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151 "Competing with Each Other for Mutual Learning"

 Meng Qi chewed on a chicken leg, feeling that the sadness of Hua Tiange was too obvious.

"As a leader who is experienced in Jianghu, how could he show his sadness on his 50th birthday in front of so many people from Three Mountains and Four Rivers? Where are his shrewdness and grace?"

If there is no psychological preparation, it is natural to lose control of your countenance when you meet something shocking and unbelievable. But he had made the commitment with the Mount Qin Sword Sect three years ago, it would be too late to worry about it now. Why does he show his feelings like a reckless lad and a green hand in Jianghu? Is it reasonable for him as an experienced man in Jianghu?

And it is just about the temporary control of the Outsky Strange Stone. It does not mean that he would lose it forever, because he could retake it in three years. There is no need to act like he is losing his family.

"Like the Mount Qin Sword Sect, the Talent-accruing School also gains a lot from the Outsky Strange Stone. They have innovated several sets of martial arts, but have not completed bladesmanships and sword art. And their Disciples have no time to practice them. So there is little chance for them to win. No wonder Master Hua is so anxious that his hair has already turned gray." Wu Qinxin sighed. All sects of Three Mountains and Four Waters and brave men in Jianghu desired the Outsky Strange Stone. However, the Talent-accruing School and the Mount Qin Sword Sect were all supported by big sects and aristocratic families and they had a reason to keep it. So they dared not to loot it directly, but just watched the fight.

A short old man at the table chuckled and said, "Since Door Master Hua had gotten the Outsky Strange Stone, his grey hair has been growing, which is envied by many people."

That was true. He was exhausted to comprehend martial arts from the Outsky Strange Stone and understand the essence of the ancient gods. It cost him a lot of energy, so it was reasonable to have so many grey hairs at his age.

Shangguan Han slightly asked, "Is Hua Lun here?"

He did not know half of the Disciples surrounding Hua Tiange, but it was still easy for him to observe Hua Lun's absence. After all, Hua Lun was a famous martial pro in Three Mountains and Four Waters.

"Hua Lun isn't here... " Meng Qi slightly frowned. There may be something wrong. Maybe there were other matters that made Hua Tiange anxious.

As the dependency of the Zhen Yi School under the Zhen Wu Sect, Meng Qi naturally liked the Talent-accruing School more than the Mount Qin Sword Sect. So he subconsciously supported them.

But if they lost, it was just about the three years' temporary control. So Meng Qi did not plan to help. Neither did he have any excuse.

"Is Hua Lun scared?" At the table, a man with two iron whips took pleasure in their misfortune.

Because it was an informal dinner, Hua Tiange did not prevent those men who had a bad relationship with his sect from attending. Also, their aim was not to eat but just to join the fun and find some pleasure because they heard that the Talent-accruing School would probably lose.

"Hua Lun is the heir of the Zhen Yi School. You can lose a man but cannot lose confidence. Even if he had little chance to win, he would never run away when going into battle. Also, who could laugh at him if he is defeated by Huang Yun?" Wu Qinxin felt that Hua Lun was unlikely to accept the challenge.

"Aside from the leaders, nobody can make sure that he can defeat Huang Yun among Three Mountains and Four Rivers. It is normal to lose."

Meng Qi's fondness for gossip made him listen to their conversation while enjoying his delicious food. The Talent-accruing School occupied nearby farmlands and had a mine and medicine fields in the deep mountains, so it was generous. The cook was good as well. The salt-roasted chicken, smooth and slippery, emanated a delicious smell. It overshadowed any kind of flavoring, so Meng Qi could not stop eating.

"Little Brother Meng, we will see the Outsky Strange Stone soon." Wu Qinxin did not forget her "companion".

Meng Qi's mouth was full of chicken and oil, so he could not speak and just slightly nodded.

Others all broke into laughter and shook their heads, thinking Meng Qi was a Jianghu idler who followed Wu Qinxin here just for free food.

Wu Qinxin slightly frowned.

"Little Brother Meng is enjoying his food too much. People come here to watch the fight instead of eating... "

Shangguan Han wore a smile for his correct judgment.

Hua Tiange led several Elders and Disciples to the front. He coughed and said, "I'm very grateful that you all come here to celebrate my birthday... "

After some greetings, he sighed and said, "You also know that today the Mount Qin Sword Sect would be here to fulfill the commitment set three years ago. If there is anything troublesome, I beg your pardon."

They all showed that they did not mind it at all. Except for those people who were related to the Talent-accruing School, were they not here to watch the fight?

Hua Tiange took out a parcel from his sleeve and put it on an empty table. Then he said, "This is the Outsky Strange Stone. You all could appreciate it."

All of them held their breath and focused their attention on watching Hua Tiange open his parcel, hoping that they could understand some super martial arts just by one glance from a distance.

Meng Qi picked up a piece of boiled fish which was fresh and moderately salty. He also looked over.

He slowly opened the parcel. Inside was a black stone the size of a fist, which looked normal at first sight. But if you gazed at it, you would feel that horrible demons were trapped inside. It shocked them.

"Holy Spirit Deterrence... " Meng Qi was not surprised but he could imitate the feeling. And because the deterrence was blocked by the black stone, he could not feel it exactly.

"It certainly is the Outsky Strange Stone... " Wu Qinxin muttered, as if she had lost her mind.

Veins in Shangguan Han's hand, which he used to hold bamboo chopsticks, were clearly seen and his attention was totally drawn by the Outsky Strange Stone. He would have liked to grab it and observe it carefully.

"Yum, the Outsky Strange Stone itself is still extraordinary even without the blood of the gods. It could block most of the Holy Spirit Deterrence, so it is a good material for forging weapons." Meng Qi looked down and sighed with emotion. He could even figure out with his toes that a weapon with components from the Outsky Strange Stone could prevent the Vital Spirit from being attacked and decrease the effects of mental attacks.

Hua Tiange displayed the Outsky Strange Stone to all of them to show that he did not hide it. All of the people looked at the stone carefully, which left the hall in a complete silence.

Before he put down the stone, laughter came from the door. "Door Master Hua is really an honest man. You show the Strange Stone so early and I really admire you for that."

Meng Qi turned his head as the others did. He saw a dozen people walking toward them. At their front was a grey-haired old man in a green frock with a longsword. He was thin and elegant.

"'Wind-following Sword' Ning Jidao." Wu Qinxin told the "outsider" Meng Qi in a low voice.

Meng Qi slightly nodded and glanced at the wooden sheath of Ning Jidao. And then he looked at the two young men beside him. One of them wore a high hat, broad girdles, and a loose frock. He had bushy eyebrows and bright eyes. His hands were white as polished jade and he looked a little arrogant. The other handsome young man was about 20 years old and ordinary looking, who wore a mild smile on his face. And he carried a longsword inside a sharkskin sheath.

"'Flying Sword' Swordsman Huang... " Wu Qinxin looked at the young man with her bright eyes, which disappointed Shangguan Han.

"And the other one is?" Meng Qi felt that the other man was not inferior to Huang Yun in terms of momentum.

Shangguan Han frowned and answered, "I don't know."

Wu Qinxin shook her head also. She pointed to the two young swordsmen behind Huang Yun and introduced them. "This is 'Swan-rousing Sword' Luo Qiusheng and 'Tarsal Soft Swords' Tao Kang. With Huang Swordsman, they are called 'Qin Shan Three Swordsmen'. But most of their reputation is earned by Swordsman Huang. They all have opened their Four Apertures."

She looked down on Luo Qiusheng and Tao Kang, thinking that their reputation was earned by Huang Yun.

"I have never heard of them... "

Meng Qi twitched his mouth.

"Leader Ning is also on time. Who is this distinguished guest?" Hua Tiange clearly did not know the arrogant young man who wore a high hat and broad girdles either.

Ning Jidao introduced him with a smile. "This is Zhang Zhifan, Childe Zhang, who is from Hui County in the Longnan Region. People call him 'Burning Sun Super Palm' in Jianghu."

"No wonder he has an air of arrogance of an aristocratic family. It turns out that he is the disciple of one of the branches of the Longnan Zhang."

Meng Qi suddenly understood.

"It's 'Burning Sun Super Palm'. It's said that his name could be listed in the Ranking List of Young Masters. If he had opened Seven Apertures, he would definitely be one of them!" Wu Qinxin was surprised.

Shangguan Han and others at the table all frowned and said, "Does Longnan Zhang directly send people here?"

Zhang Zhifan politely congratulated Hua Tiange on his birthday. Then he said, "When I traveled here, I heard that my brother Huang would compete with your son, so I'm here to watch the battle without other intentions."

Hua Tiange nodded. He said in a half smile, "I beg your pardon. My son has been gone for two days. I'm very worried about him."

"Swordsman Hua isn't here?" Ning Jidao slightly frowned and asked, "Which three Disciples would accept the challenge?"

They were all disappointed.

"Could they see a battle between two martial pros? Hua Lun really ran away at the risk of ruining his reputation?"

Before Hua Tiange answered, Huang Yun said with a mild smile, "If Swordsman Hua was not here, we wouldn't be happy even if we won. I think we can delay the fight for three days to show our respect. If Swordsman Hua is still missing then, Door Master Hua, you appoint other Disciples at that time. Is that okay?"

Hua Tiange did not expect that Huang Yun was so thoughtful and reasonable and he looked at Ning Jidao with surprise.

Ning Jidao thought for a while and smiled. Then he said, "I agree with him."

"Very good, very good." Hua Tiange was a little grateful. He had planned to add another Disciple.

All the men at the table were more disappointed because they could not watch the fight today. What was worse, it was delayed for three days. What bad luck! Meng Qi was one of them for it was never too much for him to watch.

The hall was noisy.

Huang Yun looked around and smiled. He asked, "Door Master Hua, they have waited for the fight for a long time. If we just leave, we may dampen their enthusiasm. What if I appoint three Disciples at your will and compete with your Disciples for mutual learning to satisfy their needs?"

Hua Tiange suddenly turned pale.

"It's the wrangling guest that takes the place of the host. Besides, Huang Yun could totally choose his Disciples. He definitely wants to humiliate me today and make me more embarrassed in three days."

"Swordsman Huang is so wise!" Many onlookers praised him.

Hua Tiange thought that Huang Yun had helped him save face just now, if he disagreed now, he would be criticized. Furthermore, the guests were interested and excited. So he could only squeeze a half smile and said, "Swordsman Huang is really considerate. Just appoint your Disciples."

Huang Yun signaled "Swan-rousing Sword" Luo Qiusheng with his eyes to challenge Meng Qi.

Luo Qiusheng was thin and cold. He stood straight with his sword. He went to the empty place that was set for the fight. He cupped one hand in the other before his chest and said, "As your junior, I beg for your teaching."

As expected... Hua Tiange's heart suddenly sank. Brother Hu was the Disciple of an Elder of the Talent-accruing School, one of the designated Disciples.

Under the watchful eyes of the people, Disciple Hu could not refuse. So he accepted the challenge with his sword. Their swords, both with bright light, hit each other with clanks. They moved as quickly as they could.

"Good sword art!" Wu Qinxin, Shangguan Han, and others all praised it. It was clear that these two fighters' sword forms were extraordinary in their eyes.

Meng Qi was also interested. He muttered, "Five flaws, six flaws, three flaws... "

He wished that he could perform the sword art by himself.

At the climax of the fight, Luo Qiusheng knocked Disciple Hu's longsword away. His attack made him stumble backward and bump into the table in front of Meng Qi and others.

Meng Qi immediately waved his longsword to stop him to save the delicious food.

People all looked at Meng Qi who had a chicken leg in his mouth. Now he was like an extremely "outstanding" glopeting with me?"

"Me?" Meng Qi put down the chicken leg and pointed at his own nose.

"I can only use some of my strength to compete with him with my sword, which might not expose me..."

Luo Qiusheng squeezed a smile and said, "Make sure that you stop at an appropriate time."

Meng Qi took a handkerchief and slowly wiped his mouth and hands. He threw it on the table, and then looked at Luo Qiusheng with a big smile, saying,

"Forgive my rudeness."