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101 Yamas Invitation

 The Terrestrial Venerable had an ursine figure, yet his moves were like shadows, sometimes blending into wind and sand, sometimes wielding an Iron Wheel cutting winds and shaking sands, so swift that no one could predict his next move.

Such an out-of-world escape technique might out move all normal martial pros and eventually kill them. The Terrestrial Venerable was pretty sure about this. Now his confidence, however, was shaken, for the young girl battling him, though without the abnormal power of gaining momentum from surroundings, or so-called "Secrecy-reaching" art, had mastered a formidable sword art. She seemed to have always predicted his move in advance. Although he concealed himself in the sandstorm, nevertheless each time he was going to attack, he was greeted with a sharp sword light straight towards his face.

He was almost killed several times. Thanks to Su Yuanying who flanked her with lightning and black gas, he managed to escape Jiang Zhiwei's long sword. Su Yuanying's forehead was fuming black gas, and oozing cold fear sweat. He couldn't believe how a mortal without gaining momentum of the Heaven and Earth could attain such a formidable level!

Jiang Zhiwei practiced several sets of enlightenment period swordsmanship of

Swordplay Sutra of Supremacy

one by one, the Qi of her sword was prevailing and terrifying. She by herself rendered the two men into utter impotence.

Actually, this was also a miscalculation of Su Yuanying, who despite the opening of Eight Apertures, was more adept at gaining force from outer resources than face-to-face fighting. Besides, he also consumed most of his Energy instigating the sandstorm, resulting in the inability for the time being to fulfill his power on the killing move or the finalizing strike.

The light of the greenish eye on his forehead was shining more devilishly. Seeing this Jiang Zhiwei accelerated her attack. She wielded several strikes and deterred the Terrestrial Venerable away into the sandstorm. Then she raised up her sword slightly, seeming to be delivering an invitation to Su Yuanying.

Greenlight floated like water and suddenly sprawled out. Swordlight was glaring purely and intensely, yet dire and frightening.

They simultaneously struck their trump moves!

Greenlight was undulating upon the sword light. Su Yuanying was expecting to see her drop the sword and fall into a coma.

This is the power of God. This is a direct attack on Vital Spirit and Soul. One cannot counterbalance it or defend himrself without mastering certain skills!

The dire Qi of her sword penetrated into the green light and shook violently, yet as steadfast as before when it found the mid-brows of Su Yuanying. It was an invitation from Yama below Nine Serenities.

How could it be like that?

How could it be!

Su Yuanying's body changed incessantly and almost distorted, but the ray of sword shine was still haunting him like a soliciting ghost. It was inevitable!

"Tang Hongxiu was killed by the Samsara travelers on the side of four sects. 100 Karma points each were deducted."


During the struggle, Su Yuanying was already bordering on exhaustion. The voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms suddenly discomfited him.

Then, there was nothing left.

The dead: Su Yuanying.

Cause of death: mid-brows penetrated by a sword.

Murder scene: the third eye at Hidden Latch was shattered; frightened and consternated expression; no other visible wound.

Murderer: Jiang Zhiwei.

Jiang Zhiwei's sword was struggling back. "Clank!" The black Iron Wheel of the Terrestrial Venerable was blocked, yet her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth oozed trickles of blood. It was because of Su Yuanying's attack on her Vital Spirit. If she hadn't stimulated her Primal Aperture at Mid-brows with Transformation Strategy and unconsciously projected her will to defend her Hidden Latch, no matter how adamant her resolution was, she could not have survived this strike.

Even so, her resolution was still formidable, for despite being wounded at Vital Spirit, she managed to forbear the pain and retained her sword moves! Most of the martial masters even with Nine Apertures opened could not carry on like that!

Seeing Su Yuanying down and his black gas soul smoking out, as well as Jiang Zhiwei's post to deliver the invitation, the Terrestrial Venerable, was heavily intimidated. He evaporated some black gas and directed it to plunge towards Jiang Zhiwei, while himself turned away and blended into the sandstorm.

The sword shine was clear and pure, yet grave and dense as if from Nine Serenities it penetrated the black gas and injected directly into the sandstorm.


The Terrestrial Venerable made a terrible cry, his blood spouting out, having dyed reddish the nearby sandstorm. The sword wounded his back, but since Jiang Zhiwei was hurt at the Vital Spirit, feeling dizzy, her sword was weakened by the black gas and a second late. He thus managed to escape, bleeding all the way back.

As the sandstorm was still strong, Jiang Zhiwei could not follow up. She simply stopped. Having taken out a "Hundred-herb Bolus", she raised her head and devoured the medicine. The wound at Vital Spirit should be treated in time, otherwise, it might cause trouble in future.

"Xia Dandan was slain by Samsara travelers on the side of Devil Cult. 100 Karma points each were deducted."

"The Samsara traveler Shadow Kill on the side of Devil Cult was killed. 100 Karma points awarded to each."

Jiang Zhiwei had just adjusted one breath when she heard the voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms.

This puzzled her considerably. There was still no mention of the guy with the horizontal green eye at mid-brows who was killed by her. He must be above Six Apertures and surely worthy of more than 100 Karma Points.

She looked around and saw Su Yuanying's corpse. It was rotting quickly and seemed to have died a long time ago already. After a while, there was nothing left but a white skeleton on the ground.

"Not dead yet?" Jiang Zhiwei was pondering, seeming to have understood where the power of his enemy came from.

Meng Qi had prodded for quite a while and finally found two things that seemed useful.

One was a black dart seeming normal, but there were words on it: "Die Seeing"; another was a mesh scintillating metallic sheen, its filament soft and thin. When furled it was merely the size of a fist. Holding the two weapons, Meng Qi felt the black dart seemed to be magnetized towards the mesh.

"Perhaps this is the Heaven Trawl and Earth Mesh, a special weapon against concealed metal weapons?"

Meng Qi was elated. He still felt terrified towards concealed weapons and poisons having seen the terrible scene just now.

Of course, Meng Qi could resist all of this after perfecting the Golden Bell Shield.

As to the Die Seeing Dart, Meng Qi had no idea of its use. He thought he might take it and let Jiang Zhiwei, Fu Zhenzhen, and the others judge, for a concealed weapon should be accompanied by particular hand moves in order to fulfill its effect.

At that time, the vehement sandstorm was weaker after the "death" of Su Yuanying, and the blade-like wind and sword-like sand hitting his body were not as sharp.

Meng Qi was not afraid of this for his Golden Bell Shield was adequate, but he suddenly had an idea:

would Gu


come after him in particular?

This lunatic and psycho perhaps would really come for some ludicrous reason!

Before the sandstorm, Meng Qi would prefer waiting for Gu Xiaosang here to fall into his trap, but now he knew Jiang Zhiwei and the others might be fighting harshly and might not come to help. Gu Xiaosang might be fighting against them, or on her way here.

After a second thought, he turned to Chen Xiao and Luo You. "Go and hide yourselves."

He then conducted his inner force along a particular meridian, commenced Moves of Wind-god's Legs to the sandstorm, and found a poplar tree to hide in, his mid-brows bulging, his will projected and wrapped his body.

The wind and sand were softening. Suddenly a delicate sigh came into Meng Qi's ears. "Are you so desperate to avoid meeting me?"

The voice was soft and delicate, the tone complaining as that of an obsessed lover, who had sought but lost. The listeners would feel deep sadness and could not bear the compulsion to soothe her.

Yet in Meng Qi's ears, it was nothing but the soul-soliciting call of Bullhead and Horseface, the arresters from the netherworld. Meng Qi was almost shocked hearing this.

Miss, since when did we become so familiar with each other?

He dared not move his body or raise his head, his mind focusing on camouflage.

The sand was sizzling in the wind, and the voice of mild resentment came again. "Hongxiu called you a Bald Ass and vowed to torment you to death, so I did not remind them and let her be killed by you. Look, how kind I am. The one Xiao Zi likes, other people should not be touched or hurt. It must be me to have him."

During the speaking, her tone became lighter and full of joy. "It must be nobody but me to torment you to death. But don't worry. I wouldn't let you fall into the Vacuum Hometown in anguish, otherwise Little Zi would blame me. I would give you perfect bliss before killing you and sending you back to the Vacuum Hometown ."

You lunatic!

Meng Qi cursed to himself.

What have I done to you?

He was aware of the gap between their levels. She was one of the best in the Ranking List of Young Masters, so he had better keep hiding.

Gu Xiaosang burst into a long sigh and said no more. No more noise came from the sand and wind again.

"Little monk, little monk... " Jiang Zhiwei's voice sounded.

Meng Qi was elated at first, but then he was alert, for fear of the demoness' voice faking.

"Junior Brother Zhen Ding... " At the same time, Zhang Yuanshan's voice came from afar.

Meng Qi finally felt relieved. It was their calling that scared away Gu Xiaosang.

He then jumped off the poplar tree and went to the shabby temple. He saw Luo Shengyi, Jiang Zhiwei, Zhang Yuanshan and Qi Zhengyan. If they did not come together, Gu Xiaosang would probably try to kill one or two of them. She was surely competent and bold enough to do that.

On the top of a small mountain in the distance.

One of the two servant girls of Su Yuanying suddenly showed agony in her pretty face, then plumes of black gas fumed out. Her belly quickly bulged out as a pregnant woman with a ten month fetus.

Puff! A palm penetrated the belly and stuck out, then the comely girl was corroded by the black gas.

Her flesh and blood melted and flowed wriggling towards the breach on the belly.

The black gas became denser, and a shadow with a slender human figure stood up. It was coughing and walking out of the gas slowly. Pale and naked, the man's skin and flesh still carried the hue of black gas.

The other girl watched all of this motionlessly as if the dying one was not her sister. She then showed a charming smiling face and went to fetch some clothes for her master.

"Ink Pupil dead. 50 Karma points deducted each."

Su Yuanying winced as he heard the voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms, and clenched his fist fast.

"You haven't died?" The Terrestrial Venerable quit blending in the wind and sand upon seeing Su Yuanying on the mountaintop. He was petrified and almost fell down the mountain. He had seen him die for good in the hands of the young maid, but why should he still be alive.

There was black gas permeating around the wound on his back. The mashed flesh was wriggling and healing.

His face pale, Su Yuanying said tersely, "I feigned death."

After a cough, he turned to Yun Tingfeng who was mounting from behind the mountain, and said coldly, "This is the accurate intelligence your men had collected."

Having seen the only girl left behind Su Yuanying, Yun Tingfeng sighed, "They were dead for this."

"Well dead." Su Yuanying said bluntly.

Squinting his eyes, Yun Tingfeng clenched his fists behind his back.

"Want a fight? Then don't forbear. Why bother clenching your fists behind your back?" a melodious, soft and frolic voice came. "Childe Yun, my wager is on you."