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193 Jiang Zhiweis Discovery

 These were Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms' rough description of Eight Nine Mysteries. He only said that it was ever-changing and it could identify the immortal Tao and Golden Body of Bodhi. And, he depicted its figures which could turn an ordinary person into an immortal. Except for these, he did not say more about it. Like other supreme arts, no one knew its origin. Hence, Meng Qi was unable to tell which version he knew. Yang Jian, Qing Yuan Taoist had practiced Eight Nine Mysteries, but maybe what Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, had practiced was also Eight Nine Mysteries.

But one thing for sure was that this "Eight Nine Mysteries" was supreme, for it ranked top in the Exchange List of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms. It was almost equal to "The Buddha's Palm" of Siddhartha Gautama's impartation and "Seven Strokes of Heaven" of Taoist Primogenitor and even superior to "Heavenly Emperor's Scripts". Also, the Golden Body of Bodhi, together with the Golden Body of Buddha were the strongest two Dharmakayas of Buddhism. So Meng Qi doubted that it was a upgraded version of Conquering Buddha.

"Yes." Seeing that they were so shocked, Meng Qi nodded seriously to show that he was not kidding. "I don't lack the scripts of bladesmanship and sword art now. But I haven't reached the top realm. There is much room for me to improve, so I don't need other skills. 'the Immortal Pressing Art' can cause illusions to confuse enemies, which equals the upgraded version of 'Transformation Strategy' in terms of mental distraction. Moreover, it can deduce the enemies' strength. 'The Immortal Pressing Art' has Hallucination Body Movements itself, which is much stronger than Lightning Changes. So, it's time for me to think about the main skill that I should practice."

If the enemies had opened the Four Apertures, the mental distraction of "Transformation Strategy" was nearly useless. However, unlike it, "the Immortal Pressing Art" could disturb the enemies' five senses more effectively, and with the aid of genuine Qi, it could make the illusions more realistic and have impact on the pros under the level of opening nine Apertures. As for the effects, it depended on the user's own strength.

Therefore, for Meng Qi, he only needed to practice three skills of "the Immortal Pressing Art". First, he should learn to use the illusions to confuse enemies with mental disturbance and the super assissatnce. With his acquirement of "Transformation Strategy", it was not hard for him. Second, he needed to learn to make use of the enemies' strength to attack them. Since Meng Qi's genuine Qi was always at the highest point, it was not difficult for him to learn as long as he understood its core essence. Third, he needed to practice Hallucination Body Movements. It would take much effort. But since his "Lightning Changes" was almost outdated, his efforts would be worthwihile.

Skipping some key points, Meng Qi only decribed roughly about the Immortal Pressing Art and the realm of his bladesmanship and sword art. As for the fact that genuine Qi should always be at the highest level and he had knew something about the Essence of Heavenly Knife and had learnt a essence, he did not mention them. After all, companions were only companions. There were close and ordinary friends. He should always guard against the harm. Therefore, he did not hide the information that they should know, but at the same time, he kept some information as a secret.

He paused for a moment. "Golden Bell Shield took me a long time to practice. 'Eight Nine Mysteries' is only a little better than it. The most important is its prospect. If you don't plan for the future, you will be distracted by what happens in the short term. What's more, aside from the Hard Kung of protecting the body and repressing the evils, it's also good at changes. In the enlightenment period, it showed in the form of bone shrinking and the minor shift of muscle. It's very important for the learner to know his own body well."

If the user wanted to change his moves at will, he should control his body very well, even to a level of knowing the subtle changes of his own body. This was very hard for an ordinary person. In enlightenment period, it was required that the learner should control his hands, feet, muscles in the level of imperceptibility. For example, when an ordinary master wanted to use 80 percent of his strength to defeat his rivals, he could exert around 78 to 82 percent of his strength. But for the master at the same level who practiced "Eight Nine Mysteries", he could exert 79.5 to 80.5 percent of his strength. It was very accurate without any errors.

In this way, the learner could improve his changes, the ability to figure out the flaws and the performance in final fightings.

"It was said that only one Buddha had claimed the Golden Body of Bodhi in the Myths Period. He nearly equaled the Siddhartha Gautama and lived on his own pure land, free from the mortal world. If you plan to study Eight Nine Mysteries, you'd better find some relevant resources." Restraining his shock, Zhang Yuanshan did not object Meng's choice for everyone wanted a better main skill.

If his "Zhenwu Dharmakaya" and Jiang Zhiwei's "Supreme Taoist" were both strong Dharmakayas, it was much likely that he would change his own main skill.

Meng Qi could just reply with a laugh. "It's obvious that I'm going to cultivate 'the Immortal Tao'. How could I find the resources about the Buddha?"

"Eight Nine Mysteries, you are becoming impregnable." Jiang Zhiwei joked.

Ruan Yushu said slowly in a low voice, "There're unfitting names but not wrong nicknames."

Meng Qi twitched his mouth and did not say more. He exchanged the Enlighten the Apertures Chapter of "Eight Nine Mysteries" and clinched it into his arms. With 131 Karma points left, he first exchanged a Hundred-herb Bolus because he had used up his Haunter's Replenishing Boluses. Even he had Golden Bell Shield and Immortal Pressing Art, he needed to save some exilirs for healing. Then he spent 30 Karma points on some basic material that could change one's appearance and its related tips to avoid being recognized and chased after to the main world in the future tasks.

Looking at the one Karma point left, Meng Qi finally remembered that he should restore his hair. But after the consultation, he knew that it required five Karma points. He immediately gave up the idea and put the remaining furs and spars of the Demon Venerable in for identification.

"Heavenly Meteorite Crystal, wondrous item, can contain the pure Spiritual Core well. It has been broken, so it only equals one Karma point."

"Monster's Skin, the material got by pealing off the skin of a monster which possessed one's body, can be used to forge weapons. It's worth 100 Karma points. Attention: People have different monsters possessing them. This is the outer monster of the Demon Venerable."

Looking at the introduction, Meng Qi thought for a while. He decided to save them, for they might be useful in the future.

"What do you want to exchange for?" Meng Qi "squinted" at Ruan Yushu who loved to sneer at him.

Ruan Yushu wore a cold and gentle complexion. Her face looked like glowing with a light. "I want to exchange for the music compositons that I've never seen."

"Er, what about Eight Non-human Sounds?" Meng Qi introduced as what a companion would do.

"Eight Non-human Sounds", at the elementary level of the Exterior, was from Six Fingers Music Demon. Based on tones, it could control enemies' thoughts and kill them with mentality.

Ruan Yushu read the introduction of "Eight Non-human Sounds" and showed a girl-like complexion which was seldom seen. She felt uneasy to say, "I didn't see it before, but I'm afraid that I could only a few sounds with my current strength."

She did not have enough energy for all the sounds.

"Eight Non-human Sounds" valued 1,050 Karma points.

"It's intended for saving your life. Besides, the next task is still a year away. You have almost opened Six Apertures." Meng Qi smiled.

Ruan Yushu had opened her Eye and Ear Apertures. Based on her body potentials and abundant resources, she was definitely able to open her Nose Apertures within a year.

Ruan Yushu became cold again and gently nodded. She threw her Crimson Moon Sword into the Central Light Pillar and said, "I have 1,170 Karma points. Aside from Eight Non-human Sounds, I want to exchange for a Heavenly Acumen Pill to ensure that I could open Six Apertures next year."

"Ok, if you open your Six Apertures before the next task, a delicious meal is on me." Meng Qi casually promised.

Ruan Yushu stared at him and replied, "I'm younger than you, so you cannot cheat me."

"All in the World of Samsara know that I keep my promise and value righteousness as the priority." Meng Qi said. Then he turned around and looked at Luo Shengyi. "Old Luo, what do you want?"

"I have long wanted a fist art of the Exterior. You needn't help me search other skills." Luo Shengyi said with a smile, "I want 'Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains'. If there's enough Karma points left, I want 'the Inner Elixir' to try to open all the Nine Apertures before next task."

The series of elixirs such as the Inner Elixir, Heavenly Acumen Pill and Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing Pill were effective. They were all valued at 540 Karma points.

"'Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains'. Is it the 'Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains' used by Swordsman of Ning Province years ago?" Zhang Yuanshan took a breath.

The power range of Zhen Wu Sect was the southern part of Hua Province and the northern part of Ning Province.

Seeing Meng Qi and them confused, he added, "Swordsman of Ning Province, was a Rogue Cultivator in Jianghu who had few adventures. He watched the shapes of mountains and combined several fist arts of Enlightening the Apertures Period. As a result, he braved his own way and created this 'Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains' that entered the elementary level of the Exterior. When one practiced it to the highest level, his fist could be strong like mountains over head. It was easy for the user to split the water and destroy mountains. But unfortunately, he died in the hands of 'Life-changing Sect', one of the Nine Evil Paths and was unable to promote this fist art."

Luo Shengyi gently nodded. "Swordsman of Ning Province is a predecessor that I admire very much. His fist art is suitable for me, so I have long wanted the 'Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains'. Luckily, my Karma points is eventually enough now."

He put Shaohua Sword, other the Refined Weapons and several scripts that he collected in the capital into the light pillar. After the Karma points came out, he thought for a while and put several concealed weapons into it again. He was relieved. "It's just 1,560 Karma points."

"Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains" cost 1,020 Karma points and the rest Karma points was just enough for one of the Inner Elixirs.

He quickly finished and stepped back, looking at Zhang Yuanshan and Qi Zhengyan who had not exchanged yet.

"Old Luo did not mention his main skill..." Meng Qi muttered but did not ask him. He smiled to Zhang Yuanshan. "Senior Brother Zhang, what's your choice?"

"Does he want to exchange for the Method of Feigning death?" But after consideration, Meng Qi thought that it was none of his business. He just happened to be with Zhang Yuanshan, so he had better not ask too much.

"The death mission is so urgent that I have to exchange the Inner Elixir. I would try to open Seven Apertures before the next task. But I would first reinforce my foundation." Zhang Yuanshan was a helpless. "As for the rest Karma points, I want to spend them on 'Burning Blood and Soul Technique'."

"It sounds violent..." Meng Qi found out its introduction and found that it was a explosive movement of the Exterior, superior to the Exterior Chapter of Sacrifice Formula. It could constantly burn the Spiritual Core and mental, forcing out the attack that was 50 percent or 100 percent stronger than its original strength. It lasted thirty breaths' long. As long as the user had enough elixirs or Spiritual Cores to refresh himself, he would only be ill. If the user exerted it at the risk of his life, he could launch attacks that were three times to five times stronger than his real strength.

Of course, this movement also possessed the function of "Feigned death without corpse left and hiding". This made Meng Qi curse in his heart. "How could Zhang Yuanshan find it."

After exchanged his own trophies, Zhang Yuanshan had 1,360 Karma points himself and with the Fu Zhenzhen's, he had a total of 1,620 Karma points. He spent 1,050 on 'Burning Blood and Soul Technique' and the Inner Elixir, and had 30 Karma points left.

Considering the future, he exchanged for some basic material for changing his countenance and related tips as Meng Qi did.

"I also want 'the Inner Elixir'." Qi Zhengyan, who kept silent before finally spoke. He had thought that after he improved his body potentials with "Book of the Chaos", there was no need for elixirs. But the deat mission was too serious and difficult.

After he exchanged all the belongings he had for Karma points, he said, "I have 1,320 Karma points now. I've opened Four Apertures and concentrated seveal Aperture points related to Apertures of Nose. I would try to open Six Apertures before the next task. I've accomplished primary level of 'Azure Blizzard' and reins of the rival hit by my palm would freeze."

After the rough desciption of his current strength, he exchanged for the Inner Elixir. After that, he had only 780 Karma points left. While before opening Eight Apertures, he still could not cultivate Purple Star River, the fifth level of Book of the Chaos. So there was not much point exchanging for it.

When Meng Qi and others were thinking what he should exchange for, he said, "During this task, I met a Master who was good at forging swords. I learnt the method of upgrading Dragon Stripe Golden Sword from him."

"Book of the Chaos" was comprehensive and powerful. He did not need any special skill. When he first entered the worlds before Samsara World, he was so anxious that he wanted some powerful concealed weapons and poisons to save his life. But now, he believed in his own strength.

"Well, Senior Brother Qi, your Dragon Stripe Golden Sword is a little inferior to the weapons of your enemies now." Meng Qi agreed with him. Although his Ice Splitting Sword was ordinary in terms of power, but its Evil Ordeal was strong.

Jiang Zhiwei was more expecting about this than them.

Qi Zhengyan exchanged for Dragon Blood Bone, Cloud Fog Drop and other materials. Together with Dragon Stripe Golden Sword, he put them into the Central Light Pillar. He only had 20 Karma points after the exchange.

The surrounding cloud surged up. Qi Zhengyan took out the upgraded Dragon Stripe Golden Sword. The strong dragon power shocked Meng Qi and he almost lost his balance. Moreover, the clouds around Dragon Stripe Golden Sword made enemies' attacks become slow.

"It's close to the Half-step Exterior Scenery." Jiang Zhiwei commented, eyes shining. This was the maximum power of the Refined Weapon in the enlightenment period. Together with the "script" of the Master if forging swords, 760 Karma points was really worthwhile. Also, the Dragon Stripe Golden Sword was a Refined Weapon.

Qi Zhengyan tried his sword and was very content. After he retracted his sword, they discussed the death mission until Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms reminded them to leave.

When Meng Qi was about to step into the light pillar, Jiang Zhiwei said by using Secret Voice-sending, "Little monk, I dealt with a cooperative task with Senior Brother Qi this time. But I found that he seemed to have some worries. Maybe he had some troubles in the main world. Since you're going to ask him for help, you could check out what has happened to him. If you need any help, you can find the sword store of Sword Washing Pavilion and leave me a message."

There were sword shops of Sword Washing Pavilion in each province.