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234 A Good Cultivation in Six Fan School

 Meng Qi was taken aback. He asked, "What do I need to do to join the Six Fan School?"

Meng Qi, of course, was fully aware of all the benefits of joining it.

Firstly, he would be entitled with formal fame. In addition, since he would be almost harmless to the interests of the aristocratic families and sects, he would not be jeopardized. He would also be endowed with a calling right. For example, when the Ye family of Yi City was in trouble, Governor Arrester Huang Zhiqing, who was not the most powerful one and had no precious weaponwas, was still able to order the other three families and invite representatives of the Wang family from Zhou County and the Huanhua Swords Sect. Additionally, he could make a decision over the death of small sects, families and Jianghu Rogue Cultivators.

Secondly, he would be protected by the Six Fan School. It provided shelters for some members, once it considered them well-worthy or less harmful to Heterodox Demons, sects, and aristocratic families. For instance, it often appointed a person to the Six Fan School headquarters in Luo Yang.

Thirdly, he would be supplied with sufficient resources. In view of strengths and posts, each member could get abundant resources, including scripts, elixirs, minerals, Refined Weapons, lands, money, and instructions, etc. Though these were less than those of big sects' heirs and aristocratic families' lineals, these were still enough for a person to cultivate.

The authorities of the Six Fan School were the best in identifying good resources and never fixed their eyes on regular ones. In their eyes, corruption and deduction were extremely harmful to the system of the School, so they adopted serious measures against them. Even if corruption and deduction were difficult to be uprooted, they must be maintained within the reasonable range so as not to affect grassroots' cultivation.

Meng Qi thought most highly of its intelligence resources among all the resources.

In the World of Samsara, he was also in urgent need of resources. If he made the best use of his time in the main world to improve himself and equip himself with items that were immediately usable and exchanged for Karma points, he would probably survive the next Samsara task. However, he also had alternatives to obtain the resources, such as killing caterans and thieves.

Rooted in the imperial court, the Six Fan School had Governor Arresters stationed throughout the world, even in the most remote counties. It also developed common narks as a way of providing intelligence, but these narks were far better than those of sects and aristocratic families, both of which could only influence their own counties. They only depended on practicing business in popular cities or major trade routes to obtain other counties' information. Even if a person was capable of "Counting on Fingers to Augur" , he could not know everything.

As Meng Qi had been expelled from Shaolin Temple and the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms did not exchange intelligence of the main world, he could not obtain valuable information. This had somehow put him in danger several times.

With a lack of experience in Jianghu, he could not acquire as much information as other Rogue Cultivators. Even though they had their own ways to obtain information and sometimes exclusive but unimportant intelligence, the Six Fan School dominated the intelligence world and knew almost everything important.

Jianghu was extremely dangerous, so Meng Qi wanted to be informed. Rather than wine and dine, this was the main reason why Meng Qi was taking Kong Yu's proposal seriously and coming over to Qi Zhengyan.

Kong Yu replied with a smile. "If you want to be a regular arrester, a Governor Arrester can make the decision. He can also make you an Assistant Arrester, but he has to check your background and life experience, vouch for you and give you instructions. A Governor Arrester can recommend you to be a Formal Badge Arrester, but Jun City Yamen makes the last call, examines your background and teaches you. In other words, Silver-badge Guo, and our two Green-ribbon Arresters shoulder the responsibilities."

In similar posts, arresters could call each other by their surnames plus their posts, for example Silver-badge Guo and Green-ribbon Kong.

He continued, "We recommend that you only be an Assistant Arrester or a common Tigard Arrester. Gold-badge Arresters and Purple-ribbon Arresters in State Yamen bear the responsibilities to make the decisions, investigate and teach you. As high as Governor Arresters and elite Tigard Arresters are, even State Yamen can only make a recommendation. If you want to be one of them, you have to go to the Divine Capital. The decisions are made at headquarters. After being verified, you'll pay a formal visit to the Emperor, be taught by the Head Constable and Super Arresters and obtain the scripts."

The Six Fan School enjoyed powerful rights in arrest, interrogation, and verdict and was tantamount to the Civil Service Officer system. It was jointly combined with the imperial family, aristocratic families and Confucius Sects. As thus, only the Emperor and the Government Affairs Hall of Great Jin Dynasty could overturn its judgments. Moreover, the Head Constable of Six Fan School was even endowed with political participation rights.

"Go to the Divine Capital?" Meng Qi frowned slightly.

Kong Yu added with a smile. "It's a must if you want to be a Governor Arrester. Such a high post is in charge of Jianghu affairs of one certain area. An evil Governor Arrester could do much harm to the area. Based on this, even if a person turns himself in to us, we can't fully believe in him and appoint him as the Governor Arrester, can we?"

"He is tellingthe truth. The Six Fan School wouldn't accept anyone without knowing he isloyal and sincere... "  MengQi nodded gently. He completely understood the Six Fan School's point of view,but he had never thought of entering Luo Yang. According to some intelligence, Meng Qi had originally been born to an aristocratic family in Luo Yang. He did not want to go back and involve himself in the family disputes. Luo Yang itself would naturally put him introuble.

Not noticing his change in attitude, Kong Yu said softly, "You're definitely unbeatable on the Ranking List of Young Masters. A Seven or Six Apertures master as you are, you at least enjoy the treatment of elite Tigard Arrester. It's more likely that you could be a Governor Arrester, or even a Green-ribbon Arrester."

The State Yamen and headquarters would absolutely agree on that, if he could draw the stainless Meng Qi in.

Meng Qi inhaled and said, "I'm extremely grateful for your heartful invitation. But a master won't get anything in the Kung Fu field, if he confines himself in a small place and lacks challenges and Jianghu experiences."

That remained one of his scruples.

"I really admire your ambitions." Kong Yu said in a sincere and pleasant tone. Ambitiously, Meng Qi took peregrinations and challenges seriously. He pursued a target higher than the Exterior.

He changed the topic. "The Six Fan School also has 'Investigating Arresters' and 'Secret-searching Narks', both of which are classified as Governor, Green Ribbon, etc. Since they usually patrol different areas to investigate illegal incidents within the School and seek for secrets, they undergo many challenges. In addition, they have the right to mobilize local Six Fan School's forces and resources."

Meng Qi was attracted to these two posts. "Does this also require going to Luo Yang?"

"Of course. Investigating Arresters aren't high but they are powerful. Secret-searching Narks know infinite secrets. Super Arresters and the Head Constable would be very distressed if they don't go to Luo Yang, and accept examinations and instructions." Kong Yu answered affirmatively.

While he was hesitating, Kong Yu said with a smile, "I know you can't make a decision right now, for this concerns your future. In the Military Selectee, you'll definitely become a Presented Scholar. If you then join the Six Fan School, you'll be appointed as the Governor Arrester at the very least."

The Great Jin Dynasty had 13 states, each of which had at most 30 places. As long as a person got one of the places in his birth state, he would become a Presented Scholar, but only the champion, the second and third place got the opportunity to go to Luo Yang. However, the winners, in the name of Military Selectees, could be government officials or arresters directly.

"Military Selectee?" Meng Qi was astonished.

Kong Yu said with a smile, "Let's put on a show. I'll ask Yamen to deliver a letter to Shaolin Temple. It reads, 'Master Su, under the constraints of Soul-pledging Oath, won't impart Shaolin Divine Skill to others. He's utilized his Kung Fu to keep justice and fairness instead of doing illegal things. Thus, Yamen hopes Shaolin Temple to be merciful as usual and let go of Master Su.' "

"Great." Meng Qi nodded gently. Yedu had many strong rivals for him to compete with, so he was in an urgent need of seclusion, not challenges.

After a pause, he continued with concern, "I don't know when the Demoness of Grand Luo will come back... "

Based on the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms' rules, if things had gone smoothly, Gu Xiaosang would have already returned by now. Perhaps the Ninth Heaven ruins were so unique that everything was abnormal. However, he had fooled her this time and she was likely to assassinate him, so he had better run away.

"That's ok. You can live around the Yamen. The Grand Gate of the Celestial Court caused a stir and she's become a target for all sides. She wouldn't be so bold as to hunt you down." Kong Yu said the words carelessly, but he was still warning Meng Qi to live near the Six Fan School of Zhou County. It was in the vicinity of the Six Fan School of Huan Province and the Wang family. If Gu Xiaosang made a move to assassinate him, many Exteriors would be there to stop her.

Speaking of this, he sighed. "It's ridiculous that Shan Xiumei was the Successor of Mystic Fairy's Embodiment."

"She's more of a Buddhism Nirmanakaya." Meng Qi responded.

"Nirmanakaya... " Kong Yu said in a low voice. "If so, Nirmanakaya blew itself up to become flying lights when Gu Xiaosang attempted to snap the Auras of the Immortal. If it wasn't so, our Six Fan School must possess some intelligence. A dead Nirmanakaya could make a major splash."

"I don't know much about Nirmanakaya. Since Gu Xiaosang didn't tell me the truth. In my eyes, it'll become flying lights when it's dead." Meng Qi was embarrassed. In the beginning, he had thought that the flying lights were invisible and that only certain people could see them. However, after seeing the real flying lights, he held a similar view to Kong Yu's.

After some pondering, Kong Yu continued, "Rumor has it that a person killed by Life-changing Sect will embody into evil ghosts. Now, the rumor may be mixed with Mystic Fairy's Nirmanakaya."

Hearsay was that some masters had been killed by Life-changing Sect and their coffins had been found empty after a deluge. Some people said that they had all become zombies. Nevertheless, according to what had happened recently, it was likely that they were all Mystic Fairy's Nirmanakayas.

Meng Qi availed himself of this opportunity to ask about it. He was taken aback after returning to his yard.

"My Evil Ordeal... " He remembered something. He had the Whisper Sword with him. The Whisper Sword was precious, but so was his Evil Ordeal. He had not exercised it for a long time, so it would not be that useful if he used it to augur. But it felt weird.

The next day.

Wang Zai received Meng Qi's challenge letter, as he was harmonizing Qi-circulation at home. It read,

"Would you like to fight with me? I'll wait for you in the Jun Yamen practicing field in three days."

"Thunder Blade Su Meng Kowtows."

Wang Zai smiled and then wrote,

"Yes, I would."

A rare fight between Ranking List of Young Masters was drawing near. Yedu was in an uproar.