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98 The Killers and the Victims

 Su Yuanying had a bizarre appearance. He smiled arrogantly, "I beg you to take a step back."

In addition to the Samsara traveler, three mysterious people wrapped in black robes stood on the peak of this remote hill. The evil black air loomed up from under their hoods uncannily.

Yun Tingfeng reacted calmly toward Su Yuanying, waving to let Hong Xiu and Ying Sha step back together. Little Zi looked on smiling and didn't say anything.

The moment Su Yuanying raised his right hand, his breath suddenly varied dramatically from the weak and bizarre appearance to evil, magnificent, and mighty. It made people unconsciously want to worship or even make a full sacrifice for him.

He became an altogether different person very quickly.

Yun Tingfeng was startled at first and then came to his senses, revealing a smile at the corners of his mouth.

He subconsciously glanced at Little Zi, finding her in peace with a smile. "She really has foreseen that."

At this point, Su Yuanying's breath reached a climax. A gap broke between the eyebrows, from which came out a faint green vertical eye. Upon catching sight of this eye, one's soul would be seized.

As the green radiance of the vertical eye became increasingly intense, the sandstorm in the semidesert became violent all of a sudden, with billowing wind and sand like doomsday.

The sandstorm had blown from the desert. It seemed horrible but was just an aftershock, not really that dangerous. But now this place seemed to have turned into the center of the sandstorm. The blowing wind continued to spread, submerging the dilapidated temple and the nearby areas and billowed forward to shroud everything, completely cutting off the link between the major forces of Windcloud Heights and the scouts.

Anyone in the midst of the sandstorm would lose himself under these circumstances. They would not be able to see in front of them or hear movement nearby. Rescuing, ambushing or sieging would be of no use.

"Well, they have been completely separated. We can kill them one by one, without having to worry about Gu Kongshan rescuing them." Su Yuanying's lips were bright red, as if he had sucked the blood of others. He had a rosy face and no more cough at all.

The sandstorm was a normal meteorological variation. He had only borrowed its power to make it stronger. He was not concerned that Gu Kongshan would perceive something unusual.

Yun Tingfeng clapped his hands and laughed, "The invincible might of Brother Su is really extraordinary, it can lead to meteorological changes. Luo Shengyi, Jiang Zhiwei, and other people absolutely did not expect that the ambush trap would actually turn into their own despair. Brother Su, let's join our hands to kill Luo Shengyi! He ranks higher than Jiang Zhiwei on the Ranking List of Young Masters and is the biggest threat. "

They hadn't made the kill order before, because they had to look at each other's distance and see who was more "lonely". But it seemed that Luo Shengyi, Jiang Zhiwei, and the others had chosen distant positions in order to cover their movement and facilitate a sudden strike. It would have been hard to conceal if they had gathered together as they would have formed a large target.

Su Yuanying shook his head arrogantly, "Deal with Jiang Zhiwei first. Rising meteorological changes cause me to consume more energy. I need a woman equipped with superior martial arts as a sacrifice to pacify the boiling blood."

He didn't conceal his purpose and current situation, because anyone who wanted to seize the opportunity to kill him must be able to gain a few "surprises".

Finishing that, he pointed to several locations in the sandstorm. "There is Luo Shengyi, there is Jiang Zhiwei... "

When meteorological changes rose, he vaguely merged with heaven and earth, whose will went as smooth as water to detect where Jiang Zhiwei and the others were lurking.

Yun Tingfeng meditated and said, "Luo Shengyi and Jiang Zhiwei are not too far apart. I'm afraid they will come across and join hands, which will not be easy to deal with. I'd better stop Luo Shengyi and request the Terrestrial Venerable to cooperate with Brother Su to besiege Jiang Zhiwei and kill her."

Yun Tingfeng, Little Zi and the others were appreciated by the Devil Cult because they'd shown an extraordinary performance, disturbing the alliance of the previous four major sects. They met the Terrestrial Venerable, one of the Celestial, Earth and Human Venerables following the hierarch.

Among the three mysterious men in black robes, the man with the highest stature and bulging muscles changed his loose robe into tights and rumbled, "I'll make it by myself."

"We are all aware that the strength of the Terrestrial Venerable is unfathomable, but I'm afraid that procrastinating for a long time may arise suspicion from Gu Kongshan. Now that we are going to do a surprise attack, we must make a fatal blow as powerful as a thunderbolt." Yun Tingfeng smiled.

He had tried a few disciples from the Devil Cult and found that their strength varied in terms of Secrecy-reaching and they each had their own characteristics. Some were adept at hiding in the shadows and assassination, some at Fire Element Conveyance technique and Power-borrowing, some at filthy fighting and so on. It made him consider the Secrecy-reaching of this territory exceptionally mysterious.

Among them, he'd tested the Terrestrial Venerable, finding him to be quite horrible. He might not win if he didn't fight in full swing. Jiang Zhiwei must be killed if the Terrestrial Venerable joined hands with the more horrible Su Yuanying, and Yun Tingfeng's task was to kill Luo Shengyi.

Upon hearing the compliments from Yun Tingfeng, the Terrestrial Venerable nodded and didn't say anything to show his agreement. Strength was power in the Devil Cult, and Yun Tingfeng and Su Yuanying had behaved so horribly that he was naturally willing to cooperate with them.

Yun Tingfeng was radiant with joy when thinking of the large reward later, "Little Zi, Xia Dandan wants to kill you to revenge for her brother, the task of getting rid of future trouble from her over to you."

With uncertainty, Little Zi nodded acceptance.

Yun Tingfeng turned to his two henchmen and said, "Hong Xiu, I'll leave the little bald ass to you, do not play with him too much. Shadow Kill, the woman who is adept at poisoning and drugging is a big risk, take the opportunity to remove her. The Taoist with her must from the Zhen Wu Sect, judging from his skills. Don't tangle with him, or you'll be trapped in the defensive Tai Chi."

"We should focus on dealing with Jiang Zhiwei. Su


two maids have achieved


success of Qi-cultivation but with a lack of strength, hence it was not enough. But fortunately, my subordinate Shadow Kill is an outstanding assassin. It will not be difficult for him to kill that woman though she has that Taoist with her."

Hong Xiu suddenly cheered up and mumbled to herself, "I'll make his skin fester inch by inch. He'll cry for me to kill him, humph."

The scar on her arm, which had been scratched by the Red Sun Evil Blade still revealed dark red in the burned black. It could not be eliminated, it was like a fiendish centipede. How could she, as a beauty-lover, stand it!

On hearing her words, Little Zi turned over and looked her up and down with a smile.

"You two, please deal with the rest of them." Yun Tingfeng commanded the two envoys around the Terrestrial Venerable with kindness.


Jiang Zhiwei hid behind a decayed rock and felt a little odd when hearing the rapid strike of sandstorms. How could the sandstorm become so violent so suddenly? If it went on like this, it would be hard for her to make contact with the nearby companions, not to mention the Samsara traveler who would ambush and besiege the opponents.

"If the enemy were to attack the temple at this very moment, the little monk would surely... "

Feeling a swelling in her mid-brow and area of will-projecting, she suddenly rose. She followed the position in her memory and went quickly with her sword.

She came to her senses all of a sudden and backed up with small steps, waving the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow to point obliquely toward the billowing wind and sand beside.

Just then, an iron wheel appeared in the position where she would have been. It emerged from the sandstorm nearby and was held by a giant hand like that of a bear. Even more strange, the hand was surrounded by faint black air, as if it was integrated into the sandstorm.

A bizarre man with a feminine appearance came out of the sandstorm where her sword pointed. He slid over the strike.

Su Yuanying raised his right hand, bursting forth the thunder light from his palms. The Thunderbolt Python rose high into the air.

Jiang Zhiwei, who had had "rich experiences" instilled by her master, perceived that something wrong, the moment Su Yuanying raised his hand. She swiftly flashed sideways to lead the silver Thunderbolt Python to where the black iron wheel was located.

Crackling, the black iron wheel slipped out of the bear-like hand of the man in the black robe.

"It was not the Exterior... "

Jiang Zhiwei observed. She started her sword art, engulfing Su Yuanying immediately with its storm-like strength.

Her strikes were fast, one after the other, and she planned to show the "Yama's Invitation" once she perceived his flaws. She did not give him the opportunity to attack again, not even once.

Cold sweat ran from Su Yuanying's forehead. He blocked this round of attack from Jiang Zhiwei relying on strange bodily movements and the secret link with the surrounding sandstorm. But he still considered her sword art as fierce as incessant terrifying waves, leaving him with no time to breathe.

She was indeed one of those on the Ranking List of Young Masters!

Su Yuanying felt lucky that the Terrestrial Venerable had come to help this time!

The Terrestrial Venerable picked up the black iron wheel, ready to take a shot. At the same time, the sand and the wind flew together to hold Jiang Zhiwei's long sword, allowing Su Yuanying to take a break.

Su Yuanying squinted his long eyes with the green Vertical Eye between his eyebrows shining. He would have to play his trump card to end it quickly.


Luo Shengyi hid on a poplar wood, more prudent because his senses were affected by the sandstorm.

A fist came out of the sandstorm as if a poisonous dragon had come out of the hole, hitting toward Luo Shengyi's sleeveless shirt.

With his clothes slightly bulging, Luo Shengyi took a deep breath. The fist had slipped aside once striking his shirt so that its strength fanned the air.

Avoiding the hit, Luo Shengyi turned to throw a punch, slamming into Yun Tingfeng's left fist.

Yun Tingfeng felt the punch separating into seven blasts. It was masculine, or feminine, or firm with softness, or soft with firmness. The seven blasts not only came stronger one wave after the other, but they also intertwined, directly drilling into his internal organs. It was really difficult to withstand.

Hanging in mid-air, free from strength, he simply rolled back with the strength of fist, falling to the ground. He laughed, "It is indeed the Invincible Ironfist. I've seen the Seven Wounding Strikes before, but you showed it at a higher level."

Luo Shengyi laughed with bold generosity, "Then take my punch!"

The punch was thrown, manly and fierce, with overwhelming force.

"Good punch!" Yun Tingfeng knew that this was not the Seven Wounding Strikes. He bent his hands slightly to sweep Luo Shengyi's wrists. It seemed plain but came first after striking, compelling Luo Shengyi to avoid it.

"Good! Take another punch!" Luo Shengyi threw a punch. His clothes and hair swayed in the sandstorm.

This punch was ordinary without any fancy variation or backhand. But Yun Tingfeng felt it so fierce and firm. It contained a certain charm, the return of natural fist art!

He brainstormed to turn his right palm over to strike. It was also clumsy in changing but unprecedentedly fierce, full of lingering charm.

Yun Tingfeng sank his heavy feet into gravel with his palms crossed. Blood flew from the corner of his mouth, but he immediately turned his palms into paws, grabbing Luo Shengyi's fist.

Luo Shengyi immediately felt his internal genuine Qi go out of control, just like the burst of a river continuously rushing toward Yun Tingfeng.

Shocked, he shot his left fist, which was blocked by Yun Tingfeng's left palm. Both sides punched and kicked in a narrow field, constantly changing with their offensive or defensive skills. It would be difficult to come to a result. Luo Shengyi felt limp and numb with faster leakage of genuine Qi.

He opened his eyes wide with a solemn expression, but he did not panic.


Fu Zhenzhen had not been enlightened for very long and the corresponding martial arts had not been upgraded. Thus, Zhang Yuanshan took her to hide in a culvert nearby when the sandstorm became violent.

Shadow Kill was "integrated" into the shadow, quietly sneaking into the hole.