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104 Split up for the Hun

 The sandy wind carried by the wind rose and spread quickly. Within the immediate vicinity, all was obscured by the sandstorm. Whistling sounds overwhelmed Gu Kongshan's hearing, making it difficult for him to acutely sense his surroundings.

He did not think too hard about the strange changes taking place. He was about to rush into the sandstorm to rescue Star-picking Tower Tai Shang Elders.

A slender and strong hand appeared in front of him.

"Heightslord Gu, don't be impatient. An ambush may be waiting," Meng Qi said in a low voice.

Gu Kongshan had long traveled the Jianghu and knew a lot about its tricks. He suddenly realized his recklessness. It was one thing if the Devil Cult attacked Star-picking Tower Tai Shang Elders, but consequences would be grave if their enemies attempted a diversion tactic. If the enemies were hidden in the sandstorm, any misstep from him would likely result in his death.

Though he was the best master in the Zhengdao, he was aware that the Devil Cult Master, Hu Buwei, was just as good. If Hu Buwei ambushed him, he would likely be hurt. Besides, the Celestial, Earth, and Human Venerables were new reinforcements. He would have no chance to run away.

Therefore, he cannot be reckless. He must move forward cautiously.

Gu Kongshan inhaled a light intake of air and said gently, "Thank you for your warning, master. We'll move forward cautiously."

If he moved forward with this group of powerful fighters, it would not be as dangerous even if they were ambushed.

However, he did not let down his guard. What if they were spies from the Devil Cult? The minute Meng Qi and the rest prepared to rush into the sandstorm, Gu Kongshan opened the box in his hands.

A dazzling light coming from the sword inside rose to the sky. Clouds gathered and the wind began to pick up. Where the light touched the air, the sandstorm faded.

As an expert bladesman, Meng Qi naturally could not help staring at the sword. He saw that it was a sword wrapped in bright light, simple and unadorned as if it was simply made of wood. On the surface of its blade was a breathtaking engraving of a pale blue pattern that reflected light. The pattern formed a dragon with five feet, resting upon cirrus clouds.

Gu Kongshan removed his Wind Cloud Blade from the box and put the box behind him. He swiped the sword forward, only for a new storm to form and blast away the sand to make a way.

It was only now that Meng Qi saw the other side of the Wind Cloud Blade. The dim red light formed a lifelike carving of a tiger sitting atop the breeze.

Meng Qi quietly admired the beauty of the blade. He then followed the others down the sandless road and walked through the storm.


Numerous tents were blown away outside the Star-picking Tower with many disciples were lost in the storm. They could see and hear nothing. There was no way to rescue any of their own people. They could only take care of themselves and moved slowly to a less sandy place.

The black Devil Qi were swirling around the main tent, keeping Star-picking Tower Lord, Elders, and their disciples out.

Among the Celestial, Earth, and Human Venerables, one moved quickly in the wind, one destroyed the situation, and the other was filled with Devil Qi. They were unafraid of pain and injuries and their flesh and blood continued to regenerate as they recovered. They kept Star-picking Tower Lord and other people for rescue out.

Though masters from Star-picking Tower who rushed here to help won in numbers, they had trouble moving forward.

Inside the tent, a white-haired old man was glaring at a middle-aged man. Blood was trickling down from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The silk-white metal gloves on his both hands were tied down by the Devil Qi, not giving him any space to use his power.

The middle-aged man was rather tall and slender. His hands were drowning in the Devil Qi, seemingly melting in it.

The odd blood sweat on his forehead indicated that he was not doing this with ease, but he tried to smile as he looked at the back of the white-haired old man.

Behind the white-haired old man was Yun Tingfeng with his long hair loose and raised eyebrows. He had his hands firm on the old man's shoulders.

The muscles of the white-haired old man were constantly spasming, twitching upwards and downwards. Something seemed to quickly fly into Yun Tingfeng's body.

Su Yuanying was standing beside the middle-aged thin man with raised eyebrows and terrifying dark green eyes. He placed his hand over his mouth and gave a light cough. Two captured female disciples from Star-picking Tower were lying down by his feet. The white-dressed Gu Xiaosang watched it all happen with a smile, apparently unconcerned.

The muscles of the white-haired old man shriveled after a minute of breathing. All his energy was expended and he collapsed on the ground. There was bewilderment in his eyes. He said in a hoarse voice, "Devil, devil... "

The middle-aged thin man did not let down his guard. The dark and horrible Devil Qi was still wrapping the pair of silk-white metal gloves. He only breathed a sigh of relief when he removed the gloves from the old man.

Yun Tingfeng's face flushed briefly before disappearing. He clapped his hands in content and asked, "Master, what's our next step?"

The middle-aged thin man was the master of the Devil Cult, Hu Buwei.

Hu Buwei smiled slightly. "The three of you are all excellent masters with good kung-fu. Thank you for your help."

After giving a simple compliment, he said seriously, "Gu Kongshan and the rest will arrive soon. Since we're not strong enough to fight them, we must withdraw immediately. Once the Devil Tomb is sealed, they'll be left powerless."

"Let's leave in four groups in case they catch up and steal back the Star-picking Hand. We can scatter their people and strengths. Once we return the Star-picking Hand back to Sacred Fire Mountain and bury it in the Devil Tomb, we'll be fearless."

"When that time comes, I'll show my gratitude properly. Whether it's magical arms, refined weapon, Devil Qi, or beautiful disciples, I'll definitely fulfill all your wants."

Yun Tingfeng put his hands together and bowed. "Please give your orders."

Gu Xiaosang, who carried herself as Little Zi, smiled and said, "I have a plan."


A gale surged, clearing the air. As Gu Kongshan swung his blade, he finally carved a path towards Star-picking Tower. They finally saw the chaotic residence.

"Tower Lord Luo? Where's Elder Qi?" Gu Kongshan saw the Star-picking Tower Lord who was preparing to rush into the storm.

Lord Luo was stunned when he heard Gu Kongshan's voice and turned back. Thrilled, he said, "Heightslord Gu and Elders Qi were killed by the Devil. The Star-picking Hand was stolen."

"What?" Though they all expected this, they were nevertheless still shocked.

Just then, the head of Wanjian Sect and the Portal-guarding Elder of Xiaoyue School arrived from a different direction, bringing several masters with them.

"Who has the Star-picking Hand? Which direction did they run?" Not having the time to greet them, Gu Kongshan loudly questioned Tower Lord Luo.

The head of Wanjian Sect was a graceful middle-aged beauty and the Portal-guarding Elder of Xiaoyue School was a hunched old man with deep wrinkles. They did not interrupt and asked others about it as they listened.

Tower Lord Luo was momentarily stunned when he heard Gu Kongshan's question. Rather confusedly, he answered, "They split into four groups and went in different directions. I don't know who among them has the Star-picking Hand."

A tactic where the lines between the real and imaginary were blurred... Gu Kongshan immediately understood what happened as he listened. However, it was hard to guess which one had the Star-picking Hand and they could not afford to gamble. If they were wrong, they would not have another chance. "If that's the case, we'll also hunt for them separately. Which direction did Hu Buwei go? Who's he with?"

Just then, the sandstorm had gradually subsided. He decided to run after the master of the Devil Cult, Hu Buwei, by himself.

Tower Lord Luo calmed down and said quickly, "Hu Buwei ran alone in that direction. The Celestial Venerable went with the Dissimilated Man, the Human Venerable went with the long hair man, and the Terrestrial Venerable went with the white-dressed girl."

Without hesitation, Gu Kongshan said, "You and I will chase after Hu Buwei."

He might not be able to snatch the Star-picking Hand back with him and his horse alone!

He looked at the head of Wanjian Sect and said, "Lady Huan, please catch up with the Celestial Venerable with masters of your sect. Be careful of Dissimilated Man with an open eye between his eyebrows. He can directly attack your soul."

Lady Huan nodded solemnly. "Don't worry. Tai Hua Sword can cut vital spirit and souls."

She did not say much and immediately left with two masters from her sect to chase after the Celestial Venerable and Su Yuanying. The remaining two masters returned to arrange matters of defense and offense.

The Portal-guarding Elder of Xiaoyue School did not want to waste time and said directly, "Heightslord Gu, we'll chase the Human Venerable."

Gu Kongshan nodded. "Be careful of that man with loose hair. He can absorb inner force through his body."

Remembering this advice, the Portal-guarding Elder turned and left. He left behind some of his masters to give everyone there a peace of mind.

Gu Kongshan was planning to ask Elders of Star-picking Tower to catch up with the Terrestrial Venerable. However, he did not trust the mysterious Meng Qi. If Meng Qi stayed here alone, he might cause them problems. Thus Gu Kongshan said in a low voice, "I ask that you all chase after the Terrestrial Venerable with the help of two masters from Star-picking Tower."

The first reason was so the masters can spy on them. The second was for their safety. Those unfamiliar with the desert terrain could be easily thrown off the trail.

"No problem, Heightslord Gu." Luo Shengyi did not take the initiative and only agreed after he exchanged glances with Zhang Yuanshan and Meng Qi.

This was a great chance to kill Gu Xiaosang! It was rare to catch the opposing team acting on their own and dividing their strengths.

Gu Kongshan did not dare to waste any more time. He nodded and left for Hu Buwei with Tower Lord Luo.

After being momentarily quiet, Jiang Zhiwei said, "Senior Brother Zhang, why don't you return to Windcloud Heights with Zhenzhen? She had just opened her Eye Apertures and is weak in Lightness Skill. It's hard for her to catch up. But if she's left here alone, we don't feel at ease."

In this critical situation of needing to hunt down their enemies, she did not say any unnecessary words and did not show any concern for Fu Zhenzhen's ego.

When Meng Qi heard what she said, he felt fortunate that he had accepted her advice and practiced his Lightness Skill and also exchanged for Eight Divine Steps and Moves of Wind-god's Legs. Otherwise, it would be him that was left behind.

Zhang Yuanshan was always someone who knew how to balance the needs of the group versus his own. He thought for a while and said, "If you encounter any problem, fire the signal."

Jiang Zhiwei was about to descend the mountain and experience the world, thus she carried the special signals of Sword Washing Pavilion with her.

Fu Zhenzhen paled, but she could understand their reasons and did not protest. She gave Meng Qi, Qi Zhengyan, and Jiang Zhiwei a candle.

Then, Meng Qi and the others ran in the direction of Gu Xiaosang and the Terrestrial Venerable under the guidance of Elders of Star-picking Tower.

Along the road, Luo Shengyi and Jiang Zhiwei's recognizing ability shocked Meng Qi and Qi Zhengyan. So their gap was not limited to only martial skills. The ability of Elders of Star-picking Tower to navigate the desert also left Meng Qi deep in thought. If he had this ability earlier, he would not be afraid of An Guoxie catching him.

Perhaps the Terrestrial Venerable and Gu Xiaosang left in a hurry. Though the road was evidently cleaned, traces of their presence could be easily found. So they did not lose track of the two. At dawn, the sunset covered the historical remains with heavy sands.

The historical ruins were scattered over dozens of square kilometers, comprising different architectures specific to the desert. But they had long decayed. Buried under the sun, only their faint outlines could be seen. In the center of the historical remains was a dilapidated temple, sitting unchanged for hundreds of years.

The dark red sunset spilled on the relics, creating a burning-like scene. The scene was splendid, bleak, and boundless.

"What's going on? Why did they come here?" This question popped up in all their minds.