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236 Peerlessly Powerful


The two weapons collided with each other, sending the energy flying everywhere. Wang Zai's Impartial Strike was exact and well-condensed, preventing Meng Qi from taking advantage of his concealed Immortal Pressing Art or blocking the strike. Meng Qi's only option was to open his Nine Apertures, release his genuine Qi, and create an air wall. Left without any other choice, he activated his energy and his mild knife momentum instantly became ferocious.

Sharp knife momentum scattered everywhere, leaving fine sword and knife cracks on the practicing field. The clear and sharp sound of their weapons colliding resonated throughout the arena, startling the audience.

Wang Zai struck once again and his invisible Qi enveloped the area, creating an upright and domineering atmosphere.

But Meng Qi's genuine Qi remained at its peak. Borrowing the rebounding force off his opponent's attack, he launched another attack before Wang Zai could.

Meng Qi endowed his Whisper Sword with the heart sutras of the Ananda Oath-breaking Buddhist Commandment Blade, covering it with both quietude and deterrence. He then brandished the sword sideways with force. It was a simple yet strange move, completely against the bladesmanship method. This was Meng Qi's new movement, created through the use of Void Tactics in sword art. It was something he had honed for over half a year.

Wang Nayan, Kong Yu, Du Shaobai, and the others were stunned when they saw this movement. It wasn't because they were ignorant of such a movement. Rather, they came to realize that Su Meng not only hid his Golden Bell Shield and Ananda Oath-breaking Buddhist Commandment Blade in his fight against Huang Zishi, he also held back from showing his true bladesmanship.

Beside them, Huang Zishi's face turned green then pale. He felt both embarrassment and resentment, which later gave way to relief. All his arrogance and pride melted away at that moment.

On the other grandstands, the audience was swept into chaos as they wondered why would Su Meng use such a child-like movement. They later frowned for, upon closer inspection, the seemingly flawed movement was in fact flawless. Instead, every little weakness seemed like a trap instead.

Wang Zai remained calm as if he couldn't see his opponent's Void Tactics. He wielded his sword again.

With his one slash, he seemed to stir the noble spirits in the world to merge into sword power. It made his strike so strong that it seemed nearly impossible to block it.

It was the Unyielding Strike of the Nine Saint Swordplays. Wang Zai chose to use righteously imposing force to block the attack.

Wang Nayan nodded appreciatively. Wang Zai was truly the best disciple in his family. He had chosen just the right countermeasure. To block Meng Qi's Void Tactics, using an upright and powerful force was the way to go.

The two weapons seemed like they were about to collide again when Meng Qi's Whisper Sword plunged into Wang Zai's left rib without any warning. It was as if his Void Tactics earlier were just a distraction tactic.

Wang Zai didn't panic and once again activated his invisible Qi, appearing upright and magnanimous. Meng Qi's Whisper Sword faltered slightly as if unwilling to hurt the person before it.

The sword in Wang Zai's hand instantly suppressed the pressure and slashed Meng Qi's wrist. It was a mighty swing with an unstoppable momentum that flattened everything before it, with all the grandeur of an emperor.

The Inner Sage Outer King of the Nine Saint Swordplays!

Just as his sword was about to land on his opponent's wrist, Meng Qi's hand abruptly vanished and, along with it, the Whisper Sword.

The disappearance wasn't because Meng Qi had pushed his cultivation of the Eight Nine Mysteries to its peak and he was able to change his physical body arbitrarily. Rather, his Whisper Sword had mysterious moved at a particular angle and appeared above Wang Zai's sword, fully demonstrating the changes of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship and oddity of Blood Bladesmanship. His masterful use of his essence of bladesmanship made the audience gasp with surprise.


The collision between the two weapons wasn't strong, making only a crisp and pleasant clanging sound. The trajectory of Wang Zai's sword took a detour thanks to the 'help' of Meng Qi's sword.

Though his scheme had succeeded, Meng Qi felt nonchalant about it. He stomped his right foot with force, kicking off the ground and plunging forward to meet the Right-guarding Sword directly.


The sword stabbed him straight on the shoulder in a burst of energy, sending the cloth covering the arena to rip into pieces. The golden adornment near his shoulder shattered into pieces, falling like butterflies, and revealed his tan skin and masculine muscles.

Since the sword didn't stab Meng Qi out of its will, it ended up losing most of its energy and momentum. It didn't pierce into Meng Qi's shoulder, stopping after cutting into his flesh by half an inch. If he hadn't taken the initiative, he wouldn't have succeeded in suspending the sword considering Wang Zai's control over his sword and energy. Except in the area where the sword pierced his skin, the rest of his clothes was intact.

The second Meng Qi rushed forward to meet Wang Zai's sword head-on, many in the audience gasped in surprise. "Ah!" Many spectators surprisingly exclaimed when seeing Meng Qi's action. They could see the emergence of a dim golden glow, like the scene of a Buddharupa appearing inside a temple. Realization dawned on them. They only thought of the Thunder Blade Furious Monk, but forgot about the Reckless Monk! Besides the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, Su Meng also possessed the Golden Bell Shield!

Wang Nayan's expression turned grim, understanding that Wang Zai had fallen into a trap.

From the moment Su Meng began showing his bladesmanship without any flaw, he had been expertly changing his movements to lure Wang Zai into a well-planned trap. And his opportunity had finally come!

If Wang Nayan were in Meng Qi's shoes, he would definitely strike again with his full force and leave Wang Zai no chance to counterattack.

Amid the battle, Wang Zai saw this clearly. Just as his emotions stirred, he calmed down again. He flicked his wrist with force, about to change his movement.

Just then, blood suddenly trickled down the blade of the sword. Meng Qi had seized the opportunity to use his Whisper Sword on him.

With a burst of sword light, the whispers continually danced around Wang Zai's ears and turned his peaceful heart into a greedy one filled with worldly desires.

It was the Mortal Dust Fall of the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship! Only a few informed Jianghu folks realized that they were finally witnessing this famed Exterior movement, a supreme art that tempted the heart with the mind.

Though the rest of the audience weren't aware of it, they nevertheless understood it was a movement of the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. Even though they were seated a distance away from the arena, they were haunted by desires as well. All their ugly sides were revealed. Lewd smiles appeared on some of their faces as they imagined how they finally became the most welcomed guests of the most popular courtesans. Some imagined how the scripts they had been dreaming of finally came to their hands. Their hands moved as if they imagined working hard at practicing...

Defeating all the talented martial artists in the world and making to the top of the Ranking List of Young Masters; inheriting the family's business after all legitimate sons died; taking charge of the Wang family and expanding its business and influence... Though Wang Zai grew up becoming a noble and righteous person, he was nevertheless an ordinary young man. He might be able to constrain his evil thoughts and exercise caution in daily life, but he would still harbor a variety of untouchable desires.

He was distracted, finding it hard to extricate himself from his fantasies. The Noble Spirit inside him was suddenly activated and destroyed all evil thoughts in his mind, but the sword light was already enveloping his vision.

Whether it was momentum or strength, Meng Qi was superior to the ruffled Wang Zai at that moment.

"Ha!" He roared, his voice filled with the strength of the Unstoppable Strike. The invisible force became fuller, filling up the practicing field. It was mighty and unyielding, forcing the energy of the knife to freeze.

Wang Zai didn't have the time to twist his sword and instead raised the hilt of the sword, slamming it at the end. It was a peculiar move, but incredibly effective. It reminded Meng Qi of the Unmovable Strike; no matter how harsh the environment was, the movement wouldn't yield. It was as if Wang Zai's body was that of a boulder, firm and resolute.


The sound collision, like that of a morning bell and evening drum, dispersed and waked some of the Jianghu men who were caught in their fantasies.

He managed to block it! Wang Zai actually managed to block Meng Qi's attack! The audience was astonished. Though he was trapped in the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, he still managed to use the Unstoppable Strike and Unmovable Strike to ward off this Exterior movement.

Wang Nayan nodded. If he couldn't do it, then it wouldn't be Wang Zai.

Just then, everyone's expressions changed. A burst of sword light filled their vision as a wooden sword, though lusterless, appeared bright and luminous as it charged at Wang Zai. It was as if the sword would only stubbornly move forward in its path with no desire to make a return!

"Nice sword art!" Kong Yu praised.

Everyone knew how great the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship and the Nine Saint Swordplays were without needing to hear his compliments on them, but this movement almost took his breath away.

No wonder the Thunder Blade Furious Monk was known for his Sword Blade Ambidexterity.


Miraculously, Wang Zai managed to retrieve his sword in time to stop Meng Qi's wooden sword from piercing his mid-brows with the pointed end. The collision created the sound of a wooden block striking an iron bell. The Unmovable Strike was impregnable in its defense!

The attack was spectacular and the defense was beautiful. Just as the audience cheered, thinking it was the end of the match, the Whisper Sword moved once again.

The environment dimmed and flickered as if the lights were being switched on and off, as the many buried desires in the audience once again surfaced. It stirred all sorts of emotions in the audience, blowing away all their uninhibited tranquility.

"He actually managed another Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship movement!" Wang Nayan's pupils shrunk with shock. It was incredible that Meng Qi, a Six or Seven Apertures master, could manage two Exterior knife movements in a row even without the help of the Sky Demon Butchering Mighty Art.

After absorbing the Demon Venerable Stone as well as mastering the Eight Nine Mysteries and the Immortal Pressing Art, Meng Qi's genuine Qi and physical strength were boosted enough that he could use the Peace Quietude Split and Mortal Dust Fall in a row. He wasn't unable to demonstrate this half a year ago due to his weak Vital Spirit then.

In the past six months, the Transformation Strategy and the Immortal Pressing Art helped him strengthen his spirit. The Eight Nine Mysteries also helped him improve his Vital Spirit. Though he was struggling, he still narrowly made it.

He withstood the searing pain in his head and the sensation of his soul being ripped induced by the exhaustion of his Vital Spirit. He also had to brave the countercharges brought on by his use of the two movements in succession. His mind was burning with all sorts of desires and his ears rang with constant noise. He was in a state of anxiety and unease, but he still managed to hold onto his sword firmly.

Some of the more powerful members of the audience who were untouched by the effects of the Peace Quietude Split knew it was Wang Zai's loss. The Unmovable Strike had already reached its limit. Against yet another Exterior movement, he was bound to be defeated.

Even Kong Yu nodded thoughtfully, thinking it would be difficult for Wang Zai to block his opponent's attack.


Once again, the two swords collided with each other.

Wang Zai's face seemed somewhat distorted as if he had just been released from the spell of the Peace Quietude Split. The sword in his hand oddly moved horizontal, yet what was stranger was that it stopped the Whisper Sword instead.

"Invincible Benevolence..." Wang Nayan instantly smiled in delight. This was the Exterior sword art that Wang Zai mastered. It was one of the Nine Saint Swordplays.

Its fusion with the Unmovable Strike was regarded as one of the two best defensive movements by the Six Fan School. It was equivalent only to the Tai Chi-triggering Chaos of the Zhen Wu Sect.

Of course, the legendary Buddha's Palm and Heaven Interception sword art were even more powerful.

The audience held their breaths. They knew Meng Qi must be worn out after demonstrating two consecutive Exterior movements and a powerful sword art. So must be Wang Zai, who had been using the Unstoppable Strike continuously. Who would win?

Meng Qi was distraught due to his banging headache, but he successfully controlled himself to make another strike.

He sent his sword flying with fierce and strong momentum.

Without any Vital Spirit left, Meng Qi also lost the ability to control the changes in his sword. He had to depend on the essence of his sword. With his genuine Qi at its peak, he launched an attack strengthened by the Eight Nine Mysteries and his Golden Bell Shield.


Wang Zi blocked the attack once again without even moving his body.

Clang, clang, clang!

Meng Qi gnashed his teeth and struck again and again without giving his opponent any chance to counterattack. His ripped clothes revealed his tanned skin and bulging muscles. They appeared powerful and masculinely beautiful.

Still under the influence of the Peace Quietude Split, Wang Zai was feeling distraught and weak. He remained still and used the body of his sword, from the edge to the ridge, to block all incoming attacks.

Facing the mighty force of the attacks, his feet started to sink into the soil and cracks gradually appeared near his feet.

"Kill!" Meng Qi shouted and made another strike as if he was a giant brandishing his club and as if a mountain suppressing a person.

Wang Zai gritted his teeth and flicked his sword, stopping the attack. His feet sank deeper into the soil.

The audience watched in shock. Su Meng's fierceness was way beyond their imagination, yet his unreasonable attacks allowed them to witness the beauty of pure power. His tanned golden skin and bulging muscles caused their hearts to beat quickly.

Men should all use their swords like him!

Each time he wielded his sword, some people in the audience would tremble as if a thunderbolt passed through their bodies. They imagined him to be a blacksmith, half-naked and sweating as he struck a stone with a large hammer.

God knew how many people secretly changed their minds, wanting to learn bladesmanship. More accurately, they wanted to learn Meng Qi's brand of fierce bladesmanship.

Meng Qi exhausted his spirit and wisps of blood spilled from his seven apertures. He abruptly brandished his sword and shouted.


The thundering scream lost much of its effectiveness without the support of spirit, but even so, the strong and fierce strike absorbed all surrounding airflows and vigors as if it was the only sword in the world.


While Meng Qi's voice still resonated beside the audience's ears, his sword was already hacking Wang Zai's sword.


The sound drifted far and wide; time seemed to have slowed. The audience noticed Wang Zai seemed to have become much shorter, only to realize both his legs had sunk into the mud.

His right hand was trembling and his sword was flung away.

The Whisper Sword continued to charge forward.

Meng Qi withdrew his sword and took a step back. With his seven apertures bleeding, he laughed heartily.


Wang Zai was trembling all over, with his hand cut open and bleeding. Though his blood had dyed the hilt of his sword red, he also joined in Meng Qi's laughter.