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107 Gu Xiaosangs Intentions

 No matter what thoughts he had, Meng Qi did not ease his vigilance. He drew his Red Sun Evil Blade, ready to use "Peace Quietude Split", whilst activating the Golden Bell Shield and got into stance for the move "Arresting Wind and Capturing Shadow". He was ready to bolt after making a strike.

"Little Zi?" He asked half-doubtedly.

The beautiful girl in white nodded with tears in her eyes and answered, "Yes, it's me, that evil scoundrel Xiaosang miscalculated and her vital spirit was hurt by the Death Qi, so she had to let me go."

She seemed to have lost a bit of her vibrancy and spirit from the last time he saw her. She had that same familiar disposition as the Little Zi he knew, but her features were more mature. Unlike the Little Zi he first met where she was still just a pretty little girl, she now exuded elegance and grace.

After Meng Qi observed more closely, he realized that not only did she change the way she carried herself, but she didn't have any trace of cultivating her inner force. It was as though she was a common girl who had never learned martial arts, this was a change that was difficult to believe. It was even harder to comprehend than the script "Advent of Ajati Matriarch", no wonder Jiang Zhiwei and Zhang Yuanshan had wrongly judged her.

"Um, you're wrong. Why would Gu Xiaosang draw us into the Devil Tomb?" Honestly speaking, Meng Qi had the thought of killing her, but on the other hand, unlike Gu Xiaosang, Little Zi was kind and unlearned in Kung Fu. She was weak in the body and strong at heart, just like an innocent girl. Though he was unafraid to kill, he had drawn the line at killing the innocent.

But then again, being sucked into the Devil Tomb was all Gu Xiaosang's doing. I still need to find Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan and to get out of the Devil Tomb. If I killed her, I'd be trapped in oblivion.

Hence, Meng Qi slowly approached Little Zi and asked kindly.

It was like Little Zi was in a haze, she watched Meng Qi approach without blinking, then, she laughed bitterly, "Master, I know you're trying to secretly control me. Don't worry, I won't retaliate, I know better than anyone how evil Xiao Sang is, no one is unafraid of her, besides... besides, I'm also concerned that once she wakes, it'll be detrimental to you."

When she got to the last part of that sentence, her face turned red and she lowered her head.

Excuse me, young lady, we're not exactly close, so let's not act like we're old pals...

Meng Qi was now sure that Xiao Zi and Xiao Sang were "close", albeit one kind and one evil, but both suffered from "paranoia". But the first half of Gu Xiaosang's words did make Meng Qi's old face blush, he did want to secretly control her.

After Xiao Zi saw through him, Meng Qi did not get too close, for the fear of landing in a trap. He moved with extreme caution. He waved the fingers of his right hand and sealed Xiao Zi's major acupoints to prevent her from cultivating her inner force.

Indeed, Little Zi did not make any retaliation. She just looked at her knees shyly, and let an uneasy Meng Qi "strengthen" the seal on her acupoints.

Meng Qi couldn't help it either because the sealing acupoints Dharma Access of the Golden Bell shield was not exactly top shelf, so he had to do it the dumb way.

"Okay, done." Meng Qi did not seal off Little Zi's ability to move, he backed off a few steps and asked softly, "Little Zi, you're a good girl, could you tell me why Gu Xiangsang wanted to draw us into the Devil Tomb?"

He had lingering fear towards Gu Xiaosang, which was why he was tightly gripping the Red Sun Evil Blade and retreated to a safer distance.

When it came to praising a girl, Meng Qi was different to most people. Where they'd feel embarrassed or uncomfortable praising a female, he was a natural. Right now, his intentions were to coax Gu Xiaosang's secret out of Little Zi's mouth.

It didn't matter if they were two spirits in one body or she had a split personality, she would still know Gu Xiaosang's thoughts right? After all, they both knew each other's existence.

After being complimented by Meng Qi, Little Zi's face flushed, then she answered softly, Because she used the "White Lotus Deducing" skill and worked out that one of the five of you is the destined one and had the ability to completely open the Devil Tomb."

"Who?" Meng Qi asked in shock.

Gu Xiaosang had even begun to learn the supreme arts like and Divination, and Deduction, how scary.

Little Zi shook her head, "Even the ancient big powers could not say that they mastered the art of deduction, she only began learning the 'White Lotus Deducing', so she couldn't have known which one of you was the destined one, so she took a punt and drew all of you here. If it didn't work out, she'd find a chance to escape and try and capture the other two."

She "had knew no martial arts", but because of her affliation with Gu Xiaosang, she knew quite a lot.

"No wonder she killed Xia Dandan and her siblings without hesitation and misguided others on purpose, saying that she didn't want our side to lose any strength. She almost had us too, only she could play something to the extreme... " Meng Qi muttered, only 10 % of the things that come out of Gu Xiaosang's mouth are believable.

Having heard Meng Qi mumble subconsciously, Little Zi's face blushed again, she then stuttered, "Maybe... maybe... perhaps... she didn't like to you this time, she... she is just this selfish... this evil... "

Meng Qi's face turned red in embarrassment as well. Then he changed the topic, "But how did she know we'd come after her? Did she deduce that too?"

"Because you had the most concerns about her, so if given the choice, you'd definitely come after her... " Little Zi had revealed all of Gu Xiaosang's deductions and analysis, "Even if you had been broken up or misjudged and started going after someone else, she would still have a chance when you approach the Sacred Fire Mountain. But then it would present an opportunity for the two scumbags Yun Tingfeng and Su Yuanying to interfere."

Meng Qi nodded in comprehension, then added, "Then how did she find this relic site? And why does she want enter the Devil Tomb?"

Haha, it's so good to have a "spy" "close" to the enemy, much better than interrogating Gu Xiaosang.

"She activated a chain task in our world, the last time during Samsara, she found some clues. Which is why she paid a hefty price to be a part of the Group-rivaling task this time. She wanted to enter the Devil Tomb and take an object." Little Zi had completely "sold out" Gu Xiaosang, "I told her the location of the site."

Upon hearing the explanation, Meng Qi was in awe.

Chain task? Her world? Gu Xiaoshang is damn lucky!

He then asked, "What is a chain task? And what kind of object does she want to take?

He couldn't help being curious about these things.

"Do you know of the Devil Lord? Not the Devil Lord of this world, but of our world." Little Zi continued being the competent "spy".

Meng Qi had suddenly seen the light.

So all this does have something to do with the Devil Lord

. He answered, "I do know of him, please continue Little Zi."

"After he was killed by the Heaven Sovereign with the move Heaven Path Seal, his maimed body was nowhere to be found. The Devil Tomb here should have been contaminated by a part of his maimed body. He would never forget his defeat, which is why he wants to contaminate all with the Devil Qi, making sure the Devil Qi would penetrate everyone nearby and that they felt as he did." Little Zi's words became more fluent, and her descriptions were more precise.

"No wonder many know the legends of the Devil Lord... " Meng Qi suddenly understood.

Little Zi peeked at Meng Qi, then immediately lowered her head and added, "When the Devil Lord had fallen from heaven, he swallowed the gate of the Celestial Court. The stele outside had belonged to heaven, it was the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court, and that's the exact thing Gu Xiaosang was after."

"What did she want with a boundary marker?" Meng Qi had thought she was after some Wordless Heaven Book or something.

Little Zi's voice was barely audible, as if she was afraid that the Devil Lord might hear her, "It could open the Ruins of Immortal Realm." She answered.

"Ruins of Immortal Realm?" Meng Qi repeated with a heavy heart.

Little Zi lightly nodded, "Yes, the common folk refer to it as the Immortal Realm, masters of Kung Fu like yourself call it the Ninth Heaven. The chain task that Xiaosang activated was to find the lost Ninth Heaven and enter the ruins."

"Did Gu Xiaosang find the Ninth Heaven?" Meng Qi asked, he felt that the World of Samsara was becoming weird. It was very similar to The Myths of the ancient world, even the long lost Ninth Heaven had popped up...

"No, she just knows the legend, but if she wants to enter the ruins, she has to use an object from the Celestial Court of the same period as a 'key'." Little Zi answered while shaking head, "As for the whereabouts of the Ninth Heaven, or whether it exists at all, she had no clue."

If she could enter the ruins of the Ninth Heaven, she might know that truth behind how the Celestial Court was destroyed overnight in the ancient era... thoughts started flying in Meng Qi's head, then he muttered the question, "Then where could I, a poor monk, find my compatriots, and how do we leave the Devil Tomb?"

"The Devil Tomb is a reflection of the outside world, not only is it vast, but you had been split up when you first entered, therefore finding each other is extremely difficult. But if you get to where the Devil Lord's maimed body is placed and reach the top, then you'd be able to sense the whole Devil Tomb." Little Zi was extremely familiar with the Devil Tomb, "As for leaving the Devil Tomb, you still need to go to the same place, if however, it has been sealed off, then we'd have to rely of the help of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms."

"Yes, if the destined one had the Devil Lord's impartation, then the Devil Lord's will would completely disappear, by which time the Devil Tomb would no longer exist. It's another way of getting out."

Meng Qi thought for a bit, he had no better solutions, so he had to trust her words for the time being and continue to test her along the way.

"Where is the location of the Devil Lord's maimed body?" Meng Qi asked in a weak voice, feeling heavy-hearted.

Little Zi suddenly burst out in laughter, which made Meng Qi confused.

Since when did delicate Little Zi become moody like all other girls...

"Master, I'm afraid if I tell you, you'd kill me to get rid of a 'plague', so let me take you there." Little Zi answered, still laughing, "Plus only I could find the safe track once we enter the peak that was transformed by the maimed body of the evil lord."

So she's not stupid after all, she knows to protect herself..

. Meng Qi silently praised, he didn't want to hurt her anyway, so he agreed and said, "Well, let's be on our way, and you could tell me more about the Devil Tomb."

Little Zi agreed and obediently stood up, they stepped out the temple and she kept a safe distance with Meng Qi.

As they moved north, they met stronger evil spirits, by the end, apart from a few go-to moves, Meng Qi had to use everything had to kill the evil spirits. Lucky they didn't move in numbers.

Little Zi was actually quite calm, it was as if she knew that Meng Qi would protect her, so she wasn't scared at all.

"We're here." Just when Meng Qi had finished off an evil spirit, he suddenly heard Little Zi's jubilant voice.

Meng Qi looked in the direction to which she was pointing and saw a dark peak standing majestically, it exhibited a hint of maroon. Then a huge bolt of violet thunder erupted, covering the whole of the mountain, it had turned the mountain into a sea of thunderbolts.