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110 The Fall of Devil Tomb

 "You are late."

Devil Lord's shadow had been waiting for a long time with an indestructible will, but said only these irrelevant words. It was really confusing and made Meng Qi surprised.

It seemed that no matter who broke in, he would have said these obsessed words anyway and then disappeared.

Who does he say these words to? Himself? The man he had been waiting for but failed to meet? Or someone that sat in front of him a long time ago?

If someone had taken his impartation before, why did his will still remain and wait just to say that?

If he said these words to others a long time ago, why did these words remain?

A lot of confusion came to Meng Qi's mind. He did not know how to explain it.

Devil Lord disappeared slowly and the black mountain shook heavily. The mountain wall broke and stones fell. It seemed to be a horrible earthquake.

The earth was covered with black stones and burst out a bombing sound, rising up and down and making a lot of cracks. The dark-red blood moon in the distance was dragging a long flaming tail.


The blood moon fell on the ground. The explosion was even more violent and the air was filled with soot.

The evil spirit screamed and his body was disappearing inevitably. Its black bloody flesh was falling apart and white bones were withering.

The Devil Tomb seemed to be totally broken and it looked like the apocalypse. Suddenly, Meng Qi remembered himself and forgot his questions.

Suddenly, he remembered something. He swung the Red Sun Evil Blade and pushed toward Little Zi. The blade had the wonder of Peace Quietude Split and a faint scent. The blade left a wonderful trace in the air.

She untied her acupoint at some time and had Kung Fu again. She moved in a slight way like a swallow and suddenly attacked Meng Qi.

The sword fell. The palms turned. The people withdrew.

"Little Zi" looked at Meng Qi with a smile. She said without regret, "When did you know that I am not Little Zi?"

Meng Qi prepared the gambit of Peace Quietude Split. He was calm and without fear or anger. He just said calmly, "I always defend against you carefully and I always regard you as Gu Xiaosang."

Whether she is Little Zi or not, I must keep essential defense. What's more, the Devil Tomb has begun to fall. As long as I won't be killed in a minute, I will have a chance to survive-I wouldn't open the door and come in if it did not provide a chance to survive.

However, is my acupoint sealing skill too poor? Does Gu


have other supreme arts? I don't believe that she could release the acupoint silently.

Gu Xiaosang laughed, "You've got the trueness of 'Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship'. Thanks for your help. Otherwise, I would need to take the risk to open the door by myself. You've given me such a huge gift. I will leave you a whole body."

Meng Qi stopped as he felt the atmosphere changing. Everything fell toward Gu Xiaosang and he fell, too. The stele with the dragon and phoenix words was held by an unseen hand and flew at Gu Xiaosang.

Meng Qi was not greedy and he did not want the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court. He focused on defeating Gu Xiaosang now. He had Pearflower Storm Needles and the Die Seeing Dart. His Golden Bell Shield entered the fifth level. His Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship owned the second movement "Mortal Dust Fall". However, he was weaker than she was. Maybe the gap was like that between him and enlightened An Guoxie.

He did not need to defeat her. He just needed to hold on for a moment. As long as the Devil Tomb fell, his main task would be done and he could return to the World of Samsara.

However, his defense could not last long when he was faced with such a powerful enemy. Only fighting with a brave heart could he change his defending situation and make the enemy afraid to earn himself more time.

Meng Qi was quite clear about it. He did not hesitate. He held a metal black drum in his left hand, shining brightly and mirthlessly.

"Pearflower Storm Needles!"

Meng Qi moved it toward Gu Xiaosang and pressed the button. Suddenly, the silver needles rushed into the air like pouring rain and hit Gu Xiaosang.

At the same time, he swung the Red Sun Evil Blade with his right hand. All the suffering in the world, such as greed, separation, hate, fear, and so on, ran in front of his eyes.

After he got the meaning of "Mortal Dust Fall", Meng Qi used "Peace Quietude Split" better. He swung the sword. It seemed that the clean Buddhist temple became the boundless sea. It was so hard to release. It was so unwilling to release.

The Pearflower Storm Needles and the "Peace Quietude Split" were the strongest skills of Meng Qi. Facing this strong attacking, there was still a light smile on Gu Xiaosang's face. She clapped her hands and the Qi Area fell again. The Qi Area spun in front of her and made a horrible whirlpool covering the silver needles.

Then the whirlpool broke and lost its airflow. The breaking whirlpool made the Pearflower Storm Needles fly in different directions.

Gu Xiaosang clapped her hands. Then, the streamer in her white dress waved and made her like a fair. The environment was as beautiful as a drawing and merciful music came down.

"The world of mortals is like a prison; all living beings are in suffering. The wheel of reincarnation never ends; suffering is endless. Have mercy on my people; the gods are dawning on us. Ajati Matriarch, Vacuum Hometown!"

"Ajati Matriarch, Vacuum Hometown!"

She took back her hands and pointed out her fingers. The whirlpool fell in front of Meng Qi again and had great suction. It seemed that Meng Qi had sent the Buddhist Commandment Blade to her on his own.

The light disappeared and the sword fell. Meng Qi withdrew and felt that his blood and body were uncontrolled.

"Thanks to the strong 'Peace Quietude Split'! Otherwise, I would have become a mummy!"

"You drive me to use two strong skills. Now, I don't want to kill you." The Pearflower Storm Needles harmed Gu Xiaosang very much. She was recovering when Meng Qi stopped attacking. At the same time, she held the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court. She used a strange skill and the stele quickly became smaller. Soon, the stele was as small as a palm and was put into her pocket.

Devil Lord's shadow had almost disappeared. The Nine Heavens God Thunderspear swelled and shrank. It seemed to have lost its aim.

The mountains shook heavily and seemed as if they would collapse at any moment. The dark land was deeply cut by a rift valley.

"However, Little Zi likes you, doesn't she?" Meng Qi prepared again. Gu Xiaosang looked at Meng Qi and laughed, "Let's see you try 'Myriad Threads and Webs'."

Then, the wind blew suddenly and the airflow danced. Meng Qi's mid-brows swelled. He felt many unseen lines wandering around his mid-brows and running toward him from many directions.

"It must be her weapon."

Meng Qi suddenly understood and he calmed himself down. He wanted to use "Mortal Dust Fall", which he had just newly learned, to catch her unaware.

He did not use the Body-renouncing Sutra before and he now planned to use "Mortal Dust Fall"!

Under this situation, as long as I can stop Gu


attack, I will have the chance to hold on until the Devil Tomb breaks.

Devil Lord disappeared totally. The purple light was frozen in the air. The mind disappeared slowly and the energy was gone. Gu Xiaosang moved forward and used the gathering lines to cut Meng Qi.

When Meng Qi was using "Sacrifice Formula", he saw the purple light and heard the booming noise. He was totally shocked.

The last energy of "Nine Heavens God Thunderspear" had been changed into a huge purple streak of lightning and was rushing at Meng Qi!

Gu Xiaosang was shocked and she did not dare to move forward. She slid and moved back as if she was dancing on ice.

No matter how much energy remains of the Nine Heavens God Thunderspear, it is always the authority symbol of ancient Thor. It has its own mystery. I should never fight against it with my power.

Meng Qi was stopped by the last energy of the Nine Heavens God Thunderspear. His soul and body were paralyzed from the thunder. He could not move and had to watch as the lightning fell onto the back of his hands.


The thunder burst within Meng Qi's body. He felt his Ear Aperture and other Aperture acupoints were washed away.


The thunder appeared again but lacked the power of pushing Aperture acupoints. The purple lightning waved around Meng Qi and made noise. It brushed the Golden Bell Shield and set out at the dark gold glow. Finally, it came to freezing.


The noise gradually disappeared. Meng Qi came back to himself again and the purple lightning and thunder were both gone. He found a purple, lightning-shaped scar on the back of his hand in a majestic and noble style.

The thunderbolt mark shrank and finally disappeared. Meng Qi knew that the thunderbolt mark would appear again if he used his all power.

"What on earth is this?"

Meng Qi was confused.

"Why did the energy of the Nine Heavens God Thunderspear choose me? What is this thunderbolt mark used for?"

After experiencing the cleansing of lightning and thunder, the fifth layer of his Golden Bell Shield advanced a lot. It would not take a long time to consummate it.

What was most important was that the thunder from Nine Heavens with an unimaginable sound opened his Ear Aperture and other nine Aperture acupoints. All he needed to do was concentrate.

Normally, there were three steps for Meng Qi to concentrate an Aperture acupoint. They were: stimulating with Genuine Qi, opening slowly, and concentrating. The first two steps took the most time. He planned to spend six or seven months to concentrate his Ear Aperture and other Aperture acupoints. Now, he could finish it within a month. He could use the remaining time to try Enlightenment without having Elixir to recover.

Meng Qi thought about it for a moment but he soon held back his mind. He was faced with strong enemies and he could not be distracted.

Gu Xiaosang looked at what was happening just now in surprise. She seemed to know something. She opened her lips slightly and looked like a young and shy girl.

She came back to herself again and smiled. "All right, we are even. I earned the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court and you got the thunder energy. Now, you can die without fear and regret."

When they were talking, the black mountain fell slowly because it lost Devil Lord's mind and the Nine Heavens God Thunderspear's energy. The water on top of the mountain waved and shook. Something seemed to be broken.

"Little monk?" Jiang Zhiwei stood at the corner with a sword in her hand. She seemed pale and looked at Meng Qi in surprise.

However, she soon noticed the dangerous situation. She faced Gu Xiaosang and enacted Yama's Invitation.

Qi Zhengyan, covered with blood from head to toes, stood on the other side. He looked shocked though he seldom showed expressions.

The red down light turned. He looked at Gu Xiaosang with caution.

Meng Qi thought about this situation.

"Maybe people will see different stone doors and mountaintops scenes from different paths. It may be a hallucination. It may be the overlap of a different space."

However, everything formulated in my direction. Maybe this place is where the Devil Lord's mind and shadow live.

Gu Xiaosang was surrounded by many people now but she was not afraid at all. She looked at Jiang Zhiwei and smiled. "You seem to use the 'Sword of Anatta'. But it doesn't work well, does it?"

She turned to Qi Zhengyan and looked at him strangely before Jiang Zhiwei could reply, and said, "I can't believe you can survive."

Suddenly, her body became transparent and a fragrant lotus appeared around her.

She had the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court now and her task was done. She had planned to use Karma points as an offset on the main line.

Therefore, she knew the target and, without hesitation, she chose to leave before the fighting.

Meng Qi saw that Jiang Zhiwei was not in a good condition and he was unwilling to fight against Gu Xiaosang as well. He just watched her leave. She was almost uninjured. Though Qi Zhengyan and Meng Qi had skills, they were weaker than she was. Therefore, they consumed a lot of energy.