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241 The First Day

 "Third Great King, here it is!" A faraway loud voice found its way here.

"Here?" Meng Qi and the others glanced at each other. "Is it possible that something's strange in the temple? Could it be the target that the monsters have been pursuing? Should we leave this dangerous place soon?"

But according to Ge Huai'en's divination, every place where they would go would be extremely ominous, including this temple.

Maybe he did not master the divination very well, did he?

Just when they were still looking at each other's eyes without using the Secret Voice-sending, some monsters had loudly shouted, "There is man's odour, so there must be some human beings!"

"Quickly catch them. Don't let them flee!"

"This time, we'll steam them with water to make them taste tender and slippery!"

"Maybe they're old, so we have to fry them to make them delicious!"

The black wind together with the Demon Odor enveloped the entire temple. A lot of bizarre humanoid creatures rushed out from the front and side walls. These monsters had not completed Shape Transformation: some still had wolf tails or dog heads; some were holding steel forks; others were carrying long spears, and so on. But all of them had some strong, special odor that was irritating to the nose, making people uncomfortable.

"Demon Odor..." Meng Qi had already adapted to it in the tower of the Buddha's relics. When he found that the monster at the level of Half-step Exterior Scenery had used the Spiritual Locking to lock on his teammates, he threw away the horizontal board of the "Big Leiyin Temple" and strode forward without any hesitation, making a thunderous noise,


The small demons were shocked and stunned by the sound. Meng Qi brandished his blade and cut off a few heads in an instant-some of goats, wolves, tigers, and some of rabbits.

Zhang Yuanshan, who stood next to Meng Qi, wielded his Winged-python Sword with the freezing shining light, passing by the steel forks and long swords, and killed several small demons too.

Luo Shengyi just punched with his right fist plainly, directly hitting the fox demon in front of him.

The fox demon suddenly trembled a few times, but it was fine. The demons behind it, however, fell on the ground one by one, with continuous explosions bursting out.

"Hitting a Cow across a Hill!"

When Qi Zhengyan unsheathed his Golden Dragon Stripe Sword, the monsters near him were shivering with cold. The Icy-snow Genuine Qi with the sword power was sent out, making quite a few monsters frozen to death!

Fu Zhenzhen raised her hand and threw a bizarre thing to a monster's head, and it then suddenly exploded and turned into a black toxic smoke that slowly permeated the air.

All the monsters contaminated by the toxic smoke gave out painful cries as their skin suddenly decomposed with pus and blood flowing out. Crazy about killing, they paid no attention to their companions nearby and waved their swords and blades at random, making flesh and blood flying in all directions.

This was the "Netherworld Poisonous Mist" which was recorded on a book titled the "Man-saving Sutra". As soon as the poisonous mist touched anyone, he or she was bound to cry to death due to the rotting of flesh. The mist was especially effective on both animals and human beings.

In the actual fact, if they blew the poisonous mist or wave at it, they could easily drive it away to protect themselves. But at the present, since these monsters were locked by the Thundering Scream, they could not manage to defend themselves.

After a while, Meng Qi sighed emotionally. Though so many monsters that rushed in had been wiped away, he and his teammates just killed a few of them, while Fu Zhenzhen had gotten rid of several scores of them with her poison. How efficient it was!

Nevertheless, it was good for him to avoid facing hundreds of small demons attacking him together, as he might have difficulties handling all of them at the same time.

"My dear disciples please make way for me!" A gust of black wind swirled in the air and slammed down. Then a black hairy monster with a human face and a wolf mouth appeared.

It carried two huge golden hammers, and depending on the momentum, its power could be as strong as the Mountains Over Head!

The layers of the strong wind were pressed, making loud cracks in the air. It seemed that even the void had been broken by the big hammers.

This Wolf Demon at the level of Half-step Exterior Scenery did not have complex movements but it agreed with the Dharma and Logos like its instinct. As a matter of fact, this was its only way to make full use of its strength.

In the air, streaks of black wind formed into blades and fell down like rain with the big hammers.

Facing the terrible monster, Meng Qi did not run the Hallucination Body Movements. As a brave man, he had to create opportunities for his companions.

He stood in a horse-riding step and fully started the Immortal Pressing Art, Golden Bell Shield and Eighty-nine Mysteries, swelling up his black clothes. His muscles seemed to be bulging too. After suddenly cutting out his "Whisper Sword" to absorb the surrounding energy, the power of the sword became fierce as thunderclaps to greet the Wolf Demon with the big hammers.

Realizing Meng Qi could not block the Half-step Exterior Scenery monster, Zhang Yuanshan slowly wielded his long sword with some difficulties and labor. His sword momentum formed into a Tai Ji circle and made all the airflow nearby swarm into it, blocking one of the big hammers.

Tightening up his chest and belly, Luo Shengyi punched with his right fist again. His attack was very powerful yet simple.

Qi Zhengyan took a step backward and went in front of Ruan Yushu, Fu Zhenzhen and Ge Huai'en to prevent the blade wind from interfering with them.


Consistent bursts of loud noises shook the small demons one after another.

Meng Qi felt that his hands had become very numb, as if he had been crushed into meat pies. His legs shuddered slightly, leaving him overwhelmed. The old bricks near his feet were cracking one by one with the constant slapping noises.

He ignited all his genuine Qi without any reservation. When the Immortal Pressing Art transferred the borrowed power to his counterattack or to his soles, at last he was able to withstand one of the big hammers. The Whisper Sword seemed to be broken now.

The streaks of black wind blew onto Meng Qi like blades carving his body. His clothes were smashed into rags. His bronze skin bulged up and blood stains sprung up soon. These blood stains, though numerous, were neither deep nor big, leaving only a little blood overflowing.

In their team, apart from Luo Shengyi at the Nine Apertures level who was able to protect himself with the Upstanding Qi, only Meng Qi had the ability to resist the powerful wind and the big hammers.

When the blade wind was blocked by Meng Qi, Zhang Yuanshan swung away the other big hammer with the Winged-python Sword. However, both of his feet fell into the floor tiles, and lines cracks spread in all direction at once.

Luo Shengyi's fists hit the left arm of the Wolf Demon, but the fist was trapped in a lump of Demon Odor and merely scattered it. He saw a black hair emerge from the black armor.

Anyway, the trio managed to resist the soaring hit from the Wolf Demon at the level of Half-step Exterior Scenery.

At this time, Ruan Yushu who had been standing still all this time, crossed her zither in her left arm and provoked the demon with her right fingers at full tilt.


The condensed sound went straight into its soul and made the Wolf Demon shiver while Ruan Yushu took a step back. One of the zither strings was broken.

When the Wolf Demon's attack was blocked, it became sluggish. Currently, the surrounding was getting even dimmer on such a dark night. Suddenly, a streak of very bright and awe-inspiring sword light flashed in the air. It seemed to be the only thing in the world for the time being.

"Anatta Sword"!

Jiang Zhiwei did not participate in the fight from the beginning. She was waiting for a chance, one created by Meng Qi or the others.

This was not because of her laziness, it was because she understood the truth that when faced with a scary monster that could fly, the only chance to win depended on their speed. Because, if the monster flew high in the sky, their options were limited.

There was no way they could defeat it except for passively waiting for its attack!

However, it would be extremely difficult like a rabbit facing a goshawk.

Before the Half-step Exterior Scenery monster approached, she told Meng Qi and her other teammates her thoughts with the Secret Voice-sending. The trio united to resist the attack: Ruan Yushu used the Eight Non-human Sounds to restrict the opponent's movements while she herself raised her momentum and raised the sword will inside to its peak, waiting for the chance to give the enemy a fatal hit

Her sword light seemed to have crossed the time and space. Hardly had it appeared when it got close to the Wolf Demon and in the next moment, it directly pointed to the demon's mid-brows.

The demon sensed the danger. It shouted and spit a cloud of highly condensed Demon Odor, which turned into a bead to intercept the sword in front of it.


With the black demon bead broken into pieces, a spray of blood madly came from the Wolf Demon's mouth. Its mid-brows were injured by her Sword Qi, leaving a deep scratch. It seemed to have a third eye, but a bloody one.

"Take advantage of its precarious position and kill it!"

As soon as Jiang Zhiwei retreated, Luo Shengyi shouted and punched with his right fist, which seemed slow but was actually as fast as thunder.

All his clothes swelled up and his right fist grew twice as big as its normal size. When his fist rushed downwards, it forced the airflow to flow down like being pressed by a falling mountain.

He managed to run the "Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains" twice in the event that he kept nearly all of his military power by the strength of the nine acupores.

"Mountains over Head!"


The place Luo Shengyi's fist hit was just at the demon's body where the Demon Odor was much thinner for it was disturbed by the "Anatta Sword". The armor on the demon's belly burst open with its black hair falling down. There was a fist-sized hole appearing in its skin, and the inside was in a mess.

The Wolf Demon uttered a heart wrenching cry. The black wind enwound its body and raised it up in the air. At the same time, it healed itself through its super recovery ability and intended to fight again.

After all, it did not die yet!

At this time, Meng Qi leaped higher than the Wolf Demon all of a sudden.

Occupying a commanding height, he looked like a God. He brandished the "Whisper Sword" nine times at full speed and shouted at the same time,


Each cut was accompanied by Purple Thunder. His cuts became faster and faster, also fiercer and fiercer.


It sounded like a shocking explosion. The purple thunderclap sometimes was trembling and sometimes winding. It looked like a dragon that was as powerful as a mountain, making the small demons shiver or retreat. Even the sky seemed to have been shaken too. The airflow was completely swallowed by it.

"Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky!"


The thunderclap followed by the long sword directly split the Wolf Demon from the sky to the ground like a huge purple lightning!

With the sounds of "Pia-pia-pia", the purple electric strings were jumping on the Wolf Demon's body at random. The Wolf Demon was constantly tumbling and crushing the floor tiles on its way. Then its body twitched a few times and slowly calmed down.

"At last, it has been killed..." Meng Qi sighed and said while still in mid-air. This Death Task was really "at the level of death" for it was very tough just at the beginning!

"Have you passed away, my third younger brother?" Suddenly, an aggrieved voice came from the outside wall.

A monster with a lion's head arrived through flying by the wind. The moment it saw the miserable situation of the Wolf Demon, its eyes turned red. It then opened its mouth and roared like the wild wind.

Its mouth was getting bigger and bigger to the size of the temple door. It then put the endless suction on Meng Qi.

Since he was still in the air, Meng Qi could not exert his strength. As a result, he was directly taken in by it!

"F*ck, is it a descendant of the Saint of Nine Spirits?"

Meng Qi smelled the bloody flavor in the darkness. He started the Eighty-nine Mysteries and Golden Bell Shield in a hurry, and made the dark gold glow emerge. At the very least, he managed to defend the dreadful corrosion.

This corrosion could melt gold and erode iron. Besides, there were horrible wriggling intestines around him. The dark gold glow on Meng Qi's body quickly faded and the Golden Bell Shield was about to be broken as well.

Seeing that Meng Qi was swallowed by the lion-headed monster, everyone's face fell at once. Without any hesitation, Fu Zhenzhen took out an ancient bronze mirror which was dark green in color but had no gloss; it looked very ordinary.

She held the "Demon-revealing Mirror" and targeted the Lion Spirit.

When the Lion Spirit's figure appeared in the mirror, it immediately became sluggish in the air, but it did not show its original shape.

Was it clearly stated that any monster below the Exterior level would reveal its true features in this mirror? Everyone was astounded. With the exception of its ability to swallow human beings, how could the Lion Spirit tolerate this false Demon-revealing Mirror while being only a Half-step Exterior Scenery?

Could its bloodline be different?

In the Lion Spirit's belly, Meng Qi was imprisoned by its wriggling intestines. Hence, he could not exert any other tricks and was just anxiously watching the Golden Bell Shield breaking off and the Eighty-nine Mysteries losing effectiveness.

Suddenly, the wriggles paused for a moment. It looked like the normal darkness apart from the constant corrosion!

"Is it the Demon-revealing Mirror?" Meng Qi thought that his teammates were ready to help him with their rarely-used weapons. There was no time for him to guess who was helping him. He took action in no time for he would be turned into a meat pie if he delayed even for a second.

He took out the Purple Decease Sword on his waist. With the sound of "dang", it became hard and sharp again.

Meng Qi suppressed all his anxiety and tried to calm himself down. He poured all the remaining spirit into his sword. With his genuine Qi welling up, he swung this Purple Decease Sword forward with all of his might!

The Sword Qi from the razor-sharp purple sword broke with cracking noises lingering in their ears.

Jiang Zhiwei and the others were about to attack the locked Lion Spirit to rescue Meng Qi when they saw a sword mark on the ground; and the floor tiles were slit one by one as well as an old withered tree. This was because of the interaction of the Sword Qi.

At the chest and abdomen of the Lion Spirit, a purplish red flash lit up and was followed by a deep wound from the top to the bottom.

When the Sword Qi went through its belly, it became very thin and faded quickly. With the dim light in front of him, Meng Qi jumped out of the wound!