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224 The Secret of the Successor of Mystic Fairy

 Meng Qi paused to think for a moment, then picked up his sword and blade and got onto the cart. He sat vigilantly in front of Gu Xiaosang.

The cart was steady; it barely shook. The carpet and the felt were so thick that they cut the cold wind out. The compartment was as warm as spring and as fragrant as incense.

Cupping the side of her face with one hand, Gu Xiaosang said to Meng Qi, "My dear, why don't you believe Xiaosang? What's more, you want to spread the news to testify against Shan Xiumei. If doing so could be effective, I would have done it earlier."

Her sleeve slid down, exposing the exquisite flesh of her white arm.

"It is necessary to verify information. If I believed everything I heard, sooner or later, I would fall into others' pitfalls and possibly be beheaded." Meng Qi retorted inwardly but kept calm on the outside.

"It sounds reasonable!" Gu Xiaosang smiled and agreed with him.

Meng Qi did not say any more. He started his Will-projecting to sense the route the cart was passing by. He felt it drive into the Jade Bridge Street after a few turns.

Seeing Meng Qi's silence, Gu Xiaosang did not speak either. She continued to hold the side of her face and carefully watched Meng Qi, making him uncomfortable.

In a bizarre silence, the cart arrived at the end of the Jade Bridge Street. This area was full of whorehouses and many alluring prostitutes.

Since it was the middle of the day, it seemed quiet. The cart quickly reached the end of the Redpink Alley and entered a small courtyard.

Gu Xiaosang leisurely stretched her body into a beautiful posture, opened the door and lightly stepped off the cart. She turned and with a charming smile said to Meng Qi, "Just wait and see, dear."

Meng Qi followed her off the cart and asked skeptically, "What is it?"

"Hee hee." Gu Xiaoshan softly laughed and led Meng Qi into the wing room near the wall. She pointed to a hole in the wall, saying, "Please look at it."

Since he had improved his Eight Nine Mysteries to the Eye Apertures, it was not necessary for him to get close to see the scene through the "hole". He found it was right next to the courtyard with an abundance of flowers and trees, and was very quiet.

He was about to question her when he heard the door next to it open slightly. A charming young lady came in. She was glamorous with very delicate skin; she appeared luminous and fresh."Perhaps precisely because of this, she was able to use the title of Destruction Sect when Shan Xiumei asked somebody to put on a play..." Meng Qi nodded slightly. He put on a solemn expression.

"It's her..." Meng Qi whispered to himself, "She is the false Joy Devilman I met on the boat."

Gu Xiaosang said with the Secret Voice-sending, "She is a disciple of the loving Bodhisattva clan in the Sect of Plain Lady. She is an expert at adopting Yang to replenish Yin and often self-cultivates through the Incense Stove. Thus she often manages to disguise herself as Joy Devilman."

"Perhaps precisely because of this, she was able to use the title of Destruction Sect when Shan Xiumei asked somebody to put on a play..." Meng Qi nodded slightly. He put on a solemn expression.

There was a person following the Disciple of the Sect of the Plain Lady. Meng Qi was not familiar with this person but knew of him. He was Chief Bai of the Talent-accruing School!

He was the first helper Meng Qi had searched for after he had gone down the hill with Hua Lun on his back that night.

Though Chief Bai was nearly 60 years old, his hair was still black, and he looked quite healthy and serious.

He turned to close the courtyard door. With a flattering smile, he held the woman's waist and hurriedly kissed her face here and there, calling her honey, sweetheart and the other loving names. It was quite different from the serious elder Meng Qi had witnessed moments before.

"Is this the common image when a man lusts for a woman?" Gu Xiaosang asked Meng Qi with a half smile.

Meng Qi twitched his mouth. Instead of replying, he asked her, "Are you enjoying the show?"

"Please continue to watch," Gu Xiaosang said with a smile. "Elder Bai has come to Yedu to purchase and has been noticed by the prostitutes here. Today, they have finally achieved their aim. Once he makes love to her, he will be controlled by the Sect of the Plain Lady, making her shrink her suspicion range again."

Meng Qi Knew that Chief Bai had touched the Outsky Strange Stone, so he might gain the impartation of the Thunder God. Once Chief Bai was ruled out, he could get closer to the Sect of the Plain Lady. Besides, Chief Bai had already seen him.

Since both of their senses were outstanding and their eyes were restrained, they were not observed by Chief Bai and the seductive woman. Chief Bai and the woman embraced in the wing room and closed the door. Disturbing moans flew out like flute music.

With the isolation of the door and walls, though the intermittent sounds were awkward, he was still stood there calmly. He had heard these sounds before. Covering her mouth with a delicate hand, Gu Xiaosang stood still without any modesty, shame or anger.

A moment later, their groaning stopped and the door creaked open. The attractive woman came out in a fine thin gauze, leaving her sexy body partially hidden and partially visible. The room was full of pink mist.

Giving a succession of coughs, the Invalid came out from the adjacent wing room with something strange in his hand. He followed the woman into the wing room enveloped by the pink mist.

Gu Xiaosang put down her right hand and spat out a vivid White Lotus. She kept pinching its petals, making them gradually disappear.

The distance between the scene and Meng Qi shortened immediately as if he were standing beside a window. He could clearly see the scene in the wing room through the window paper.

In the pink misted room, Chief Bai lay in bed, naked. His face was relaxed, his eyes tightly shut. He did not notice the woman and the Invalid pacing back and forth.

They laid out the objects in their hands as an altar. It was as big as a palm and held some fairy charms.

Meng Qi turned slightly and looked at Gu Xiaosang. Her White Lotus Deducing was really of great help.

Though they could not spy directly on the room, it succeeded in lessening the "distance", making far away things appear to be very close.

Gu Sang's face looked a bit pale. She raised her head to indicate to Meng Qi to pay attention to what was happening in the room.

The woman and the Invalid were kneeling on the ground and murmuring some words. Suddenly the pink mist gathered together and wormed its way into the altar.

After the altar ballooned a couple of times, a slight cloud of smoke billowed out and formed a floating pink figure.

Her beautiful eyebrows, Grecian nose and elegant manner reminded them of Shan Xiumei!

But the present Shan Xiumei was different from her past. She was more lively, supernatural and graceful. Even if compared with Gu Xiaosang, Jiang Zhiwei or Ruan Yushu, she was not inferior to them.

She was conservatively dressed but her sexy curves captivated men and made them thirsty .

"This is..." Meng Qi was dumbstruck. If this was Shan Xiumei, who was the woman next to Wang Ce? What was the relationship between them? This could not be a trick of enlightening the Apertures!

Smiling, Gu Xiaosang said to Meng Qi with Secret Voice-sending, "Your roots are in Buddhism, dear. Don't you think it looks familiar?"

"What?" Meng Qi was a backward monk.

Gu Xiaosang did not answer him but said, "Shan Xiumei is indeed the daughter of the leader of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. Her family background, Kung Fu and interpersonal relationships are normal. They have nothing to do with the Sect of the Plain Lady. Otherwise, how could she hide the truth from the grandmaster in the Wang family? So when you asked me if she is the Successor of the Mystic Fairy, I could only answer 'Maybe she is'".

"She is the Successor of the Mystic Fairy, but the Successor of the Mystic Fairy is not her."

Meng Qi was quite confused with her answer, but he did not have time to clarify for the time being, because the woman began to speak. "Lord of Darkness, I have gained Elder Bai's Blood Essence. It can be used for auguring."

She threw the items in her hand into the exquisite altar.

There was a fist-sized black stone in "Shan Xiumei"'s hand; it was the Outsky Strange Stone. With the surrounding pink mist, it looked like a phantom.

Her left sleeve drooped and covered the altar. With her eyes half closed, she murmured something to herself. After some time, she opened her eyes and said, "It isn't him. And we can rule out several other people... There are now only five suspects left. We will find the successor of the Thunder God sooner or later. Please pay attention to 'Gentleman Sword' Meng Qi, 'Famous Sword of Qin Mountain' Ning Kefei..."

Her voice was as beautiful as music from the immortals.

"Lord of Darkness, the Demoness of Grand Luo has not turned up. Either she has not caught up with us or she has had to retreat due to the Wang family here. What should we do next?" she asked.

"Shan Xiumei" whispered, "Do it according to the past half year's routine. It is not easy for us to sneak into the Wang family and even more difficult for us to practice the Dual Cultivation of the successor with Noble Spirit."

Finishing her words, her body disintegrated immediately and turned into the expanding pink mist again..

Turning his gaze, Meng Qi could only see the courtyard and the walls through the hole.

"If you killed all of them, nobody would know that you are one of the suspects. Plus, since they did not have the Outsky Strange Stone as the foundation of the auguring, the whores of the Sect of the Plain Lady search for you would be like searching for a needle in a haystack." Though Gu Xiaosang's laughter was innocent, her words were very cruel. "But if you are under suspicion, with links to the Extinctive Blade of the Overlord and the Thunder God impartation, no matter where you go, you can't break away from them."

Meng Qi did not respond to her directly but asked, "What about the Successor of the Mystic Fairy? What's the relationship between Shan Xiumei and her?"

"Shan Xiumei is the Successor of the Mystic Fairy but the Successor of the Mystic Fairy is not Shan Xiumei." Gu Xiaosang kept him guessing with a smile. "This is the unique feature of the Mystic Fairy. Hardly anybody in their clan knows it. If I had not gained some ancient books and records by chance and fought with her once, it would be difficult for me to know the truth."

Gu Xiaosang Suddenly raised her eyebrows, and said candidly, "This wonderful Kung Fu is more or less the same as the Nirmanakaya in Buddhism."

"Nirmanakaya?" Since he had been a monk for some time, he knew the differences between the Dharmakaya, Samboghakaya and Nirmanakaya. The Nirmanakaya was the body of the Buddha and Bodhisattva shown in the mortal world and differed in different situations. He could be a youth or an elder, a farmer or a prostitute to reveal the truth for others. Of course, if he wanted to do so, he himself had to have the pure Dharmakaya.

Gu Xiaosang nodded. "They are similar. Actually, they are quite different in essence. At most there are two Nirmanakayas of the Successor of the Mystic Fairy and they must depend on the human body. Their souls and Vital Spirits have been cultivated through special techniques since their childhood. Shan Xiumei was one of the secretly cultivated 'Nirmanakayas' of the Successor of the Mystic Fairy. She can 'show' herself through the predestined relationships of the Thunder God and Wang Ce and has come to Huan Province. Thus, the identity of her Kung Fu background is certain."

"As is said, if they can reach the level of the Half-step to Dharmakaya, there will be 3,000 Nirmanakayas of the Successor of the Mystic Fairy. And before completion, they will have Dual Cultivation with 3,000 men according to their predestinations . 3,000 Nirmanakayas will exist together and ascend during the day to coagulate their Dharmakayas."

Meng Qi was shocked to hear that there was such a type of martial art. It was a world of a divine evil auguring with the help of the Taoist Primogenitor and Buddha and the Siddhartha Gautama. He asked, "Does this mean that if I killed Shan Xiumei the Real Body of the Successor of the Mystic Fairy would not be affected?"

In that case, there is no use killing her for they will still treat me as a suspect!

"Just now, the manifestation showed that the Real Body of the Successor of the Mystic Fairy is in Yedu. If you kill her 'Nirmanakaya', then you can find her Real Body and get rid of her depending on the link of the Nirmanakaya and the real body." Gu Xiaosang looked holy and pure, not somber at all.

Meng Qi pondered for a moment and asked, "How can I cooperate with you? Should I go into the Wang family as an undercover agent?"

What he'd seen and heard made him decide to draw the first blood.

"There is no need to disguise yourself as one of them. If your identity was fake, you would be exposed sooner or later." Gu Xiaosang chuckled and then said with a severe countenance.

"My dear, you can visit Yedu with the title of 'Thunder Blade Furious Monk' and challenge every Enlightened Master Pro including the disciples of the Wang family for the reason that you want to prepare for the Military Selectee."

"The force of Shaolin here is weak. Once you wipe out the Heterodox Doctrines by the name of a decent swordsman you will have stridden away with your head held high before the Commandment Monks can rush here from their great distance."