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134 Divine Punishmen

 It was completely silent in the hall. Most people did not know Meng Qi. They could not believe that he was so reckless and arrogant.

"Who are you challenging? You are challenging a famous Nine Apertured Master in the Immensity Sea!"

Where did such an idiot come from?

It was more unbelievable for Wang Hong, who had a battle with Meng Qi before. From Meng Qi's moves, strength, agility, and sword art, he assumed that Meng Qi at most had opened Four Acupores.

"At his age, Meng Qi might equal the heirs of big sects, for there had always been someone who was special and who had experienced something unusual. But why did Meng Qi dare to challenge Boss Yuan Meng?"

He used to mock Meng Qi for Yuan Mengzhi before because he wanted to stimulate him to challenge other famous horse bandits. Thus, Meng Qi might offend everyone and be killed on the spot. But he never thought that he dared to challenge Boss Yuan Meng!

There was an instant that he felt it was a dream.

But soon he got disillusioned from that dream. He viewed Meng Qi as a lunatic.

"There should be a limit to arrogance!"

In the past, none of the new undisciplined horse bandits did what was beyond their abilities, especially when their abilities could be shown on the spot instead of after the battle.

So they dared to attack rivals in places where fighting was prohibited, to attack bosses of horse bandits who were protected by martial pros, and to launch a fight or kill someone regardless of the consequences.

However, when there was a huge gap between their rivals and themselves, they might be unruly, they might arduously try to improve themselves, or they might poison their rivals to kill them. But they absolutely did not dare to directly challenge their rivals!

What's the point of reputation when someone dies?

But now, Wang Hong saw a "new horse bandit" he had never encountered before.

"How dare he challenge Boss Yuan Meng just for fame! Does he think that Boss Yuan Meng is a good person who will stop at a proper time during a fight?"

"Silly and arrogant people always die quickly."

Wang Hong was relieved. He had been eyed by people like Meng Qi, so he was kind of anxious and fearful as if there had been a hissing viper which stealthily stared at him to wait for an opportunity to kill him.

But now, everything would pass.

Zhong Yashe had more facial expressions as he was so surprised, bemused, and frightened.

"Did he really challenge Yuan Mengzhi? Boss Yuan Meng, can I say that I don't know him?"

He was so regretful. His heart was hurt. How could he have been lured by the lard before and recruit him to their team?

No, when a wolf encounters an insurmountable enemy, it would also choose to retreat and take devious strategies. He has totally lost his mind!

"What can I explain... " Zhong Yashe was very worried. If he was not under the glare of the public eye or if there was no chaos here, he would have run away!

Emm, should I stop him and save the situation, or just pretend not to know him?

His mind was in a mess, as was Gong Shayue's.

"Little Meng is handsome, but how could he be so stupid? Does he only have a good appearance?"

When Zhong Yashe made his decision to pull back Meng Qi and let him apologize to stop such a dangerous situation, Du Mo, who wore a white headdress, stood out and coldly said, "You have to defeat me before you can challenge my Senior Brother."

If Boss Yuan Meng is so easy to be challenged, what's the point of his men?

But he was still cautious about it.

"This guy's Kung Fu must be kind of powerful. He dared to challenge our boss. Therefore, it would be better if I stand out to fight. I could not let other ordinary peers who just enlightened all their Acupores take the risk."

If none of Yuan Mengzhi's party accepted the challenge, they would totally lose face.

Of course, if there had been no one here, in order to preserve their reputation, the customary practice was: Rush toward him and split him with blades!

Yuan Mengzhi kept his composure and played with the golden cup in his hand, but actually, he was very angry that Meng Qi should dare to challenge his power and authority.

Besides, he had been bold too. During that time, he had dared to attack enemies in the streets of the Fish Sea, and to kill a pro with a strong background with one palm at the risk of being chased after. But never had he challenged leaders who were overwhelmingly more powerful than himself. He had dared to do so until he had almost gotten to the same stage of his enemies.

How dare he?

Of course, as a famous person in the Immensity Sea, taking his fame into consideration, he managed to control himself and did not accept the challenge. Instead, he gave Du Mo an approving and authoritative look.

When Meng Qi stood out, Zhen Hui's facial expressions changed but soon he collected himself to be calm.

Meng Qi coldly said without any facial expression, "How can you deserve to challenge me?"

Clamor, as all those present burst into an uproar. In the Immensity Sea, there were few horse bandits who could open Seven Apertures in their thirties. Aside from powerful figures with good impartation like An Guoxie, Du Mo was one of them. His Kung Fu came from his tribe and his strength was from his bloody blade!

How dare you overlook such a figure?

You just opened Four Acupores! A complete lunatic! Do you think that you are really someone just because of your special experiences?

Having experienced a lot, Meng Qi looked as mature as a 17- or 18-year-old boy. He could be regarded as an excellent Disciple in a big sect, for he had opened Four Acupores so early. If he had been a member of the horse bandits with weak impartation, he could make his name synonymous with getting special experiences!

Du Mo tried hard to control his anger and slowly walked downstairs. When he about to say some civilities and attack Meng Qi, Meng Qi suddenly moved as quickly as a harsh wind and a ghost. He directly flashed by Du Mo, drawing his dark-red long blade directly to Yuan Mengzhi.

Although it was an expected move and reactions were a little slow, Du Mo, who had opened Seven Apertures and was able to see and hear clearly, was not caught off guard. He horizontally waived his blade to avoid a sneak-attack and blocked Meng Qi.

The blade hit Meng Qi, but it was as if he had hit a bubble which immediately broke up and disappeared.

Du Mo was both shocked and angry.

"Normally, I could not be affected by such illusions. But I was in a hurry this time, so I had no time to tell and only moved by my feelings. As a result, I was fooled by his trick!"

He took back his blade and protected himself. He felt kind of uneasy.

"He could generate illusions. Maybe he is a Half-step Exterior Scenery? It is impossible because he is so young!"

"Be careful, Senior Brother!" he blurted out.

Meng Qi's image appeared in the air. He integrated all his Energy, Qi, Spirit, and Will into the Red Sun Evil Blade.

When Meng Qi's illusions fooled Du Mo, Yuan Mengzhi was a little astonished, but he was not affected by that. Although he was conceited, his power was always at its peak. Therefore, he was not cheated by illusions.

It is reasonable. Without some tricks, how could he have killed An Guoxie?

After he understood Meng Qi's identity, he was calm. He put out his hands, ready to catch the Buddhist Commandment Blade.

"Aside from illusions, judging from Meng Qi's moves and momentum, he has opened, at most, Four Acupores!"

Yuan Mengzhi had stocky and big hands which were smooth and did not have scars like an ordinary horse bandit. They looked like delicately carved gray jade with glittering light.

Yuan Mengzhi was satisfied with his hands: In Che Li, a famous person named Guan Feng had been in charge of a group of horse bandits. He had disregarded everyone with his fine 36 Splitting Water Skills. He had ruled the surrounding Oasis, but his neck had been pinched off by these hands; "Cold Moon Sword" Cheng Guang was a Nine Apertured Master who had ranked top in the Immensity Sea. Although Cheng Guang had chased after Yuan Mengzhi for almost a thousand kilometers, Cheng Guang's neck had also been pinched off by these hands; Wu Chenzi, the heir of the Southern Mountain Sect of the North Zhou Dynasty, hated evils as his enemies. To seek justice for others, he, with his Seven Apertures opened, challenged Yuan Mengzhi. Although Wu Chenzi had good skills, Yuan Mengzhi had still pinched off his neck and killed him.

And today, he was going to pinch off the neck of the heir of main stream martial arts!

Although he had a sabre, what really mattered were his "Gray Jade Hands"!

The blade lit up. The light was neither bright nor dim, neither brilliant nor evil. It was just like a normal blade which could easily be found at the end of a street.

The light of that blade reminded Zhong Yashe that his wife and children had been killed in a fire set by horse bandits. He was both angry and dispirited. He wanted to avenge them, but he also wanted to quit his job as a horse bandit. Gong Shayue remembered that she had loved to smile and play before. She had wanted to marry the right person one day. But those horse bandits broke up her happy life...

All had their sadness and unforgettable scars in their hearts!

When the dark-red blade light showed up, the entire hall was in silence. It seemed that everyone was frozen.

Yuan Mengzhi was slightly distracted and he seemed to see Ze Luoju with his black eye patch.

Ze Luoju put his hands behind his back and stood straight. He was so tiny before Ze Luoju, for he had knelt down on the ground.

"I know you are a wolf which could not be tamed. You will eat your owner. But I'm not afraid because you could never catch me. For me, you are always a dog." Ze Luoju drily said, "Now it's time for you to show whether you have the ability to get your food."

Yuan Mengzhi raised his head. At such an angle, Ze Luoju looked extremely tall, which made Yuan Mengzhi shameful. Ze Luoju seemed to be a god or Skyscraping Devil whom he could not defeat but only surrender to!

Such fear swallowed him from his heart. It was so real like Sky Thunder exploding beside his ears, making him shiver with fear.

The purple thunderbolt mark on Meng Qi's left hand bulged. Everyone in the hall felt the deterrence of a god or Sky Thunder, which was hard to overcome. They shivered with fear and totally forgot things as their minds went blank.

The falling rain hurt Gu Changqing. He quickly left the Old Cao Hotel and went back to his yard to avoid the suspicion of Wu Yong.

Suddenly, the light exploded. The whole Fish Sea was as bright as the day. Gu Changqing unconsciously raised his head, only to see dancing Thunderbolt Pythons mingling together to a silvery thunder-light, which was as wide as a bucket. Powerful and unyielding, it directly struck the Castellan Mansion!


After the thunder-light came a deafening roar. It made Gu Changqing shiver as if he had just escaped from the power of Divine Punishment.

"It's raining and it's thundering... " He spoke to himself as Meng Qi had before.

Inside the Old Cao Hotel, Drunk Xie and others looked at the sky through the windows. They stared at those terrifying silvery Thunderbolt Pythons.

Nobody spoke because it was totally out of their expectation. They were all shocked!


Hit by the blade spirit, Yuan Mengzhi was disillusioned from "Peace Quietude Split". He roared and put his palms together to defend against the Buddhist Commandment Blade which almost hit him.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened up. He saw a huge silvery thunder-light that broke the roof and fell on the Buddhist Commandment Blade. It cut everything!

What he saw was completely white. He could only see numerous Thunderbolt Pythons dancing, which he pressed his hands on.


The deafening thunder shook him. Yuan Mengzhi was very regretful.

"But who can defend such a close deterrence of the heaven and the earth?"

The Exterior?!

That was his last thought.