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201 Tang Mingyue

 "It seems that Lord Tang the Fifth is really mad." Meng Qi guessed as he read the letter Qi Zhengyan handed him.

Nobody knew if the Second Young Master Tang was alive and the position of Master of the family could not wait for him any longer. Yet how Master Tang found out about this information was unknown, but his health condition had gotten much worse. It was no wonder that Lord Tang the Fifth was feeling anxious, because there were no suitable candidates to fill the position of the Master of the family. Thus he decided to invite Huanhua Swords Sect's Manager for support.

At least from the current climate and the tone of this letter, it was not hard to come to the forementioned conclusion.

Qi Zhengyan nodded with austerity. He said, "Rumor has it that Second Master Tang currently has the most power in the family. Master Tang the Seventh had gone to Yedu in the night, so naturally, Lord Tang the Fifth was not going to wait around and do nothing."

The Wang family was based in Yedu, Jun City of Zhou County, and Zhou City of Huan Province.

Meng Qi folded the letter and tapped on it lightly with his fingers, "Something wasn't right. If Second Master Tang could grab the power of the family while old Master Tang is in ill-health, why wouldn't he seek support from the Huanhua Swords Sect or the Wang family from Zhou County? Instead, he didn't contact either of them..."

As a chess piece stuck in the quiet conflict between a large aristocratic family and a large sect, Second Master Tang knew that he needed the support from either one. Otherwise, even if he had inherited the position of the Master of the family, he would not be able to hold on to it, unless he had another source of support.

"When something is out of the ordinary, a demon is definitely behind it." Replied Qi Zhengyan as he agreed with Meng Qi. But as an secondary assistant, he had no means of attaining more information.

Meng Qi got up and said, "Cousin, let me go with you. If there's a need to use force, you won't have to get your hands dirty."

There might be a possibility that momentum was hiding and purposely wanted to assassinate either Qi Zhengyan or Manager Lin. If that were the case, the Huanhua Swords Sect would definitely blame the Ye family, Ling family or Master Tang the Seventh. By then, their suport, the Wang family from Zhou County, who practised the Noble Spirit, naturally would not stand to let their affliated families be wrongfully accused.

During the height of Destruction Sect, they used similar tactics to murder, created chaos and sparked wars. The Luo Denomination and the Sect of the Plain Lady were no different - Out of the Nine Evil Paths, those three were most active in the lands of Great Jin Dynasty. However, perhaps not just in Great Jin Dynasty, because the "Unrelenting Tower", where Meng Qi speculated that Tang Jing, the Second Young Master Tang was assassinated, was actually situated in North Zhou Dynasty.

"This arrangement might be for the best." Qi Zhengyan acknowledged.

By the evening, Manager Lin Mu had arrived at the "Flower-washing Rice Shop".

"Nephew Qi, is this your cousin?" Lin Mu might only be Qi Zhengyan's Uncle Master, but his hair was already graying and wrinkles were already appearing on the corners of his eyes.

He had a tall stature with a bit of a hunchback. The bags under his eyes were apparent and he had already yawned several times since he came in. It was clear that he indulged in debauchery.

Qi Zhengyan cupped one hand in the other before his chest and replied, "Yes Uncle Master, this indeed is my cousin Meng Qi, who has come to join us. He grew up in the Western Province."

"Nephew Meng, I've heard all about your Kung Fu skills," replied Lin Mu. Having heard about Meng Qi's frightening skills, he dared not look lightly upon Meng Qi.

Legends of the "Handsome swordsman who broke into the Ye Mansion and single handedly murdered and then got away" could be heard everywhere in Yi City.

Someone that could kill Li Sui in such a short time would definitely be equivalent to a Nine Apertures Master. It was no wonder that the Ye family had yet to seek revenge.

Meng Qi answered with a smile, "You're exaggerating, Manager Lin. Truthfully, the Ye family have wrongfully accused me."

Only a fool would admit to such claims. After all, they were in Great Jin Dynasty and not the West Regions. Besides, the Six Fan School had a lot of power here. If it were proven that Meng Qi was the murderer, then even the Huanhua Swords Sect would not shield him.

Lin Mu yawned yet again, looked Meng Qi deeply and said, "Such a young hero. Nephew Qi, let's head to the Flower Moon Tower."

The place where Lord Tang the Fifth had invited the two Managers of the Huanhua Swords Sect was also at the renowned Flower Moon Tower. The restaurant was just situated on the riverbank of Shangshui River. The environment and surroundings were gorgeous.

As the horse carriages stopped in front of the restaurant, the owner who had been waiting at the door came up and greeted them. "Manager Lin, it's so hard to see you these days. I know you keep visiting the restaurants outside the city. If it weren't for the fact that Lord Tang the Fifth had invited you here, we'd have no idea when we'd be able to see you."

He was extremely warm and welcoming towards Qi Zhengyan and Meng Qi. It was just that he seemed to stare at Meng Qi for a long while. He wondered how such a young lad had just left his mother had single-handedly killed the "Ghost Shadow Sword", who was a renowned master in the city.

Manager Lin chatted with the owner of Flower Moon Tower, as they walked inside. The restaurant was full with guests, and they went upstairs. As they walked to the third level, a chubby middle-aged man was waiting there with a few guards by his side.

"Manager Lin, finally, you're here," the chubby man dramatically greeted them.

This time, Manager Lin smiled sincerely and replied, "Lord Tang the Fifth, I dare not refuse your invitation."

So he was Lord Tang the Fifth, Tang Sixun... "Ah, his guards look formidable", thought Meng Qi, as he swept across the room with his eyes. He could tell that they were highly skilled. One of the old guards who had his eyes half closed was probably of Nine Apertures level.

Meng Qi's sixth sense had become much sharper after cultivating the Transformation Strategy and the Immortal Pressing Art.

Meng Qi was not surprised that, in such times, Lord Tang the Fifth, who was an Eight Apertures Master himself, brought skilled guards with him.

"This is an Elder of the Tang family, Tang Shu," Qi Zhengyan told Meng Qi, using Secret Voice-sending. He recognized this bald old man.

Meng Qi nodded gently. His speculation was indeed correct. Tang Shu was one of the five Elders of the Tang family. Though in his younger days, he did not have the skills to be on the Ranking List of Young Masters, his talent was above that of Qi Zhengyan. And with the assistance of elixirs, time and experience, he reached the Nine Apertures level at the age of 45. However, he was unable to break through the Hidden Latch of life and death and build the bridge connecting earth and heaven.

Usually, families like Tang, Ye, Ling and Wan would not have Foreign Officials of Nine Apertures level. Such masters who could project their genuine Qi outwards would usually form their own sects. The exceptions were great aristocratic families like the Wang family from Zhou County, which these masters were willing to serve, because they could build connections for the future when they would create their own sects.

Of course, there was another reason a Nine Apertures Master would become a Foreign Official for a small aristocratic family, which was to pay a debt of gratitude. One such example was the "Blood-Freezing Sword", Sheng Jingxuan, who worked for the Ye family.

After a short chat between Lord Tang the Fifth and Manager Lin in the corridor, they went into the "Hundred Flower Pavilion". When they entered, they saw that cold salads were already on the table.

He then addressed Meng Qi and Manager Lin's guards politely, "Brothers, I've a few confidential matters of great importance to discuss with the two Managers. May I trouble you to wait in the next room for a while. Uncle Shu, please lead them to the room next door."

To show his sincerity, he did not bring his guards either.

"It's's just next door anyway, " thought Meng Qi, as he exchanged looks with Qi Zhengyan. Then they followed Tang Shu and the other guards into the room next door.

Suddenly the doors of the "Xuan Yue Room" from across opened and a young man walked out, blocking them. Then he hurriedly rushed downstairs.

"Childe Meng!" the voice of a young girl sounded.

Meng Qi looked surprisingly and saw a delicate young girl. She was cute with a soft voice, and a young man wearing a Hero Ribbon sat next to her. He had striking features, with sword-like eyebrows.

They were sitting on the table too and their companions were also young Childes and Misses.

"Miss, Miss Wu, Brother Shangguan," Meng Qi almost forgot their names.

They were indeed Wu Qinxin and Shangguan Han of the Three Mountains and Four Waters. These two and Meng Qi had attended the birthday party of the lord of Talent-accruing School, Hua Tiange. The very birthday party that had led to the incident with the Outsky Strange Stone.

Meng Qi regretted saying their names out aloud. He should have pretended not to have known them!

Wu Qinxin greeted him with excitement, "Childe Meng, how have you been? I took your advice and toured Huan Province with Senior Brother."

Their sect was the "Stream-parting sword sect", which adhered to the "Afterglow Supersword School". It was a sub-branch of the Huanhua Swords Sect. They had some influence in the Huan Province, which was the reason why the Huan Province was the perfect place for them to visit.

"Not bad, not bad," answered Meng Qi casually, as he prepared to leave.

Wu Qinxin was not about to let him go easily. She pointed towards the Childes and Misses on the table and introduced, "This is the Young Master I told you about, 'Gentleman Sword', Meng Qi. Upon his travels, he helped someone in need, killing many enemies. He even killed the Emissary Vacation of Luo Sect with just one move. Upon finishing the deed, he just left without taking anything. Even disregarding a handsome reward like the Outsky Strange Stone, very respectable!"

As she said this, her eyes lit up and she was excited beyond belief.

Shangguan Han was also excited but more reserved. After all, Meng Qi's acts were what they dreamed of as young heroes who had just stepped into Jianghu!

Be it his disregard for riches, or his sense of justice, or his honorable word, or his skills, all of which were to be admired!

Upon hearing the nickname "Gentleman Sword", Meng Qi covered his face and thought, "Damn, does ugly news travel fast!"

"So he's the 'Gentleman Sword', Young Master Meng. No wonder!" The one who spoke was an articulate young lady. Her hair was tied behind her back with a gold pin and what was hanging from the pin was a beautiful pearl.

She stood up and smiled, but she seemed a little unhinged, "I'm Tang Mingyue of the Tang family. I'm glad to meet you Young Master Meng."

"Ah, so it's Miss Tang Jiu," Meng Qi replied with a bow, such a coincidence.

Wu Qinxin looked at Tang Mingyue with confusion, "Sister Tang, why would you say 'no wonder'?"

"Sister Qinxin, do you realize that the Young Master whom I was telling you about just now was actually Childe Meng," answered Tang Mingyue with a smile, though it seemed forced.

Wu Qinxin shouted, "No wonder! I was wondering who could be so skilled as to break into the Ye Mansion and take vengeance in a matter of moments!"

This kind of feat was indeed admirable to the likes of Young Masters, Childes and Misses!

She then said to Meng with both shock and surprise, "So it was you Childe Meng. You do live up to the name 'Gentleman Sword'!"

"Could you stop mentioning that name? " Meng Qi said with a frozen smile, "I've got some other matters to attend to, we'll catch up another time."

He still felt a little uneasy, as if something bad was about to happen.

Just as Meng Qi was about enter into the room "Hundred Flower Pavilion" next door, Tang Mingyue gritted her teeth and came to a decision. She quickly caught up to Meng Qi and told him, using Secret Voice-sending,

"Young Master Meng, my uncle Lord Tang the Fifth had already surrendered to the Wang family, which means he's being manipulated by the Ye family. They're planning to cut off your head as an offering!"

"The four families had each sent a Nine Apertures Master, and the Ye family are planning the deadliest of moves!"

Upon hearing those words, Meng Qi was taken aback, he acknowledged with a slight change in expression to indicate to Tang Mingyue that she should go on ahead downstairs.

It was no wonder that he felt strange. Why couldn't they come to the house to discuss important matters but insisted on going to the Flow Moon Tower for the public to see?

He seemed to be walking towards the room next door, but as he took a few steps, he purposely smashed into the room behind him with his body.

Tang Shu's pupils contracted. He was a Jianghu veteran, so he realized what was happening right away. He then struck with both his palms.

The gust from his left palm was freezing cold, but the gust from his right palm was burning hot. Ice and fire had fused into a helicoid and smashed towards Meng Qi.

His Palm Gust had spread so much that it covered the surroundings.

Meanwhile, a thin Long Sword penetrated through from the room next door. The blood stains on the sword were beautiful in a cold way as they reflected moonlight.