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265 Unusual Corpses

 Meng Qi fell into deep thought. Li Chong dutifully introduced him to the local powers of Yangxia. "That is Qiu Fei, the firstborn of the Qiu family. That is the Childe of the Jiang family, Jiang Yulin. That is the Leader of Crazy Waves Sect, Wu Sheng Li, also known as 'Wave Stopper.' Along with 'Blade Scar' Yan Xiao and 'Pink and Mellow Hand' Xiao Yue, the three of them make up the Yangxia underground. Rumor has it, though, that Heng Yuan Zheng is the one who's really in control.

"So the elegant lady next to Governor Arrestor Zheng is 'Pink and Mellow Hand" Xiao Yue. It's hard to believe she is as merciless as Blade Scar and Wave Stopper. She's made grown men wet their pants in fear. Rumor has it that she has connections with the Zhen Wu Sect."

Of the five powers of Yangxia that he had introduced, the eldest son of the Qiu family was the strongest. He was in his early forties, and although Meng Qi could not be sure of his actual skill level, his movements and interactions were signs of one who had achieved Half-step Exterior Scenery. They were signs of the Hidden Latch being opened but not yet stable.

These four intentionally concealed their strength. Meng Qi could easily tell that all had opened Nine Acupores at least and had Protective Upstanding Qi to keep their genuine Qi from being discovered. However, Protective Upstanding Qi still had flaws in it. They were all still inferior to 'Blade Scar' Yan Xiao.

On the other hand, Governor Arrester Zheng Jushan had only Eight Acupores. However, he represented the will of the Zhao Clan from the Divine Capital and the power of the Chao Tang. In other words, unless under special circumstances, everyone would still show him respect.

"Where did those two little taoists come from? How do they merit the presence of Governor Arrestor Zheng and these five great powers?" Li Chong furrowed his brow and spoke to himself, upset at his lack of information.

Meng Qi watched the Youth Yao and others disappear into the "Drunken YangXia" hall. He replied, "They are likely heirs to Zhenwu and hold significant positions."

"Possibly." Li Chong thought for a moment and decided that Arrester Little Su's conclusion made sense. The only Taoists in the four provinces of significant position were heirs to the Zhen Wu Sect. "Arrester Little Su, many of the leaders are present. Let us quickly report this to Governor Arrester Zheng and get others to investigate Old Zhong."

Quickly get rid of this dangerous mission!

The masters of the Qiu and Jiang family were old. Essentially, the firstborn Qiu and the third son of the Jiang family were the leaders.

"I just arrived here, it wouldn't be good for me to interrupt them. You should go by yourself." Meng Qi said.

He wasn't sure if Yao Xingliu would recognize him. Normally, he wouldn't fear being recognized. He could spar with Yang He and challenge himself. However, seeing them today made him think of Senior Brother Zhang. How could he fight under these conditions? If Youth Yao brought up the issue, how would he respond?

It was better to stay away!

Li Chong couldn't understand where Arrester Little Su was coming from. He said, "Take advantage of this opportunity to meet them."

Meng Qi made a few more excuses. Seeing he would not change his mind, Li Chong suppressed his doubts and prepared to leave.

"Old Li, don't bring up the fact that Arrester Cai was in a Qiu family boat with the eldest of the Qiu family present. It could be a mistake." Meng Qi suddenly thought of this connection and gave this reminder.

Blade Scar had lost it and would need time to recover. It would be impossible to get more information from him.

Li Chong laughed and said, "Arrester Little Su, don't underestimate me. I understand. All I will say is Old Zhong told Blade Scar to kill the boatman. The boatman only saw Arrester Cai come from the harbor, he was unclear of what he was doing."

"Old and keen!" Meng Qi laughed and gave a thumbs up.

In the yard behind "Drunken YangXia," the powers of Yangxia were welcoming Zhenwu's Yang He and Yao Xingliu.

Qiu Fei, the eldest son of the Qiu Family was already over forty years old. His skill in kung fu allowed him to break through the Hidden Latch of life and death. At first glance, he looked under thirty. Sensing his servant nearby, he excused himself and left the scene. He would wait for a report.

"Sir, 'Blade Scar' Yan Xiao has fallen ill, he cannot come!" Qiu Fei's servant reported with a bit of shock.

Qiu Fei said, "Fallen ill?"

"'Blade Scar' Yan Xiao had indulged for a number of years and is not as sharp anymore. However, a lifetime of Kung Fu does not dissipate so quickly. He was a strong nine acupores, how could he so easily fall ill?"

"It's true! Sir, you haven't seen Blade Scar in his present state, it is truly unbelievable. He used to strike fear into the hearts of all the nine acupores Heterodox Experts in Yangxia. He was merciless and caused them to cry like children, shrinking back in fear, staining their faces with tears. In his present state, he is even more frightening than before!" Qiu Fei's servant uttered his findings.

He used to secretly look up to 'Blade Scar' Yan Xiao; outsiders who had just arrived would have no idea what he was normally like.

Qiu Fei gently inhaled. "When did he fall sick?"

"A few hours ago, Drunkard Li brought the new Assistant Arrester to meet him. Before they had the chance to say anything, Blade Scar became furious over Arrester Cai's case and then fell ill..." While describing the situation, Qiu Fei's servant thought the situation more and queerer.

Qiu Fei frowned and said, "The new Assistant Arrester didn't do anything? He didn't ask any questions?"

"According to Blade Scar's servant girl, Drunkard Li only spoke briefly. The Assistant Arrester had not yet done anything and was about to open his mouth to speak when Blade Scar began to tremble and fell ill. At first, he frothed at the mouth, but now he has become like a young child and his condition has stabilized. He is in no danger of dying." Qiu Fei's servant voluntarily shared the source of his information.

Qiu Fei put his hands behind his back, paced back and forth, and settled his expression. With eyes like an eagle fixed on his disciple he asked, "Could it be that Blade Scar is pretending to be ill?"

Was it not suspicious that a Nine Acupores Master would fall so ill so quickly when faced with a mere Assistant Arrester?

Qiu Fei's servant replied, "It is very possible. His 'illness' comes at a very convenient time!"

"Keep a close eye on Blade Scar." Qiu Fei was about to return to the banquet when he saw Drunkard Li arrive.

"Greetings, Eldest Son Qiu!" Li Chong quickly greeted.

Qiu Fei nodded and said, "Drunkard Li, I heard that you caused Blade Scar to fall ill?"

"You are mistaken! I hadn't even finished my sentence when Boss Yan started to cry and shout and lose control." Li Chong was shocked that Qiu Fei had found out so quickly.

Qiu Fei didn't continue to prod. "You've come to find Governor Arrestor Zheng, haven't you? Such an important matter to report and you've only come now? Where have you gone off drinking this time?"

"I was shocked so I had to get something to calm me down, that's all." Li Chong knew that others could tell he had been drinking; he'd have no way of fooling them.

Qiu Fei showed no reaction. He went and got Governor Arrester Zheng.

Zheng Jushan listened to Li Chong describe the situation. His face showed no hint of anger or joy. He said, "Old Zhong...of all people...Old Zhong..."

He spoke softly, "I will go call together the warriors of Yangxia. You and Little Su go and wait by the city gate."

"Governor, Governor Zheng...we are going as well?" Li Chong stuttered and said.

"You two found the lead, how could you not come along? If Old Zhong will cooperate, then you two will do the questioning." Zheng Jushan gave his orders and turned to enter the banquet where he would report the happening to the warriors.

Youth Yao was very excited after hearing the news and wanted to join in on the adventure. However, they had just arrived and were the guests of honor, so they could not leave at this time.

Only after Zheng Jushan and company left, Yao Xingliu served himself some food and said angrily, "This is terrible."

"Junior Brother Yao, we've come to investigate the death of Senior Brother Zhang. Don't get distracted." Yang He calmly spoke.

Yao Xingliu pursed his lips and murmured to himself. "You all had better go far away, don't let me catch you around here."


A group of people quickly moved towards the city gate where they met up with Meng Qi and Li Chong. They rushed out of the city together.

"Mr. Cui has come as well..." Li Chong saw the old, white-haired man next to Zheng Jushan and was both surprised and relieved.

Meng Qi purposefully slowed down and stayed with Li Chong at the back of the group. He asked, "Mr. Cui?"

"Arrester Little Su, he is the greatest master in Yangxia." After Li Chong relaxed, he started speaking more freely. "When he was younger, because his last name was Cui and he was so intelligent, he earned the favor of Cui Clan from Pinjin. He became a Foreign Official and was trained very well. After he became older, with the permission of Cui Clan, he returned to his hometown with hopes to become an aristocratic family. He is a Top Class Master Pro of the exterior and N-fold Heaven! With him around, Old Zhong won't be able to cause any trouble!"

Zheng Jushan not only invited Mr. Cui along, he had also gathered a number of Yangxia's hidden Martial Artists Community legends. Qiu Fei and Jiang Yulin also brought their clan's Precious Weapons. It was better to be safe than sorry!

It was around sundown when the group of people set eyes on the village. The village was orderly. The light of the sunset made the roofs glow golden and bright, but was unable to conceal the odd, cold feeling of the place.

Near the village, there was a yard that had the same odd feeling about it. This was the real home of Old Zhong.

Governor Arrester Zheng was about to yell out when Mr. Cui waved his hand, calming him down.

The beam of golden sun sank like running water, slowly flowing over Old Zhong's yard.

"There's no one alive here." Mr. Cui began to show his nerves.

Everyone including Meng Qi grew serious and carefully approached the yard with Mr. Cui.

The gate opened with a push. Other than a well, the only thing in the yard was an old Banyan tree. The cold, odd feel of the place was overwhelming.

With a cry and a sweep of his sleeve, Mr. Cui opened the door. There were no windows, so the inside was dark.

"Ah!" 'Pink and Mellow Hand' Xiao Yue covered her mouth and let out a soft cry.

This was merely a habit of hers, her eyes showed no sign of shock.

Xiao Yue's gasp caught the attention of Meng Qi and company. They followed her line of vision. Inside the house, a number of bodies hung from the rafters, a forest of dead bodies.

Entering the house, Mr. Cui inspected a body. He wrinkled his brow and spoke quietly to himself.

"Odd. What kung fu is this..."

Meng Qi moved with the group. He came to a body. He used Will-projecting and his genuine Qi to investigate. The details of the dead body entered his mind, "No bones? Flesh, blood, and meridians are all there, but there are no bones..."

"This body is only skin and bones. The flesh, blood and innards are all gone!"

"This body has no meridian. Odd, how could the meridian and inner force be missing, but the flesh, blood, and skeleton are all here..."

"Eh, this body is perfectly fine. There is no sign of injury or old age. How is he dead?"

The chorus of questions sounded off around Meng Qi. A type of kung fu came to mind, and he immediately became solemn.

"Skyscraping Devil Four Eclipses?"

"The Myths or the Immortals?"

"Or a normal Samsara traveler?"