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231 The Possessed Girl in Plain Clothes

 The skill Rain of Flowers Huang Zishi had used, that was very beautiful to watch, had hit all the seven major acupoints. The move's transformations were dynamic and unpredictable, making it really difficult to guess. It was as though the move had the capacity to turn complex matters into simple ones, and handle difficult things with ease.

"Not bad," praised Wang Zai, standing near the window. At least Huang Zishi wasn't distracted, for his move was up to standard.

Meng Qi did not dodge; instead he swung his "Whisper Blade" at Huang Zishi's left ribs, where he saw a flaw.

There was nothing special about the attack apart from its speed. But it was so fast that only afterimages could be seen. It was like lighting where the sound could only be heard after the flash.

Thunder Blade Furious Monk had already grasped the essence of the bladesmanship's speed... The contents of what Wang Zai explained last night had appeared in every Jianghu man's mind.

Faced with such a fast attack aimed straight for his flaw, Huang Zishi turned his body sideways to dodge. He then twisted his folding fan, and then like a ray of light, it flew towards Meng Qi's blade.

Meng Qi suddenly flicked his Long Blade and the endless Blade Momentum shot towards Huang Zishi. The force was so fierce that rocks were split.

Combining the essence of the bladesmanship's Yin and Yang was simply outstanding... Wang Zai had met his match.

The force of the attack was obvious even to the common Jianghu masters and the people present knew that few could make such a strike, which was why the move aroused cheers from all that were watching.

Huang Zishi suddenly opened his folding fan, which looked like a flaming flower, to deflect Meng Qi's Long Blade.

Meng Qi changed his move again, and unlike the last attack where the force was so unyielding, this time it was like a heartbeat that could be felt and heard, but could not be touched.

This blade was delicate and ethereal, impossible to figure out.

"Ah, the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship..." said Wang Zai, Wang Ce and Du Shaobai; and all with much experience in life had also recognized it.

Meng Qi had used his knowledge on the essence of Blade Tao to drive the transformations of Mortal Dust Fall. Unlike in the past, where he was focused mainly on performance.

Being a swordsman of the Exterior level, the transformations of Mortal Dust Fall was indeed of a higher level than the moves he had created!

"The aggregation of the sword intent is not strong enough to be at the Exterior level..." thought Wang Zai as he nodded, realizing that Meng Qi did not use his full strength on his move.

Huang Zishi looked grave as he shut his folding fan and dealt with the attack head-on. Trembling, he looked weak like a falling flower, but hidden within the tremble was infinite strength and transformations. His move suddenly changed with Meng Qi's blade attack, defending the attack perfectly!

"Brilliant!" yelled the people with some strength, including Wang Ce. Huang Zishi's defence had utilized the transformations of the Cloud-flying Flower-dropping Technique to the extreme. It was as though the long blade and the folding fan were dancing in mid air, just beautiful to watch.

This was the peak level of Kung Fu moves' transformations!

But just at that moment, Meng Qi's seemingly delicate blade move had erupted. A ray of logic-defying blade light shot out, which also brought with it an ear piercing Whisper Blade. The blade light and sword energy both struck towards the flaw on Huang Zishi's head.

Huang Zishi had to change his move again, otherwise his flaw would become fatal.

He neither moved his body nor his feet but utilized the blade gust and gracefully drifted back 10 feet.

Meng Qi stretched his long blade, utilizing the Blade Momentum, and after using the Stealth skill, he suddenly reappeared before Huang Zishi. As such, Huang, who was planning to attack, had to defend again.

Meng Qi followed one blade attack with another; each attack that contained the essence of Blade Tao was aimed at Huang Zishi's flaw. Huang was sweating from defending each attack, but still failed to find an opportunity to counterattack.

"He had attacked for 20 times without defending once..." thought Wang Zai as he was immersed in the battle. His right hand pressed on the sword hilt, almost wishing he could replace the sword with his body.

Wang Ce frowned, and seemed to stop what he was doing. He was much clearer on today's battle compared to the day before.

Yesterday, Mad Blade Su Meng defended 28 blades and respectfully lost to Jin Jinxian. But today, he displayed the force of his bladesmanship with 28 sequential blade attacks, forcing Huang Zishi to the brink.

Huang Zishi felt oppressed, he couldn't exert full strength on any of his moves because Meng Qi kept aiming for his flaws so he had to evade everytime he wanted to counterattack. The feeling was like stopping in the middle of urination, and this kept on occurring, 20 times to be exact!

No! If this continued, then Huang Zishi was bound to lose! So he lifted his Qi, opened his folding fan to block and attacked with his left hand.

His fingers stretched out like a flower in bloom, expanding and contracting dynamically. His fingers moved with the wind, merciless like a flowing river.

It was as if Huang Zishi had blended in with the environment. His flaws appeared and vanished, giving Meng Qi a hard time to grasp and figure it out!

Cold wind started blowing near the Lotus Pond and the withered leaves shot at Meng Qi like concealed weapons!

This was just Huang Zishi's Exterior attack, Flower-dropping and Water-flowing!

Meng Qi inhaled deeply and immediately retracted his Long Blade, and a black attack came out of nowhere.

The transformations of this blade attack was unsophisticated but it had sucked all the airflow. It seemed there was only one move left in this world!

This move had originated from the Essence of the Purple Thunder Bladesmanship, but Meng Qi had changed it by stripping away the aggression, and leaving only its sheer power.

Since all the airflow and energy had been sucked out, the withered leaves had also lost their force, drifting powerlessly in the air. The weird thing was that all the leaves had been sucked towards and stuck on the blade.

Meng Qi's long blade brought the withered leaves and the whispers of the Gods and struck unyieldingly towards Huang Zishi. The attack had shook the folding fan in Huang Zishi's hands.


Like the sound of a sharp blade penetrating through leather, the two weapons finally clashed after 20 moves.

Winds started blowing up all the dust.

Although Huang Zishi had opened two more acupoints than Meng Qi and was attacking with the Exterior palmsmashing art, Meng Qi, however, had absorbed 30 percent of the the Demon Venerable's Spiritual Core. Meaning that they were on par because Meng Qi had tremendous genuine Qi, plus with the help of the Golden Bell Shield and Eighty Nine Mysteries, which all were Divine Skills that utilized Qi. So it was more superior to the Cloud-flying Flower-dropping Technique as it focused more on power and Qi.

No, in fact Meng Qi pulled back his Whisper Blade, retracting faster than Huang Zishi's left palm and folding fan. But before his long blade was fully retracted, he yelled and made another attack.

The water in the Lotus Pond started forming waves.

Huang Zishi had planned on attacking as well, but suddenly a thundering sound entered his ears and his whole body shook. Once again, he was a step slower.

Usually he could handle such noise with his Dharma Access. But this time, he had just exerted the Exterior palmsmashing art, exhausting him too much.

The long blade swept past his palm and folding fan, stopping before his chest.

Huang Zishi heaved a sigh and said, "I yield."

He could not help feeling a bit depressed, for he was not even able to force out the opponent's Exterior blade move.

Wang Zai, who was watching on the side, heaved a sigh and said to Wang Ce, "Huang Zishi had lost his momentum, and in turn exposed his flaws. If he had used the Flower-dropping and Water-flowing ten moves ago, he would've forced out the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship."

Wang Ce agreed with what the old servant had pointed out, adding, "His genuine Qi would've been at the peak level before ten moves. So his Flower-dropping and Water-flowing move would've been stronger. Even if he couldn't win, forcing Su Meng to exert all his power was definitely possible. But now, Huang's momentum had been snatched and his confidence shaken."

Now, they had no chance to even witness Su Meng's fundamental kong, the Golden Bell Shield, much less the real Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship!

Without even the need for Wang Zai's explanation, everyone watching could see that 'Mad Blade' Su Meng attacked 20 times in a row without defending once. Even faced with the the Exterior palmsmashing art, he still unyieldingly attacked!

By contrast, the 'Flower-dropping Master' only managed to use one Exterior attack, the Flower-dropping and Water-flowing move.

The Thunder Blade Furious Monk of the past and the Mad Blade Su Meng of today had to be acknowledged that his bladesmanship had reached new heights!

After those words, Wang Ce frowned again. He apologized to Shan Xiumei and the others, saying, "I need to go to the toilet."

Shan Xiumei subconsciously followed him but then stopped, realizing how absurd it was for a woman to follow a man to the toilet. She glanced at Wang Zai. Seeing that he didn't move, she became at ease.

Other Wang family disciples followed Wang Ce to the toilet, naturally the old servant followed as well.

After the battle, Meng Qi chatted with Huang Zishi, exchanging thoughts on the battle. Gu Xiaosang was standing by the window, so she saw Wang Ce and the old servant go downstairs heading towards the toilet.

She turned around and took off the pink coat, leaving only the plain white robes. When the door opened, her ethereal aura had returned.

Inside the Wang family's VIP room, Wang Zai was listening to Meng Qi's gentlemanly conversation with Huang Zishi. A few of Wang family disciples were drinking Flowers Liquor, discussing where they would go to paint the town red.

Shan Xiumei was standing quite close to Wang Zai, but her heart was uneasy.

Just as she was about to say something, the door suddenly flew in the air like it was weight less. An ethereal girl stepped inside, and while using Stealth skill, she pointed her finger towards Shan Xiumei's forehead.

The room became a lot brighter and singing voices could be heard,

"The world of mortals is like a prison; all living beings are in suffering. The wheel of reincarnation never ends; suffering is endless. Have mercy on my people; the Gods are dawning on us. Ajati Matriarch, Vacuum Hometown!"

Half the airflow in the room had stopped and Shan Xiumei's body unwillingly headed towards Gu Xiaosang.

The airflow was stopped and a vortex was formed. The built up air was likes waves, pushing a few Wang disciples to the edge of the wall. It was as though the strands of invisible threads was the devils' hand wrapping themselves around Wang Zai.

Although there were quite a few people inside the VIP room, Shan Xiumei felt like she was alone on a desert!

Inside another VIP room, Kong Yu did not pay attention to the battle but focused on Su Meng and the servant girl's movements.

When Gu Xiaosang attacked, he stretched his fingers but eventually decided against attacking.

The Demoness of Grand Luo won't kill only for killing's sake. There must have been some larger scheme. If she had attacked the Wang family's disciples, he would have helped. But now, he could only observe and see what was happening!

Kong Yu's expression was cold. There was a man wearing a cape beside him, and hanging on his hips was an official silver stamp!