fire and stayed up on duty with Li Chong, was so ordinary before, but now in only several moves, he forced Xiao Yue, one of the powerful masters of Yangxia, back to her seat. It was even scarier that he just used seemingly normal moves.

"What kind of terrifying strength is this?"

Though he had lived for more than 50 years, this was the first time he had been so shocked. Fortunately, an old man like him was wise and had more experience than Meng Qi, so he gathered himself quickly. A thought suddenly came to his mind.

"He must not be a normal captor. Is he an ambassador of state or Jun City or a Secret-searching Nark? His name must be fake... If I could befriend him, I might be promoted to an Assistant Arrester before I retire..."

Yao Xingliu held his breath and did not speak. It was not hard to defeat Xiao Yue who just a weak Nine Acupores expert. He could also defeat her without fully displaying his strength. But honestly, he could not act like Little Su, who easily forced Xiaoyue back to her seat with only a few moves. Little Su's attacks were so accurate that he seemed to have planned it all at the beginning and had everything under his control before the fight! Among the experts at his age, maybe only Yang He could match him. But Yao Xingliu had not met Yang He for over one year, so he did not know how much Yang He had improved his Yang Tai.

For the loss last time, he could comfort himself for not fully exerting his strength without the use of the Exterior movement. If it had not been a spar, he might have won the fight if he tried his best. But after witnessing the fight, he was so sad even though his pride would never allow him to admit. He only had one thought, "If I try my best, can I force Little Su to use all of his tricks?"

"Hmph. This guy seemed to be humble and gentle, but he cannot fool me. Look at how he is so complacent now!"

The zombie herder froze, looking the young arrester who wore a smile. He tightly clenched his stick from time to time.

He remained in that posture. That fight seemed to be insignificant for him. However, everyone present could figure out that his strength was extraordinary!

"Ok, I'm done speaking. What about the rest of you? Mrs. Xiao agreed with me." Meng Qi caressed the sword.

"It's a pity that I did not acquire the Heavenly Fairy. Otherwise, I would have jumped over the roof and acted like an immortal to give them a surprise..." Meng Qi was regretful.

Even though Meng Qi had mastered the universal laws of some sword arts through Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords, Heavenly Fairy was an Exterior move so he did not get the help of Gist of Trueness impartation like Purple Thunder Bladesmanship, which was assisted with thunderbolt mark and Nine Annihilation at Heavenly Nights. Thus, he could not learn that quickly. Of course, compared with most people, Meng Qi was much quicker than them in practicing Heavenly Fairy. In any case, his sword art was good.

Hearing Meng Qi's words, the zombie herder loosened his grip on his stick. He just casually held the stick without emitting any genuine Qi with an exotic charm.

He slowly stood up with the repelling stick in his hand and said in a hoarse voice,

"I don't agree."

"It is the strong man who can set the rules."

"Then you should first prove that you're strong."

Finishing his words, he suddenly stepped forward. He seemed to become bigger and taller, but it was just an illusion for he had only contracted his airflow.

"As expected, the masters at his level were so confident in themselves and their minds were strong as stones. I cannot defeat him with the primary stage of Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth. " Meng Qi thought with his long sword in front of his body. Meng Qi's posture was so strange that it violated all of the laws of sword art. Yao Xingliu looked at them and slowed his breathing. "Had his sword art reached such a high level?"

The zombie herder stepped forward again. A gruesome breeze seemed to blow through the yard. He smashed his stick down without making neither sound of wind nor the turn of genuine Qi to paralyze Meng Qi's genuine Qi and mental perceiving of the enemy.

Like a piece of rotten wood or a corpse, his body was lifeless without any flow of genuine Qi. It seemed that everything was buried deeply.

"His Kung fu is so strange..."  Meng Qi could only use Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords to predict his actions to counterattack his moves, like in chess.

His long sword moved forward, the end touching the latter part of the front of the stick used for repelling corpses. Normally, this point was the weakest.


Their weapons hit each other. Strangely, there was no sound of metal crushing at all. It was just a light sound of hitting a piece of rotten wood.

The strength of the corpse repelling stick was so completely hidden that it was hard to perceive and borrow.

The genuine Qi and strength completely broke out like a roaring mountain, a surging sea and a flood crushing down the bank. Meng Qi could only restrain part of his strength and moved his sword away from the stick.

At that exact moment, Meng Qi found that Meridian was covered with a black fog which flowed toward the sword hilt.

The genuine Qi of the man repelling the corpse contained deadly poison!

The gloomy wind blew from time to time, which made Meng Qi feel a penetrating cold and stiffness.

The genuine Qi of Golden Bell Shield and Eight Nine Mysteries were running inside his body, but Meng Qi did not show it. The Meridian and blood seemed to be dyed with gold, which made him look like an immortal. There seemed to be zen sounds that could be heard. All evil disappeared and the black fog stopped flowing and gradually dispersed.

The zombie herder did not overlook Meng Qi's strength. He did not think that he could defeat Meng Qi with only one move, so he wielded his corpse repelling stick in the shape of an arc and attacked from above again. The arcs were like ocean waves.

He was still restraining his genuine Qi, unable to be perceived unless it broke out. It was quiet like a dead man yet as lively as a Thunderclap. It was precisely a super move!

Yao Xingliu suddenly frowned. He seemed to have seen a similar scene before...

Li Chong just watched and did not worry at all while Xiao Yue covered her mouth, for she did not expect that the zombie herder was so strong. Even if she used a killing move, she could not have ended the battle!

Affected by the gloomy wind and the deadly poison, Meng Qi was slow in his actions. He had to wield his long sword to defend himself!

Making use of the momentum, the zombie herder launched attacks. It seemed that the strikes from his stick covered the heaven and the earth, bringing not external wind but inner waves.

Meng Qi seemed to be weaker for he could hardly display his super sword art that had just defeated Xiao Yue. Thus, he could only passively defend himself against the man's sticks. There were constant "pft" sound. The black gas surrounding the sword body slowly but surely flowed toward the sword hilt.

The gloomy wind was much stronger, which dyed the fire dark green. It was completely strange and daunting.

Even though Li Chong's Kung Fu was not so good, he perceived arrester Little Su to be at a disadvantage. He was scared and prayed for Little Su.

Yao Xingliu was not anxious. Back then, he had attacked so many times but "arrester Little Su" did not counterattack at all and just stepped backward. However, Little Su managed to break his sword power with one strike in the end. It was similar to the current situation.

Even the zombie herder had an exotic Kung Fu which greatly hid flaws, but Yao Xingliu, one of the Seven Disciples of Zhen Wu was acutely aware that "arrester Little Su" did not lose his tempo although he kept stepping backward. Jointly, the moves seemed awkward but were terrifying.

The attacks forced Meng Qi backward. The zombie herder seized the momentum to launch more violent attacks without dropping his guard.

The attack of the stick did not make any sound. However, when their weapons hit each other, a horrible force broke out which forced the stick and the sword to one side.

The zombie herder had succeeded! With the momentum, he inclined his body and was about to exert his palm move. However, his eyes suddenly froze. Somehow, a knife had appeared in the left hand of that "arrester Little Su". The blade body was dark red and was in a strange shape. Vertical waves of thunderclaps burst out and repressed all of the evilness.

When he had stepped out of the World of Samsara, Meng Qi had asked the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms to camouflage Heaven Inflicted Pain. Unless the Knife Qi was triggered, nobody would know it was a precious weapon.

The zombie herder was at a disadvantage. It looked like he was intentionally jumping straight at the long knife!

"He acted like that on purpose to induce me to show my flaws!" The zombie herder suddenly understood. He was terrified and even more afraid of the strength of "arrester Little Su".

The strike was neither hard nor soft. Neither was it Yin nor Yang. It seemed to contain all changes. Only by fully understanding it could the hardness and softness and Yin and Yang be separated!

The zombie herder was too late to defend. He turned over his left hand to defend Meng Qi's attack. He also constrained his palm force to avoid Meng Qi's traps.

The Long Knife hit the brink of the palm. The zombie herder failed to withstand the force, which made his force decline rapidly. Then, the chaos disappeared and hardness and Yang took the dominant stage. Hundreds of thunderclaps seemed to rushed out.

"Trio Combination of Yin and Yang, which is Yin and which is Yang?"


Meng Qi yelled, terrifying the zombie herder. The Knife Momentum was extremely violent and hard, repressing all of the man's strength and dispersing the black gas!

"This is bad!" The zombie herder was in danger, so he had to display his ultimate move.

His eyes suddenly became darker. He crossed his left hand with his right hand which held the stick. The gloomy wind turned dark.

The majority of genuine Qi inside Meng Qi's body disappeared in no time!

"This is your ultimate move?"

"You want to kill Old Zhong with such strength?"

"It's only a little better than Blade Scar!"

Meng Qi remained calm. He did not defend as his genuine Qi dispersed at a quick speed.

The extremity of death is rebirth. Suddenly, a fresh flow of genuine Qi burst out from Meng Qi's body. In no time, it reached the strongest level. With the Knife Momentum, he attempted to cleave the zombie herder!

This was the magical effect of the Immortal Pressing Art!

The zombie herder found Meng Qi remaining unaffected. He was so shocked that he decided to use another ultimate move.

Suddenly, he felt as if his neck had been grabbed and was totally surrounded by the Knife Momentum.

Turning around, he saw the middle-aged man still maintaining his poker face.

The zombie herder immediately gave up his idea of fighting by himself. Instead, he gave an order.

"Kill him."