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245 Surrounded

 It was the night of the sixth day.

"To the West," Ge Huai'en said as he looked at the results of the divination with a cold sweat.

Meng Qi frowned and said, "West again?"

It was extremely ominous that it was on the west every time he divined. Thus Meng Qi began to doubt Ge Huai'en's skills. However, the same results also meant that there was something wrong, if not then it was Ge Huai'en that played tricks in it, but he would not risk his life by doing that.

"I don't know, either."Ge Huai'en shook his head in a daze.

"So we move to the west?" Fu Zhenzhen asked weakly.

"Of course not." Zhang Yuanshan, Luo Shengyi, Qi Zhengyan, and Meng Qi replied simultaneously. They had not been heading west as early as yesterday.

Since the repulse of the "Great King of Emerald Waves" Murky, there were a few monsters searching often inside of temples for the first few days. Hiding meticulously, they were able to proceed smoothly. However on the fifth day, they found out that the monsters were already in the front, searching carefully as if they were finding a treasure. It was hard for them to sneak out, this was the reason why Ge Huai'en augured again. With the front being occupied with monters, they find a way around and change several routes.

"Let's try to move towards west. If we encounter a small demon who was left alone, we can catch and torture it." Meng Qi said lowering his voice.

They would pass through the Death Task if they stayed for two more days. So everyone nodded. They were not willing to give up.

Meng Qi used his Will-projection, his heart was like a mirror shining around. Then he ran the Immortal Pressing Art, with the use of his genuine Qi and spirit, he perceived the subtle things of the neighborhood.

There was a bird looking afar on the tree, worms were crawling in a somewhat withered trunk, a snake was shuttling in the bush, and there were earthworms and others in the shallow soil looming, revealing the vigor and vitality everywhere.

He could only sense to this extent, and there was no way to go further.

However, he had to sense finer details because their opponents were not human beings but monsters. Birds, bugs, and other animals might be their true forms. So they had to buck up to avoid the monsters. Then they could kill or evade the enemies by sensing, yet they need to be careful in order to hide their position, just as what the Earthworm Demon did previously.

Because of thier prudence, Jiang Xiaowei's achievement, with Meng Qi narrowly achieved the "Enter Imperceptibility" depending on his spirit, and the Immortal Pressing Art, they could successfully make it through until the sixth day.

As Qi Zhengyan took a step forward, the sand and rocks around him rushed out hitting some suspicious objects and driving some out. Even the earthworms and the surroundings were cleaned due to the "Kunlun Crush".

"Let's go." Luo Shengyi greeted everyone loudly, then they held their breath and moved forward cautiously.

After a while, the Demon Odor surged directly in their Nose Aperture and there were noises that were defeaning. Also, there were many monsters searching carefully!

"It's weird..." Meng Qi, Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan looked at each other and decided to catch someone alive. They could no longer hide blankly.

He called over Qi Zhengyan who could not make long-distance attacks. Then he started the Hallucination Body Movements and carefully moved closer to the front search zone, hiding right under the nose of the small demons.

After a while, a small demon was searching swiftly and was separated from his group.

Meng Qi made eye contact with Qi Zhengyan and started to run the Immortal Pressing Art, he rushed toward the small demon like a ghost. The other demons around him just turned a blind eye to what happened.

The two learned Kung Fu from each other for a year. With tacit cooperation, Qi Zhengyan drew the Golden Dragon Stripe Sword from a distance. The power of Dragon was gathered and hit the small demon.

The small demon trembled, he was too weak to stand. Meng Qi moved closer and stunned him easily. He then caught the demon and ran back to the secret place.

Their movements would inevitably made a little sound, but no one had noticed it in the vicinity. The Immortal Pressing Art and Hallucination Body Movements really had their roots in assassinations!

After retreating far away, Meng Qi woke the small demon up. He was Will-projecting with the power of the dragon. He asked the demon, "Why were you searching in this place?"

The small demon replied with fear, "Master Dragon, our Great Kings ordered us to do that."

"Why did they do this?" Meng Qi questioned. The demon was not clever at all so that he had to asked the questions one by one!

"My Master Dragon, the Great Kings in each mountains and holes only found a piece of broken wood in the temple. There was no chance. The Great King of Emerald Waves said that there were strangers that came here and they could have stolen it. So we searched all around." The small demon also entered the temple following the Great King.

Meng Qi frowned, "Where is the Great King of Emerald Waves?"

"He went back to the mountain to recover and will come back in two days." The small demon answered honestly.

Meng Qi asked about the search scope of the monsters in each mountain. The more he asked, the more he frowned. They all relied on the Great King to fly by Wind, so that was why they went ahead of us? How could they intercept me and other people who have been moving outside the temple for several days? They searched from outside in inch by inch, so that less place would be left for us to stay.

"In other words, if we don't get out of their encirclement by tomorrow, we can only move in a small space. Over ten thousand small demons would swarm and step on us." After torturing, Meng Qi told Jiang Zhiwei and others about his judgment.

Jiang Zhiwei had been cured and she gently nodded, "We must find a weak spot to break through. The only thing we need to do is to go beyond the search scope of the monsters, including the sky, so that we can make it through the last day and a half ."

As soon as the sun rose on the eighth day, everyone could go back.

"In the northeast is a Centipede Spirit and a Snake Spirit... In the southwest are three Yellow Bull Spirits.... The majority of them are at a level of Half-step Exterior Scenery. It seems that as the Monster Saint lauched an attack on the Holy Mountain, the Great Sages and the real Monster King had disappeared." Meng Qi discussed about the distribution of search scope according to the small demon.

Zhang Yuanshan replied, "If we come across someone on the exterior level, we would be defeated even if we work together, so we must avoid them."

"We'd better attack those who are not really good at Heavenly Knowing and cannot fight from a distance." Luo Shengyi stressed that if they encountered a monster that could run the Half-step Exterior Scenery remotely and was capable of Flying by Wind, they would be killed without Demon-revealing Mirror.

Normally, the Half-step Exterior Scenery would borrow a little force from heaven and earth, but people must run it when fighting close just as Duo Ercha had before.

Everyone had analyzed for a while. They excluded the points where there were monsters with Heavenly Knowing and the Half-step Exterior Scenery. Finally, they decided to move towards the three Yellow Bull Spirits. These three spirits were known for their brute power and hand-to-hand combat. They were the team's favorite opponents, and only the three Yellow Bull Spirits could run the Half-step Exterior Scenery in that direction. Even if they were discovered when sneaking out by mistake, they could get through easily as long as they did not came across the three Yellow Bull Spirits at a time.

With everything being settled, Meng Qi and the others changed their course and went towards southwest under the cover of the darkness.

Although some monsters were lurking like predators at night, it was still better to move under the cover of the darkness in case of an extensive search.

Jiang Zhiwei, Qi Zhengyan and others used the Transformation Strategy to protect Fu Zhenzhen, Ge Huai'en and Luo Shengyi. Meng Qi ran the Immortal Pressing Art with Will-projecting to protect Ruan Yushu.

They were inching their way forward, starling and struggling each step, as they always encounter small demons. If they have been a little closer, they would have been discovered even with mental disturbance.

In the dark night, the position of the monsters were concealed. People held their breath, trying not to disturb their state of mind because of fear and horror.

"I know they look down on us and want to break through from us!"There were less monsters. As they were about to break through the encirclement, suddenly, "Moo!," the moo of bulls came from the air and three monsters with bull heads and human bodies swooped down on the dark wind.

The bulls opened their bloodshot eyes wide and looked really exhausted. It seemed that they have been making their way back and forth flying by wind for a few days. They were responsible for their own search scopes just like the small demons. The yellow bulls were really the dedicated-- good role models for the rest.

"Three bulls came together..." Meng Qi's scalp was tingling. Even though he was adept at meditating in Dhyana with his Golden Bell Shield and Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, the perilous experiences he had in the past were good enough to temper himself. He could not help it but his heartbeat was racing. He really wanted to curse the heaven and the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms. It was unexpected for them to meet with such impossible thing. Was this the Death Task?

The curse could not influence his judgement. He must save his own life desperately!

"I will stop a bull, and you must do whatever you can to deal with the other two as soon as possible!" Jiang Zhiwei told Meng Qi and the others through Secret Voice-sending. Then she leaped towards the sky with her Long Sword holding up a Wrought Copper Stick from a yellow bull spirit.

The Yellow Bull Spirit had nothing else other than its enormous strength. With the black wind, they fought fiercely that the airflow collapsed. It seemed that the air was shaking, the ordinary people could not withstand it.

But Jiang Zhiwei's Long Sword was not affected, she took the Wrought Copper Stick to the other side with ease. The Yellow Bull Spirit fell to the ground with her.

Jiang Zhiwei was just about to strike with her Hitting the Sea, but suddenly her leg felt so heavy that they seemed to be tied by something making her movements became sluggish.

Is it the force of the earth that it borrows? Is it the heavy ground that forms as an anomaly? Jiang Zhiwei suddenly realized why the Yellow Bull Spirits liked hand-to-hand fighting. It was because they could only use their full strength on the ground!

The Half-step Exterior Scenery could be done with Divine Skills so there was a full record in the Sword Washing Pavilion. Jiang Zhiwei wielded the Long Sword to lead the heavy Wrought Copper Stick away and took advantage to cut down skillfully. Then the sticks were cut apart in accordance to their tying trails.

Then, before the Yellow Bull Spirits could borrow the power of the heaven and the earth once again, she rushed into the sky and slashed down, hitting the sea with her Long Sword!

The sword's light was so brilliant as if the sun was rising up to dry the sea. This strike cut the "Canghai Sea" apart. There was a deep sword mark on the ground before, and another from behind the Yellow Bull Spirits.

It was at this time that the Yellow Bull Spirits exhausted their movements. Jiang Zhiwei seized the moment, it was the flaw she had long waited for.

With a bang, the Demon Odor around the Yellow Bull Spirit was cleaved. A bull's horn fell to the ground, and it flew into a rage with a bloody head.

Meng Qi and the others knew that Jiang Zhiwei was capable of killing someone with Half-step Exterior Scener one-on-one so he was no longer worried. He then separated the people into two teams. Only Fu Zhenzhen and Zhang Yuanshan were together in one team, while Luo Shengyi, Qi Zhengyan, Ruan Yushu, Ge Huai'en and Meng Qi, as the leader, were in another team.

The Yellow Bull Spirit rushed to Fu Zhenzhen quickly, but she took out an old bronze mirror and turned it towards the bull's face.

In the bronze mirror, she saw the figure of the Yellow Bull Spirit, it became more prominent and the figure was rapidly changing, revealing the appearance of a giant yellow bull.

While in reality, the Yellow Bull Spirit yelled loudly, then it fell down from the black wind. It rolled on the ground, and turned out to be three times larger than a normal bull.

Zhang Yuanshan caught the bull, and cut off its head when it was feeble.

The Demon-revealing Mirror cracked into fragments.

They have to fight a quick battle!

Meng Qi unleashed all his strength and skills, flowing with a dark gold glow. He looked like a brass Buddharupa. He then hacked forth his knife nine times, one strike faster and fiercer than another, sounding like a thunder as if an overbearing Sky Thunder arrived!

Luo Shengyi teamed up with him and threw out the well-known Iron Fist, which looked powerful.

With the rumblings, Meng Qi back down a few steps. The ground was full of deep footprints. If he had not came to life with the Immortal Pressing Art and reversed or shifted the forces to his feet, he could have been badly injured. However, the skin between his thumb and forefinger were split and blood leaked out.

The Yellow Bull Spirit was far more powerful than the Wolf Demon before!

Luo Shengyi flew back, his protective Upstanding Qi was breaking up. His fists were bloody. He could have been seriously injured if Meng Qi had not helped him.

However, they worked together to fend off a strike from the Yellow Bull Spirit. Ruan Yushu's calm expression remain unchanged. She cut off the strings of the zither with her delicate fingers. Then came the sound of killing.

The Yellow Bull Spirit was startled, moving a little slowly. Ge Huai'en then crushed the God-defeating Eye, and a ray of light shot out towards its head.

"Ah!" The Yellow Bull Spirit screeched with blood in its nostrils and the corners of the eyes. Something yellowish and invincible rushed out of its mouth as quick as thunder, and slashed the head of Ge Huai'en, who was torturing it.

"The Calculus Bovis?"Meng Qi was shocked and furious, but he had no time to think. As the Yellow Bull Spirit was confused due to its Vital Spirit being hurt, he pulled out the Purple Decease Sword and waved it out.

Life and death were separated by a thin line!