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97 Secrecy-reaching

 Yun Tingfeng smiled with satisfaction. He said, "We can go to kill Luo Shengyi and Jiang Zhiwei respectively as the time is right. As long as they die, other people are useless. Haha, we are hidden and they are exposed, it's really a great chance. We need to be careful though, and had better avoid Gu Kongshan. The Peerless Masters in this world are both strong and mysterious."

Although Little Zi had easily killed an Enlightened enemy, he thought that this girl, whose breath was still not strong, could not be at the same level with him and Su Yuanying.

Speaking of this, he slightly frowned. "Just now the moves of Gu Kongshan, you must see, are somehow like the Exterior but different from the Exterior. What level does this belong to? Out of the Family, Within the Family, Secrecy-reaching, or Trance-entering? The former two are understandable as they are accorded with the Kung Fu conventions, while the Secrecy-reaching and Enlightenment are completely different. They are unique and have the features of the Exterior, while not that powerful as the Exterior. They have the body of the Enlightenment while lacking the capability of the Enlightenment."

The Enlightenment that he mentioned was the eyesight of Eye Apertures, hearing of Ear Apertures, and so on.

As for the Trance-entering, it was only a legend in this world, so just leave it.

"Maybe he borrowed the outside force. Well, can't you see that there're no Secrecy-reaching masters out of the four sects and the Devil Cult? And Secrecy-reaching also has a classification. The powerful ones like Gu Kongshan strongly hit the world. The less powerful ones, like the external door manager of the Windcloud Heights, can only begin the action by using the wind. Without wind, they run even less slowly than her, while she's just a servant girl with advanced success of Qi-cultivation," said the man with a feminine face, Su Yuanying, with a faint smile.

"Outside force? Is it that his training way is the opposite? First, borrow the power of the sky and earth, and then train the body, and last combine the two?" Yun Tingfeng crossed his fingers, holding his jaw.

Su Yuanying moved his forefinger, stroking the cheek of the servant girl next to him. He smiled and said, "How to borrow?"

Yun Tingfeng would not talk about it if he could figure it out himself. After thinking for a while, he said, "Brother Su, do you have any idea about it?"

Su Yuanying was only smiling. He turned to Little Zi and said, "Are we going to make chaos these days?"

Little Zi looked vaguely outside the window. She said curtly, "I won't do it anyway."

Yun Tingfeng replied, "The chaos is enough. And Windcloud Heights is now alert. Next time, we may be stopped by Gu Kongshan. It's better to let them be cautious, panicky, and exhausted. When they're in the desert, we can find ways to separate and kill them."

"Good. When arriving in the desert, I have ways to make them panic." Su Yuanying finished his words and then patted the two servant girls' shoulders. Then he left, supported by the girls with their hands.

After Su Yuanying left, after a while, Hong Xiu muttered, "This invalid is so arrogant. Hum, his servant girls have just reached advanced success of Qi-cultivation, what could he be proud of?"

She quite disliked those two seductive girls as well as Su Yuanying.

Yun Tingfeng smiled, not angry about Su Yuanying's arrogance. He stroked Hong Xiu's hair and said, "Don't look down upon others. Those two girls may have gained some special technique and become Su Yuanying's incense stove, thus they can hardly reach Enlightenment."

"What technique is he practicing that he should need such a weird incense stove? And how can he make chaos in the desert?"

He looked at Little Zi when he was saying the latter sentence.

Little Zi looked back from the window and gracefully stood up, looking as fresh and gorgeous as an orchid in the valley. Slowly walking toward the door, she twitched her mouth with irony. "It's just about borrowing the outside force. He's not much different from Gu Kongshan. Only that he can control himself while others can't."

"What do you mean?" Yun Tingfeng rashly stood up, while Little Zi did not answer him.

Squinting his eyes and watching Little Zi disappear in the dark, Yun Tingfeng snorted. "Strange people. I'll let you know my power sooner or later."

"Brother Yun, I'll handle that little monk when the time comes. He dares to tear my clothes and hurt my skin." Hong Xiu acted petulantly.

Yun Tingfeng again raised a smile and stroked Hong Xiu's long hair. "Don't damage him too much. Without a stream, there is no river or sea."


The wind like fire was hot and dry; the sand as if made of iron, pained the face badly. Meng Qi, a man, and a woman were walking cautiously in the semi-desert.

Xia Chulin's death did not panic Windcloud Heights, while the invasion of the poisonous insects lit up terror in the people's hearts. Everyone was jittery and rumors were constant. Some rumors were somehow reasonable, as if many enchanters of the Devil Cult were hiding in Windcloud Heights, ready to do damage.

In this condition, Meng Qi naturally got a cold reception and was met with caution. And seeing this situation, Wanjian Sect, Star-picking Tower, and Xiaoyue School all stopped moving forward, for they were afraid of being involved and making their own sects and sub-sects panic.

At last, only the heads of the three sects came and roughly held an alliance meeting. Then they decided to move together, thus they could rescue each other and meanwhile it would not affect all the teams when one team got into a mess. Meng Qi and the others were undoubtedly divided into the Windcloud Heights.

Sacred Fire Mountain was located in the deep desert, many suitable spots for ambushes. Thus, scouts were sent by Windcloud Heights to explore the front to keep the enemies from surrounding them.

As the people being primarily suspected and used, Meng Qi and the other six people were naturally asked to join the scouts. But Gu Kongshan was a long-sighted person, considering things thoughtfully. He should add his 10 good disciples and manager to the group of scouts to avoid the dissatisfaction of the others.

Later, Meng Qi and the other six were divided to separately join two or three persons' teams with disciples and managers of Windcloud Heights. They took turns to explore the front. And they wanted to take advantage of this, using the scouts' team as bait to lure Gu Xiaosang and company. Thus, those people hidden went out and gave a deadly attack, at utmost killing the enemies' effective strength. And if there was a chance, they would drag on and wait for masters like Gu Kongshan of Windcloud Heights to rescue them.

"Though we're not in the desert, the sandstorm is horrible. Can we go to that ruined temple in front to avoid it?" Chen Xiao, the female disciple of Windcloud Heights put her hand on her face, afraid that the sandstorm had hurt her skin.

Though she was asking, the one she was asking was just the male disciple of Windcloud Heights, while she subconsciously ignored Meng Qi, the strange young monk.

Chen Xiao was good-looking. Male disciple Luo You smiled and said, "In this sandstorm, even the enemies won't go out. They may hide in the ruined temple, and we can catch them then. Isn't that right, little Master Zhen Ding?"

He was asked by the manager to focus on Meng Qi and his company.

Meng Qi was cautious of a sneak-attack all the time. He said carelessly, "In such wind and sand, we can't find the enemies even if they pass right by."

"What you say is reasonable. Then we'd better hide in the temple." Luo You nodded his head. And he smiled at Chen Xiao and said, "Junior Sister Chen, the ruined temple is said to be the divine temple in honor of the Devil Lord. Later, the Devil Lord broke in the Ninefold Sky and was killed by an immortal, thus the divine temple was ruined."

It was the semi-desert, where some places were growing strong poplars which formed a small woods. And there was a ruined divine temple in the woods.

Meng Qi had heard about the legend these days. After being killed, the maimed body of the Devil Lord fell to earth and formed a Devil Tomb in the Sacred Fire Mountain. Every 60 years, the Devil Qi rose up. The one who was infected by the Devil Qi would fall into the Devil Path and go off the deep end, while their Kung Fu would greatly boom and it would be possible for them to gain the Secrecy-reaching and Trance-entering.

This world used to be in a great calamity several times because of the Devil Tomb. Until the immortals came to the world and made the four Magical Arms, which were used to seal it every 60 years, the disaster of the Devil Tomb eventually disappeared.

And it was said that if someone was born with a great destiny, the door of the Devil Tomb would completely open up, bringing the maimed body and impartation of the Devil Lord to that very person. Then the devil would again live in the world and put his sword into the Ninefold Sky.

Pushing the half-covering door of the temple, Luo You and Chen Xiao examined around as they had some Jianghu experience, and then they found some branches and dead grass to set a fire to keep warm.

Meng Qi took out the dry food and roasted it, and devoured it with the clean water in his bottle gourd as a food supplement.

"Little Master Zhen Ding, it seems that you haven't gained the Secrecy-reaching, but your Lightness Skill is truly terrific." Luo You took the chance to speak to him about it.

Chen Xiao also looked at Meng Qi with her beautiful eyes, her right hand subconsciously placed on the handle of her long sword.

Meng Qi bolted down the steamed bun and said smilingly, "Maybe I have talent."

Who the hell knows what Secrecy-reaching is!

"These days, I and others are being suspected a lot, so it's hard to know the important information. Thus, I can only understand the division of the states, but don't know about the peculiarity of Secrecy-reaching and Trance-entering." But Meng Qi had great improvements in the roughly 10 days. The fifth level of Golden Bell Shield was increasingly smooth, thus maybe it needed only 10 days or half a month to be initiated. And he had initially mastered the common knowledge about the sword art. He also remembered the changes of the Yama Inviting well, thus he did not need the personal teaching of Jiang Zhiwei every night.

"I see." Su You did not ask too much. While smiling, he said, "If there's any chance, I'd like to ask you for advice, to see which is more powerful, Secrecy-reaching or talent."

He and Chen Xiao also had stepped into Secrecy-reaching, while they were still at the primary stage.

"Amitabha, it's my pleasure." Meng Qi had long wondered what Secrecy-reaching was.

Looking at the blade and sword on Meng Qi's waist, Chen Xiao secretly smiled and said, "Little Master, which do you use exactly, the blade or the sword?"

"Can't I have Sword Blade Ambidexterity?" Meng Qi said smilingly. "Three blades, three swords, and three master techniques seem to be awesome as well... "

When Chen Xiao was about to speak, she suddenly changed her face, as there was a shadow coming from the beam. It came to her directly and unexpectedly.

She and Su You first met this tremendous change and could not react immediately, they just watched the shadow pouncing on her with their faces turning white.

Suddenly, a dark-red blade light flashed before her eyes. Rapidly, with some indescribable charm, a cut was made on the shadow.

The shadow screamed, and the twisted shadow-like stuff around her suddenly disappeared. He totally collapsed, with the dark-red blade slash remaining on his abdomen, burning the black gas.

Gasping with fright, Chen Xiao pointed at the corpse. "It, it's the Secrecy-reaching Elder of the Devil Cult! He can already shape as a shadow!"

Meng Qi looked at the corpse on the ground with confusion. "It's indeed profound and mysterious that he can use Form Blending as a shadow, but his real Kung Fu strength is common, and even not comparable to me when I was in the advanced success of Qi-cultivation."

But his black atmosphere is strange. If not for the Red Sun Evil Blade being truly excellent, one cut may not have killed him, and he might have by chance escaped.

After saying that, Chen Xiao suddenly turned to Meng Qi with astonishment. She widened her beautiful eyes and said, "You, one cut, you use just one cut to kill the Elder of the Devil Cult?"

Luo You also returned to himself and then unbelievably looked at Meng Qi.

"Well, because his posture is quite good," Meng Qi said with a faint smile.


On the top of a small mountain in the distance, Yun Tingfeng and others were watching the ruined temple.

"Brother Su, now it's your show time," he said to Su Yuanying with great hope.