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114 Snow God Palm

 "Then I'll say no more," Meng Qi said as he chuckled. There was no need to explain too much when speaking to a cunning fox.

Duan Xiangfei, such a cunning fox, restrained his astonishment, then put down his bamboo chopsticks, pointed to the tableside, and said, "Sit down please, master."

After that, he turned to the dumbfounded Duan Mingcheng and asked, "Why haven't you brewed a pot of tea yet?"

There was a stack of beans and a pot of rice wine on the table, but the latter was obviously not suitable for entertaining monks.

"Were there any changes in the Destiny City situation after I left?" Meng Qi leisurely asked the subsequences instead of being anxious to remind them of the Transformation Strategy and Master Yuan Meng.

Duan Xiangfei picked up the fallen beans, and despite them being dirty, ate them. Then he smiled and said, "I seized the moment and told Luo Qing and others that you are the bladestrike that connected heaven, and have even ascended to the Buddhist pure land. Moreover, as the Zodiac Dragon, the top of the Twelve Animal Zodiacs and the master of the Snow God Palace, Cui Xu, premeditated a ruse to eradicate other grandmasters, you saw through it. And in turn, Cui Xu died under your sword.

"Perhaps the fellows from martial art circles were not against the proposal by Luo Qing to imprison Fei Zhengqing and the others temporarily because of the shocking and spectacular scene of your ascension. After that, evidence which could definitely attest that they were the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods began to show up.

"Although there's no trace to prove that Cui Xu was the master of the Snow God Palace, I mentioned several suspicious points, and with the confirmation of the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods, his identity of the master of the Snow God Palace was naturally verified."

He absorbed his voice with a smile, as if Cui Xu was the master of the Snow God Palace.

Had Meng Qi not known Duan Xiangfei's number, he would have believed what Duan Xiangfei had said. Meng Qi praised him secretly,

"Since when did I learn to remain calm and even convince myself when I'm lying?"

"Fei Zhengqing and others were killed?" Meng Qi also remained calm ostensibly, after all, he did not have much to do with them.

Duan Xiangfei nodded gently and said, "All that had been verified as a part of the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods were killed. You Tongguang's assets were distributed to those fellows' families who had been suffering from the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods, and it was inconvenient for us to dispose of Cui Xu's Duke of Castellan, which was authorized by the Royal Court. We just killed Cui Jinhua, who aided an evildoer. Half a year ago, the emperor decreed that Cui Jinxiu would inherit the Castellan."

The grandmasters in this world had not reached the level of challenging a mighty force. However, after opening the Secret Chamber of Spirit, they were able to walk normally in the Imperial Palace unless the emperor could hire other grandmaster guards. As a result, Jianghu and the royal court were in a delicate balance, under which grandmasters would not confront the authority of the emperor in febrile, nor did the emperor risk his neck eradicating the grandmasters with blood on their hands.

It was the reason why they would not have incurred the rebound of the royal court if they killed Cui Xu with enough evidence. Nonetheless, they would have offended the emperor if they proclaimed themselves Castellan. Certainly, Jianghu heroes also swiped lots of Cui Xu's treasure as "the capital of justice".

"The emperor must have been coveting Destiny City for a long time, as he had not selected an appropriate inheritor from his collateral family," said Meng Qi as he rotated the chaplet with his left hand to maintain his stature as an eminent monk.

Duan Xiangfei looked at Meng Qi with a little daze and said, "Very acute sense!"

He had thought that only with his gifts could Master Zhen Ding advance his Kung Fu by leaps and bounds and exceeds others, but would not have a wide scope of knowledge in other aspects. However, that fact did not seem to be so.

"Amitabha, nothing more than some leisurely reading," Meng Qi answered with a calm expression and a content heart.

Duan Xiangfei sighed and said, "The changing of Destiny City caused the turbulence of the entire Jianghu, but as a real master you must not care about such things. By the way, your little friends are doing well, with the experience of being alongside you, they can get courtesy wherever they go. If they possess moderate intelligence, there would be opportunities for them to learn better Kung Fu and enhance their strength."

"That's fine," Meng Qi nodded slightly and said.

"I have sort of forgotten the four little boys' names, but with the luck back and forth, that's alright."

Duan Xiangfei laughed, looked straight into Meng Qi's eyes and said, "May I ask what are you coming for?"

Mischief occurred to Meng Qi as he smiled and said, "Guess what."

Duan Xiangfei's face twitched scarcely and he said, "You have ascended to the Buddhist pure land, how could we vulgar ones guess your intentions. You must have something analogical with the one who cut off my right fingers, appearing inexplicably with some great deeds, and then disappear, won't you?"

"Guess." How could Meng Qi answer such questions? He stopped making fun of Duan Xiangfei, laughed, and said, "I am coming for three things: one is for the Transformation Strategy; the other is to ask whether Donor Duan would like to guide me to the Changhua Temple, I have to worship Master Yuan Meng because that little Jade Buddha is connected with the secrets of Buddhism. As for the last one, my bladesmanship is out of practice and I am seeking grandmasters to compare notes with."

"Those are little things." Duan Xiangfei meditated a moment and said, "You had better call me 'Old Duan', as the term 'donor' cannot show that I am friends with the bladestrike that connects heaven."

"Haha, Old Duan, you are so funny," Meng Qi said free-spiritedly.

At that time, Duan Mingcheng had come with a pot of tea and two teacups, and the heat waves and the tea aroma pervaded.

"Good tea." Meng Qi praised it. He warmed the cups, poured the tea smoothly with leisure, not like a guest.

"You must be out of the dust." Duan Xiangfei could not help praising Meng Qi after seeing how he poured the tea, calm without any whiff of smoke. Duan Mingcheng sat in the right-hand seat, waiting on them.

Meng Qi took a sip of tea, which left a lingering fragrance in his mouth after the bitterness and said, "May I consult you on something about the Transformation Strategy?"

"To what stage have you reached with your Transformation Strategy?" Considering Meng Qi's bladesmanship and mysterious origins, Duan Xiangfei did not intend to hide anything. Anyhow, he had told Meng Qi the full text of Transformation Strategy.

Meng Qi put the teacup down, and said slowly, "I have been at the primary level for some time."

"It's only been one year!" The stunning voice was from Duan Mingcheng.

"Go so far as to accomplish the primary level of Transformation Strategy. I am at a low level. Don't lie to me!"

"More than a year?"

Meng Qi calculated the time.

"It has been half a year since I left this world. The time flow rate is three to one?That's not right, I remembered that several days was just several breaths in the master world the last time I came here to complete my task."

Is it possible that the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms controlled the time flow rate of his own accord?

Duan Xiangfei was also astonished, but he astringed his astonishment with a deep shrewdness soon, pushed his left hand, smiled at Duan Mingcheng, and said, "Master Zhen Ding can connect the heaven with one bladestrike and breakthrough the space at such a young age, so accomplishing the primary level of Transformation Strategy is nothing."

Meng Qi laughed without saying anything. Then said after taking a sip of tea, "In such a world, one understanding leads to a hundred clarities. Would you mind clearing up my confusion, please?"

In his words, Meng Qi did not address him as Old Duan, after all, he was seeking advice from Duan Xiangfei, so he could not lose his etiquette.

Then they communicated about the Transformation Strategy. Duan Xiangfei's abundant experience helped Meng Qi work out lots of puzzles, which needed some time to ponder. Meanwhile, Meng Qi's casual words were surprising, delighting, and puzzling Duan Xiangfei very much, because what he said seemed to point directly at the natural essence of Transformation Strategy.

"Your perspective on the Transformation Strategy is really thought-provoking and is beyond the predecessors' thoughts." Duan Xiangfei heaved a deep sigh and said genuinely after the communication, "Such achievement couldn't be reached by ordinary people, it's only those immortals who have broken the Man-God Border that could operate the Transformation Strategy from a strategically advantageous position. I have been practicing the Transformation Strategy for decades, and even have consummated it for years. Actually, I didn't know that I was a frog in well until today. I know nothing more than the basics of Transformation Strategy."

"Hum... This implies numerous years of accumulation of the world of the Taoist Primogenitor and Buddha. I am also presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers,"

Meng Qi thought secretly and accepted the compliments with a sense of pride on his face.

Duan Mingcheng, who was also practicing the Transformation Strategy, was listening to them intoxicatedly. He thought that Master Zhen Ding had opened a new gate for him, behind which a multifarious and totally different world was concealed, pointing straight to the Man-God Border. At that point, Duan Mingcheng would not doubt Master Zhen Ding's magnificent feats anymore.

Meng Qi also harvested a lot, so it would not be too long for him to reach a consummation of the Transformation Strategy with the help of Duan Xiangfei's experience, the practice of the

Chapter of Muscle and Vessel Changing and Bone Forging

, the defense of the Heavenly Thunder Energy and Qi, and the essential understanding of Transformation Strategy-two months should be enough.

"Didn't you say that you are out of practice and seeking masters to have bladesmanship sparring sessions? I am also a master and dare to have a try." Since Duan Xiangfei had gained a lot, the thought of sparring and learning had been conceived.

"That's what I am thinking," Meng Qi laughed aloud and said, then floated to the courtyard as if he had been out of the dust. He turned the Red Sun Evil Blade around as to make his blade-back face Duan Xiangfei, which expressed his goodwill.

Duan Xiangfei followed Meng Qi, raised his hands and said, "Please."

"Amitabha, a guest should suit the convenience of the host," Meng Qi saluted with a single hand and said. Then he split his Buddhist Commandment Blade to Duan Xiangfei, and although the bladesmanship changed surprisingly, the momentum seemed impressive and dignified with a lasting appeal.

It was the result of the mixture of Five Tiger-like Bladesmanship and Blood Bladesmanship by Meng Qi, and it was one of the moves derived from the first type of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, which signaled a small step for him to digest his bladesmanship.

Duan Xiangfei did not snub Meng Qi, he divided his body into seven figures, which were diving at Meng Qi from all angles.

That was the moment Meng Qi lost the lock of Duan Xiangfei suddenly. He realized an illusion was caused by his sense organ failure. Then he swelled his mid-brows, will-projecting, to combat Transformation Strategy with Transformation Strategy, while shining his eyes with Eye Aperture to break the illusion.

Compared to Duan Xiangfei, Meng Qi's Transformation Strategy was at a lower level. As a result, with only Two Apertures, he could only distinguish that one of the shadows was from his left and right, and ahead of him was Duan Xiangfei's real body.

Thereupon, he waved his Buddhist Commandment Blade and changed the bladesmanship, after which his blade pointed to the Duan Xiangfei ahead of him and meanwhile enveloped the left one.

With a puff, the right one clapped his hands towards Meng Qi. Meng Qi had already prepared for that and made a slippery step, which seemed to slip towards his back but ahead of him eventually, and he escaped Duan Xiangfei's claps.

Although a little embarrassed, Meng Qi felt pleasant. Having verified Duan Xiangfei's real body, his ability to penetrate illusions had made great progress. What Meng Qi should have done then was to face the besieging of the three enemies without confusion.

Having relieved himself, Meng Qi made a succession of the bladesmanship, sometimes fierce, sometimes grotesque, and every blade was weird, sometimes abstruse and hard to predict.

Duan Xiangfei had fully driven the Transformation Strategy. However, it was hard for him to break Meng Qi's defense under his conspicuous bladesmanship. Moreover, Duan Xiangfei's real body was at the point of being cut several times.

The shadows were fluttering, the light of the blade was gathering, they were in a deep battle here and there. Duan Xiangfei blazed and said, "Look out for my palms!"

He divided himself into seven shadows again, each one with a palm knack and then clapped out together. Suddenly, there was a chill all around as if it had become the bitter winter.

Meng Qi had seen the Snow God Palm before so he dared not ignore the power of it. At just a slight slant, he unleashed his most accomplished derivate bladesmanship-Red Sun Evil Blade, which embraced the heaven and the earth.

Beneath the light of the blade, the seven shadows broke one by one. Duan Xiangfei suddenly appeared above Meng Qi, struck a volley, and patted Meng Qi on the left shoulder.

The dark gold glowed, the chill pierced to the bone, and the Buddhist Commandment Blade came again. Instead, Duan Xiangfei was gone and there was only a handprint on Meng Qi's shoulder. Duan Xiangfei could not penetrate the dark gold.

Meng Qi's blood and Qi were up and down with a little chill as if the blood was frozen, however, with the flowing of Genuine Qi, Meng Qi soon recovered. He knew that although it was the Snow God Palm, Duan Xiangfei would hurt him and break the fifth level after two or three palms, but it was also possible that Duan Xiangfei saved his power in consideration that they were just sparring. No matter what, even though Duan Xiangfei tried his best, Duan Xiangfei would hurt Meng Qi at most but could not break the fifth level of his Golden Bell Shield.

Duan Mingcheng focused on the battle carefully without being effected exclusively by the Transformation Strategy, and he praised Master Zhen Ding's marvelous bladesmanship silently.

"As marvelous as his


is, he is merely at the ordinary level and is out of breath and overwhelmed by my father. Where is the so-called


connecting heaven?"

Is it possible that the


connecting heaven is just an excuse that my father made so he can spar with him?

Between his thoughts, Duan Mingcheng heard Master Zhen Ding laugh and say suddenly,

"It would be impolite for me not to return your attack! Old Duan, look out for the blade!"

With the knife brandished, a light of blade broke out, and the material world intertwined a hundred feet.

Duan Mingcheng kept a widened eye, and just gawked at that blade.