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202 The Battle at the Flower Moon Tower

 Though the sword was on its way, its Upstanding Qi, brutal and overbearing, had shot out, entirely displaying the power of a Nine Apertures Swordsman!

Meng Qi's body movements were very weird. He span on site, broke into the range of Tang Shu's Palm Gust backwards and surprisingly absorbed Tang Shu's Palm Power through his back.

To his surprise, Tang Shu realized his Palm Power of yin-yang interleave in spirals disappeared just as a clay ox sank in the sea. He clearly hit the opponent's back but felt like hitting on a bottomless abyss.

Beaten by Tang Shu, Meng Qi gained the momentum from his palm power to move forward and sped up all at once, faster than one's imagination.

His heart was like a mirror, reflecting the opponent's rarefaction and density of the Upstanding Qi. He used the tip of his sword to expertly point to it, diagonally cutting the Upstanding Qi and dashing against a narrow Long Sword.

At the same time, he displayed the "life or death" strategy, making the tip of his sword emit a tyrannical spiral yin-yang vigor. And he added up his genuine Qi which was like surging waves together to directly beat the Upstanding Qi and the narrow Long Sword.


As the sounds made of the sharp weapons hitting together found their way to everyone's ears and the narrow long sword swung up, a white figure kept on stepping back, smashing the round table and the wall with his mouth bleeding.

Since Meng Qi, who had cultivated the Eight Nine Mysteries and Golden Bell Shield, not only had outstanding genuine Qi and had absorbed the Spiritual Core of the Demon Venerable, but also gained the palm power of a Nine Apertures Master, it was impossible for the Nine Apertures Swordsman sent by the Ye family to resist!

However, Tang Shu's spiral yin-yang palm power was quite concentrated. If he had not attacked first and made the opponent meet his move in a great rush, he would not have smoothly gained his palm power. Even so, he felt his meridian ache.

Fortunately, he was not affected by this wound with the body protection by the Golden Bell Shield and Eight Nine Mysteries, though he could not give out Qi Wall to gain others' power by himself!

After defeating the Nine Apertures Swordsman with only one hit, Meng Qi rummily leaned to one side and stabbed at Tang Shu with the sword in his right hand. His left palm went towards the window.


As the wood bricks of the window were flying everywhere, a figure jumped in. His blade was like a piece of white silk cloth, as fast as the fleeting swan and full of vigor. Though his blade did not arrive, the round tables in the room were all broken with smooth cuts.

Tang Shu slapped his right palm and pressed his left palm on the back of the right hand to make his freezing palm power eject out.

Meng Qi ran his body seal, open his mid-brows, and mixed his spirit and genuine Qi together. He gained the opponent's momentum to observe him and felt a fierce breath burst out from Tang Shu's freezing palm force. Once he gained it, it would explode in his body.

He proved himself to be the top experienced master in Jianghu!

However, the swordsman put his genuine Qi on his blade point, making his blade violent and fierce as if invincible.

All of these were reflected in Meng Qi's heart lake. The five fingers of his left hand were changeful and retractile, which seemed very weak while his sword in his right hand flatly changed its pricking into pointing, and hit Tang Shu's palm power like a swallow lightly landed on the water.

But his palm power burst open at once and his Long Knife fell down like nothingness and intolerably cut Meng Qi's palm.

After Meng Qi whirled on site, the heat of the explosion and the frigid force of Frigid Crystal all disappeared in no time, then suddenly appeared in his left hand and beat the Long Knife away.

During his whirling, Meng Qi suddenly sprang forward and fell upon the wall which the swordsman had pierced.

Just then, with a loud sound of "Bang", the wall was directly broken into and a sharp icy dark spear was jabbed in, just like a poisonous dragon coming out of its hole or like wildfire spreading quickly. The changeful shadow of the spear covered all of Meng Qi's retreat route.

The comer was a big man with his long hair not tied up. He held an iron spear in his hand in the manner of an extremely majestic-looking.

Meng Qi's Ice Palace Sword was aimlessly cut out with its tip trembling and vacillating.

All of a sudden, all the shadows of the spear turned into a pole, which directly thrust Meng Qi's chest.


The vacillating sword cut the tip of the spear from the bottom-up and pulled it to incline upward.

Meng Qi shortened his body and pedaled his left foot as fast as a sharp arrow. With the Long Sword pulled behind him, he leapt to the side of the man with the spear and abruptly stabbed out his sword.

The man with dishevelled hair shrunk his spear and dashed against the tip of the sword, but Meng Qi's Long Sword suddenly changed its direction and pared the spear along its body, making them knocking against one another with glaring light.

The man with dishevelled hair loosed his right hand and jumped backward. Meng Qi pressed his Long Sword and rebounded from the spear. His sword pierced the man's Protective Upstanding Qi and his right rib.

With a strand of blood spurt out, the man with dishevelled hair made a fall on his back to escape from the Ice Palace Sword. He waved his Long Spear to isolate himself from the sword.

Meng Qi stepped back instead of advancing and barbed his Long Sword to the center of Tang Shu's palm as if he had eyes in his back.

His soul grew calmer and he could have a perfect command of his spirit and genuine Qi. All the things around him was so clear as the reflection of a lake.

The present situation was this: Tang Shu was running after him. The bladesman had just eliminated the heat and the frigid force. Meng Qi was about to join the battlegroup when the swordsman made great strides towards him with the Upstanding Qi covering his sword body. It was only two or three seconds' walk for him to join the battlefield now. The man with the iron spear who had injured his right rib was about to attack with the force from his back. That's to say, at this moment with the two or three seconds, Meng Qi just had one enemy Tang Shu and had gained the force from the iron spear!

Wu Qinxin, Shangguan Han and the others were stunned to see this scene in the nearby "Crescent Room". Just within two or three seconds, before they came back to themselves, the "Gentleman Sword", Young Master Meng, who had rapid action as a spectre, had succeeded in moving in the four Nine Apertures Masters. Though his advance and retreat were irrational and inexplicable, he not only managed to block the four Nine Apertures Masters but also beat back one of them and injured another one.

Tang Mingyue at the stairwell swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, for she once heard the elder talk about the powerful strength of Manager Qi's cousin. But never had she imagined he was so powerful that everyone felt afraid of him!

With all the things nearby clearly reflected in his heart, and even the flow of the genuine Qi seemingly seen with his own eyes, Meng Qi felt like he was the very master and dominator of this battle. With the Immortal Pressing Art, he was not afraid of the group battle any more. And when he activated the Golden Bell Shield and Eight Nine Mysteries, the power of the Immortal Pressing Art was more outstanding. If there were no stronger enemies than himself, the group battle was really of greater benefit to him.

Whether Tang Shu, the swordsman, the bladesman or the man with the iron spear, it would be difficult for him to beat them one to one without the tricks of the Exterior, let alone struck them down. On the contrary, when they besieged him within a few seconds, two of them had been hurt before he employed his Evil Ordeal!

Of course, he had to thank Tang Mingyue for her timely reminding. Without it, he could not have taken the lead and could have led them by the nose. After all, his Immortal Pressing Art had just accomplished primary level which was much inferior to the original. If the four masters attacked him at the same time, it would be difficult for him to gain their force because when he had just obtained some force from them and did not use it, the new force would beat him, making him thrown into confusion and in danger.

The advantage of preemption, however, was that he could control the number of fighting enemies and kept only two of them acting in the group battle!

In the "Hundred Flower Pavilion", as soon as he noticed the movement, Qi Zhengyan took up his Long Sword and went out to help Meng Qi.

At this time, Lord Tang the Fifth, Tang Sixun attacked him with both of his palms as if well prepared. His Palm Gust was like the wild waves one after another pushing towards Qi Zhengyan. Manager Lin's face changed quickly and he suddenly reached out his right hand and changed it into a claw to grasp one of Qi Zhengyan's vital acupuncture points of sleeveless shirt.

Qi Zhengyan made a cold hum and hit the round table with his right palm, making a layer of frost spreading rapidly. It immediately froze the lotus soup, the vinegar fish, the Daughter Red Wine, Lord Tang the Fifth's body which was near the table and Manager Lin's left hand resting on the table.

The two never expected Qi Zhengyan to have the tricks of the level of Half-step Exterior Scenery. Because they were numb with cold, their palms and claw had to act with a corresponding slow speed, buying time for Qi Zhengyan to give both of them another palm, leaving their blood lineages frozen and their face pale. Now they could do nothing but tremble.

In this case, Qi Zhengyan would not think about the problem of not being exposed. Anyhow, after he had experienced several Samsara tasks, he had the excellent ability to make decisions!

Meng Qi barbed his Long Sword and mixed the momentum gained from the iron spear to attack the weak points of Tang Shu's palm force.

With a light sound of "poof", Tang Shu's palm force was thrust through and it was immediately transmitted to Meng Qi. Making a scream of pain, he put his strength to his foot to fly out upside down, with the center of his palm badly bleeding.

Meng Qi was about to gain momentum from the bladesman when his calm soul suddenly stirred up surging waves, as if something violent had cut off his giving-out spirit and his mixed genuine Qi.

With a sense of danger arising from his telegnosis, Meng Qi depended on Tang Shu's palm force and pounced on the broken window.

As he just jumped up, he changed his direction as quickly as a monster, rushed to the opposite room, smashed the wooden door and window, and dived into the Shangshui River.

The swordsman who was first repelled had a second Long Sword with purple flying light. The body of his sword had a lot of stigmata, which seemed very sharp for its breath, made all the guests in the Flower Moon Tower feel cold, as if there were a sharp sword hanging on their heads!

As beads of sweat appeared on the swordsman's forehead, he employed his sword to cut Meng Qi's back shadow with difficulty.

When he heard the sounds of breaking the wall and the window, Qi Zhengyan was shocked. He rushed to the window to see Meng Qi's condition. He saw a streak of purplish red Sword Qi shooting out and it made a harsh noise in the air, making the leaves of trees nearby falling down, as if the winter was coming, and all the cuts of the leave stalks were very smooth!

Without thinking much of it, he took advantage of the Sword Qi breaking the window and completely activated his Golden Dragon Stripe Sword, making the cold air gather together. Then he abruptly waved his sword out with a streak of icy light surging up and down and cut the middle of the purplish red Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi ran after Meng Qi's back shadow and "flew" towards the Shangshui River, whose water was weltering. It split the water with a deep mark and had a startling interplay of the Sword Qi in the air.

The water mark rushed forward like a poisonous snake chasing Meng Qi's shadow.


After the frozen light cut the Sword Qi, it automatically collapsed into snowflakes, falling into the river.

It was in the middle of summer. Therefore, before the snowflakes fell into the river, they had been evaporated and turned into a mass of white mist.

After the purplish red Sword Qi went through the mass of white mist, it became a little darker but its speed did not slow down. It caught up with Meng Qi who was about to dive into the river.

Meng Qi was neither shocked nor afraid. His heart was like a mirror. He fully operated the Immortal Pressing Art and the Eight Nine Mysteries to enhance his senses to improve his mental susceptibility to the enemies and the effect of the genuine Qi checking them.

As a result of the manoeuvre of the Sword Qi disturbing the surroundings, it was a obscure view in Meng Qi's heart lake, making it hard to grasp.

However, when Qi Zhengyan's frozen sword light cut the purplish red Sword Qi, it made a virtual sound and let Meng Qi's heart lake clear again. At last, he was able to grasp the trace of the sword!

His Long Sword was over his back. He did not make any extra movement but what he sensed was precision and correct.


The Sword Qi exactly cut the Ice Palace Sword on Meng Qi's sleeveless shirt!

During the sound of the crunch, the Ice Palace Sword turned into numberless pieces and flew away all over the sky like the evening moths, making up a very beautiful scene.

After the purplish red Sword Qi went through the Ice Palace Sword, it became gloomy but the Sword Qi was still awe-inspiring.

Plop! Meng Qi dived into the water. Affected by the Sword Qi, the river was surging.

His body flushed with dark gold glow, which was against the purplish red Sword Qi. He entirely activated the the Immortal Pressing Art to survive!


A moment later, the Sword Qi penetrated the dark gold glow and went into Meng Qi's body.

At this time, Wu Qinxin, Tang Mingyue and the others rushed to the window and anxiously stared at the water.

Since the water was shaking, it was difficult to see what was going on underneath, but suddenly the waves were surging up, with a little blood thrown back towards the Flower Moon Tower.

The waves were not strong enough. When they jumped up at the halfway, they fell down, leaving the surface of the river calm again. There were no corpses or figures.

In the room of the Flower Moon Tower which was the nearest to the river, the third childe, Ye Xiaojie looked at the people opposite with a smile and proudly said, "It's time for the Huanhua Swords Sect and Wang family from Zhou County to conflict with each other now."

Lost in thought, the man across from him looked at the Shangshui River, saying, "How could he still be alive under the Purple Decease Sword... "