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173 The Gathering of Heroes

 Meng Qi and Ruan Yushu headed off to Yunyan Mansion, the place where the peace negotiating emissary and the West Invaders were staying.

They decided to hide in a large tree next to Yunyan Mansion and observe the area first.

It was extremely quiet. It was already deep into the night and most people were asleep. There were only a few servants quietly going about their business.

Meng Qi knew that he wouldn't see any problems under these circumstances, so he decided to get inside using the Transformation Strategy to "explore" the emissary. Even if he messed up the peace negotiations, he would still be pleased. If the peace deal was brokered, Lu Guan would be obsolete. In such case, he would be in a tight corner. He would have to kill the Evil Prince to offset the Karma points lost for the botch-up.

"Over there," Ruan Yushu whispered using Secret-Voice sending.

The direction to which she had pointed was an alley in the northwest area of Yunyan Mansion.

Meng Qi concentrated his will towards his Ear Apertures. Only then was he able to hear the soft banging sound of weapons colliding.

"She's far more superior in hearing ability..."

thought Meng Qi, which made sense given that the Ruan family were renowned for their phonological ability. They must have had some secret on cultivating the Ear Acupores, and Dharma Access for heightening hearing. Though both she and Meng Qi had opened their Ear Acupores, Ruan Yushu was far more sensitive to sounds.

He didn't say much more. He focused his energy and like an eagle with its wings spread, dove into that direction.

It was common to see fights between gangs in the capital city, being as big as it was. The uncommon part was the fight happening near the Yunyan Mansion.

Both were more than adequate with their Lightness Skill. Hence it wasn't long before they reached the small alley.

"Stop." Meng Qi gestured Ruan Yushu to stop proceeding because a black shadow had jumped out in front of them. His figure was like that of a wolf, vicious and violent, definitely not to be underestimated.

Meng Qi pulled out the "Evil Ordeal", and in accordance with the experience he'd gained in the battle with the Evil Prince, his mid-brows pulsated and his will was projected to cover his blade and body in addition to sensing the surroundings. Then he sliced with his blade.

After his blade struck, he felt as if the Evil Ordeal had become his body. With his senses stretching out, he could feel the genuine Qi on the opponent's sabre, albeit with obscurity, which was why it was hard to figure out the transformations. After all, he was still just finding his feet. He needed more time to harness the technique.

As such, even just partially sensing the changes of the genuine Qi and body reactions, Meng Qi's blade attack was still powerful and exquisite!

To say the opponent was in a state of panic after Meng Qi made the blade attack was an understatement. His blade appeared to fuse with the surroundings and the only constant was change. No matter how he changed his moves, it was difficult to break away from the blade light!

He kept retrieving until his back hit the wall, only then did he remember to place his sabre across his chest. But the "Evil Ordeal" had already reached his head. As the back of the blade struck forcefully, he fainted.

Meng Qi stabbed his opponent's throat with the Ice Palace Sword and he died instantly. Since the sound of weapons colliding had disappeared, and only sounds of footsteps trying to escape could be heard, Meng Qi knew that he had no time to interrogate the guy. He knew that if he hadn't killed the opponent, he would have exposed himself.

Meng Qi used the sword to kill because he didn't want others to know that his specialty was actually the blade. Though the Evil Prince already knew this, the element of surprise was still there when facing other opponents!

Of course, another reason was that he felt he couldn't use the sword in a skillful manner yet. After Meng Qi's spar session with the Sword Emperor, who had also given him some guidance, he gained a lot. But since his sword art was at the stage of reconstruction so that he could break through new frontiers, he still felt very uncomfortable using the sword. He had to give it some time to digest and integrate. By the time his sword art reached new heights, the discomfort of using the sword would certainly disappear.

All along, his sword art had been like a Wild Fox Dhyana. Apart from Jiang Zhiwei helping him with the basics of sword art and the Essence he gained from the Yama's Invitation, he had to learn by trial and error. So blunders like the essence of the Nine Strategies Beyond the Sword were actually to turn complexity into simplicity and not the other way around. This was the nature and Dharma and Logos behind the sword art.

They were primarily used to elevate one's understanding of sword art, which based self as the entity, and the counter attack was actually a peripheral effect. But he had been influenced by subjectivity, and the so called "common sense of Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords" and gotten the order wrong. The Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms called the "Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords" the closest thing to sword art of the Exterior level because of the principles behind it!

If he hadn't had the Sword Emperor's guidance, his sword art would have stopped at this level. In addition, the philosophy was applicable, not to mention invaluable to his "Heaven Blade".

Meng Qi finally came to the realization of why Disciples from major factions were often better than Rogue Cultivators.

"Not only dong Qi finally came to the realization of why Disciples from major factions were often better than Rogue Cultivators.

He threw the dead body in the shade and worked his genuine Qi according to the path of Moves of Wind-god's Legs. Just like a gust of wind, he caught up to the escapist who had been constantly changing direction.

Meng Qi and Ruan Yushu stopped and hid in the shade of the wall, observing the two men who were hiding behind a tree in front of them.

"Jing Shao, you go ahead, don't worry about me. I know I can't get away from the escape-proof net set up by the Violent Blade," someone said in a weak voice. "Just spread the news that the peace negotiations are a set up and I'll be able to rest in peace.

"I'll NOT leave my brother behind! Plus, we need you to contact your tribe about the traitors!" The man replied in a candid and firm voice, "How is Violent Blade's strength?"

"His reputation spreads across the North-West grass lands. He's on par with the Evil Prince and Ghost King of the Central Plains. But he's brash and foolish enough to challenge the Living Buddha, resulting in his demise. Rumor has it that the battle left him an indelible weakness in his soul," the man with the weak voice suddenly said quickly.

Jing Shao muttered, "It matters not. I've been challenged. I won't back off!"

He carried the weak man on his back and scurried out of the yard towards the edge of the river. He planned to use the river to aid his escape.

Just at that moment, a cold snort entered his ears. Then, as if struck by thunder, he shuddered.

He turned his head and saw a large shadow approaching, carrying a Horseman Sabre. His imposing momentum was like that of the Evil Lord.

More shadows approached from all directions around the river, blocking every escape route they had planned.

"Fight! Kill these bastards!" Jing Shao cursed. Yet he didn't make a move but observed the enemies instead. He intended to divert their attention from the direction he planned on attacking.

"I've killed dozens of weaklings like you," Violent Blade claimed calmly.

Jing Shao and the man on his back were just about to speak when they heard "Amitabha" and felt the knocking of the Buddhist wooden fish penetrating straight to the heart.

Everyone turned in astonishment. A small boat drifted with the current and on top of the boat stood a white-robed monk. He did not look like a man from this secular world. With his socks and shoes spotlessly clean, he was beaming with the sense of a man of the Buddhist world, peaceful and quiet.

"The Ruyi Monk..." Violent Blade's voice suddenly sounded concerned.

The Ruyi Monk smiled and asked in a pleasant voice, "Donors, are you willing to leave with me, a poor monk?"

Both Jing Shao and the man on his back fell silent, not knowing whether to trust the Ruyi Monk.

"You'd better follow me instead," a man in a green robe said, coming from another direction. He had a grim look about him, as if he had just climbed out from the Nine Serenities.

"Donor Ghost King, I hope you're well." The Ruyi Monk put his palms together and greeted him calmly.

The situation was changing, there were three men of equal strength. Jing Shao had no way of knowing who was friend and who was foe. In addition, one wrong maneuver could result in a butterfly effect.

Given the circumstances, they all looked like they had ulterior motives!

Given the circumstances, they all looked like they had ulterior motives!

He froze just as he stepped onto the stone bridge. There was a man also standing on the bridge!

The man stood there with his hands behind his back, looking cold and cheerless in snow-like robes. He quietly watched the icy water flowing under the bridge. It was as if he had formed one single entity with the bridge, the moon and the river. The synergy was harmonious, repelling all other things!

"Another highly skilled master..."

thought Jing Shao as he slowed his pace.

He then saw the man slowly turn his body, revealing a cold but handsome face. He slowly unsheathed his sword. The motion looked like it had been repeated a thousand times before, containing within the indescribable charm, Dharma and Logos.

With his sword unsheathed, Meng Qi glowered at the Ghost King, Ruyi Monk and the others coldly,

"Who wants to challenge my sword?"

The Ghost King's pupils contracted. Then he bellowed in a low voice, "If it isn't the God-petrifying Sword, Xiao Meng!"

"God-petrifying Sword?" Jing Shao was shocked at first, followed by joy.