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226 A Brand New Meng Qi

 Kong Yu, the Green-ribbon Arrester, was listening to the middle-aged man's report inside the Six Fan School of the Zhou County. He frowned and asked, "Are you sure he's the Thunder Blade Furious Monk?"

"No, sir." The man didn't have the right to access the secret files of the Six Fan School. Never mind the fact that Meng Qi would look much older now, the blurry photo published in the Ranking List of Young Masters wasn't enough to help him confirm who he saw was indeed the Thunder Blade Furious Monk. "But he mentioned he'd be fighting the heroes of Yedu tomorrow with his blade. I think he won't lie about his identity."

If Meng Qi was planning to fight the heroes of Yedu, he wouldn't be able to conceal his Golden Bell Shield and Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. When that happened, they would be able to confirm his true identity.

Kong Yu nodded and muttered to himself, "Demoness... Which demoness? What trouble had he gotten himself into to have to battle the heroes of Yedu?"

He wasn't surprised to hear it was the Thunder Blade Furious Monk who instructed He Mu. After all, the Ranking List of Young Masters described him as someone with immaculate sword art, with a sword in his left hand and a blade in the right. Nearly nine months had passed. It was natural for his sword art to reach new heights after some hard practice.

The middle-aged man glanced at Kong Yu and garnered the courage to make a bold suggestion. "Should we send someone to keep an eye on the Thunder Blade Furious Monk? Or perhaps we can talk to him directly..."

"No. He told us not to find him or keep an eye on him so soon, lest we alert the others. Let's just sit and watch." Kong Yu waved his hand. "There aren't many people who the monk would call a demoness. This could be something serious. I need to report it to the Silver Badge Arrester."

There were three counties in Yedu, with Nine Apertures Governor Arresters in each one. The Six Fan School of Jun City had a Silver Badge Arrester and two Green-ribbon Arresters. The former was a Top Class Master Pro of the Exterior level and the latter two were either a Half-step Exterior Scenery master or a battle-tested Nine Apertures master. Not to mention the 18 Tigard Arresters, most who were at least an Eight Apertures master. Yet Kong Yu had just recently reached the Half-step Exterior Scenery was transferred to Yedu to be a Green-ribbon Arrester.

Usually, there was no need to bother a Silver Badge Arrester about some battle in the Martial Artists Community of the enlightenment period. But Kong Yu was new to the place and this matter was odd and involved many of those who were on the Ranking List of Young Masters. So he decided to report it.

The middle-aged man carefully suggested, "Arrester Kong, should we inform the Governor Arrester?"

He changed the way he addressed Kong Yu out of the blue in a bid to reduce the distance between them so he could have a backer to latch onto.

Kong Yu thought for a second. "Not yet. Go and find Arrester Xu."

Arrester Xu Wanqing was a Tigard Arrester with his Nine Apertures opened. He was a trusted henchman that Kong Yu brought with him to Yedu.


Meng Qi fell into a deep sleep after harmonizing his Qi-circulation, resting as if he had no worries. He woke up naturally just as it was brightening outside. He practiced his Kungfu before preparing porridge with a side of pickles for breakfast. He grabbed his Evil Ordeal blade and Meridian sword and headed for the gate as if he was going on a post-meal stroll.

He didn't know since when there was a carriage parked outside the gate but there it was. It was still the same carriage paved in the white carpet with the zombie-faced chauffeur.

The carriage door creaked open and the pretty 'maid' Gu Xiaosang stepped out with a cloak draped over her hand. She approached him with a deferential expression. She hid a smile and said, "Master, I didn't know you have the ability to cook. But you should leave this to Little Zi in the future."

She habitually put on the clock for Meng Qi and her tone appeared intimate. She was evidently his favorite maid.

He thought to himself that he wouldn't dare touch her food... He helplessly entered the carriage and sat down.

Carrying a bag with her, she inched closer to him with a smile. Her fragrance drifted into his nose, making him incredibly uncomfortable.

"What are you doing? As a maid, you should know propriety!" he warned, sounding just like a master.

Gu Xiaosang was taken aback. She didn't think he would be engrossed in his role. With a smile, she replied, "Master, you're famous in Yi City. You should take care of your appearance so it befits your stature. It's just like when we met on the Jade Ribbon Bridge."

When Meng Qi went to buy the Long Sword from the Refined Weaponry, he used the techniques of the Eight Nine Mysteries to change his appearance. Coupled with the disguise pack he bought from the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms and the fact that his face had matured a fair bit over the last six months, only close friends would be able to recognize him to be the Gentleman Sword.

He nodded and said nothing, allowing Gu Xiaosang to take out all sorts of makeup products from her bag. She powdered and drew on his face while he silently adjusted his facial muscles.

Moments later, she clapped and said excitedly, "I've done! Take a look!"

She placed a bronze mirror in front of him. Meng Qi saw his reflection still resembled his own, but with a darker complexion. His jawline was more pronounced and he seemed more mature and heroic, looking very different from the one nicknamed the Gentleman Sword.

"How's it? I'm pretty good, right?" Gu Xiaosang titled her head, fishing for a compliment.

If not for his Eight Nine Mysteries, how could the effect be this good? Meng Qi assented with a noise nonchalantly, just like a Master would.

She smiled happily upon hearing his acknowledgment as if she had finally received the compliment she had been hoping for. She beamed and said, "But it's still lacking something. Master, your clothes look like something a scholar would wear. It's unbefitting the name Thunder Blade Furious Monk. You should change into something else."

"I've never acknowledged that my name is Thunder Blade Furious Monk..." he said, looking seriously at her.

She didn't seem to care. She took out some black clothes from her bag and helped Meng Qi change in the carriage.

Since it was only a robe, he didn't object and allowed her to fuss over him.

"You look like a proper and courageous hero now." She did up the last of his button and stared at him. With her left hand cupping her face, she tilted her head to look at him. Her eyes suddenly lit up and she clapped. "There's still one more thing!"

She took out a black Hero Ribbon and tied it around his forehead. Taking a few steps back, she admired her handiwork with a smile.

Meng Qi glanced at his reflection again and noticed he looked rather masculine and dignified in his black clothes and Hero Ribbon. He couldn't help heaving a sigh, thinking how much better women were at dressing up. Though the baggy clothes that he usually wore looked nice as well, he always felt like there was something missing.

Gu Xiaosang nodded with satisfaction after admiring Meng Qi's appearance for a while. Then as if she was performing a magic show, she inexplicably found a long blade with a black scabbard for him. The blade was simple and unflashy.

"The people of Yi City have already seen you use your blade. You should use this instead." She giggled and passed him the blade. "You looked so gallant killing the Iron Hand Devilman with a single swipe!"

Meng Qi's face twitched. This girl was there and saw how "Tang Jing" killed the Iron Hand Devilman with "Peace Quietude Split". How could she not guess "Tang Jing" was him in disguise...

He unsheathed the long blade with a shrill jangle as if someone was whispering in his ear.

When he took a closer look at at the blade, he saw the words "Whisper Sword" inscribed on it.

"This blade is called the 'Whisper Sword', like the twittering voices in your heart. It's very befitting your Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship." Gu Xiaosang put away his "Evil Ordeal" blade as she gave her explanation. "I'll keep this blade for you for the time being."

A blade for a blade.

He didn't use any orthodox forms or moves in his battles in Yi City, instead of creating his own by incorporating the essence of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship and Purple Thunder Bladesmanship. This time, he planned on showcasing all the moves of his bladesmanship without worry of his exposure. He wasn't afraid to be recognized as the Second Young Master Tang.

Besides, over the past six months, he had mastered the moves of the "Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky" and garnered a deeper understanding of it. He could now confidently demonstrate the aggressive side of the bladesmanship, unlike Tang Jing.

Of course, he would be shooting himself in the foot if he used the Purple Thunder Bladesmanship in front of Shan Xiumei.

He thought for awhile but allowed Gu Xiaosang to take away his Evil Ordeal blade. He then placed the Whisper Blade on his hips.

She suddenly frowned. "This won't do. If you're a scholar, it's fine to carry a blade and sword. But master, it seems odd with your current appearance..."

She rummaged her bag and closed her distance with Meng Qi, placing the Whisper Blade and Meridian Sword in a criss-cross fashion on his back.

The sword hung from his left shoulder, allowing him to unsheathe it quickly with his right hand. The handle of the blade hung from his right shoulder, easing his hold with his left hand.

"This is perfect..." Her eyes once again lit up.

He looked in the bronze mirror and saw the aura of a valiant hero.

He looked pretty good if he said so himself.

Gu Xiaosang's beautiful eyes gleamed as she said, "Master, don't you love showing off your brilliance? So this time in Yedu, you must show strength and demeanor like a master!"

He exhaled. "At least someone was having fun amid all this hardship..."

Wan Hua Restaurant was the best inn and restaurant on the Jade Bridge Street.

There were many Jianghu men, merchants, and government officials in the restaurant, discussing the most eye-catching Martial Club Tournament in Yedu.

Near the entrance, a table of guests suddenly turned to stare at the young man who slowly making his way in. Dressed in dark clothes and a Hero Ribbon, the man carried a blade and a sword on his back. He appeared haughty. Close behind him was a pretty smiling maid with eyes only for her master and disregard for everything else.

An indescribable aura of pride and strength followed the man, causing the guests to fall into silence.

Heads turned as everyone stared at them walking inside.

An errand boy greeted them and asked, "Patrons, are you here for accommodation or a meal?"

Gu Xiaosang replied cheerfully, "Do you have an empty yard? If you do, we'll stay for a whole month."

She fiddled with a gold nugget in her hands.

The errand boy quickly answered, "Of course we do."

Meng Qi glanced at him and took out a letter from his chest. "Could you deliver this letter to the Club Principal Mr. Jin of the Sun-scorching Martial Club?"

His words were courteous, not putting on airs while talking to a servant. But his powerful aura did not dissipate at all and gave the impression that everyone was equal in his eyes, be it an errand boy or a skilled master.

The other patrons were startled. "Where did this master come from? Why was he looking for those from the Sun-scorching Martial Club?"

A tournament was ongoing inside the Sun-scorching Martial Club.

The Club Principal, Jin Jinxian, was exchanging opinions on the matches with Wang Ce, Shan Xiumei, and Kong Yu. They also discussed the youngsters they admired.

He was Yedu's living legend and an experienced Nine Apertures master who often provided guidance to the youngsters listed on the County Top Masters List of Zhou. His close relationship with the Wang family allowed the Sun-scorching Martial Club to rise through the ranks and become one of the eight best martial clubs in Yedu. The club was akin to a sub-branch of the Wang family.

One of the club teachers approached them and said, "Club Principal, there's a letter for you."

Jin Jinxian frowned. "Whose letter?"

"I've no idea," answered the teacher.

Jin Jinxian ordered authoritatively, "Open it and read it to me."

The teacher examined the letter and opened it after finding nothing wrong with it.

His expression changed dramatically and his hands began shaking furiously as he passed the letter to Jin Jinxian. "Club Principal, look..."

Jin Jinxian's expression turned grim. The commotion drew the attention of Wang Ce, Kong Yu, and the rest.

He accepted the letter from the teacher and his eyes froze after taking a quick glance at the content.

There were only several short sentences written in the letter.

"I heard your Sun-scorching Swordsmanship is famous all over Yedu and is a force to be reckoned with. I'd love to see it for myself."

"Tomorrow at full moon, I'll be waiting for you with my sword and blade at the Wan Hua Restaurant."

"I was known as 'Thunder Blade Furious Monk' in my quiet days. Now that I've entered the secular world, I go by the name 'Mad Blade'. Sincerely yours, Su Meng."