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109 Behind the Door

 The Wind Cloud Blade, the Tai Hua Sword, the Star-picking Hand and the Morningmoon Spinner were respectively inserted on the four corners of the dark mountain's periphery. Wind and clouds surged, sword spirit rose up to the sky, stars were shaken from the sky, and thunderstorms happened off and on. Interwoven with the remaining spirit of the Nine Heavens' God Thunderspear, they created a Heaven Trawl and Earth Mesh which impenetrably covered the peak.

Waves of light glowed, and sword spirits competed with each other. When the "Heaven Trawl and Earth Mesh" shrank, Devil Qi boiled on the dark peak. It transformed into a straight puff of smoke, soaring to the sky. It swallowed thunder, twined sword spirits, chased stars and emitted waves of Devil Qi.

Countless evil spirits flew from the mountain. They fearlessly pounced on the Four Precious Weapons, but all died. Their corpses smashed to the ground one by one. But it didn't matter because they transformed to Devil Qi again.

Although the Precious Weapons fully displayed their power, due to the lack of a host, they lost spirituality. Gradually, under the besiege of the huge army of evil spirits, the shrinking Heaven Trawl and Earth Mesh expanded bit by bit.

Seeing this, Meng Qi knew that he had no way out but had to climb to the summit and find the Devil Lord's spirit. Only in this way could he possibly destroy the evil spirits and Devil Tomb to save himself. He knew clearly that Gu Kongshan and the others were far away and would not be able to reach him in time. Inside the mountain, he would have no chance to enslave the Four Precious Weapons. Even if he was able to retreat from the mountain, it would take time for him and the weapons to work together properly. It couldn't be accomplished in such a short time.

With no options behind him and the way ahead unpredictable, Meng Qi took a deep breath. He turned to check whether Little Zi's acupoints were still sealed, and then firmly walked toward the Evil Door.

The stone door in front of him and Little Zi beside him were both dangerous. Nobody knew when she would become Gu Xiaosang again.

Devil Qi surged, characters and patterns were extremely evil and strange. Just the sight of them made Meng Qi feel that his soul was contaminated.

He held the Red Sun Evil Blade tightly in his right hand, and fully displayed the Golden Bell Shield. Like a real Luohan, he firmly put out his left hand and pressed slightly on the stone door.

The stone door opened very slowly without anything unusual. A splendid and magnificent palace appeared. Meng Qi took Little Zi into the palace and saw a figure sitting high on the throne.

It was a disciple in an emperor's robe. His Ruling Sky Crown tassels hung down in front of his face.

"Finally, you've come. Would you like to accept my legacy and rule the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths?" the Devil Lord asked in a deep and grand voice. His voice had a lure which made him hard to refuse.

It's only an impartation and I won't die from it. I should control my heart and first solve the problem of the Devil Tomb. Meng Qi thought for a while and then said, "I'd like to."

"You are worth teaching." The Devil Lord said with a kind of happiness. The tassels of his crown flew up and Meng Qi saw an evil but pale face. It was no different from that of an ordinary person.

His eyes suddenly turned blank, and then everything was in chaos. It was hard to describe.

The chaos began to disappear, the sun shone, yin and yang separated, then rotated. Suddenly two dim lights shone directly into Meng Qi's eyes.

Countless mysterious principles circled in Meng Qi's brain. He felt that his power kept rising steadily. He quickly opened Nine Apertures, opened the Hidden Latch, connected heaven and earth, integrated his internal and external world, and condensed Dharmakaya.

Meng Qi could not help yelling. His voice shook the Nine Heavens.

Suddenly, inexpressible rippled waves surged outward with the peak as its core. They dispersed clouds, shattered sword lights, destroyed stars and blew away thunderstorms.

Evil spirits landed one by one all over the mountain. Their blood-eyes stared at the peak and tears like blood ran down their faces. Then, they all knelt down and said,

"Your Majesty, welcome back! In the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, no one will disobey you!"

"Your Majesty, welcome back! In the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, no one will disobey you!" Cheers came to Meng Qi's ears. The formerly insurmountable evil spirits knelt down before him. He was so gratified and proud!


The regal evil authority caused the Wind Cloud Blade, the Tai Hua Sword, the Star-picking Hand and the Morningmoon Spinner to whimper together. They shrank and transformed to their original state. And then they flew to Meng Qi's feet and respectively knelt down.

The remaining spirits of Nine Heavens' God Thunderspear automatically dispersed and only one unreconciled spirit remained. But it had no alternative, other than to turn silent.

Meng Qi leaned back and laughed. He was so proud and satisfied. The inheritance of the Devil Lord was really extraordinary!

"Master... " Little Zi dizzily looked at Meng Qi. She unconsciously put her hands together and said, "You should know my feelings about you. I don't beg for the afterlife. I just want to share wounds and woe with you in this life."

She was beautiful, pure and dreamy. The firm expression of her feelings now gave her infinite charm.

Since Meng Qi had acquired the impartation of the Devil Lord, he wasn't afraid of Gu Xiaosang anymore. He looked appreciatively at beautiful Little Zi. He was inevitably moved. He was a little hesitant to ask, "But will Xiaosang like that?"

It was major trouble to have two spirits in one body. He didn't want to force anyone.

Little Zi looked down and shyly answered, "Xiaosang likes a man who is stronger than her. My husband, you are very suitable."

Oh my god, isn't it too fast to call me husband?

Meng Qi was shocked.

Little Zi raised her head. Her smile had become innocent. She asked, "Master, it's quite unexpected that you could directly condense the demon's body. But I'm afraid that you cannot turn back to Buddhism. What about throwing away your concerns and exploiting Dao together? Since I like you and I don't have a lover, we can give it a try."

Her soft, white, slim and beautiful index finger against her pink lips had an inexpressible charm.

"It, it is not a good idea... " Meng Qi swallowed his saliva.

"Why?" Gu Xiaosang asked with a smile. Approaching him step by step, she said, "Don't you like taking initiative? Or would you like to be under my control? I can try."

She slightly pushed Meng Qi down to the throne and then stepped back. She unfastened her headband. Then, like a waterfall, her long hair fell down over her face and mouth.

Her slim fingers moved from her chest to waist. Then she slowly pulled her girdle. Her gestures were so beautiful and charming.

Meng Qi was hot and moved his fingers. But then, they heard shouting, "What are you doing?"

He looked over. It was Jiang Zhiwei who had entered the hall with her sword. She looked at them sadly.

"I, I, not what you think." Meng Qi blurted out.

Then, his mouth convulsed, "channel" was kind of wrong. I should not have such conversation.

Dimly, he had a vision. He was stupefied to see Jiang Zhiwei take off her light yellow clothes and show her white underclothes and beautiful figure.

Something was wrong, something was wrong...

Everything was so real. He couldn't get rid of it. Gu Xiaosang and Jiang Zhiwei were all around him. It was so unreal even in his dream. But Meng Qi felt it wasn't what he really wanted.

Suddenly, a monk appeared in front of him. He couldn't see him clearly, he only knew that he looked bitter.

His body shrank to a child. He was adorable and cute, loved by his parents. When he grew up, he was respectful and filial to his parents. His parents prioritized him over everything. When his parents ended their long lifespan, he sighed, "So that's what it is."

A beautiful woman appeared beside him. They slept together and got married. They loved each other and raised their children together. They were very happy. After several decades, his wife died. He sat in the mourning hall and suddenly sighed, "So that's what it is."

He was a playboy and hooked up with girls everywhere. He indulged himself. One day, he left. He shook his head and sighed, "So that's what it is."

Born in a royal family, he was adored by everybody. When he grew up, he got his power and imperial seal. He alone, decided a person's death. He killed numerous people when he was angry. He promoted others when he was happy. Ten years later, he left the palace and only said, "So that's what it is."

He overran war fields, destroyed villages and annihilated countries. He viewed lives as nothing important. He enjoyed the excitement of killing. When he was old, he looked at The Old Buddha with the Altar Lamp with an unusual smile, "So that's what it is."

Such scenes flashed before him like a dusk drum and a morning clock, which then woke him up.

"So that's what it is. It is the Mortal Dust Fall." Meng Qi muttered, ignoring Gu Xiaosang and Jiang Zhiwei beside him.

"Peace Quietude Split" referred to the shameful, regretful, unforgettable and fearful things in everyone's heart. Only they could disturb the stillness of peace. They belonged to greed, anger and craziness, love, goodbye and departure, resentment, grudges and meetings. While "Mortal Dust Fall" referred to the things one wanted, desires and wants. They were not "available".

Strength, the desire for power, beauty, love. They had all been shown just now. Meng Qi closed his eyes and let his blade spirit surge to boil. He waved his blade!

The world of Mortal Dust, a beautiful territory, a beautiful woman's love, parents' weighty love and blessings, and great power with money. Who hadn't had such longings?

Stained with something of the mortal world, the blade broke up everything in front of him and they disappeared like an illusion.

Meng Qi was refined by the blade spirit, combined with waves of Devil Qi and his previous emotions.

I want all these. But among all things and all lures, I should just choose what I really want!

The dark golden glow became lighter. Hearing a crackling sound, Meng Qi opened his eyes. After his long hard cultivation and a half day's "forging" of Devil Qi, Meng Qi had accomplished the rudimentary stage of the fifth level of Golden Bell Shield. Of course, it would still need painstaking practice to consummate the stage.

The stone door with surging Devil Qi came to Meng Qi's sight again. He was peaceful, safe and happy without any illusion.

He was content that he'd reached the fifth level and understood "Mortal Dust Fall".

The stone door opened slowly and the spacious summit appeared. Little Zi cheered, "Master, I knew you could control your emotions."

Meng Qi turned around and looked at her. He said in a whisper, "Just go inside."

After he stepped over the stone door, Meng Qi felt an unexplainable deterrence. It was a shock from his heart, making people respect it.

He bore this deterrence and walked forward. After maybe ten steps, a light suddenly appeared in front him. He saw a huge purple flash of thunder light leading directly to the summit. It was brilliant, like Thunderbolt Pythons flying to the sky. The purple color was so wonderful that it made it seem like a fairyland.

Just as Meng Qi was about to ask Little Zi, his sight froze because he saw a figure slowly turn around in the middle of the purple thunder light.

He wore loose clothes with wide sleeves. He was pale but free and at leisure. He looked very tired. There was a dark evil line in his mid-brow. It was so evil, bloody, filthy and unspeakable that Meng Qi didn't dare to look at it directly. It was almost the same as that of the Devil Lord's statue, but more mysterious and powerful.

There was a stone tablet with dragon-like and phoenix-like characters under his feet.

"A residual soul of the Devil Lord?" Little Zi was so scared she stepped backwards. Meng Qi could not help taking one step back, either.

They had thought that there only remained the will of the Devil Lord, but they hadn't thought that there would be such residuals here!

Time had passed, and the things had flown away. How could part of his soul have survived


Even just a small remnant of his soul could easily kill them if Little Zi changed to Gu Xiaosang.

The Devil Lord had an air of enduring great vicissitudes. He looked like he'd been covered by dust for years. He looked at Meng Qi, emotionless with his deep eyes, as if looking through him at someone else.

He sighed, and said coldly,

"You are late."

Then, his figure gradually became dim and finally disappeared.