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130 Joining The Gang

 "They've tainted my domain. One life should be taken to pay for this. If you still stay here, I'll slaughter you all." Meng Qi "insolently" raised his Long Sword.

"Damn, beware... " A horse bandit was just going to say something of grandeur, but a long sword came over with unparalleled speed. He was thrust square at the throat and fell flaccidly.

He is just so disrespectful of the rules!

This was the only idea curdled in the minds of the nearby horse bandits.

Without saying anything, Meng Qi with several clean strikes killed the other horse bandits of the Qi-cultivation Stage, in a lightning-long instant.

In no time the small-sized horse bandits team was eliminated.

"This is the result of your choice," said Meng Qi in a cold tone, retrieving the Ice Portal Sword back to the scabbard.

"You've aroused in me an eager kill." Gu Changqing said while looking at the corpses on the ground. But his indignation became thorough brashness in the ears of other horse bandits.

Back to the tent, they kept silent while looking at each other. Considering their own disposition, it was natural that they felt strange living among the horse bandits. They could barely comfort themselves with others.

"The horse bandits lack in humanity. It's good to kill some." Gu Changqing said through Secret Voice-sending. He thought the "monk" Meng Qi was blaming himself for murder.

Meng Qi feigned a grin and replied, "Let's talk sword art instead."

It was too easy to kill those weak figures. But there were too many cases where caravans were reaved and innocent people were killed. It seemed impossible to eradicate them all. So he indeed felt somehow frustrated. No wonder it was said that even the Buddha had a temper.

Gu Changqing then stopped and began talking about sword art with Meng Qi.

When they became highly engaged and ready to have a spar with each other, a savage voice came from outside the tent, "Brothers. Zhong Yashe is here to visit."

"Zhong Yashe?"

Meng Qi and Gu Changqing stared at each other and felt amazed. He was a leader of one of the stronger gangs and was said to have opened Six Apertures.

Bewildered for a moment, Meng Qi vaguely got the intention of Zhong Yashe. He should be here to recruit them, for they did not belong to any group yet and had relatively strong strength. There was no horse gang which did not want to recruit new hands in order to aggrandize, so long as their leader was strong enough to bring them under control.

They went out of the tent and stared at Zhong Yashe somewhat condescendingly.

Zhong Yashe had a thick beard and was robed as a normal desert tramp. The women with him, though somewhat sand-stricken on their faces, were still sexy, their bosoms bulging out and hips tilting up.

"This is Gong Shayue, our third manager." Zhong Yashe introduced roughly. Then he said with a big smile, "Now many people so cruel and disgusting. Bravo for your killing just now! If you hadn't done it, I was ready to give them a lesson anyway. You see, people like us only seek fortune, and take no life unless if there were some people too obdurate."

After several greetings, Zhong Yashe spoke out his real intention. "You guys are strong and reasonable. We are of the same kind. So I would love for you to join our gang. You'd be the Fourth and Fifth Manager. What you say?"

His gang had a battle against another gang and lost quite a lot of hands. Now he had only three managers left including himself, so he was desperate to recruit new hands.

Besides, these new horse bandits have no regard for the rules and full of vigor. They were true new blood for the gang!

There were two ways a horse bandit could follow for their "career". The first way was to survive numerous battles prudently and finally outgrow all others and become a true martial expert. These guys would finally become indifferent to life and death, and end up with a personality lacking in audacity and seeking security. The second way, which was exactly what Meng Qi and Gu Changqing was pretending to take, was to fight with a spontaneous bold character and to kill anyone in their way. The guys following this route aspired for freedom and wealth of horse bandits and were full of vigor and boldness. They could help achieve great things if they were used properly!

As Meng Qi was playing as the latter kind, he certainly knew too well how to reply. "That would depend on the Kung Fu level of you, Keeper Zhong."

Why should I let you be the head keeper? You should demonstrate your power first!

Zhong Yashe knew well what Meng Qi was implying, and it was what he expected from this youth of such character. He smiled and said, "Brother, let's spar and you'll know."

His expression was quite calm, though deep within he was extremely alert. If he should not overwhelm him, he might be killed by this young guy, and his team would be submitted to this guy as well.

Meng Qi unsheathed his sword with his left hand. The translucent sword glistened brightly under the rays at sunset. Zhong Yashe felt a chill and acclaimed, "Bravo!"

It's indeed a Refined level long sword. No wonder this young man possessed such good Kung Fu. He must be an elite talent of one of the tribes or clans of the West Regions. He definitely came to the Immensity Sea to "establish his name" and win a "fortune".

Zhong Yashe withdrew his own weapon, a saber which was often used on horseback. It was dark reddish as if drenched by the blood of thousands of people. It was really intimidating.

"A Refined Weapon, as well as a blade forged by the devil."

Meng Qi conjectured.

Then he did not wait. He jabbed the sword towards the mid-brows of Zhong Yashe. This was a sword move derived from Luo Qing's martial experience.

Zhong Yashe shunned to the left, and struck his saber transversely, turning defense into attack.

Their fight soon fell into a morass. The bladesmanship of Zhong Yashe was erratic, which was common in the West Regions and distinct from those of the Central Plains. There was a sense of vehemence in his bladesmanship, for his every move was a fierce attack without mercy. It was as if fighting in a battlefield desperately for life.

Meng Qi's sword moves were even inferior to his blade moves. As Five Tiger-like Bladesmanship and Blood Bladesmanship were of Qi-cultivation Stage, he managed to reach Enlightenment by virtue of his mastery of Peace Quietude Split. But his sword art was even beyond Qi-cultivation Stage. He improved it merely through basic swordsmanship and mock battles!

Yama Inviting was only one move, which he mastered preliminarily through a great deal of practice. Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords was still far from applicable. Heng Qu Swordsmanship was acquired several days before and he had only read it through without much practice.

Yet Meng Qi had sufficient practical experience. Fast Sword of Zhao Family was quick to take and had been practiced when he sparred with Luo Qing. Besides his Blood Bladesmanship was also known for erraticism, so the saber moves of Zhong Yashe were not strange enough to fluster him.

Therefore their battle gained speed with each move. It made Gong Shayue and Gu Changqing both nervous with cold sweat and worried about their fellow.

Gong Shayue was worried that his boss would be hurt by this ferocious young man. But Gu Changqing worried that if Meng Qi was cut his Golden Bell Shield would be exposed and all the horse bandits would come to hunt them. Yuan Mengzhi and his host were not far from that place.

In battles like this, Meng Qi's sword art improved very quickly. Gradually he began understanding the wonderfulness of "Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords". His sword suddenly pointed to an empty space.

Clank! The saber of Zhong Yashe automatically "crashed with" it. The momentum of the saber paused, and Meng Qi took the initiative with several quick sword strikes.

Zhong Yashe took a deep breath and suddenly changed his sword moves. It became as ferocious and fierce as scorching wind blowing in a torrid desert.

Meng Qi felt overpowered immediately. He tried to regain the wonderfulness of "Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords", but failed after all.

The foundation of his sword art was still shallow, which did not meet the requirement of Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords. Accidental understanding of wonderfulness was not enough. He needed routine practice.

Seeing no way to stop the attack of Zhong Yashe, Meng Qi exclaimed gravely, "Stop!"

With some dazzling moves from Lightning Changes, Meng Qi managed backward. He turned the Long Sword downwards in his hands and cupped his palms. Then he said, "The head keeper is indeed marvelous. Meng conceded."

Zhong Yashe laughed out loud and said, "Your left-handed sword is truly outstanding. It's different from those right-handed swordsmen. Every angle and direction from which you struck made me feel strange."

He was not surprised that Meng Qi had a surname of Han ethnic group. There were countless Han clans in the West Regions.

After some genuine compliments, he said, "Junior brother Meng, you'll be our fourth keeper since now."


Meng Qi said facelessly, "Senior brother Gu is much older than me. I should be the Fifth Keeper."

Zhong Yashe was even happier seeing Meng Qi accepted. "Brother Gu, what do you say?"

"Meng is okay with it, then I'm also." Gu Changqing said laconically.

Zhong Yashe sheathed his saber and smiled. "Now we have two new brothers. We must be blessed by Vajra Yaksha. Please come with me to my tent. You shall have our meat and mead and know our brothers."

Meng Qi realized that he practiced a religion that was from the same branch as that of Jin Gang Vajra Temple.

In the West Regions, Buddhism had denominations different from the Central Plains. Jin Gang Temple and Merriment Temple were two dominant ones.

Somewhere farther away, some other head horse bandits were frustrated seeing that Meng Qi and Gu Changqing were taken away by Zhong Yashe. Even horse bandits thought highly of the importance of human resources! They could help reave and kill, and avert blades for their boss!

Inside the tent, Zhong Yashe bellowed, "Brothers! Come and see our new keepers! This is the Fourth. This is the Fifith."

Dozens of horse bandits babbled and greeted their new keepers. Zhong Yashe then pointed a gaunt man of middle age and said, "This is our Second Keeper, Wu Yong."

Normal name and looks. There was nothing strange about this guy except that he also looked like a Han person.

Roasted whole lambs, wine in huge jars, one by one, were put up in front of them. Meng Qi only ate meat but did not drink wine.

"Brother Meng, why don't you drink wine?" said Zhong Yashe with a smile.

Still assuming an air of a cool killer, Meng Qi said, "Wine makes my hand unsteady. An unsteady hand can't wield a fast sword. A not fast sword can't kill."

"Awesome! No wonder you at such a young age could cultivate such a splendid sword art!" said Zhong Yashe, his hands clapping.

Meng Qi jerked his mouth.

"I'm afraid of betraying my wig after getting drunk..."

After a while, Zhong Yashe sighed and said, "Shame! I used to have so many brothers. Now it's not as convivial as before. I still feel abjection."

"Head Keeper, who did this to our brothers?" said Meng Qi directly, his cool style still maintained.

Zhong Yashe shook his head. "Days ago we were ambushed by the host of The King of Sun-setting Sea, Wang Hong. Alas, I was too reckless."

"Head Keeper, where is Wang Hong? I shall kill him!" Meng Qi stood up abruptly. He was playing his character conscientiously.

Zhong Yashe waved his hands. "Thank you, Brother Meng. I appreciate it very much. But we shall not be anxious. Wang Hong is about the same level as me, and he has seven or eight Keepers. Let's find the little ass on the Evil Sword Hunting Order first, and win the favor of Big Brother Ze Luo. Then we retaliate slowly. Actually, we'll likely meet Wang Hong at Fish Sea. He's also biding his time."

"Aye." Meng Qi cursed with an air of indignation, "Damn the little bald ass! He hid his little ass so well!"

Zhong Yashe sipped at the wine with satisfaction and talked about something else.

In two next days, Gu Changqing had been asking Meng Qi when they should act. Meng Qi kept telling him to wait and bide their time.

And after some waiting, the "Fish Sea" appeared in front of them.