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214 "Immortal God"

 The dust fell from the roof and gave rise to a vast greyness. Suddenly, the whole Ye mansion became gloomy. It seemed as if many ghosts haunted between the Thousand Faced Devilman and the others including Meng Qi. Some were crying and some were cursing. A gust of evil wind blew and everyone became numb.

Evil Ordeal held by Meng Qi flashed. The evil wind stopped and the greyness disappeared.

Although he had not changed clothes, the handprint at the back had reappeared. If he had not mobilized the Golden Bell Shield with all his strength, no one would have discovered the truth. They would think at most that the second master Tang was brawny and powerful, which was why his bladesmanship was so tough.

Wang Zai shouted, "How can Heterodox Doctrines be called as God?"

A current of invisible gas seemed to rise from his forehead and expand. He looked solemn and kind, respectful and firm. It was as if he represented all the positive energy in the universe, which required abiding by laws and principles and eliminating disharmonic factors.

Dignified and imposing, he brandished his sword as if all the changes and skills had been integrated into constancy, charging people with momentum and positivity.

With the Right-guarding Sword pointed at them, a group of devils retreated. Invisible ghosts disappeared, and depressing clouds drifted away. The Ye family hall turned bright. The Thousand Faced Devilman appeared to get much closer.

"Noble Spirit is a supreme art of Confucius Sect..." Meng Qi praised highly. If Wang Zai chopped at him, he would exert all his strength, because there were no skills to break the momentum in Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords. He would have to perform Peace Quietude Split or Mortal Dust Fall with Outline of Heavenly Knife and all his genuine Qi. He was not afraid of consuming genuine Qi, to fight the Evil Spirit with the Noble Spirit. His Qi would remain at peak with the help of the Immortal Pressing Art.

It was Wang Zai's first sword, so it was definitely not his unique skill. While fighting with him, Meng Qi had to resort to Knife Intent of the Exterior.

Meng Qi did not watch. After Wang Zai's performance, he waved Evil Ordeal and Thunder Light cracked. He chopped fiercely without any fancy moves or many changes.

Meanwhile, Tang Ren attacked from the side. He brandished the Canglan Knife like flowing water surging up to the Thousand Faced Devilman in waves. On the other side, Huang Zhiqing hit with his right fist like a storm was raging in all its fury. Under the current, the desk behind the Thousand Faced Devilman cracked.

Wind Thunder Fist was one of the supreme arts of the Exterior, a reward from the imperial family of the Great Jin Dynasty.

Since becoming an arrester, Huang Zhiqing had rendered outstanding services many times, and his strength had improved a lot. With Nine Apertures opened, he had become a Governor Arrester. While reporting his work in the Six Fan School of the Divine capital, he'd had a chance to visit the Head Constable and the Emperor, where he had been given the name Wind Thunder Fist. He was no longer short on ways to open the Life-and-Death Hidden Latch and the Inner and Outer Heaven-earth Merging. He felt deeply grateful and had sworn loyalty to the imperial court and the Emperor.

Once his Nine Apertures opened, a current of highly condensed genuine Qi could be released by throwing Wind Thunder Fist. Due to the wind and thunder hiding inside, everyone was blasted to bits. Although its strength was slightly inferior, not one person's corpse remained intact.

Qi Zhengyan lifted the Golden Dragon Stripe Sword and did not exert all his strength. He lagged behind to boost the morale of the four at the front.

With Four Apertures opened, he had shown frightening fighting capacity in Flower Moon Tower, but no one had seen it. Wang Zai and Tang Ren thought he had better not join the fight, so as not to interfere with them if he was manipulated by the Thousand Faced Devilman's Evil Avatar.

The Thousand Faced Devilman's mid-brow split. His vertical green eyes added an even greater sense of mystery appearing to be tinted with light red. The green light glowed even brighter and changed to an arrow pointed at Wang Zai.

His spiritual impact was not only a continuous wave, it could change to highly condensed arrows, which were sharper and more horrible.

The green light of arrows was inconstant and dim. Unlike a real object, it moved quickly closer to Wang Zai. It was going to pass the Right-guarding Sword and hit him.

At that moment, the spiritual arrows sent by the Thousand Faced Devilman slowed down, as if they'd been obstructed by an aura of magnificence and impartiality around Wang Zai.

Wang Zai turned his long sword back and chopped at the green light. Under tremendous air pressure, all the evil things were dispersed.

The sky was dotted with green light.

Meng Qi marveled at how the Noble Spirit was a great treasure of the aristocratic family. Its toughness could defend the spiritual attack. However, there was not enough time for him to think too much. The black vapor surrounding the Thousand Faced Devilman had risen high into the air and turned into a big hand to catch Evil Ordeal.

Meng Qi immersed himself in mobilizing the Immortal Pressing Art. He could see a portion of the flowing black gas changing.

Like the wrath of God, Evil Ordeal absorbed all the surrounding airflow and vitality. As Lightning flashed and Green Thunder stood out, it brandished to the big hand of black gas with extreme masculinity.


The lightning smashed the black gas. The Long Knife chopped the big hand in a vulnerable spot into two pieces.

Meng Qi and Wang Zai were fighting with the Thousand Faced Devilman face-to-face. The Devilman punched his right fist with flashing silver lightning to ward off the Canglan Knife. His left hand was burning with black flames that collided with the Wind Thunder Fist as it crossed the air.


A mighty force burst out and black flames spread everywhere. A beam-column between the two people cracked. It was lit by black flames then burned to ashes in silence.

The two fists finally collided. There was a loud explosion. Huang Zhiqing magnetized the inner force of the Thousand Faced Devilman with genuine Qi while using the Wind Thunder to distract him.

On the other side, the lightning from the left fist was cut apart by the Canglang Knife. The knife was getting closer and closer.

Even with Evil Avatar, when four top masters joined hands, the Thousand Faced Devilman was in great peril with just one move.

All of a sudden, the flesh and blood of both of the Thousand Faced Devilman's armpits squirmed. Two thick, black, nonhuman arms stretched out with bloody water and bare skin to hit Huang Zhiqing and Tang Ren.

The two arms were not only thick but also long. In length, each arm equated to a long knife or three human arms.

Huang Zhiqing and Tang Ren were thrown back and they squirted out blood. Fortunately, with the help of Protective Upstanding Qi, they were not seriously injured.

The Devilman's four arms gathered up. Meng Qi and Wang Zai could not defeat him with their outdated movements. They threw their weapons and jumped to both sides, borrowing force.

Although the Thousand Faced Devilman was stronger than before, the two warriors were fearless. This was just the warm-up exercise.

"Haha, it is the strength of God." The Thousand Faced Devilman laughed loudly. He waved his two long and two short arms, two black and two white.

He hadn't made a breakthrough, but Evil Avatar had become more powerful because the second set of arms had grown from his body.

A crowd of people rushed in. They were from the Tang family, the Wan family, and the Lin family. The foremost men were swordsman and spearman who had previously chased Meng Qi. Even if they had been deceived by their Masters to join the deadly pursuit, their fighting was real. If Huanhua Swords Sect troubled them, Heterodox Doctrines Satanists would not help them. Therefore, they were eager to redeem themselves by killing evil spirits.

"Since all are here, you will die together." The Thousand Faced Devilman's face distorted.

His four arms caught the floating Purple Decease Sword before him, dragged it out from bloodiness, and began chopping at people.

Purplish red light shone, and Sword Qi surged. The sharpness of the sword caused roofs to crack. Bricks and beams dropped, with its even and smooth cuts.

"The situation is not good!" Tang Ren waved the Canglang Knife giving no consideration to his exhaustion. Black waves dashed heavily to the sky and fiercely surged up to the Thousand Faced Devilman. Along the way, ground tiles were smashed and left dangling.

An Elder of the Wan family constricted his pupils and stabbed with a crimson spear. The boundless spear shadows were like wildfire spread forwards to burn out the stacks of corpses and tiles.

The elder of the Ling family placed his knife horizontally and made his horse stop walking. He shouted and chopped down. The whole roof collapsed and clouds rolled over as if the sky had inverted and dropped so that no one could be supported.

Meng Qi got out of the Ye family hall with rapid body movements. Just then, he saw the cloud-rolling knife technique.

"It is different from the 'momentum' essence of River-splitting Bladesmanship..." Meng Qi stared.


The whole roof and the surrounding walls collapsed. Flames rose to the sky and waves dashed against the shore. All the tiles and beams were burned to ashes or crushed. Purplish red Sword Qi struggled to cut through layer after layer before finally disappearing.

Tang Ren came out with light steps. The Wan family and the Ling family spread out to prevent the Devilman from escaping.

"Idiots, the God is immortal!" The Thousand Faced Devilman suddenly jumped up high. His body disintegrated at high speed and even his bones turned into broken bits. The illusion dissipated.

All the fighters were bitterly disappointed. How could it resurrect?

"Search for the nearby Incense Stove!" Huang Zhiqing shouted and added in his heart, "And the Purple Decease Sword buried in the ruins."

In a common courtyard in the city, Lady An, Joy Devilman, walked with a swaying gait. Beside her, Chen Xiang sat quietly.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang's tummy expanded, like a woman who was ten months pregnant.

"Luckily, there is a secret passage out of the city..." Lady An breathed a sigh of relief.

In the nearby void, a white jade finger suddenly appeared and pointed to the mid-brow of Chen Xiang seemingly slow yet actually quick. Celestial music and a Buddhist chant resounded,

"Unborn Venerable Mother, Vacuum Hometown!"

Chen Xiang showed a quiet and relaxed smile. His body and swollen belly perished. All wisps of blood spirit flew into the jade white finger.

It was completely beyond Lady An's expectation. She could not believe her own eyes.

"After many days of waiting, I have finally killed him." A maid in a white dress strolled forward behind Lady An and said in an innocent and enchanting voice. Her delicate appearance was unspeakable and her temperament was ethereal and somewhat naughty.

"Gu Xiaosang..." Lady An squeezed a few words out of her teeth. She shook slightly, wanting to fight or escape, but she could not move. It was as if she was possessed.

"Right, it is me." Gu Xiaosang smiled and answered. "I originally chased the person with the Sect of the Plain Lady and came to Huan Province without any ideas. While I was passing by Yi City, I detected the minefield. I stayed there half a day and discovered a guy full of Yin Qi and Evil Qi. It turned out to be sheer luck, what one has searched for far and wide. "

She gracefully crouched down and touched Chen Xiang's body.

"You! What are you doing?" Lady An lowered her voice out of fear.

Gu Xiaosang neither raised her head nor feared Lady An to make a sneak attack. She answered, "Collecting my trophy, the favorite thing of the father of my child."

"Chi, Child, you have a child?" As a woman, Lady An had a strange concern.

Gu Xiaosang turned her face up and said innocently and earnestly, "Now I have no child, but I figure it will happen sooner or later. If I call him the father of my child earlier, he can get used to it. "

She suddenly laughed. "I know he has a Reincarnation Charm. I have been looking for him for a long time. Now, I think it is worthwhile."

She slowly stood up and looked at Lady An with a smile. "Do you know the Reincarnation Charm?"

"I do not." Lady An cautiously shook her head.

Gu Xiaosang smiled slightly. Her eyes looked like a deep pool, seemingly clear yet actually unpredictable. "You can leave now. Go back and tell the Devil of Disillusionment that the Lampholder Oracle of my sect wants to cooperate with him. If he agrees, please go to the Quiet Brocade Tower of Yedu and buy one Eight-petal Bitter Orchid."

Lady An pulled herself together and asked, "Has the Thousand Faced Devilman died?"

"Of course. If Evil Avatar and Nether Spirit are interrupted from resurrecting, Evil Avatar will be out of control and devour Nether Spirit. I tried with four unsuccessful Evil Spirit Cultivators of my sect. None of them escaped by sheer luck." Gu Xiaosang laughed gently. Suddenly, she was stunned and put a finger to her lips, murmuring, "Damn it. They will have an uncontrolled Evil Avatar ..."

She immediately felt relieved and beamed with joy again. "Anyhow, I have a lot of Precious Weapons ..."

Fires were still burning everywhere. Elders and foreign official acted separately. The others were searching for the Purple Decease Sword.

Meng Qi was also there. Suddenly, he discovered that the crimson fires were tinted with dark green.