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221 The Jade Bridges Lights As Bright As Day

 Snow was falling. The landscape was all white. From time to time, Meng Qi saw children play snow fights, and heard the sound of fire crackers. Although it was chilly, Meng Qi felt the warmth of sparkling lights from numerous houses.

After he turned onto Jade Bridge Street, he saw shops on both sides were all decorated with lanterns and streamers. The light reflected in the slowly flowing River Ye looked like the Milky Way which fell from the sky. It was an unexplainable prosperity.

It was one of the largest and busiest streets of Ye Du. At the entrance of the street lay the treasure shops and rare shops which sold weapons, elixirs and scripts. And in the middle of the street were money banks, restaurants. At the end of the street and along the River Ye, there lined the Redpink Alley and Money-squandering Spot. It was so many shops that dazzled the eyes.

Meng Qi was here for the Refined Weapons, so his destination was the entrance of the street. Since he had enough money, he went to several shops simply for a good bargain.

"Quiet Brocade Tower..." It was known as the best treasure shop in Yedu. Led by a servant girl, Meng Qi entered "Sword-displaying Pavilion" on the second floor and saw both eye-catching and plain Refined Weapons and Long Swords.

"If I rob here?" Strange ideas appeared in Meng Qi's mind as he carefully appreciated Long Swords. His Evil Ordeal had the nature of thunder which supressed Yin and evil spirits. Thus, he did not need a Long Sword of similar nature.

Prices of Refined Weapons ranged from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Meng Qi deliberately chose expensive ones. At the worst, he could use real estate assets. Anyway, since some of the facial muscles would be twisted when Meng Qi exerted Eight Nine Mysteries and his half year's growth, whose who were not particularly familiar with Meng Qi should not recognize him.

"'Meridian' was forged by Master Jian Guzi. It's the perfect combination of Underground Yin Iron and 100-year Warm Jade through special forging process. While one uses it, Yin and Yang integrate with each other and change with the force. Only masters of sword art could use it. It costs 12000 silver..." After over an hour's search, Meng Qi found a pristine Long Sword with black and white pattern on it.

It catered excatly to Meng Qi's need. When he used it, Yin and Yang would integrate and promote each other and each of them was useful. Moreover, it was made by a weapon master of the Exterior level. Thus, it could help Meng Qi understand the Essence of "Trio Combination of Yin and Yang, which is Yin and which is Yang?" Although it was not the best, it was the most suitable for Meng Qi - Only masters of forging weapons of the Exterior Level could be known as Masters.

Just when he was about to buy it, he suddenly thought of something. So he turned his head to the direction of "Short Weapon Pavilion". Sword-displaying Pavilion and Short Weapon Pavilion was separated by bead curtains.

"Someone was just looking at me ..." Over the past six months, Meng Qi's "the Immortal Pressing Art" had progressed rapidly. With the help of Eight Nine Mysteries, his senses were acute and almost reached the realm of connecting the eyes and senses.

He carefully sensed and found that there are two strangers who were chosing short weapons. There was nothing abnormal.

"Maybe it was just a casual look." Meng Qi said after thinking. He ignored them and called the servant girl to find her tavernkeeper and paid the note for "Meridian".

Long Sword hanging around his waist, Meng Qi happily walked on the Jade Bridge Street, looking for delicious foods of different restaurants.

After he walked for a while, one idea occurred to him. He slightly frowned and looked around.

There were numerous pedestrians on the street. Some entered restaurants while some were doing festival shopping, picking embroidery and ornaments. The town was completely in a festival atmosphere.

With no gain, Meng Qi was about to turn around. Suddenly, his pupil shrank and he tightly held the sword hilt and blade handle in both hands.

On the Jade Bridge, a girl in white loose clothes stood up beside the stall with a delicate silver hair pan. Her eyebrows were tranquil and delicate, beautiful as a picture. Her eyes were attractive, bright as stars.

"Husband, do I look beautiful with this hair pin?" The girl said while inserting the silver hair pan into her casually tied hair. Her coat with villus made her look more cute. Crowds were here and there on the bridge while the lanterns shone under the bridge. It was so beautiful and fantastic.

Meng Qi twitched his mouth. He comforted himself that it was lucky she did not call him the father of their child.

"Lady Xiaosang, you look gorgeous with any hair pin." He causally answered. At the same time, he displayed will-projecting and planned to escape. If he tried his best, it was likely that he would successfully escape with his current strength.

Of course, he knew there must be some reason for Gu Xiaosang's presence here. She best illustrated the saying, "One wouldn't come to you if one hadn't something to ask of you." She definitely did not just miss him!

Gu Xiaosang put down the silver hair pin and said hurtfully, "Husband, are you still angry? Why are you so distant, calling me Lady Xiaosang?"

She slowly walked towards Meng Qi. She slightly staggered like a lotus in the water which was pure but brilliant.

Meng Qi noticed that many on-lookers were attracted by Gu Xiaosang. He felt the impulse to yell out. "Catch the demoness! Demoness of Grand Luo is here!"

"What on earth are you going to do?" Seeing that their distance were shorter, Meng Qi asked with Secret Voice-sending while keeping alert.

Gu Xiaosang said with a big smile, "Why must there be reasons for me to see my husband? The father of our child, Little Zi misses you. So it is with Xiaosang and our child."

"Ha..." Meng Qi answered with a stiff expression.

As Gu Xiaosang approached Meng Qi, her fragrance followed with the cold breeze. Her eyes seemed to express her love for Meng Qi. "I followed the bitches of Method of Mistress Su to Yedu, but she hid so well that I could not have any chance. Thus, I have to ask for my husband's help."

She said with Secret Voice-sending.

Beside the Jade Bridge, the man in loose clothes was handsome and gentle and the woman in white was elegant. They faced each other like a couple envied by Immortals. Passers-by looked at them and were full of envy and praise of them.

But Meng Qi did not think so. He pressed the sword hilt and blade handle and vigilantly asked, "the Sect of Plain Lady?"

"Yes, the successor of the Sect of Plain Lady Mystic Fairy."Gu Xiaosang kept walking to Meng Qi while tucking her hair. "Thanks to the impartation of Nine Annihilation at Heavenly Nights of Extinctive Blade of Overlord, they augured the probable position of the birthplace of the successor of Thunder God. Thus, they went to Three Mountains and Four Waters and stole Outsky Strange Stone. They found the remaining breath of Thunder God in it. I kept chasing after them along the way, so they slid to Huan Province."

"With the help of Outsky Strange Stone, they would shrink the search range sooner or later and find you. Thus, out of worry, I want to kill her and win back the Stone to protect you."

Meng Qi took a breath. Being the target of Method of Mistress Sun, one of the Nine Evil Paths was never a good experience! But Meng Qi could believe only half of Gu Xiaosang's words. If she was really worried about him, she could have fight for Outsky Strange Stone when the Mount Qin Sword Sect won the Stone to eliminate all risks. Anyway, she was in Three Mountains and Four Waters at that time. Why did she wait for Method of Mistress Su and follow them into Huan Province?

Alas, I was not alert enough about augur!

Gu Xiaosang stopped within a few steps fromm Meng Qi, then said with a smile. "Husband, you think that the bitch of Method of Mistress Su wants to give you the impartation of Thunder God and Thunder God or does she just want to catch you and make you the 'Incense Stove' of Method of Mistress Su?"

Method of Mistress Su was not known for their kindness, so Meng Qi absolutely knew that it must not be the first reason. If the lover of the former Overlord were still alive, it could be possible. But with the passing of time, the leader of Mystic Fairy had changed several times. Why would they favor Meng Qi?

Gu Xiaosang half seriously said, "Are you desirous for the skills that group of bitches use in bed? If you like those, Luo Denomination, Luo Denomination also have them."

While speaking, she blushed.

Ha. Meng Qi did not believe that demoness was so shy for she were not Little Zi. After thinking, he said, "Xiaosang, with your strength and the followers of Luo Denomination, killing her should be easy."

Why is she luring me? Maybe the successor who killed the Sect of Plain Lady could really help me get rid of the incoming danger? But her aim is definitely not this!

As the cult who extolled Ajati Matriarch, Luo Denomination was powerful and its intelligence network covered every place. Thus, Meng Qi was not surprised that Gu Xiaosang was haunting him and seemed to know everything as she was supported by a strong group. As Goddess, she could collect maximum resources.

And because of this, important cities like Yedu must be guarde by the Exteriors of Luo Denomination. Anyone but me is suitable for that task. Why me?

Covering her face, Gu Xiaosang exhaled a white breath. "The bitch mixed herself inside Wang family, so I couldn't find the opportunity to kill her. And it's better to keep it as a secret. Otherwise, Sanskrit Dharmaraja, Oracle and Cultivator would not spare you."

With her face red, she shyly added, "Goddess could only secretively find her husband..."

Nonsense again. It is impossible that they would believe that I'm your husband... An idea occurred to Meng Qi. He thought of the fake Iron Hand Devilman and Joy Devilman he met on the boat.

"Is Shan Xiumei the successor of Mystic Fairy of the Sect of Plain Lady?"

But the real Iron Hand Devilman was killed by me. So Shan Xiumei's real identity must have been revealed?

"Maybe." Gu Xiaosang did not give a certain answer.

"What does maybe mean?" Meng Qi questioned.

Gu Xiaosang asked with a half smile, "Husband, are you promising me?"

Meng Qi was nearly choked by his saliva.

Gu Xiaosang was kind of mischievous and she answered with a smile, "The news came to me that experts of the Exterior of the Sect of Plain Lady who had the impartation of Purple Thunder Bladesmanship are going south now and they plan to kill the successor of Thunder God upon finding him. They are expected to arrive here half a month later."

"Husband, don't worry. We still have some days. You'd better think about whether to help me kill the little bitch. I will find you next year."

While speaking, she slowly stepped forward and passed Meng Qi. Her face was pure, showing no sign of a demoness.

Meng Qi kept alert and he did not turn his head away until Gu Xiaosang he could not see Gu Xiaosang at the entrance of the street. His face became somber.

"the Sect of Plain Lady..." He muttered.