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232 The Grand Gate

 The airflow was chaotic, like it had been split. The Skyscraping Devil was dancing in the air and there were vortexes everywhere, along with bulges. All the plates, tables and chairs in the room were pushed to the walls, some shot towards Gu Xiaosang. Some were stuck in between the bulges and the collapses, or in the middle of a vortex, which had shattered the plates.

Some disciples of the Wang Family retreated a few steps as if they were being pushed. As they got further away from Gu Xiaosang, they couldn't help but feel desperate because they were getting farther from their home land.

"The Demoness of Grand Luo!" Wang Zai had realized who it was when Gu Xiaosang attacked. Pulling out his Right-guarding Sword, he attacked with imposing force.

The godly sounds were like "being stuck in the secular world of suffering". It contained a formless energy that had penetrated the whole room, oppressing all kinds of evil forces.

However, the strands of formless, transparent threads around Wang Zai floated, forming a net and wrapping itself around him.

As the Right-guarding Sword sliced, Gu Xiaosang's "Myriad Threads and Webs" floated backwards. It was like a spider web, wrapping itself tightly around his body. There was no way for him to break away.

Wang Zai knew that the Demoness of Grand Luo's strength was far more superior. He took a deep breath and planned to exert the "Unstoppable Strike", thus flaunting his superiority to be at Gu Xiaosang's level.

But at that moment, Shan Xiumei had already threw herself involuntarily before Gu Xiaosang. She drew her Long Sword and was ready to strike, but it was deflected by the airflow. There was nothing she could do but watch those white jade-like fingers touch her forehead. Seeing Gu Xiaosang's holy and sympathetic expression in her eyes, her mind became blank.

She was just a Nirmanakaya. Apart from her logic and horizon, she learned all of her Kung Fu from the Sword Sect of Zhou Mountain. Even if she could rely on the elite Kung Fu cultivation and utilize the Kung Fu of the Sword Sect of Zhou Mountain to the max, there was still a huge gap between her and the Dharmakaya, "Ajati Finger", and not to mention her Nirmanakaya was only at Six Apertures. She could not be compared to Gu Xiaosang who had Nine Apertures opened. She was only able to escape from Gu Xiaosang the last time because the Seven Heavenly Fairies had fought to the death.

At that moment, Gu Xiaosang's energy field had kept the disciples of the Wang Family at bay, so they couldn't help. Wang Zai had used most of Gu Xiaosang's Energy, so Gu Xiasang couldn't instantly throw him off. Shan Xiumei felt like she was a stranger walking on a busy street. Although it was full of hustle and bustle, she still felt alone and desperate.

The busier the street was, the lonelier and the more desperate she was. Shan Xiumei gritted her teeth to stimulate her Blood Essence, she was about to make one last desperate strike.

As her Blood Essence rose from within, it suddenly became out of control as if it had a life of its own. Her Blood Essence flowed along her meridians towards the sommoning of the Vacuum Hometown. Even her feet uncontrollably stumbled towards the Vacuum Hometown, hitting her head with the tip of her fingers.

Shan Xiumei's Blood Essence and inner force all bulged up, at the same time expanding her meridians. All the inner force congregated at her mid-brows, flowing into Gu Xiaosang's fingers.

Her body quickly withered. Wang Zai was furious, he screamed and unleashed his Noble Spirit and his Unstoppable Strike.

Suddenly, Shan Xiumei became illusive, then her Blood Essence erupted. When her body disintegrated, streams of gas floated in the air.

The gas was ethereal and exuberant as if it came from the ninth heaven.

It seemed that Shan Xiumei's spirit was hidden within the gas, as if turned into a ray of flying light, heading towards the heavens.

"This type of gas means she is...a Mystic Fairy!", as Wang Zai shuddered, his hands relaxed a little, hence the Unstoppable Strike did not materialize.

He was the successor of a large aristocratic family. Even if he didn't knew the secrets of the Successor of Mystic Fairy, he would have known about their special breaths.

"Successor of Mystic Fairy!", the man wearing a robe and the Slivery Badge next to Kong Yu said. The ability of the Six Fan School to collect intelligence information was second to none. They had collected a variety of secret archives, so it was highly possible that they had some records and descriptions on the previous Successors of Mystic Fairy.

Kong Yu squinted his eyes and thought. "Is this the infighting between the Luo Denomination and the the Sect of the Plain Lady ? Otherwise what else could involve the top successors?"

Seeing the flying light about to surge, he dared not to gaze any longer. Standing half a yard away, he clenched his fist and punched.


The lit torches in the yard were suddenly lifted into the air, lighting up the Lotus Pond corridor like it was midday.

Within the VIP room, the lighted candles burned brighter, turning blood red.

The thick clouds split, revealing the round moon.

All the brilliance of the moonlight seemed to focused on this punch, which made it blaze and red like the sun.

As the punch struck, Kong Yu used the Stealth skill disappearing instantly from the VIP room. His arms reached Wang Zai. As the maroon uniform of the arrester began to bulge, it struck towards the ray of flying light, totally ignoring Gu Xiaosang.

He knew that someone would definitely attack Gu Xiaosang. The man with the Slivery Badge and cape lifted his right hand and made a hand-blade attack across the yard.

The blade attack seemed slow but it was ferocious, it instantly reached Gu Xiaosang!

Within the Lotus Pond, the withered lotus sprang to life like as if it was dancing. New leaves began to sprout in a flash and new buds were formed.

The lotus flowers began to bloom, displaying its elegance.

The lotus remained unsoiled although it grew from the filthy mud.

However, in stark contrast, the trees withered and barks had fallen off in all the other parts of the garden!

The audience were startled. "This is the doing of the Exterior level! What happened?"

Meng Qi was chatting with Huang Zishi when he suddenly saw this out of this world scene. A thought popped into his head, "Could this be the doings of Gu Xiaosang?"

He glanced towards the VIP room where the Wang Family sat, and from the outlook, everything seemed normal. If it was not for the fact that Kong Yu had entered and made a hand-blade attack, outsiders would have been none the wiser.

The demoness was indeed cunning and strategic. If I hadn't warned the Six Fan School about what to watch out for, the demoness would've escaped after killing Shan Xiumei and chase after the Successor of Mystic Fairy!

"Humph! I knew she was lying when she said she wouldn' t make a move until she challenged the Wang Family! "Meng Qi jumped in the air and with his hand-blade, diving towards the VIP room. He could not lose sight of the Successor of Mystic Fairy nor let the demoness escape!

Kong Yu's fist had hit the Mystic Fairy's light, the rays erupted like the sunset. The flying light swayed and penetrated straight through.

Just as the the hand-blade was about to hit Gu Xiaosang, Meng Qi shot out his "Whisper Sword". The blade's light was unpredictable and nearly impossible to stop!

It was rare that Gu Xiaosang ever displayed any shock, but she couldn't hold herself back from being startled. As she stared at the cold and ruthless Meng Qi, her eyes showed both pain and praise.

The expression in her eyes contained so much emotion.

She sighed helplessly and something flew out of her. As it turned bigger, he realized it was a piece of stele filled with cursive writing.

As the tip of the blade struck the stele, the energy dissipated without a trace.

However, the stele shattered and the cursive writing came to life and floated in the air, causing a gust of strong wind. The gust had permeated the air, making those in the vicinity tremble.

It was as if all the cursive writing and the Phoenix Words have lives of their own. They surrounded themselves around Gu Xiaosang, and on the the other hand, wrapping themselves around the flying light cast by the Successor of Mystic Fairy. It was like the words instinctively drew towards the ethereal aura of Gu Xiaosang.

There was another item in Gu Xiaosang's hands. Others might not recognize it, but Meng Qi knew it well. It was the Samsara symbol!

Before the Slivery-badge Arrester and Kong Yu was about to attack again, she crushed the "talisman" in her hands and turned herself into a ray of flying light. With the encompassment of the cursive writing, the two rays of light were entangled together and flew away towards another garden in the south of the city!

A fairy-like girl was in the middle of harmonizing her Qi-circulation when she saw the flying light coming towards her. Startled, she flipped her palms and three rays of violet light were entangled together. She had exerted her most tenacious trick.

But the flying light cannot be stopped, which had totally enveloped the fairy-like girl!

Bang! The flying light exploded and the cursive writing was disassembled, transforming into an old gate.

Blasts of brutal gust erupted in the air, it was all over the city, heading directly towards the heavens.

The gusts were especially apparent near the Wang Family's ancestry home!

The gate suddenly dissipated and spots of light fell to the ground. Gu Xiaosang and the Successor of Mystic Fairy were never seen again.

Inside the Quiet Brocade Tower, a thin old man gazed at the site with his hands behind his back. With a heavy look he muttered to himself,

"Those are the breath of the Immortal Realm and the gate of Celestial Court. The Goddess actually found the clue to the Ninth Heaven. No wonder she seemed so mysterious lately..."

There was a bluish white lamp on his desk. The flames were unusually steady without any flickering.

Everything else about the flame seemed normal. But at that moment, gusts of energy were erupting all over Yedu, how could there be a flame that did not flicker?

A mountain, which did not seem to belong to this world, was covered with mist. And inside a hall, a Long Knife was consecrated. A lamp with light purple flames suddenly flickered, then it went out and a stream of mystic air flowed out. Immediately, the flame suddenly lit up again.

The girl who sat in the hall was graceful and elegant, just like a fairy. At that moment she stood up and muttered,

"I see the Aura of the Immortal and the power of the Celestial Court. Could it be that the Ninth Heaven is about to appear?"

"Perhaps all this phenomena is written, it is her fate, her destiny..."

"I should follow my fate and roam the secular world..."

Inside a harem...

A girl in the midst of a deep sleep suddenly woke up, groaning about her aching head.

"Miss, are you okay?" The night maid worriedly asked.

"No... nothing, I just had a nightmare." After answering the maid, she was in a haze, as if there was something inside her head but she couldn't put a finger on what it was, it felt like she really did just wake up from a bad dream.

"The Successor of Mystic Fairy?", she frowned. She could still vaguely piece out the remains of the flying light but she couldn't recollect anything else.

Wang Zai, Kong Yu and the others rushed towards the spot where the "Grand Gate" had just disappeared, but there were only traces of scattered light left.

This phenomenon was not what Meng Qi had anticipated. Without hesitation, he rushed out too, but he changed directions before anyone took notice. He exerted the Hallucination Body Movements and headed towards the garden where the the Invalid and the young married woman were!