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108 Into the Moutain

 "What's the matter with that thunder?" Meng Qi has a feeling of being shocked.

Little Zi raised her beautiful slender eyebrows, thought for a second and said, "It is said that when the Devil Lord was killed by the Heaven Path Seal, the Nine Heavens' God Thunderspear ran through his body. And this must be the remaining spirit and will of the Nine Heavens' God Thunderspear. Never can we think that it has been pinning up the maimed body of the Devil Lord for hundreds of thousands of years."

"Hundreds of thousands of years... His spirit and will can remain forever..."

Meng Qi thought it was certainly an eye-opener for him.

"The road of martial arts seems unlimited."

He took a light breath in, adjusted his direction and whispered, "Let's go."

The most terrible thing in the Devil Tomb was not the evil spirit, but the Devil Qi's infection everywhere. The running of his Golden Bell Shield needed more and more energy, so it seemed that he was guarding the refinement his feelings of evil, bloodiness, slaughter, emotionality, despair and other emotions.

This made Meng Qi very laborious, which could compare with the distracted fighting at the cultivation at the "front gate" of the Fire Swan and Frigid Tortoise. If he hadn't reached the Enlightenment, maybe he couldn't have held on for a long time. Instead, the Devil Qi must have invaded his body, destroying his nature.

So without further ado, the sooner he left here, the better.

As it was said, in the mountain areas, the distance which seems very short needed your horse to run to death to cover. So Meng Qi with Little Zi walked for two full hours to the mountain peak which was formed by the maimed body of the Devil Lord. But somehow, the closer to the mountain peak, the fewer the evil spirits were. It seemed that they were all afraid of this place, and that they didn't dare to get close to it.

Arriving at the foot of the moutain, Meng Qi felt more shocked, because this dark mountain peak stood tall and magnificent towering into the sky, and seemed to be supporting the heaven and earth.

Its rocky peaks scattered without a living weed. Sometimes the dark blood dropped from the peaks and they were always covered with black mist.

The huge thunder through the heaven and earth was shining brightly with a brilliant purple and the masculine fierce, which looked like a spear, pinning up the mountain peak.

Thunder and snake-like lightning jumped here and there, hit the dark mist and split each evil spirit, making the entire mountain wrapped by thunder and lightning.

Both of them had unspeakable violence, and even if they were not particularly against Meng Qi, he still felt scared and tense. As for ordinary people here, they must be frightened to wet their pants in terror.

Of course, Little Zi, who seemed ordinary, didn't suffer any impact, but gently frowned and slightly trembled and hid behind Meng Qi.

"Which way to go?" Meng Qi resisted the oppression brought by the violence, pointing to the foot of the mountain and saying to Little Zi.

They could see another three mountain paths in the distance, which were all mixed with the black gas and lightning.

Little Zi said in a crisp voice, "Here it is. I didn't know the reason before, but now I understand that the spirit of the Nine Heavens' God Thunderspear killed almost all the evil spirits on this path and opened up a channel, which is relatively safer. We should only be careful of a few horrible guys, and anyhow we can pass it."

She deliberately mentioned it to show her role, in case that the lenient Master Zhen Ding was blinded for a moment and committed the crime of breaking the precepts.

Crackling, the purple electric light was running helter-skelter to attack the black gas and isolate it outside, naturally forming a path that actually could not be called a path.

For the ordinary people, they must have difficult in climbing the mountain, but Meng Qi, who was adept at Lightness Skill, brought Little Zi with him and walked through the lightning as easily as on the flat ground.

The greatest and most unbending punch hit the evil spirits over with their bones cracking and bloody flesh flying around.

After he took his fist back and looked at the fallen dead four-armed evil spirit, Luo Shengyi started his inner force with his clothes swelling up to cut off the Devil Qi outside.

He was wearing a very serious look on his face because his inner force was partly taken away and it was a big burden to use all his strength every minute.

In order to relieve his trouble, he took out a bottle of elixir and swallowed the pills. Then, he drew out a yellow piece of the talisman to paste it on his body.

The talisman burnt itself, bringing him some fresh odor to help him resist the Devil Qi's infection and making him have a rest. As a top martial artist who had experienced a lot of Samsara tasks, he once met the evil spirits too, so he prepared some items with him. Though they couldn't help him to fight with the evil spirits, they did relieve a lot of pressure from him.

"Where on earth is this?" He whispered with a very serious look on his face, thinking of the secret passage in the bottom of the Devil Lord's main temple and that there was only one place in this area having heavy Devil Qi. At last, it occurred to him to know where they were.

The present question was where to go and how to get out of this dangerous place in this vast area.

He looked up at the sky and the blood moon, and suddenly saw the four streamers of light falling from the sky. They looked quite different: One with white clouds winding and the wind whistling, one like a little bit of stars which was bright and clean, one having the sword light dazzling straightly into his mind, and another owning thunder and lightning which was full of fairy atmosphere.

Boom, they fell down in the distance, making the earth violently trembling and constantly fluctuating.

Luo Shengyi didn't know where to go. At this moment, he sped up his pace without any hesitation and rushed towards the place where the four streamers of light landed.

A glittering light flashed like the nether gloom suddenly came out, which captured people's imaginations and their hearts. There seemed to be subtle changes between the heaven and earth.

The sword light dissipated, and the long sword was nailed to the mid-brows by several inches, destroying all its vitality.

Pop, the huge evil spirit, who was dressed in black armor with a black mighty sword, fell backward. He was full of awful stink with his eyes in the mid-brows.

Just a breath time, the evil spirit collapsed completely. Whether his body or his armor as well as his mighty sword all turned into black gas which returned to the mountain peak.

Jiang Zhiwei's right hand was a little trembling, but still could hold the sword firmly. Her face was pale and she was constantly out of breath. This evil spirit almost achieved the Half-step Exterior Scenery, who was the most powerful enemy she had ever met in the mountain. Having found the Yama Inviting invalid, she had to quickly use the Sword of Anatta to defeat him immediately so as not to be dragged.

She took out her Hundred-herb Bolus and took it, hoping to quickly restore her energy and then climb on the top of the peak to look for Meng Qi and others.

There were a lot of purple snakelike thunders snarling all around, making the Devil Qi far thinner. Otherwise, Jiang Zhiwei was likely to be invaded by the Devil Qi given her present condition.

Even if so, her skin was polluted by the little plumes of the black gas, which were the remains minced by the breaking-out swordwill. But now Jiang Zhiwei had no strength to deal with it.

After a little restoration, Jiang Zhiwei took the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow with her which was a little corroded by the dirty Devil Qi , jumped to the steep slope, and switched to the back path, where it was not far from the peak.

At this very moment, the four streams of light pierced the sky, radiating with the purple thunders and fell on the four corners of the mountain.

Jiang Zhiwei looked around and found they were the Wind Cloud Blade, Tai Hua Sword and another two Precious Weapons. They were shining in their all splendor with legal principles interwoven together. They heavily quelled the black gas and supported each other with the purple thunders.

She bit her lower lip, with an expression somewhere between joy and pain. If the four Precious Weapons sealed the Devil Tomb, she and others could be considered as the returning after the main task and didn't dare to be obliterated. But if the four Precious Weapons wanted to seal the Devil Tomb, there would be a great fight waiting for them. So she'd better to recover quickly. How about the little monk and others now?

There was a dark red lake smelling terrible with bubbles rolling, making the evil spirits nearby fear to get close to it.

Qi Zhengyan was all over red like the sunlight, half floating in the lake and resuming out of breath.

After he killed a lot of evil spirits, the closer he went to the peak, the more powerful evil spirits he met, so he even had the idea of leaving, but after being wrapped around by the evil spirit, he didn't manage to escape even if he wanted to. In order to be alive, he tried his best and came here at last. He had thought that he would be killed soon, but after he was beaten into this lake, the evil spirits unexpectedly couldn't get close.

"Is there anything strange in this blood lake?"

Qi Zhengyan saw the evil spirits not dare to come close, or leave. So after recovering a little, he sank to the bottom of the lake to see whatever made the evil spirits fear.

As he sank down, the waves of the blood water came into his ears and nose. Qi Zhengyan had opened the Eye Aperture, so he could see the things in the bottom of the lake, but after he looked up and down at the lake bottom, he found nothing there-no stones, no water plants except for the black ground.

"It is strange... " After he could not find nothing there, he had to come to the surface and slowly moved close to the side of less evil spirits in search of an escape.

To his surprise, those several evil spirits were slowly stepping back and then escaping fast as he got close to them.

"What's going on? Is it possible that my blood-water-soaked body could scare away the evil spirits?" He was so surprised that he carefully came out of the water and got close to an evil spirit to make it sure.

The evil spirit suddenly trembled and fled in panic.

After a few attempts, Qi Zhengyan finally made sure of his conjecture, putting on a rare smile on his serious face.

"This lake is really a treasure."

He found a bottle of the Huanhua Swords Sect medicine, directly threw away the pills, filled the bottle with the lake water for standby application, and then rush toward the peak.

Suddenly, he saw the four streams of light run over and fall in the vicinity, with their odor spreading out and suppressing the mountain peak.

He thought for a moment, and eventually chose to go to the peak.

Sure enough, the path chosen by Little Zi was secure, because Meng Qi did not encounter any evil spirits all the way. But they were about to approach the peak when Little Zi suddenly stopped.

"Be careful, Master! There should be a very terrible evil spirit ahead." After they had walked all the way together, Little Zi and Meng Qi got more familiar, so she didn't use a nondescript address like a grandmaster to him any more.

"How terrible is it then?" Meng Qi cautiously asked.

Little Zi shook her head. "I don't know. But it is said to be the most terrible evil spirit on this peak and it has nearly reached the Exterior according to the mentioned clues."

Meng Qi frowned. "How can we deal with it?"

"Don't worry. The evil spirit is powerful, but because it is affected by the place where the Devil Lord was wounded, its senses are blunt, and it only could rely on its sensor to find the enemy. So if we are careful enough, we can pass it." Little Zi's words made Meng Qi quietly feel relieved. He thought:

"With my Transformation Strategy which is a Refined Weapon against the induction, we can make it if we are cautious."

So he swelled up his mid-brows, let out his spirits to wrap himself and Little Zi and took her to cautiously move ahead.

Walking to a rock wall, Meng Qi saw an evil spirit standing in front of him, which looked like a human being. But its both eyes were blood red, full of cruelty. Under his feet was Elders Chen with his chest and abdomen torn, his internal organs lost, his head broken and his brain emptied.

Even if far apart, Meng Qi could also feel the terrible Devil Whelm, who was more powerful than any enemy he encountered. Of course, the Crying Elder was an exception.

He waited patiently for the chance that the evil spirit looked elsewhere.

Just at the moment, the situation was turbulent, and the swords flashed in length and breadth. The four streamers of light dropped from the sky, provoking a strong vibration.

That terrible evil spirit leaped a few times and fell to the edge of the cliff, shouting at the Tai Hua Sword.

Now or never, Meng Qi did not think much about the four Precious Weapons flying here. Instead, he wrapped his will and cautiously took Little Zi to cover this mountain pass.

Walking another more distance, Meng Qi saw a stone gate that cut off the peak and the path below

Over the stone door rolled the Devil Qi, which drew a variety of evil seal characters, making people's scalp numbing and leaving them out of control.

"The peak is behind the door, and as long as we can control our inner emotions, we will open the stone door." Little Zi whispered.