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142 On Fire

 The moon shed cold light with a lonely curve hanging over the sky. The night was dark, and one could barely see his fingers in some shadowed places.

Evil Ridge was surrounded by horse bandits, who were divided into groups, each containing four people. Some were holding lanterns and patrolling over the passages up to the mountain. Some were watching towards the backs of rocks and big trees for fear of being sneak-attacked.

They were languid anyway. Fitful banters and bawdy laughter could be heard. One could tell they were perhaps talking about which wench was the best in "martial art in bed".

Since Ze Luoju quartered at the Evil Range, he had never been attacked there. After he promoted to the Exterior Level and became one of the overlords of Immensity Sea, even Evil Range became a fearsome place.

After returning to their headquarters, all the horse bandits loosened their guard. They could unleash what they really were and get rid of any stress. No one expected that they would be attacked, and the patrol was only a routine task.

The leader of each group was at Eye Apertures level while the three team members were normal bandits of Qi-cultivation Stage. Now, one of the young bandits said smiling, "Chief, I want to pee."

"You go to f**king pee! Lazy sheep shit more," the leader waved hands, "Be quick, you're a bloody jinx!"

Fitful gurgling sounds came from behind the trees. The leader laughed to the other two, "Gee, he is too young to pee like that. Listen to the sound."

Seemingly from nowhere, he saw a blade come out from a dark crevice nearby.

It was so weird and terrible!

As a thuggish leader, though he could not dodge this abrupt strike, he chose to strike back with a desperate blade. It was a right decision according to his veteran experiences and from his instinct.

Yet, it was only a right decision on normal occasions.


His Horseman Sabre hit on a diamond. No, not a diamond. It was just an arm, but the blade cut off the leader's head. The blood gushed out and reddened the remained body.

This happened so abruptly that the other two did not react when they saw the falling head. When they were about to cry out, a shadow came down from the canopy of the tree and thrust the sword directly into the throat of a horse bandit. While on the other side, another shadow also came from a crevice of rocks. With a flower-pinching gesture, a finger softly flew by and blocked the key meridian of the other horse bandit from behind.

When the horse bandit that returned from peeing saw this, he frighteningly screamed, trying to alert others.

Then he saw a blade come over and hacked apart both his weapon and his body.

Before falling into oblivion, he thought that his cry must have been heard by people within the camp. But why was there no reaction?

Zhen Hui took a curious look at the falling bandit. "Brother, why is he muttering softly?"

He should be shouting as loud as possible. Was he taken by ghosts?

"Perhaps he's got epilepsy," said Meng Qi seriously to Zhen Hui. Actually, after having left the World of Samsara and Heavenly Sea Source, his Transformation Strategy had improved tremendously. He was already able to affect the hearing of his enemy. That's why the bandit was assuming that he had been crying instead of talking softly.

Zhen Hui nodded and pointed to the one who was spared. "Brother, I've caught a living one."

"Great job. We need one to figure out the things inside the camp." Then Meng Qi dragged the bandit to a place behind a boulder while Gu Changqing cast the three cadavers down the slope instead of drawing them and left traces to be detected. There was an arrow tower farther away.

Behind the boulder, Meng Qi swelled his mid-brows and projected his will as well as disacupinned the aphonic acupoint of the bandit. "Tell me what is inside the camp," said Meng Qi, looking at the bandit with profound eyes.

The bandit wanted to cry, but after having eye contact with Meng Qi, his mind seemed to be taken entirely into his eyes and answered the questions in a trance.

This was also a way to exploit Transformation Strategy. Though it was on someone much lower in level, it was still quite fascinating for it provided the best option to pry out intelligence.

Even if Transformation Strategy was much weaker compared with Half-step Exterior Scenery, for the status quo of Meng Qi, it was a providential aid!

"Zhen Hui, here is the food stash which stores many barrels of oil. You find a rope and drench it in oil, and pour it on these places, respectively. After you ignite the end of the rope here, leave along this way and hide there." Meng Qi drew out a sketch of the camp and informed Zhen Hui of his task and escape. "Got it?"

"Yes," answered Zhen Hui seriously with his face taut.

Meng Qi turned to Gu Changqing, "Kang Zhi, the Evil Bookster, was quite prudent. His domicile is between those of the two Seven Apertures chiefs. Two fists are not enough to defend against four strong hands, though I am not afraid of any of them. Let's wait and hide here. After the fire and the confusion in the camp, we will charge directly to the domicile of Kang Zhi and hack off the head of the python. Better to strike as quickly as possible."

"Beheading strategy?" asked Gu Changqing for confirmation.

"Yes, to take the leader before we subdue the army. Kang Zhi is the master of Ze Luoju and chief of the camp. We get him first, then the confusion of the camp would not be resumed. There would be at least one of the two Seven Apertures martial pros to check the fire. Until they find something wrong and return, we should have enough time to deal with Kang Zhi and one Seven Apertures pro," explained Meng Qi specifically.

Gu Changqing's eyes were full of hatred. "Very well! I will do Kang Zhi."

Though compared to Kang Zhi, he did not open Ear Apertures, it was not a big difference. As long as he gave all he could and strike every move desperately, he would at least hold it until Meng Qi came to help after he did away with the Seven Apertures pro.

He would certainly strike desperately with every move for he had no fear of death!

Away from the arrow tower, Meng Qi and others sneaked into the camp from another entrance. Zhen Hui alone went to the food granary where there was virtually no defense, while Meng Qi started running the Transformation Strategy and took Gu Changqing directly through the camp arriving at the domicile of Kang Zhi as ghosts. They found a shadowed place and hid.

Along the way, due to the existence of the arrow tower, they could not hide directly from the patrolling hands. Yet, by virtue of shadows and Transformation Strategy, they managed to elude those lackadaisical horse bandits.

Because the gang had been quartering here for years, the domicile of Kang Zhi was a well-established house. It was quite sumptuous seen from outside. Beside it were two houses where the two Seven Apertures pros resided, respectively. Ze Luoju kept its custom since he was a lone highwayman and kept only wenches instead of a family. He lived inside the council hall at the headquarters. His assets were divided into three parts: one to Hahler for the Crying Elder, one to be distributed to his subordinates, and the last one was stashed in this place, just as what An Guoxie had done.

Behind the shadow, Meng Qi beckoned Gu Changqing to bide the time while he launched Will-projecting to conceal himself. With one leap he moved to the roof to check whether Kang Zhi was inside.

"They were still


in such late evening."

Meng Qi saw Kang Zhi sitting in the middle of the house, waving his fan while lecturing the subordinates.

"Enforce the circulation of the affair of Family Gu, and let everyone in Immensity Sea know. They are not outsiders, and they are with family. If they dare to defy us, they should think of this affair first," said Kang Zhi with a snigger.

He was quite easy to recognize for he had distinct features. Having heard these words, Meng Qi became even more furious.

He managed to suppress his anger. He had to consider what he would do after he killed him. He returned to Gu Changqing and gestured that Kang Zhi was indeed inside.

Afte waiting for a while, they saw flames flaring up to the sky in a corner. A shrill voice came over,

"Fire! Fire!"

Suddenly, the camp became chaotic as countless people cried at the same time. Some went immediately to quench the fire. Some were dumbfounded. Some came to seek orders.

With an enjoinder from Kang Zhi, the Seven Apertures pro of the house on the left brought some hands to check the fire and find out if there were enemies.

"It is the time!" Meng Qi told Gu with Secret Voice-sending. He launched Transformation Strategy, wrapped his body with will again, and leapt upon the roof. Gu Changqing followed closely behind.

Kang Zhi was very alert. There were dozens of bandits surrounding him, among which many were veterans with two or four Acupores opened. Under the circumstances, Transformation Strategy might not work effectively.

It was good to have sent away a Seven Apertures pro and cause a tumult. Meng Qi was quite satisfied though he could not sneak-attack as planned.

"As man we should fear no charging." Meng Qi eyed at Gu Changqing and bared his teeth. As a flash he rushed downside and hashed out his Buddhist Commandment Blade, which was shining a dark red glow.

Kang Zhi, well prepared, backed away with one step. He waved his fan and gave out three dark rays while other bandits were coming at the commands of several two or four-Acupore leaders.

With Thousand Pounds Falling, Meng Qi plumbed onto the ground and averted the three concealed weapons, but there were still a wall of hands rushing towards him, glittering with cold light and sharpness.

He did not halt but sprinted directly to the sabres and swords. With his left hand covering his face and throat, he threw himself square at the wall as a heavy chariot.

The bandits in front felt an overwhelming power and pulled back. They found their weapons could not hurt him. All the wounds on his dark golden skin could render no deeper cuts except for a little drop of blood. Some weapons were even pinched between his muscles.


With a howl, Meng Qi wielded his Red Sun Evil Blade with tremendous force.

Heads were sent flying by a dark red flash, and the blood gushed out from the remaining bodies.

The cadavers fell, and an empty access appeared despite the enemy along the way. He exerted Moves of Wind-god's Legs and charged directly towards Kang Zhi.

Such a scene seemed to have frightened Kang Zhi. He stared at Meng Qi appalled.

With a bright sabre light, Meng Qi's Red Sun Evil Blade was parried off by a great force. He backed off and saw a hoary senior with a Horse-cutting Blade. He was the Seven Apertures pro left.

Seeing this, other horse bandits circumvented Meng Qi to his blind side while Gu Changqing fell lightly down to the yard and headed directly to Kang Zhi.

Meng Qi stopped and was ready to advance charging at the Seven Apertures veteran.

His blade lit up accompanied by red dust billowing!