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262 Arrester Little Su

 Yangxia, being a part of Hua Province, stood at the juncture of provinces of Hua, Ning, Di, and Zhong on the banks of a large river. The place was home to the complex cobweb of influence that was Zhenwu, Hengyuan Zheng, Pinjin Cui, Luoyang Zhao, and the Dajiang Gang. It was hard to say which reigned supreme, resulting in many masters that went unrecognized. Compared with Yedu and Xuanwu City, Yangxia was more disorderly.

Arrester Li Chong happily hummed a tune inside the Six Fan School, snacking on broad beans and drinking wine. He was past his fifties. Having served as an arrester in Yangxia for 30 years, he was familiar with the locals. He had many connections and formed friendships with many underground influences. Disregarding his love for wine, he was a pretty good person. If he had been a bit more capable, he would have already been named the Assistant Arrester or even the Governor Arrester.

He suddenly dropped his chopsticks and spilled half of his wine. He stood up and stuttered, "G-Governor Arrester Zheng! I saw that there's nothing to do this afternoon so I had a few drinks to pass the time."

He was still hoping to be promoted to the Assistant Arrestor before retirement. That would really mean honor to his family.

The one at the door was none other than Zheng Jushan, the Governor Arrester of Six Fan School in Yangxia. Bringing a young man with him, he entered the room. He laughed and patted Li Chong's hands. "Old Li, don't be nervous. Afternoons are precisely the time when we get sleepy. You're not young either. It's not a bad idea to get a few drinks to refresh yourself."

Zheng Jushan had always been tolerant of Li Chong, who was well-informed and respectful of his superiors. Many times, he had promised to recommend him at the Yamen of Jun City.

"Meet Su Ziyuan or Little Su. He's an Assistant Arrester from the Yamen in Jun City. Introduce him to some of the local influences and arresters. In the entire place, you're the only one who wouldn't bully a newbie," Zheng Jushan said, pointing at the young man beside him.

Li Chong looked up and greeting the young arrester, Little Su. In his maroon Six Fan School robe, he looked exceptionally handsome. He had a dagger strapped to his left and a sword to his right. His eyebrows were dark and straight, his nose upright and comely, and his bright eyes sparkled. He carried not even a hint of arrogant air. When he laughed, he did so brightly like a bubbling stream. "Ah, Governor Arrester Zheng, you're exaggerating. I won't be 'training' Arrestor Little Su. I'll just introduce him to some Turf Lords."

"Arrester Li, please take care of me," Meng Qi replied with a smile.

When he thought of the many masters and remarkable techniques available in River East, Meng Qi began to feel excited. This was a great opportunity for him to cultivate himself. He was increasingly glad that he decided to come to Yangtai of Hua Province to investigate Assistant Arrester Cai Xiang's death instead of going to Luoyang.

Earlier, he did wonder if someone was deliberately assigning him such a dangerous mission but he squashed those suspicions when he noticing the timing of the homicide. Cai Xiang's body was found four days before the documents arrived at Yedu. In the other words, the Six Fan School in Luoyang assigned him the mission as soon as they received the request from Hua Province. They themselves were unclear about the circumstances and likely only tasked him to prevent him from stirring up trouble while entering Shengdu.

The Six Fan School in Yangxia reported the body to the county government after confirming its identity. The latter then passed it onto the provincial government, which then requested for the headquarters in Shengdu to send a Secret-searching Nark to investigate the case. Since the case involved two provinces, it was difficult to decide which province to take the lead. Thus, the better option was to appeal to a higher authority. The entire process, if there weren't any delays, would take at least two or three days.

Li Chong immediately took a liking to the clean-cut and polite young man. He repeatedly said that he would help the young man familiarize himself with the different influences in Yangxia.

Governor Arrester Zheng looked at the arrester that had appeared out of nowhere and smiled. "Little Su is from the Yamen of Jun City and his main mission is to investigate the death of Cai Xiang. Old Li, I hope you can spare no effort in helping him."

Li Chong's expression changed and he hesitated momentarily before replying, "This lowly officer dares not obey a direct order."

So Arrester Little Su was ostracized and sent here to investigate the case! No wonder they would give him the position of Assistant Arrester. He would undoubtedly suffer even more in the future.

After they saw Governor Arrester Zheng off, Meng Qi smiled and said, "Arrester Li, I've reviewed the confidential files. Can you take me to meet Blade Scar?"

Li Chong inhaled deeply. "Okay."

After grabbing his dagger and badge, he led Meng Qi out of the Six Fan School toward the most chaotic street in Yangxia.

He pursed his lips after a while. "Arrester Little Su, I'm a man who is close to retirement. As a veteran, I'll give you an advice. Something's nefarious about this case."

Considering how clean-cut, gentle, and polite Little Su was, Li Chong thought he didn't seem like an exceptionally cunning or strong person. He deduced that Little Su was only assigned the case after other arresters refused to accept it.

"Nefarious?" Meng Qi calmly asked.

Li Chong was momentarily quiet before sighing. "Arrester Cai was an assistant in Mao Ling of River East. He disappeared while investigating the underworld of Mao Ling and his body was found half a month later in Yangxia. From his appearance, he looked as if he had just died but his insides had already rotted, suggesting he had been dead for some time. Don't you think it's strange? Can the corpse bring itself to Yangxia?"

"More importantly, he could still walk on his own when he was discovered. It was only after the sailor gave him a slight push that he fell dead to the ground."

Meng Qi made a deliberate guess. "Perhaps his body was placed on a boat traveling from Mao Ling to Yangxia. A demon then discovered the body and manipulated it to leave the boat."

Li Chong replied helplessly, "Ah, Arrester Little Su! Consider the distance between Mao Ling and Yangxia. It takes at least a month to sail down the river from Yangxia to Mao Ling, let alone against the current. It's impossible to sail the other way around in just half a month unless you use Lightness Skill..."

"They traveled in a hurry!" They spoke at the same time.

This was the problem that Meng Qi had noticed since the beginning. Even with favorable winds and current, it took him nearly one and a half month to travel from Yedu to Yangxia. The distance between Yangxia and Mao Ling was nearly the same.

Li Chong saw that Meng Qi finally understood his point and put his claps together with a loud clap. "Think about it, Arrester Little Su. How could a corpse use Lightness Skill to travel in a hurry? That's why I said something's nefarious about this case."

Meng Qi smiled and nodded. "Regardless, I must do my duty now that I'm assigned to the case. Thank you for your cooperation, Arrester Li."

"That's a given," Li Chong replied. How rare it was to meet such a polite young arrester.

The two men exited the chaotic, noisy street and made their way into a small, quieter alley. Vendors in the alley were selling lamb and dog stew that emanated a pungent fragrance. Most of the pedestrians in the alley looked intimidating.

"Blade Scar is one of the top Turf Lords. The boatman that pushed Arrester Cai works for him and is now in hiding. We must go through Blade Scar if we want to speak to him." Li Chong took this opportunity to brief the clean-cut and gentle Arrester Little Su to prevent his ignorance from possibly causing any trouble.

Meng Qi listened quietly, looking like a gentle and amiable newcomer who didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

"Blade Scar has connections with the Dajiang Gang and Pingjin Cui. He controls 30 percent of the business in the Yangxia underworld. He has many connections and allies and isn't one to be messed with." Li Chong first emphasized Blade Scar's background and influence. "In his younger years, he was fearless. He was merciless toward others and himself and thus was able to rise to the top of the Yangxia underworld. After earning the favor of a few powerful gangs, he was trained to become a Heterodox Expert. Rumor has it that when he was 40, he battled the top 30 warriors on the Ranking List of Young Masters and held his own. 10 years had passed since and no one knows how strong he is now."

Meng Qi knew Blade Scar was an important character. Though he had already read up on him in the confidential file, he still listened intently.

Li Chong quietly approved of Arrester Little Su after observing his positive attitude and patience. Most who were promoted to Assistant Arrester at such a young age had an air of arrogance. With the support of the Six Fan School and their own abilities, they would treat the gang leaders with disdain and believe that the gang leaders should revere them, not the other way around. A composed and humble young arrester like Little Su was a rare sight.

"In the whole of Yangxia, Governor Arrester Zheng is among the few who can command Blade Scar's attention. That's how I gained access to him. Arrestor Little Su, please don't say or do anything selfish. Just let me do the talking. If you have any questions, use Secret Voice-sending to communicate with me. Wait, do you know how to use Secret Voice-sending?" Li Chong was unsure if Arrester Little Su had opened the Acupores at such a young age.

Meng Qi smiled. "Yes."

"Okay, then we have no problems." Li Chong let out a sigh of relief. No wonder Arrester Little Su was promoted at such a young age. No wonder he would be ostracized. He would obviously draw the envy of many.

He continued, "Blade Scar assumed his current position seven years ago and eased up a little. He's no longer as cruel, so there won't be any problems as long as you don't upset him."

"How did he get the nickname 'Blade Scar'? It doesn't carry the style of a Heterodox Expert at all," Meng Qi said.

Li Chong laughed. "Those scars are from the worst of his injuries during his younger years. The scars are on his face, chest, and abdomen. He barely managed to survive. He later named himself Blade Scar as a reminder of the sneak-attack."

While engaged in their conversation, the two of them arrived at a shopfront guarded by several large and muscular men.

The men at the entrance recognized Li Chong and asked, "Drunkard Li, who's this?" They started murmuring among themselves when they saw the clean-cut Meng Qi.

Li Chong chuckled. "This is the new arrester from Yamen, Arrester Little Su. I'm bringing him to meet the boss."

"Even this little smiling rascal can become an Assistant Arrester..." the head guard mumbled to himself. Li Chong couldn't hear the comment, but Meng Qi could hear it clearly.

The head guard coughed, "You're in luck. The boss is here. I'll take you to him."

Meng Qi finally met the powerful man of Yangxia, the Heterodox Expert whose real name was Yan Xiao, after passing the shopfront, a patio, and a number of guards. His front was dilapidated, a stark contrast to his powerful position. Inside, however, was elaborately decorated. Whether it was the dark maroon carpet or the large sandalwood bed, all cost a hefty price.

He had gone a little over the top... Meng Qi could only think of this when he met Blade Scar.

Sitting in the middle of his living room was a large black bed. Blade Scar laid on it like a mountain of flesh, flanked by half-naked women covered with white lace. Some were feeding him grapes, some massaging his legs, and some massaging his temples.

There was an obvious scar on his face. He squinted and asked, without turning his head, "Arrestor Little Su, I'm sure you're here to ask about Arrester Cai's case. You people have been coming here many times in the past few months. Different arresters, same questions. Do you think I, Blade Scar, has lost my temper entirely?"

With every word he spoke, the flesh on his fat body would tremble.