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242 The Survivor

 As soon as the Lion Spirit's chest and belly were broken, a blood-colored bronze figure rushed out. Most of his clothes were enveloped with bloody water. He had completely depended on the Golden Bell Shield and the Eight Nine Mysteries to resist the erosion.

Though he was injured both inside and outside, the Lion Spirit was still alive! He was in so much pain that he cried loudly. Escaping from the Demon-revealing Mirror, he wielded the Long Stick in his hand to chase and beat Meng Qi. At the same time, he flew swiftly upward using Flying by Wind.

When the small demons on the ground saw their Tawny Lion Great King beaten so badly, they were in great trepidation. Those who were able to move all retreated like floods.

However, they did not lose their loyalty and did not forget to take away the corpse of the black wolf Great King. His Monster Core was broken by the "Anatta Sword", and his body was coked by the Purple Thunder. There were only two big golden hammers left because they were too heavy for the small demons to tow them away.

"Is he not dead yet?"

"The fierce monster is really tenacious!"

Jiang Zhiwei was running the "Hitting the Sea" to chase the Lion Spirit, but he learned the lesson now. He floated in the air, making it difficult to hit him. Now and then, he stretched his Long Stick to poke at Meng Qi who was rolling over on the ground.

"I can't give him any time to recover!"

Jiang Zhiwei turned her eyes to Ge Huai'en since Fu Zhenzhen was worn out after using the Demon-revealing Mirror.

Ge Huai'en who had not taken any action since the beginning turned up his palm and exposed a black Vertical Eye which was inlaid in the black green wood. It suddenly made a flash of gloomy light, covering the nearly all of the sky and the Lion Spirit.

The severely wounded Lion Spirit screamed once again, and both of his eyes and nostrils were bleeding. He almost fell down from the wind.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Yuanshan solemnly drew the Winged-python Sword out.

His sword light was from the bottom up and faint. The surroundings of the Lion Spirit were dangling and obscure, which seemed to have been separated from the world.

Hardly had he drawn his Long Sword back when the Lion Spirit uttered a heartrending scream and turned to rush out of the courtyard. Unfortunately, only the lower part of his body moved, his upper body including his head remained in the air with a dull look in his eyes. Then he fell to the ground and broke countless floor tiles to pieces.

The crimson blood flew out, dyeing the earth around red. At this time, a huge noise from the outside like the sound of a heavy object falling on the ground was delivered back.

"Great King!" The small demon shouted and ran faster.

"Zhenwu's Heaven Interception..." Jiang Zhiwei who had intended to give him another attack restrained her swift and fierce momentum and recognized Zhang Yuanshan's move.

Meng Qi once heard of this move. "Regarding himself as the doctrine" was the desperate hit of the Dharmakaya in the Zhenwu's Seven Strokes Scripture. The most advanced move of the the Exterior was the extraordinary "Zhenwu's Heaven Interception", which was derived from it.

He couldn't care so much. Thinking of that the yellow lion might be a descendant of Saint of Nine Spirits, who was the best one to conceal his disciples' and followers' faults, Meng Qi had a complicated mood. He only wished that all his disciples and fellowers could not attract his attention.

However, he was not likely to stop this. The yellow lion was devastated by himself. Since the lion wanted to kill himself ahead, he had to save his own life. Compared with the possible revenge of the Saint of Nine Spirits, his life was more important.

Up to this point, he felt that he had a burning ache all over his body. There were a lot of flesh and blood wounds all over with his clothes in rags, leaving him quite indignant.

Valuing his belongings so much, Xiao Meng did not pay much attention to his clothes. Instead, he immediately inspected his own weapons: His Purple Decease Sword was certainly intact; his Whisper Sword covered by the genuine Qi he was holding in his hand, only a little corroded; Though the scabbard of his Meridian was broken, its body was not damaged; His Recover Pill lay still on his chest without any corrosion.

Only the parcels attached to his back were melted to nothing. The changes of his clothes, easily melted items, the seven-stared crabapple candle and the other things in it were destroyed as well as the "nets above and snares below" in his sleeve.

All the melted items were at least worth 200 Karma points. If he had thought of such a consequence, he would have left them in the Samsara Square too. But it was no use crying over the spilt milk. Fortunately, his Monster's Skin, his Heavenly Meteorite Crystal, and the Black Fur abtained from the serial task of Zhenwu Great Emperor were put away in the exclusive room at the Samsara Square for they were no use at that moment.

Qi Zhengyan took out his own alternative clothing, and passed it to Meng Qi, saving him from the half bareness in his rags.

Fu Zhenzhen took out her wounded medicine, ran to Meng Qi, and smeared him with it on the wounds where they were bleeding. She also let him take an elixir pill to heal them.

A cool feeling from the wounds made Meng Qi more comfortable. He immediately reminded the others, "I have noticed that the Tawny Lion Spirit's Heavenly Knowing to suck people was very outstanding. Besides, as he did not show his original shape in the Demon-revealing Mirror, I thought he might not be an ordinary monster. Thus we should be on guard against his seniors, for perhaps they were the Dharmakaya monsters."

He did not know much of the strength level in the system of the Journey to the West. When he saw monsters, he would use the standard for his own demonic cult world to judge their Kong Fu. That was according to the strength level they practiced in the fighting.

The monsters in the main world at first had to be demonized, reach the level of "Opening wisdom" and cultivate their transversum. When they accomplished these processes, their strength were at the period of Storing Qi. Then, they should practice more to train their aperture points to reach the level of "Shape Transformation", which was seen as enlightening the Apertures. Whoever had the special talented Heavenly Knowing arrived at the level of the Half-step Exterior Scenery could congeal Monster Cores, with which their strength would be more powerful and their Heavenly Knowing would be even wider. Of course, they could get the "Flying by Wind" ability, too. At last, after they swallowed the essence of heaven and earth to forge the Monster Core and to unlock the blood conundrum, they could concentrate theirInitial Blood. At this period,their strength came up to the level ofthe Exterior and they would be recognized asMonster Venerable.

Finally, according to the different concentrated Initial Blood and by the various methods they practiced their Kong Fu, they would obtain different monster shapes or could be experts in astronomical phenomena field. By then, they would win the titles ofbig monsters orMonster King. For example, once there was an ordinary peacock succeeding inconcentrating theFive Elements of thePreternaturalInitial Blood. He claimed "the true body of thethe Five Elements". With his powerfulHeavenly Knowing andtricks, he united the otherbig monsters to counterattack with hisdemonic cult. Unfortunately, they were blocked in the "Cloudsky Mountain" by the "Wholehearted Sword" Mr. Lu Da andModeration Cultivator of the Pure Sun Sect.

When the other few masters on the list of the Celestial Rankings arrived there, the peacock Monster King had shrunk back from difficulties and calmly lived a hideaway life at some place.

As for the strength level of the Monster Gods and the Monster Saints at the times of demons running wildly and the ancient times, in Meng Qi's eyes, Luohan, Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, and Buddha were all Dharmakayas only at different levels.

When Jiang Zhiwei and the other teammates recalled the scene, they could not agree with Meng Qi any more. However, he had already been beheaded. What they could do next was to act as circumstances dictated. In case that they were to face abig monster, they might as well try their best. After all, they even might not deal with aExteriormonster at theN-fold Heaven.

While Fu Zhenzhen was dealing with Meng Qi's wounds, Zhang Yuanshan and the others were searching for the loot.

The small demon's weapons were very common, which were simply made of ordinary worthless materials. What they thought valuable were only the Wolf Demon's two golden big hammers, Lion Spirit's black Long Stick and his half-broken Monster Core.

"Though they were not the Precious Weapons, their textures were much better than those of thethe Refined Weapons..." Zhang Yuanshan tried his best to bring up one of the gold hammers.Meng Qi thought perhaps he could lift it a little more easily than Zhang Yuanshanbut it would be a burden for him to carry such a heavy hammer on his back, for it would affect his action in the future.

The Lion Spirit's Long Stick was also very heavy. The monsters seemed to have a preference for the heavy weapons.

Jiang Zhiwei was not known for her strength. When she picked up the Long Stick with all her genuine Qi, she frowned and said, "It's very troublesome to carry them."

"This can contain them." Ruan Yushu suddenly said. She reached out her right hand, and on her middle finger, there was a jade-inlaid ring.

Carefully looking at it, they could notice that it included so many changes that made it difficult to distinguish them.

"Is this the capsule of thousands of houses' miniature?" Jiang Zhiwei lightly smiled.

Since the Sword Washing Pavilion was one of superstitious sects, they would not call this container "Nathani Mountains being in a Mustard".

Ruan Yushu slightly nodded and said calmly, "My family cares me very much."

This container belonged to the Precious Weapons, even if the big sects or famous aristocratic families did not keep many such ones. Since it would take a long time to make one, only the especially favored disciples were likely to have one. Generally speaking, it would not be given to the disciples of the enlightening the Apertures. However, in the famous aristocratic families, the blood relationship sometimes was stronger than that of the master and disciple, so there were quite a few examples of giving their children these advanced weapons.

"Well, it is very good," said Zhang Yuanshan with a smile. Although he was a legitimate grandson from a famous Family, he could not be compared with the favorite legal wife's daughter of the master in the Ruan Family. It was said a lot of their elders loved Ruan Yushu who was a born zither artist.

Soon, the golden big hammers and the black Long Stick were sucked into the ring as well as the broken Monster Core. These items would be exchanged for Karma points when they went back. Since there were only seven days left, it was impossible for Fu Zhenzhento make medicine with theMonster Core.

At this moment, Luo Shengyi, who was checking whether there were still any monsters alive, said in a low voice, "Just now these monsters said their destination was this temple, so in the following days, the other monsters are bound to arrive here. We'd better leave here as soon as possible."

Only half of the first day, and the prepared container was already used twice --it only could be used six times!

"The strangest thing in this temple was the horizontal board of the 'Big Leiyin Temple'. Could their target be this?" Zhang Yuanshan guessed. "Of course, it is likely that we have ignored the really weird thing."

Meng Qi hurridly said, "We'd better find a survivor and put him to torture.What if we know nothing when they have aimed at us? Maybe it is the way that the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms has intended to put us in an impasse."

"It sounds reasonable." Zhang Yuanshan, Luo Shengyi and the others began to search the small demons' corpses for the survivors.

Before long, they found three badly injured demons who could not escape.

"What are you doing here?" Meng Qi asked. After regaining a little spirit, his eyes were as bright as two beads.

After being seriously injured, the small demons could not resist any more. They said in a daze, "Just now, there was a big bunch of light rushing into the sky, which could be seen faraway! The two Great Kings told us that the Chance was on its way now and let us come to this temple to seek for it."

"What Chance is it? How do you know it is this temple?" Meng Qi was even more puzzled. "Could the bunch of light was set by Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms? Or was it sent out by the horizontal board of the Big Leiyin Temple?"

The demon suddenly became excited: "The Chance of looking for the Great Sage's whereabouts!"

"Great Sage, his whereabouts?" Meng Qi felt it more bizarre. "Please don't be the few Great Sages I know..."

This small demon was a dog with a wolf-looking head. He gossiped, "It is said that when the west Buddha was dead, Monster Saintess led all the Great Sages to attack the Holy Mountain. Thanks to the return of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, they successfully occupied the Holy Mountain. But later on, only Monster Saintess left the Holy Mountain. Till their destined Chance came, the Great Sages could leave there. Before long, the Monster Saintess passed away. She used her own true fire to make her shed skin into a Black-golden Phoenix-feathered Spear."

The first half of the story made Meng Qi stunned for this plot was too strange.

While the latter half made Jiang Zhiwei and the others astonished. "Why is this legend familiar?"

"Was the Monster Saint the first phoenix since the creation of the world?"Zhang Yuanshansolemnly said.

"Of course!" The small demon firmly answered.

Everyone was shocked and suspicious. Meng Qi's mouth twitched: "Have you heard of Ananda?"

"Ananda? The Will of Demon Saint requires all demons to kill the people who study Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship!" the dog demon said with a layer of valiant light covering its head.

"F*ck! What the hell is this? Why does it match the legend of our own world? Yet, there are not any records about the Journey to the West?" Meng Qi was quite confused and cursed Ananda.

"Is this...has the Celestial Court heaven not dealt with this matter?" he asked, baring his fangs.

The small demon said with an dull expression on his face, "It is said that Nine Serenities and the Devil Lord of the Demonic World fought for this in the Celestial Court. Anyhow, the Ancestor of the Tawny Lion Great King was sent to look after the Nine Serenities later. Now the Celestial Court does not exist any longer, but he is still there."

The Tawny Lion Great King told him about this story, so it was quite detailed.

"The Devil Lord..." Meng Qi and the others were all silent.

After some time, Meng Qi asked in a deep voice: "How long ago did this happen?"

"400 years ago, eh, 500 or maybe 600 years ago..." The small demon just relied on hearsay, so there was not an certain answer.