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233 Cleaning Up the Aftermath

 Abandoning the front door, Meng Qi leaped across the wall and landed quietly on the ground. He unsheathed the Meridian Sword with his left hand. It was a classic sword with faint black and white lights covering it.

Using Will-projecting and the Immortal Pressing Art, Meng Qi figured out that two people were in the left wing room. Genuine Qi was rapidly operating inside their bodies, showing that they were highly alert.

"Did the sound disturb them?" After this thought occurred to him, he used his right foot to kick a tiny pebble. It hit the window of the wing room.

Following the pebble, he went forward with his Long Sword reversed, looking as if he were its shadow, unreal and magical.

With a puff sound, the pebble pierced through the paper window and bounced toward the young woman and the Invalid who sat inside.

With two short knives in her hand, the young woman gently waved, and the pebble was pushed away. Just as she was about to look back and defend against a possible attack, a black figure appeared before her in just one blink. It was as if an evil ghost had shown up.

Meridian Sword easily penetrated through the two short knives and pointed at her throat.

At the same time, the Invalid appeared behind Meng Qi and hit his back with two palms. However, when he turned around, the Invalid's momentum disappeared into thin air.

The Invalid lost his balance. When the Meridian Sword pointed again, he covered his throat and fell to the ground.

Two disciples of the Sect of the Plain Lady had been killed in just one breath, but Meng Qi looked quite leisurely. This was because of the Immortal Pressing Art, Hallucination Body Movements and Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords.

Without wasting any time, Meng Qi swept through all the corners of the room searching for worthy items.

Suddenly, his eyes froze. A small altar was erected on the ground, but apparently, it was broken. The dim altar was covered with cracks.

"Gu Xiaosang may have actually killed the Successor of Mystic Fairy... " The altar was used to summon the Successor of Mystic Fairy. If the Successor of Mystic Fairy had not died, it would have been intact even if it was destroyed by people. Seeing that, Meng Qi felt reassurance and relief.

It was possible that the Successor of Mystic Fairy had not died immediately. Perhaps she could not return back after being dragged into the World of Samsara by the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court and Reincarnation Charm, for she lacked the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms. By then, in a favorable position, Gu Xiaosang could have easily killed her.

Meng Qi came to realize that Gu Xiaosang had targeted the Successor of Mystic Fairy's Auras of the Immortal as a way to activate the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court and open the gate to Ninth Heaven.

"She should have gotten the intelligence from the Successor of Mystic Fairy from the serial task of the Celestial Court. Otherwise, it will be difficult to obtain a secret unknown to many generations."

"I fooled her this time!"

As far as Meng Qi was concerned, Gu Xiaosang had been forced to get what she wanted in a less than ideal way. Nobody was willing to explore the Ninth Heaven ruins at the risk of being chased by masters of Dharmakaya and the Exteriors.

If they did not know how to reach the Ninth Heaven ruins, they would run after Gu Xiaosang to the end. After all, they were all willing to die for wealth.

Apparently, she had held back from the Luo Denomination. If the Ninth Heaven ruins were exposed, the Sanskrit Dharmaraja and Oracle would have animosity against her. After all, they could not allow such a huge treasure to be possessed by her, not to mention that it was linked to the ancient secret. Would she share this secret with them when they wanted to explore together with her? If she decided to share the secret, would the information of the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms be disclosed?

Meng Qi felt overjoyed, thinking about her troubles.

Moreover, it was far beyond her power to probe the Ninth Heaven ruins by herself. In other words, she would be in trouble before getting too many benefits. Her serial task was not accomplished.

Based on Meng Qi's speculations, she had planned to kill Shan Xiumei, obtain some breath of the Immortal and leisurely leave before Wang Ce and the others realized that she was the killer. And then, with the help of the breath, she had found the Successor of Mystic Fairy's Real Body. Killing it to achieve enough breath, she left on the sly. After going somewhere remote, she would have sneakily utilized Reincarnation Charm, Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court and the Auras of the Immortal to open the gate.

Meng Qi should report it to the Six Fan School so that the many Exterior and Half-step to Exterior Sceneries could keep an eye on her. Helpless, she would have to use Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court and Reincarnation Charm to escape.

Meng Qi aspired to the Mystery of the Deceased Zhen Wu Great Emperor and the Successor of Thunder God, so he did not feel regretful that the Ninth Heaven ruins were revealed. After all, he was not much involved with it and he could not get it either.

Nevertheless, Gu Xiaosang was accustomed to being chased by both orthodox and unorthodox sects, so how hard Meng Qi could fool her depended on Luo Denomination. Maybe, she would like to share it with them.

After a quick search of the yard, he did not find any clues that would expose him, so he hurried to drag the young woman and the Invalid into bed. He sprinkled them and all the rooms with oil and liquor.

He linked a rope between the bed and a torch made of cloth, and then lit the torch. As the fire spread along the rope, the whole room would be set on fire, destroying all traces.

Meng Qi prepared several torches and ropes to prevent the fire from accidentally being extinguished. Lighting all of them, he leaped over the wall again, and left. After circling one round, he returned directly to Flowers Tower.

As soon as he entered the tower, he saw that Kong Yu, Wang Ce, and others had returned. It seemed that they hadn't gotten anything.

Just at this moment, a big fire broke out at the end of Jade Bridge Street, dying the sky red. Without saying anything more, they hurried to go there in unison.

The fire was so fierce that the room was completely ruined. When the fire was put out, Kong Yu searched for a while and drew a conclusion. "The the Sect of the Plain Lady's altar inside the room revealed that it's one of their hideaways. Two dead bodies were burned and their cause of death was the wounds in their throats. It seemed that they were annihilated by Luo Denomination."

Nobody was skeptical about this conclusion. The Demoness of Grand Luo had just now killed the Successor of Mystic Fairy's Embodiment.

Everyone was silent. Meng Qi asked, "Arrester Kong and Childe Wang, I was barking up the wrong tree. What did you get?"

Meng Qi enquired because the light spots of Grand Gate were scattered over everywhere. Taking them as chances and adventures, many people tracked them, including Kong Yu, Wang Ce, and others.

Wang Zai exhaled and said, "Nothing. The Demoness of Grand Luo, together with the Successor of Mystic Fairy have disappeared."

"No clues?" asked Meng Qi righteously. In fact, he wanted to know whether they had found the Outsky Strange Stone or not.

Kong Yu shook his head, saying, "The yard has nothing special, just some regular daily items."

"Well... " Meng Qi put on a regretful look.

What a relief! The Outsky Strange Stone must be with Gu Xiaosang and the Successor of Mystic Fairy.

They returned to Flowers Tower to seek for any clues Gu Xiaosang may have left when she killed Shan Xiumei.

Meng Qi was making up a story about his maid being lost in the chaos. A soft voice abruptly came to his ears. "Master, are you OK? I freak out.

Meng Qi was startled. When he tilted his head, he found that a pretty maid in a pink coat was coming toward him. She looked like Gu Xiaosang's maid disguise in terms of eyes, but like Gu Xiaosang, makeup camouflaged her.

"This... " Having been in a trance, Meng Qi looked at Kong Yu. He looked forward and nodded slightly, seemingly to respond to the other arresters.

The Six Fan School was really good at coping with aftereffects, leaving no flaws. Meng Qi secretly lauded and said to her, "Little Zi, I'm fine."

Little Zi obediently followed Meng Qi and remained silent. Because Wang Zai and the others had not paid much attention to her, they did not discover that his maid had been replaced.

So far, Meng Qi was almost ruled out as a suspect, leaving the Demoness of Grand Luo as the likely killer. They believed it was she who had assassinated Shan Xiumei during the battle between Meng Qi and Huang Zishi.

Wang Ce rushed in followed by the old servant. When he saw Wang Zai, he asked, "Brother, did you see Xiumie? What's happened?"

Why did everything change completely when I went to thebathroom?

It must be kept a secret that the legitimate son of the Wang family had had an affair with the Successor of Mystic Fairy of the Sect of the Plain Lady. Wang Zai stayed calm and explained to him by Secret Voice-sending.

Expect for a few Wang family disciples, only Thunder Blade Furious Monk, Arrester Kong, and Silver-badge Arrester saw the scene.

Of course, he would remind them to keep it a secret at the expense of the Wang family owing them a debt of gratitude.

After listening, Wang Ce's face instantly became snow pale. Skeptically, he asked the other disciples for help and got an affirmative answer.

He was in a daze. His eyes drifted. He would have done something disgraceful, if the old servant had not patted him on his back.

The incident soon came to clear that the demoness had controlled Boss Xue using devil tricks and ordered him to deliver Flowers Liquor. Since he was not sober, he could absolutely not recall her look.

After seeing the Wang family off to their ancestral home, Meng Qi went to his yard with the Green-ribbon Arrester Kong Yu.

"Thanks to Master Su, Yedu is peaceful now. Otherwise, my boss would consider me irresponsible." Kong Yu thanked him in a deep tone. "Has Master Su been hunted down by the Demoness of Grand Luo?"

"In fact, I should thank you. You know, I was chased by her first, and then somehow I irritated the Successor of Mystic Fairy. In a bid to survive, I took chances to work with her to assassinate the Successor of Mystic Fairy. After that, it's you who drove her away, helping me get rid of her." Meng Qi replied honestly. He could have also proclaimed that he had been controlled by her, but it was easy to see through.

Kong Yu nodded softly and looked forward. "Let's be qualified actors. Master Su, please challenge Wang Zai in three days."

"Yeah." The idea was like water to ducks to Meng Qi. Slightly embarrassed, he said, "But monks of Shaolin Disciplines... "

Kong Yu turned his head to see him. Instead of answering him, he asked with a smile, "Master Su, would you like to join the Six Fan School?"