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212 Unreasonable Attack

 Master Ye raised his right palm and Green Thunder circulated in the center of it. Several bolts of lightning struck Tang Ren.

Tang Ren had seen this trick before, so when Master Ye raised his hand, he sliced with the Canglan Knife forming an arc around himself.

Dragged by the knife blade, lightning spattered into sparks with a cracking sound. But soon sparks were swallowed up by black light, which was as deep as water.

Tang Ren avoided Thunder in his palm but was nearly stabbed by the Purple Decease Sword, which a swordsman was waving with increased momentum. If the swordsman had failed to wave his sword for five times among the 10 times, due to his controlled mind and stiff movement, Tang Ren would have died on the spot.

The long knife had been split to the ridge by the Purple Decease Sword. Affected by Master Ye, Tang Ren gradually failed to give full play to his bladesmanship, as his body sank down. Thus, he had to adopt a strong and primitive style that he was not good at.

Under the cooperation between Master Ye and the swordsman, Tang Ren got into trouble in a hurry. Although he was able to mobilize the Canglan Knife once again, the swordsman also had the same ability to mobilize the Purple Decease Sword. Even if both offset each other, he was still unable to win because Master Ye, whose martial arts was mysterious, remained.

If Tang Ren was killed or heavily wounded, Meng Qi would also be beset with a crisis, even if he could finish off the swordsman. Unlike the other masters, Master Ye had mysterious martial arts. He was good at long-distance combat with the force of nature. Meng Qi would not be able to borrow force from the Immortal Pressing Art and resurrect from death. With the Golden Bell Shield, he could not hang on for very long. Even if he wanted to escape with Moves of Wind-god's Legs, he would not be faster than Thunderclap, let alone Moonlight.

Clearly seeing the situation, Meng Qi used Evil Ordeal to chop down after lifting up. He attacked strong and fierce. Like a lightning bolt, he chopped at Lady An.

Lady An was good at Body Movements and assassination, especially her Bluesnow Needle, which killed people instantly. Like a splash of water, she easily avoided Meng Qi's chop with her graceful figure. She turned to Meng Qi's side with an inherent tempting gesture and pierced him maliciously with a blue poison needle.

As the moon shone on the needles, a residual shadow rippled, puzzling people.

Without looking back, Meng Qi strode like a chariot and crashed into Master Ye.

Meanwhile, Evil Ordeal circled around. Like the moonlight in a river, its Knife Energy varied as water waved. The Knife Energy seemed to come from the bottom of Lady An's heart. With her will coming into and ceasing from existence, its change started and finished.

Both of them used every possible movement. However, Meng Qi's Evil Ordeal always seemed to sense Lady An's change and respond in advance. The point, back, and blade of Evil Ordeal twisted and turned to ward off the poisonous dark blue Needles.

Meng Qi's Evil Ordeal clinked continually with Lady An's Bluesnow Needle, uttering a pleasant noise.

First, they competed Long Knife versus Needle. Meng Qi had remarkable strength and a powerful spiritual core. Lady An had to give up the attack when the point between her thumb and forefinger numbed. She then recovered after stretching her body and taking a breath.

"Kill!" Meng Qi shouted.

Although Lady An had prepared, she still halted. Furthermore, she had already been forced out under Meng Qi's fierce attack. Thus, she had to watch helplessly as Meng Qi rushed furiously towards Master Ye. His bare skin turned copper-colored with sweat pouring down. Two deep handprints were left on his pumped muscles.

Taking a deep breath, Lady An walked softly and went after him swiftly.

Because Lady An was not adept at face-to-face battle, Meng Qi had planned to forcibly get rid of her entanglement with fierce momentum, and chop at Master Ye so that he was unable to help the swordsman kill Tang Ren.

As long as Tang Ren could keep up for one or two breaths, he would be able to kill the glassy-eyed swordsman easily. It was unlikely that the swordsman would have the chance to mobilize the Purple Decease Sword.

A bewitching green eye appeared between Master Ye's eyebrows. His nether spirit and flesh were protected, without being influenced by Thundering Scream. Seeing Meng Qi rushing towards him, Master Ye fiercely pressed down his left hand.

Meng Qi suddenly sank down and slowed his steps. He felt like the surrounding airflow had become heavy chains against his body.

Golden Bell Shield, which he exercised, was Eight Nine Mysteries. It was stronger than that of Tang Ren. His muscles began to swell up one by one. With a sudden force, his whole body suddenly uttered a quick recurring sound, like clapping.

He defeated the struggle and felt like a fish in water. Evil Ordeal turned into a bolt of Green Thunder and with a flicker it struck Lady An in the back recklessly.

Master Ye had intended to attack Tang Ren again, but he had not expected Meng Qi to break the chain. He threw a punch sideways and a black flame burned.

His right arm rapidly swelled up becoming twice its average size. It seemed slow and heavy, but it struck Meng Qi's Evil Ordeal at exactly the right time.


Thunder Light leaped and knocked down the black flame. Having felt a large power, Meng Qi thought Master Ye's strength was much stronger than his all-out strength.

Meng Qi swung out, borrowing force by mobilizing the Immortal Pressing Art, and then turned around to stab. His fierce momentum forced Lady An out again.

"It is the strength of God." Master Ye looked serious. The green eye between his eyebrows shone a bright beam of light.

In the Shangshui River, a thirty meter wave suddenly surged up and crashed against the small courtyard.

The rushing water quickly turned black and a stinking stench arose.

Meng Qi dared not to neglect the situation. He circulated himself with Evil Ordeal and a bolt of Thunder Light burst.

Without Master Ye's interruption, Tang Ren had already taken an advantageous position. Just as he was about to kill the swordsman, the black wave came in disrupting his action. He had to brandish his Canglan Knife vertically to ward off the wave. Knife Energy quickly disappeared like a dream. The black wave was divided into two and flowed on either side of Tang Ren.

What Meng Qi feared the most was that the swordsman had hidden in the wave to mobilize the Purple Decease Sword without considering his safety. In that case, Tang Ren would have to use his Canglan Knife to ward him off and he would have no military strength. In the end, Meng Qi would face Master Ye and Lady An alone.

Even if Tang Ren threw the Canglan Knife to him, he would not have been able to mobilize the knife for several reasons. First, only those with the blood lineage of the Tang family were able to rapidly grasp and mobilize the family's precious weapons. He was a fake second master Tang, so he would need a lot of time to control the knife. Secondly, he had consumed a lot of mental energy after using "Peace Quietude Split", so he would not be able to mobilize the knife.

After all, he did not have Nine Apertures opened. There was no need to worry about squandering his genuine Qi of inner force, because it could be kept at peak with the Immortal Pressing Art. But, it was necessary to save mental energy, so he could only depend on Sacrifice Formula. Compared with thunderbolt mark, it would consume more mental energy to mobilize a Precious Weapon, for which did not depend on celestial phenomena. It was endowed with the function of communication between heaven and earth and had developed natural power without being subject to any particular environment.

Moreover, he did not know whether Master Ye and Lady An had mobilized the Purple Decease Sword in advance. Even if Master Ye consumed a lot of mental energy for resurrection, Lady An could ward off his Canglan Knife. Thus, Master Ye, who had preserved most of his strength, could attack the mentally fatigued and resistless Meng Qi and Tang Ren. All of that was obvious.

Thunder Light entangled and the Knife Energy was like a ribbon. The black wave disappeared from Meng Qi and crossed in front of him.

Because he could not sense Master Ye, Lady An, the swordsman, or Chen Xiang, he was suddenly touched. He considered whether he should take Tang Ren and run away. They could ask for aid amidst the black wave confusion and get away. Or maybe they would become entangled for a while and wait for Qi Zhengyan.

Meng Qi sent Tang Shu's corpse back to the Flower-washing Rice Shop, to help ease the tension between the Tang family and Huanhua Swords Sect. Meng Qi also wanted to inform Qi Zhengyan that he had been at swordpoint and the main perpetrator was about to appear. Qi Zhengyan needed to keep an eye on it. Moreover, Tang Ren and himself had gone completely above board, so he was unlikely to lose sight of them.

The waves ceased, and the surface became calm. The moonlight spilled as it had for thousands of years.

In the courtyard, the corpse of a tall man was decomposing to flesh and blood. Only Meng Qi and Tang Ren remained.

Had they run away? They had run away!

How could Master Ye and the others run away after such a strong attack?

Meng Qi contemplated in amazement. Then he realized that the swordsman had been driven by spiritual control. This was why he had been able to fight with Tang Ren. Otherwise, how could the Ye family be so rude and so determined to follow Heterodox Doctrines to the end?

However, there was a rule for spiritual control that however you controlled the spirit, you could not make others kill themselves unless they had suicidal tendency. The instinct for survival would make the Vital Spirit break out and stop the control.

A swordsman mobilizing the Purple Decease Sword for the second time in a short period would exhaust his genuine Qi. This was similar to suicide when fighting for the instinct of a swordsman.

In other words, Master Ye could not have made the swordsman do it, unless the swordsman faced life-and-death crisis or was activated by Qi movement under the power of the Canglan Knife. However, both Lady An and Master Ye were not adept in face-to-face attack. They had been confused by Meng Qi's unreasonable arbitrary strategy, so it was very hard for them to divert their attention to weaken Tang Ren. Since Tang Ren had accomplished the primary level of the Exterior bladesmanship, there was no opportunity for the swordsman to mobilize Purple Decease Sword.

Besides, there had been a lot of noise. If the fight had continued, masters of the Six Fan School and others would have soon shown up. At that time, they would have definitely chosen to kill the evil spirit under the watchful eyes of the people.

Thus, Master Ye had attacked as a means of defense and ran away after taking an advantageous position.

"Do things neatly, not sloppily..." Meng Qi could not help praising even as an enemy.

He turned around and said to Tang Ren, "Grandpa Ren, we must hurry to the Six Fan School and ask for initiation of the City Defense Formation to block the evil spirits from escaping. "

At this point, he already knew that the foundation of his opposition, Master Ye was Evil Spirit Cultivation!

Both the Six Fan School and the aristocratic families had extreme hate towards it, so they would want to get rid of it.

Certainly, Yi City was not large, and the City Defense Formation was not strong, so Meng Qi could pass through by himself. But as a result, his trace would be exposed and he was bound to encounter pursuit and interception from the Six Fan School and aristocratic families.

"Besides, we need to inform all the families to kill any maids sent by Master Ye!" Tang Ren said, grinding his teeth. Just now he had been fighting against the Purple Decease Sword with the Canglang Knife. He had failed to distract Meng Qi's attention from fighting. Moreover, the matter was pressing, so he had no suspicion.

"Ok!" Meng Qi had no objection. It could prevent Master Ye from resurrecting.

According to Jiang Zhiwei's description, Meng Qi knew that in the enlightenment period, an Evil Spirit Cultivator's body must be kept within 1,500 meters if the cultivator wanted to resurrect via Incense Stove. And it could only happen three times at most within a short period. Otherwise, Nether Spirit would be obliterated and disappear immediately.

"Thousand Faced Devilman, let's go. Whether the second master Tang is right or not, since Evil Spirit Cultivation has been exposed, the Six Fan School will definitely deal with you. It will be hard to realize our plan," Lady An said seriously, standing near the Ye family.

From his fighting, she presumed that the second master Tang was a fake.

Master Ye said, "Damn! I am still waiting for the conflict between the Wang family from Zhou County and Huanhua Swords Sect to damage Yi City and smash the four families. Through this blood sacrifice, Evil Avatar will likely break through the bottlenecks and enter the real areas of God..."

He planned this matter for two reasons. The first reason was that the mission of his sect was to create more bitterness between sects and aristocratic families by provoking chaos. The second reason was that he wanted to create the conditions for his own breakthrough.

"There will be no conflict," Lady An sighed and said, "Let's get out of the city as soon as possible."

Master Ye shook his head and said, "You go first with Chen Xiang. I will go back to the Ye family by myself."

"Since I have planned for so long, I am unwilling to give up. Even if I am not able to smash the four families, I still have confidence in damaging the Ye family. As long as Evil Avatar breaks through the bottlenecks, I am willing to abandon my body and change my appearance. Who will recognize me?"

"Be careful not to provoke the imperial court and aristocratic families to invite augur and trace masters. " Lady An disagreed for fear of getting involved, instead of companionship.