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211 The Bloody Battle In the Courtyard

 "Make your move!"

Meng Qi's thunder-like roar made their ears buzz and hearts tremble.

With a loud bang, the tea and wine cups were blasted away. The drinks splashed everywhere. The plates and porcelain bowls also cracked.

Master Ye abruptly stopped talking and revealed his dull eyes. Ms An felt dizzy and her blood was burning. The two servant girls, Ruyi Sceptre and Chen Xiang, fainted.

Master Tang Ren knit his brows in concentration. He used the Canglan Knife in his hand to create a wave-like roaring sound to block out the thundering scream.

Evil Ordeal descended from above Master Ye's head, and threads of electric light were emitted from the blade. The flowing Green Thunder brought out thunderbolt marks.

This strike was like a Thunderclap punishment from heaven, firm and upright, open and fierce!

Master Ye trembled fiercely. He appeared to be afraid and disgusted, but the thunder-like knife had already fallen in front of him.

Suddenly a deep-green evil eye came out of his cracked mid-brow. A distorted and deformed figure of Meng Qi appeared in the eye.

The powerful green force in the evil Vertical Eye spread out like great waves, rushing toward Meng Qi.

Haunted by the green force, Meng Qi's mid-brow swelled. He projected his will outwards to protect his Vital Spirit, but he still got a splitting headache. He felt dizzy and sick. He even wished he could pass out.

He resisted this feeling to keep the Evil Ordeal going in his hands. He gave another strike, but it was affected by the green force and came out at a slower speed.

Master Ye had come to his senses when the evil eye came out. He raised his right hand to hit Meng Qi, and the Thunder Light burst out from the center of his palm.

His clothes turned black. Meng Qi felt limp and numb. He momently lost control of his right hand and the Evil Ordeal. He no longer had his Long Knife to extend. He could sense his enemy's genuine Qi flowing and muscles changing.

His Golden Bell Shield and the Immortal Pressing Art were not powerful enough to resist lightning and thunderstrike. These things could only protect his meridian from getting badly hurt.

Suddenly the purple thunderbolt mark on his left hand bulged out. The lightning current in his body rushed in and the numbness vanished.

But then, Master Ye threw a punch with his left hand. There was a layer of horrifying black flame spiraling around it.

Tang Ren had drawn out his Canglan Knife just before Master Ye hit Meng Qi. A murky wave emerged surrounding the knife. It went toward Master Ye little by little with Knife Momentum.

He had grasped the Gist of Trueness of River-splitting Bladesmanship and had a perfect command of both the momentum of water and the speed of knife. If he hadn't had the Canglan Knife, genuine Qi would be let out to form waves. A single strike would be too heavy to resist. It seemed as if the enemy had been hit several times with only one hit.

Stimulating the Canglan Knife slightly could gather huge waves. Combined with the gushing genuine Qi, the unpredictable potential could be as billowing as river tides shrouding the whole region and could press on somebody heavily!

The peaceful Shangshui River facing the villa was stirred suddenly, seemingly echoing Tang Ren's strike.

The table was not split in two from the Knife Qi but smashed into bits. The porcelain dishes and chopsticks broke into pieces.

Master Ye held his pose of attack toward Meng Qi. The flickering black flame on his left fist was finally crushed out by the murky waves, then his whole body sunk. There was a sound of fractures and spurting blood.

The Knife Energy had turned Master Ye into a pool of mud.

Although he had Nine Apertures opened, powerful Inner Qi Force, and was even close to Half-step Exterior Scenery, Tang Ren was so aged that he felt the sweat break out on his forehead after this strike. It looked as if his pale hair had just been watered. Fortunately, he had mastered the Gist of Trueness of River-splitting Bladesmanship, hence it was not that hard for him to stimulate the Canglan Knife. He could even resist another two strikes.

Just as he took the Precious Weapon back to use it as a common Refined Weapon to capture Ms An, he made some sudden changes.


Bricks and wood flew everywhere, and a huge hole appeared in the wall. A tall man with dark skin had broken the wall from the outside.

He struck the Striking Waves pose with two smooth and bony palms toward Meng Qi. The Palm Gust was so strong and fierce that it stirred up shreds on the ground even before the blow had hit him.

Ruhua of the An family swayed and pointed at Meng Qi's mid-brow with one finger.

In the meantime, a wall collapsed in silence, then a streak of purple red Sword Qi shot in.

As the Shangshui River rolled over, the water surface split up and a deep current rushed toward the villa.

Unable to deal with the tall man, Tang Ren wielded the Canglan Knife with dark Knife Energy. The move was unimaginably fast, like the bright moon shining in the sky. One would already have been bathed in moonlight before he saw it clearly.

The turbulent Shangshui River was split in half, rushing to the crack swiftly and violently. Even the sandstone in the bottom of the river could be seen.


They collided with each other. The large waves rose to the sky.

The darkness engulfed the purple-red color, which then stubbornly showed up again. With a crash, half of the small courtyard collapsed. The walls in the distance were also heavily damaged by the Knife and Sword Qi.

Canglan Knife versus Purple Decease Sword!

A figure approached from the alley in the distance. It was the swordsman who had tried to kill Meng Qi. He was holding the Purple Decease Sword with a dull look and without any spirituality.

Tang Ren was startled. He had followed Meng Qi here, so he had to protect himself from being assassinated or besieged. He had expected to encounter the Purple Decease Sword. However, he hadn't expected that Master Ye was similar to Evil Avatar, who was horrible and unpredictable, to show up. If they both had not started the attack first, but had gone back and gathered others, then they would not be able to defend themselves when sieged halfway. It was no good to them!

According to Master Ye's manpower arrangement, he obviously intended to kill, but not in Shangshui River Villa. He wanted to avoid suspicion from others so as not to ruin his plan.

If the two had not made a move, they would have been hit by both the Purple Decease Sword and spiritual impact the moment they went out and turned into the long street!

Luckily, their arrangement had been disrupted!

The black gas emerged rapidly from Ruyi Sceptre. Her abdomen swelled rapidly as if she were ten months pregnant.

With a poof, a bloody palm protruded from her abdomen. The black gas became denser, enough to corrode flesh and blood.

The black gas became more concentrated with every breath. A skinny figure, whose mid-brow was split in deep green, rose to his feet.

As the Canglan Knife and Purple Decease Sword were about to collide with each other, Meng Qi came to his senses from his injured Vital Spirit and the paralysis caused by the Thunder Light. He was unable to dodge or attack back. He was slapped on the back by the tall man.

The tall man was sure that with a broken spine, split ribs, gushing blood and visceral organs, Master Tang would be badly hurt.


His two palms made a strange sound. The tall man felt empty in his palms, but also felt like they were like stones, too hard to move.

The palm force smashed Meng Qi's clothes into fragments which turned into fluttering butterflies. His exposed skin glowed dark gold and he had clear-cut muscles bulging like copper and iron. What a big wild man!

The tall man stared at his stuck palms in the dark gold glow, branding a deep palm print without piercing through.

Meng Qi leaped forward and raised his left palm to strike. His palm skimmed Ms An's index finger.

Ms An felt Meng Qi's extremely strong and fierce Palm Gust. It made her fingers numb. She leaped backward instead of taking him head-on.

His palm force was so familiar...

Meng Qi almost sprayed blood from his mouth. His meridian was uncomfortable, because it was almost torn.

The tall man might not have consummated nine Apertures, but his palmsmashing art was much better than Tang Shu's. He exerted the palm force to condense almost perfectly. He had not known that he could borrow no force from others, otherwise he would have broken off, with the Golden Bell Shield and the Immortal Pressing Art.

Just like an otherworldly demon, Meng Qi jumped in place and turned oddly towards him. Then he struck the air with his knife.

The Knife Energy was bright and clear as if it came from his heart. It was suffused with the force of fire, but hard to handle.

It was the first time that Meng Qi had made the move after grasping the Essence of Knife Dao of Peace Quietude Split. With the help of Outline of Heavenly Knife Bladesmanship, he put all his strength into it.

Meng Qi didn't care what his identity was. Whether he was fighting Tang Ren or Master Ye, he focused only on confronting the enemy and which bladesmanship he should use.

The mind is like a bright mirror. One should always follow his heart and forget about the final outcome and the worldly affairs.

Due to the stimulation of Knife Intent, the flowing genuine Qi and muscle reactions reflected in Meng Qi's mind. The emotional fluctuation also unfolded before him like a painting.

One Heart Affecting Another. Peace Breaker had given peace to other people and himself.

Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship had always been looked upon by most monks as a martial art that went against the Zen of Buddhism. Throughout history, very few eminent monks learned it.

All kinds of thoughts exploded in the tall man's mind, like dyes mixed in several colors. Suddenly, they blended into one dark color, enveloping everything.

It was black, dark black!

Raised by his Master, the tall man was often beaten or scolded if he did something wrong. The master tortured the dead in front of him, instilling in him the unjust Heaven Dao, the fallen common people and the desire for serenity.

Love was difficult, so he chose to kill!

The happy life would end, so he chose to kill!

People indulged too much in sex, so he chose to kill!

All living creatures had fallen, so he chose to kill!

Buddha was merciless, so he chose to kill!

The Saints intervened in the worldly affairs, so he chose to kill!

The Heaven Dao was so unjust, so he chose to kill!

He chose to kill his way to a new heaven and earth!

With red eyes, he had the firm intent of killing. His palm force was full of fierce primordial Qi. He stood on the ground and broke the beam.

With glowing Knife Energy, the knife came down along with the edge of his palm. It fluttered like a feather.

With the blade slashing into his neck, the blood was gushing out. He roared and raised his left palm to swat it away.

The Thunderclap burst out on the Evil Ordeal. He was paralyzed for a moment. It was too late to put forth the palm force, so he died before he could resist the Long Knife.

Although this man was more powerful than Tang Shu and the swordsman, he was not as powerful as An Guoxie had been. In addition, the tall man had not reached the level of Nine Apertures and had no Protective Upstanding Qi. When he'd fought An Guoxie, Meng Qi had opened Six Apertures, consummated the sixth pass of Golden Bell Shield, and begun to practice Enlightening the Apertures of Eight Nine Mysteries. Since then, Meng Qi had remolded his bladesmanship and improved the Peace Quietude Split. He had also obtained the Evil Ordeal, which was many times more expensive than the Long Knife. The Evil Ordeal was really worth the price.

Meng Qi lightened his palm strength on the knife-blade and turned around. The knife was flying aslant to Ms An who was coming toward Meng Qi.

She had witnessed the tall man's decapitation halfway through her fall. Her pupils contracted sharply. She felt Meng Qi's strength so unfathomable that she turned her palms up to show several transparent long blue needles between her fingers. This was her final trick. It had helped her kill formidable enemies when she combined it with her evil-like Body Movements.

The Errand Boy Tang's move just now was so familiar. She was sure she had seen it before!

After the the Canglan Knife and Purple Decease Sword collided, both Tang Ren and the swordsman were too exhausted to wield Precious Weapons. So they battled in great confusion, making a tinkling sound.

Noticing that Meng Qi was not hurt, Tang Ren felt weird, but he calmed down to unfold his bladesmanship. His bladesmanships were just as rolling waves, forcing the swordsman to be in peril.

The swordsman's eyes glazed over, and he did not change his move. Had he not been protected by the Purple Decease Sword, he would have been killed by the River-splitting Bladesmanship that Tang Ren practiced.

A bare figure came out of the black gas. It seemed to be Master Ye. With a larger green mid-brow, Master Ye pressed Tang Ren with his left palm. Tang Ren suddenly felt so heavy that his movement slowed down. Tang Ren was almost stabbed by the swordsman.