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209 True Intentions

 Looking at Meng Qi's cool and stern stance and Tang Shu who lay on the ground inside the Wave-viewing Hall, the Nine Apertures Elders outside all swallowed with much difficulty. They were absolutely shocked and terrified.

Meng Qi and the others had not intentionally evaded the issue in their conversation. The Elders had been able to hear Second Master Tang's begging, Tang Shu's conviction and Meng Qi's shouts and inquiries. Although they had expected that Tang Shu would be heavily punished, they did not expect Meng Qi to kill him. Meng Qi's strength was about six or seven Apertures, but he did not worry that he could not defeat Tang Shu, who was a Nine Apertures Master. Nine Apertures Masters were the most powerful pros in the Tang family. Tang Shu's death would weaken the strength of the Tang family severely.

They had also not expected that the Nine Apertures Elder Tang Shu would have died in less than a breath, leaving no chance for them to help him. Rrrand Boy Tang had killed him using only using a few moves!

And Errand Boy Tang looked so relaxed. It seemed he had not fully exerted all his strength!

His confidence and horribly powerful momentum left a clear impression on these Elders. So did his fierce strong blade.

The Second Master Tang and Seventh Master Tang stood on either side of Tang Shu's body. They looked pale and their hands were shaking. Speechless, they were angry but fearful.

He really killed him!

He was actually strong enough to kill him!

Six or Seven Apertures Masters like them had long believed that Nine Apertures Masters were very strong. But Tang Shu had been killed by Meng Qi who only used one blade. It really shocked and stunned them!

Meng Qi's coldness terrified them even more. They were superior to the Elders and their blood lineage was even closer to Meng Qi than Tang Shu. If they had been Tang Shu, would Meng Qi have killed them the same way?

The more they pondered, the more afraid they became. Looking into each other's eyes, they all saw each other's fear and viciousness. They instantly reached an agreement.

It had to be resolved as soon as possible! It could not be delayed any longer!

Tang Mingyue stood there in blankness, for she did not quite believe the things that had happened before her eyes. Her second brother had said that he would kill grandfather Shu, but she had thought he was going to do it with the help of grandfather Ren. No one knew that a Nine Apertures Master would be like a helpless little lamb under his blade!

Just how much had her brother suffered to cultivate such strength?

Her heart was suddenly filled with sympathy, pity and admiration.

Holding the Canglan Knife and looking at Tang Shu who lay on the ground, Tang Ren gave a heavy sigh. They were both Nine Apertures Masters, but Tang Shu had been completely unable to defend himself. It made him feel something within.

Although Tang Ren knew that Meng Qi had created such momentum on purpose and created a flaw in Tang Shu's flawless heart to terrify him and kill him easily, Tang Ren admitted that it was part of Meng Qi's strength. Meng Qi knew how to fight in Qi and mentality and take advantage of the enemies' momentum. These were actually the attributes of masters!

Restraining his sadness, he showed a trace of a happy smile and said, "He merely practiced knives for ten years and his River-splitting Bladesmanship has reached such a stage. The boy is really worth teaching, worth teaching!"

Tang Jing piayed by Meng Qi had begun practicing bladesmanship when he was ten years old. It had been 15 or 16 years since he had started his practice. Tang Ren thought Tang Jing had just been dabbling for the first ten years. He could not even acquire the primary changes of River-splitting Bladesmanship, let alone attain higher skill levels. Thus, for his ten-years of practice, Tang Jing had actually only utilized five or six years.

He chuckled and whispered to himself, "I spent 30 years practicing River-splitting Bladesmanship before I reached a higher skill level. I spent ten more years accomplishing primary level and understanding its essence. He may be able to break the Hidden Latch of life and death."

Tang Ren had also begun practicing bladesmanship when he was ten. Meng Qi had the Gist of Trueness impartation of bladesmanship of the Exterior Peak and endured the true fighting promoting his bladesmanship and understood the Knife Dao essence of fine Kung Fu. Unlike him, Tang Ren had not had many adventures. Instead, Tang Ren had just practiced the bladesmanship of his family and only acquired two essences. He had reached the level of entering the court when he was forty years old. When he was fifty, he had only accomplished the primary level of River-splitting Bladesmanship and fully learnt the Knife Intent. But it was too late for him to study Half-step Exterior Scenery. In his sixties, he became old. His flesh was not young anymore. What's worse, he was not energetic enough. He had totally lost hope.

Awakened by Tang Ren's sighs, Tang Mingyue gasped through her fingers. She seemed to remember something and rushed after Meng Qi.

After chasing him for two yards, she suddenly saw her second brother sitting inside the stone pavilion alone. He was looking up at the sky. He seemed to have gotten rid of the mortal world.

"Brother, what're you doing?" Tang Mingyue asked hesitantly.

Looking at the stars of the night sky, Meng Qi replied in a calm voice, "Look at the sky. It's so vast, magnificent and glorious. It's so calm and tolerant. After each of my killings, I look at the sky for a while to calm myself down. "

How could he possibly tell her that he was lost...

In order to assume a position, he had left after killing Tang Shu. After he had walked for a while, he remembered that he had no need to leave the Wave-viewing Hall!

As a result of this random walk, he was shamelessly lost. He had only learned about the important places of the Tang family's dwelling from the Huanhua Swords Sect data.

He had intended to be quiet for a moment and wait for a servant passing by with the Immortal Pressing Art to ask the way. Then he had found Tang Mingyue chasing after him.

"Oh," Tang Mingyue answered awkwardly, "When did my second brother become as emotional as a poet?"

Feeling her confusion, Meng Qi quickly faked a smile and answered, "I'm just kidding. I'm thinking about what to do next."

"What to do next?" Tang Mingyue was distracted. Her big beautiful eyes were full of doubt.

Meng Qi nodded gently. "This matter is strange, so I acted with dazzling moves and confusing acts to forcibly break the previous situation and control the family. Even though the Second Uncle and the Seventh Uncle have the support of the Wang family, they now have only two choices. That is, loop me in or kill me. And the sooner, the better. Thus, they might kill me tonight or tomorrow."

As for the identification of blood lineage, they did not know that Meng Qi was not the real Tang Jing. If they wanted to identify Meng Qi as a fake, they had to buy the manager in charge of the matter in the Six Fan School and the three aristocratic families separately. If Meng Qi was not controlling the family, they would naturally be more relaxed. The three families were the Ye family, the Wan family and the Ling family. But now Meng Qi had taken the initiative in unexpected and overbearing ways and won the authority of the family. Thus, they could do nothing about the designated families. They could only kill Meng Qi or draw him to their side.

And from the demonstration of Meng Qi's strength and arrogance, Second Master Tang and Seventh Master Tang would not succeed. The man behind had to show up!

If they were sure he was fake and sure about the identification of blood lineage, he would not be worried. He just needed to control the Tang family for three days and wait for the experts of the Exterior of Huanhua Swords Sect to arrive.

"Second Brother, you have to stay with Grandpa Ren!" Tang Mingyue had paled and warned with concern.

"I know." Meng Qi pretended to be confident.

Tang Mingyue sighed deeply and asked, "But what if they don't do anything?"

"Then I will go to find Master Ye tomorrow." Meng Qi slowly stood up. "My little sister, why were you chasing me?"

Tang Mingyue pouted and was a little embarrassed. "I forgot to tell you that the 'Golden Jade Pavilion' where you lived before was just cleaned up today. It's a little foul. How about living in the Guest House for a few days?"

"It doesn't matter," Meng Qi replied casually.

Upon arriving at the Guest House, servants came to inform them that Master Ye was holding a banquet in Shangshui River Villa to welcome Second Young Master Tang.

"It's finally here, as it should be," Meng Qi fondled the blade handle and said to Tang Mingyue. "My ninth sister, please ask Grandpa Ren to come. Remind him to bring the Canglan Knife."

Tang Mingyue nodded solemnly.

Shangshui River Villa was on the banks of Shangshui River. It was not a small building. It was a huge yard, where every section had an independent private room with its own entry. A banquet here was like a family gathering. It was secretive, so even if they indulged themselves in debauchery, no one would know. Therefore, it was popular with playboys like Master Ye.

After they arrived at Shangshui River Villa, the servant led them into an alley and opened the door to an independent yard.

"The Third Childe is waiting inside." In front of the door, there stood a huge man whose hair was naturally curly and black like it had been dyed. His hands were as smooth as jade, but the skin was a little gray. His bones and joints could be easily seen.

"His hands must be powerful. Maybe he is stronger thanIron Hand Devilman... " Meng Qi knew a lot and he looked at him carefully.

Tang Ren looked forward steadily. With the Canglan Knife in hand, he did not even fear Half-step Exterior Scenery, let alone Meng Qi.

Also, in a dangerous situation such as Half-step Exterior Scenery, the Canglan Knife would likely trigger itself and display all its strength!

This yard was small and did not have a hall. After entering the wing room, Meng Qi saw Master Ye, Ye Xiaojie. He had two beautiful servant girls behind him and a charming and beautiful lady with an exquisite face sitting beside him.

All three women had a sense of femininity, but the two types of femininity were slightly different. Since Meng Qi was not familiar with this sort of thing, he could not tell clearly. However, he felt that the young woman was more attached to worldly affairs.

"Wang Zai isn't here... "  Meng Qi confirmed his guess and coldly said, "Master Ye, why don't you introduce us?"

Without the ruthless in his eyes from that afternoon, Master Ye smiled. He pointed to the young lady and said, "This is my concubine. You can call her Ms An. She has a deep relation with the Wang family."

"These two are my maids, Ruyi Sceptre and Chen Xiang."

Meng Qi asked Tang Ren to sit down first before sitting down himself. "What's the relationship?"

"It's a secret." Master Ye wore a half smile. "Anyway, the Wang family will keep any commitment that she makes."

After a pause, he added, "Wang Zai is unable to make it today, so we are sent to talk with you. As long as we make a deal, you can visit Wang Zai tomorrow for confirmation."

"What do you want to talk about?" Meng Qi was straightforward. He wanted to know what they were planning to do.