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259 Heaven Inflicted Pain

 At this price, here were many Precious Weapons. Meng Qi quickly looked for a Thunder Long Knife and found one soon:

"Heaven Inflicted Pain, a Precious Weapon, costs 1100 Karma points. It's made of Sky Thunder Gold with its handle made of Thunder Wood. Heavy, hard and sharp, it has the power of Thunder Punishment. If the user fully unleashes its power, it could change the weather within three-kilometer square zone. The sky would be covered with black clouds, and there would be no sunlight from time to time. Thunders roar and the Sky Thunder guides the knife. Transforming into Thunderclap Dragon, Knife Qi could depress evils and repress demons, owning the power of heaven."

Like a huge wound, it was a strangely shaped heavy long saber. The blade was dark red with a scorched handle. At first glance, it looks like a simple weapon than a precious one. It was filled with thunderbolt marks which formed the three golden words, "Heaven Inflicted Pain".

After calculating, Meng Qi thought the price was affordable with the right description. So, he bought it.

"Heaven Inflicted Pain" was like a hand. Suddenly, Meng Qi felt his right hand was about to be torn as he tried to lift it and was strongly pulled down.. He hurried to exert his power and tried to counterbalance the force.

"It's so heavy!" Meng Qi blurted out. It must be over 75 kilograms!

He was happy soon enough. After practicing the Eight Nine Mysteries, he gained much strength. In addition, he had skills of the Golden Bell Shield. However, the Evil Ordeal was too light for him to unleash the ruthless and violent Knife Dao Essence. The feelings were even more intense after he used Whisper Sword. Thus, "Heaven Inflicted Pain" was not so bad after all.

With his strength, he wielded it for a while to adapt to its weight. He then felt more relaxed and pleased. But suddenly, he remembered the Great Sage Sun who complained the light golden cudgel in the Dragon Palace and he felt sad. "How could I be like Great Sage Sun..."

"Fortunately, I still have 'Heavenly Fairy' to correct my faults!"

The movement just went through beyond limits of enlightening the Acupores, thus, reaching the level of being an Exterior. At 1000 Karma points, it perfectly suited Meng Qi's demands. Such power and cool killing movements of the Exterior level was a great choice for him. It could not only improve his left hand's swordsmanship, but also help Meng Qi knew how an Exterior level's swordsmanship works, building a sound foundation for his sword art.

Jiang Zhiwei had no doubt about Meng Qi's choice of "Heavenly Fairy". If she were him, she would have chosen it too. The Acupores recently reached the level of the Exterior which fully showed the details about such transition and had her better understanding towards swordwill.

She slightly frowned and looked at another script that Meng Qi exchanged. "Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth?"

"Where did he find such a mental script?"

Without asking, Qi Zhengyan and Ruan Yushu stared at the pristine script in Meng Qi's hand.

Meng Qi laughed and said, "It's a mental script of the Secret Sect of Buddhism. It could affect one's mind. The user could read and confuse the enemy's mind and find their weaknesses. When activated, it lures the enemy into a delusion. It will be hard for him to escape under this effect. It's quite similar to 'Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship' but hasn't reached the realm of One Heart Affecting Another. It could use one Heart Luring Another to use the enemy's strength in order to create the user's realm.

"Aside from strengthening my mental strength, I want to use its heart sutras to extract some useful movements from Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, combining it with the skills that I already have. Thus, I don't fear 'Ananda' which may make me a monk."

"You're actually a little monk..."

"You're actually a monk..."

Jiang Zhiwei and Ruan Yushu muttered at the same time.

"I did not hear that. I did not hear that..." Meng Qi's face twitched but he continued to say, "Besides, if I learned more advanced moves, I could make use of the underlying awareness of the enemy and induce him into the Infinite Samsara Hallucinations. It's helps me truly understand strength, causes and effects and other things on the basis of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, which is conducive to extract some skills from 'Accumulating Karma' and 'Causes and Effects'."

After the death task, his attitude changed a little. "Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship" was so powerful. It would be wasted if he remained a scaredy-cat. Thus, skipping the part of "self-practice", he took the other way to make use of "Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth" to take length of the useful skills of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship.

Although it had less power, it would not bring troubles for Meng Qi. If he could understand the essence of "Karma" and "Causes and Effects' with the help of "Infinite Samsara Hallucinations", he would be greatly benefited before becoming a master and there would be no need for him to fully acquire its skill.

So he immediately chose "Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth" without hesitation. Experiencing Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship and the body potentials of being immortal, he believed in himself.

"It sounds really suitable for you." Jiang Zhiwei agreed with him and then repressed her laugh.

"But it's still a monk's heart sutras..." Glancing at "Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth", Ruan Yushu said casually.

"Enough!" Meng Qi screamed in his heart. He exchanged for the seventh level of Golden Bell Shield, stepped into Central Light Pillar to exchange the whole-body imbuing--"Attacking with Both Hands" with 500 Karma points.

It seemed that a stream of clear water flowed into his heart and cleared his mind. He could see himself practicing bladesmanship. Gradually, his body is divided into two persons, making the art of dual wielding...

Stepping out of the light pillar, Meng Qi took a deep breath. He should practice more or he could not fully use it for the time being.

He saved 180 Karma points to see how many Jiang Zhiwei lacked.

"Yushu, what about you?" Changing the way he called Ruan Yushu, Meng Qi turned to her.

Ruan Yushu cared nothing, looking at the light pillar surrounded by surging gas. "Since I mastered zither and trained my heart, I've been using 'Xifeng'. As my 'heart' gets promoted, the amalgamation of 'zither' and 'heart' increased. It's the best choice for me. Besides, it could stand against '12 Heavenly Sounds of Lang Huan'. It even pars to my precious zither. Thus, upgrading it by force might weaken our synchronization and I might not play a perfect song."

When she talked about zither, she seemed to have much to say - "Xifeng" was the name of the ancient zither.

"Sister Yushi, do you have a music script in mind?" Jiang Zhiwei was not good at music, so she dared not to give advice.

Ruan Yushu gently nodded. Her smooth and white face emanated a bright light and said, "Yes, I've been longing for the music scripts. They're lost or seldom appeared. So, I want to exchange for 'Guanghan Curse'."

Music scripts as a primary objective might motivate her to take part in the Samsara task.

"Guanghan Curse?"Meng Qi never heard about it before. Carefully looking at it, he found it was an ancient music script that was once lost. It was said to be written by Guanghang Fairy of Celestial Court. On one hand, it could train "zither of heart" to improve mental prowess. While on the other, it could bring extreme coldness to freeze one's soul. Of course, to fully unleash its potential, Exterior level was a requirement. It costs 2400 Karma points but totally worth it!

Ruan Yushu quickly traded it. She scanned the music script in her hand, unwilling to put it down. She casually said, "I still need a Recover Pill plus a skill that could protect me from long-ranged attacks."

Things were duly noted from this incident. Although she could exert powerful Qi by breaking the music wire, its range of attack could not reach long distances. The sound of disturbing one's heart could not defeat many strong enemies, thus, it did not have an area of effect. Even worse, Eight Non-human Sounds and 12 Heavenly Sounds of Lang Huan could not protect her from the long-ranged attacks of strong enemies. It was bad for her. So, she had to choose a distant skill that would not disturb her playing.

"If you're not an Exterior, concealed weapons are your only choice to fire an arrow from a bow. If you are, then what's the difference between Eight Non-human Sounds and it?" Meng Qi shook his head. Ruan Yushu could not use a concealed weapon when she was playing the zither.

"She could." Jiang Zhiwei suddenly said, "'Phaseless Sword Qi', the supreme art of Dong Hai Sword Sect could stimulate the Sword Qi from any part of the body if the user is an Exterior. It could defeat a hundred alone. It's with it that Heightslord heightslord claimed 'Phaseless Sword Qi Entity'. By acquiring it, she could unleash her Sword Qi as long as she has enough genuine Qi. It could attack the enemies within long distances. It doesn't require great mental strength, so it could complement with the Exterior. It sounds like 'Eight Non-human Sounds' which consumes much strength."

Dong Hai Sword Sect was one of the Six Sword Sects. He Jiu, ranking top in Ranking List of Young Masters was the grandson of He Qi. His family usually had only one descendant, thus, making numbers their names.

Qi Zhengyan agreed. "The moment you get rid of your mortal body, genuine Qi would be more and more turbid. With elixirs that complement Qi, you could exert several swords but it still doesn't par with the other Exterior movements."

Hearing what they said, Meng Qi thought of two similar skills - Preternature Shapeless Sword Qi and Six Meridians Supersword!

They were more suitable for Ruan Yushu. After all, she lived in Langya, near Dong Hai. If she learned the supreme art of Dong Hai Sect, she had to hide it to avoid disputes.

"What about these two?" Pointing at them, Meng Qi asked Ruan Yushu.

Ruan Yushu looked at them, seeming to be afraid of Preternature Shapeless Sword Qi. "Six Meridians Supersword would be better."

With her advanced power, she could play more and more sounds at Exterior level, making the Sword Qi less effective. Thus, there was no need for her to choose a perfect movement. Even though his inner force was not strong enough to support Six Meridian sword arts, the Shaoze Sword which could hold the zither perfectly backed it up. Therefore, her play would not be disturbed at all.

Six Meridians Supersword and Recover Pill cost 1300 Karma points and 500 Karma points, respectively. Ruan Yushu had only 180 Karma points left. Therefore, she could not buy any of them and wandering to lend them to Jiang Zhiwei.

"I need a powerful movement." Seeing Ruan Yushu finished her exchange, Qi Zhengyan confessed his weakness.

"Book of the Chaos" was almighty. But every level had large differences. With his current strength, he was unable to let the former four levels exert the power of the Exterior.

It was also a consequence of "weaker" Half-step Exterior Scenery, so Qi Zhengyan wanted to make up the gap of his explosive power.

After thinking, Meng Qi said, "I think you could fix the problem within these two aspects. One is the Exterior movements and the other is to upgrade Dragon Stripe Golden Sword to the Exterior level. And these two aspects could help improve each other."

"Senior Brother Qi, the most powerful weapon you have now, is Azure Blizzard that could freeze an enemy's blood flow at distances. It's a rare weapon. But you'd better find a sword that could go toe to toe with your Azure Blizzard. Since the dragon owns the coldness, upgrading your Dragon Stripe Golden Sword would bring extreme frost and invincibility. Plus, it is boosted more due to your Exterior level coldness category skills. In addition, considering the movements of heart sutras at its use and Icysnow Genuine Qi at its root, it would be a great combination, ,."

The combination of these three skills almost matches the power of the Exterior Level, which could equal the "Heaven Inflicted Pain", "Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky" of Meng Qi and "Anatta Sword" of Jiang Zhiwei.