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96 Eagle Eyes

 The night was quiet and people could hardly hear any noise. Jiang Zhiwei told him about it and his hearing recovered a lot. Now he could hear.

Next, some similar noise came from the windows. The noise was not so clear and flowed around the house. Sometimes, something hit the door and window frames but nothing weird happened.

Meng Qi suddenly knew that and whispered, "It is poisonous insects."

Jiang Zhiwei must have known about the "Repellent Powder" planned by Fu Zhenzhen.

Jiang Zhiwei nodded slightly and said by the psycho-sonic beam, "We can walk out and look for the man who put these poisonous wombs. Maybe the man is still around here. Hehe. You just entered Enlightenment and don't have a close relationship with Master. Besides, you don't know a lot about this sect. Therefore, you didn't even learn the common dharma-mukha psycho-sonic beam. Maybe I can teach you later and do good deeds as a good person."

Under this tense situation, she was not anxious but relaxed and laughed at Meng Qi. Actually, she looked relaxed but was conscious of this situation. She was on high alert. As for doing good deeds as a good person, she just said it randomly and learned it from Meng Qi during talking.

"Sister..." Meng Qi did not say anything and just snorted.

Jiang Zhiwei walked close to the door and waved the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow to open the door. Under the moonlight, there were spiders, centipedes, venomous snakes, and other unknown strange insects. Some were creamy, some were fluffy, and some were disgusting. Some were dark green, some were black, some were light green, and some were colorful, which made people scared.

They were not so big and could be hardly seen in the dark night. Mosquitoes with blood silk were flying in the sky. Obviously, they were a special species of poisonous insects.

Those poisonous insects were moving around the door and were afraid of the powder put out by Fu Zhenzhen. They did not move across the powder.

Jiang Zhiwei waved her sword and pointed at those insects. Suddenly, she became very serious and looked like a sharp sword. Seeing her, people could feel their eyes stinging.

She took a slight breath and overcame the fear of insects and snakes. She wore white short boots and walked out of the house.

Strangely, insects and snakes that Jiang Zhiwei had passed by were shocked by the will of her sword. They drew back out of fear and automatically made way for Jiang Zhiwei.

Meng Qi secretly praised her for that. He took out Red Sun Evil Blade and followed her.

He could not act like Jiang Zhiwei. Once he took out the sword, he needed to stay still or fight by it. Therefore, he walked quickly around the flying mosquitoes and snakes and changed his movements.

Those poisonous insects were confused by the powder and moved slowly. Meng Qi finally entered the yard.

To be honest, he was not afraid of those common poisonous insects. He would be fine if those poisonous things bit him because they could not break his Golden Bell Shield. He walked quickly using Lightning Changes because he was unwilling to touch those disgusting creatures.

The moonlight was clean and cold and the yard was clear. Those common creatures had been defeated by poisonous creatures.

Meng Qi did not walk away from Jiang Zhiwei. They searched two different parts of the yard.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Suddenly, a pitiful scream burst out and broke the quiet night. The scream that was heard was shrill and made people frightened.

"Did those poisonous creatures attack other places?" Meng Qi turned back and made eye-contact with her. They saw the confusion in each other's eyes.

"Does the Devil Cult change its situation and win back its reputation? Does it attack Windcloud Heights?"

The screams stopped but the other screams burst out. Those screams were continuous and rose from different places.

"Badman Ganer!" somebody yelled at the center of Windcloud Heights. The yelling shocked the Nine Heavens and broke stones and cut through clouds. Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei were not in that place but they could hear it clearly.

Then, a heavy storm rose from the center and blew in all directions. Most snakes and worms and flying things were too weak to endure the storm. They were blown to the sky and flew out of the yard.

Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei's clothes made some noise. They put their strength into their feet to keep their bodies steady.

"Is heightslord an expert of the Exterior?" Meng Qi was surprised.

"If we come across the monster of the Devil Cult, what can we do?"

Jiang Zhiwei frowned and shook her head confusedly. "I saw the strange scene of Heaven-earth Merging but I haven't seen the Exterior deterrence. It is so strange. Besides, this power is much weaker than the other common Exterior in this area. But it has the power of controlling, which Half-step to the Exterior doesn't have. It is so strange."

She was the best descendant of her generation of Sword Washing Pavilion and she knew more about the Exterior than Meng Qi.

This storm only blew over the yard center and guest resting yard and did not cover a huge area.

Jiang Zhiwei felt this storm alone. Suddenly, Meng Qi heard a noise from the flowers around him. He suddenly had an idea and chopped with his sword.

Red Sun Evil Blade had the red light like the roasting of a fire. It cut down flowers, burnt branches, and cut through the edge of his clothes.

The hidden one seemed to notice something and drew back. His clothes were torn, his skin was burnt, and he took a slight breath.

When Meng Qi was about to wave his sword to continue his attacks, he saw white smoke rising from the flowers. Then, he held his breath and moved back.

In the white smoke, the flowers and trees died and they were covered with a layer of green. Jiang Zhiwei walked near with her sword. Out of caution, she did not follow that man, who crossed over the wall and ran away quickly.

"Heihei." That man laughed jeeringly and moved quickly. Finally, he disappeared into the darkness.

"It wasn't Gu Xiaosang." The white smoke was gone and Meng Qi sighed. At first, he thought that it was a female. But according to the fight and voice, it could not be Gu Xiaosang. It was probably Gu Xiaosang's teammate.

The manor returned to quietness, as now there seemed to be no more enemies. It just was attacked by poisonous creatures.

Jiang Zhiwei shook her head. "It must be Enlightenment! Poisonous creatures and medicine are terrible. She has good Kung Fu. If I come across her in the future, I won't let her escape. I must kill her within a fist."

That guy seemed to be not good at Kung Fu, but he was dangerous.

Fu Zhenzhen and Zhang Yuanshan hurried there. One was busy in collecting the flying things and the other said seriously, "Those poisonous creatures attacked this manor. I guess many people died from them."

His room faced the manor center and he noticed a lot.

"If this matter appears every day and can not be solved, the union attacking the Devil Cult will be broken and everyone will be frightened." Luo Shengyi walked from the side yard calmly.

Meng Qi laughed, "Our suspicion has increased."


Inside the city. In a courtyard having three halls-

"Little Zi, Hong Xiu, well done! You killed an enemy and made the Windcloud Heights frightened. There must be jealous infighting." A young man clapped his hands. He did not bundle his long hair or insert a hairpin. His long hair was draped over his shoulders randomly. His eyebrows were thick and they seemed to be printed with ink. His eyes were bright and they made him handsome.

A young girl in a colorful dress laughed, "Brother Yun, it is because you planned it successfully."

The young man called Brother Yun laughed, "Hong Xiu, you are really good at praising. To be honest, I felt strange that the discovery didn't arrive at the Head Altar. Now, I think it is good. Little Zi, I never thought you were so good at fighting. You could easily kill an Enlightenment enemy."

"En, it was an accident," a young girl with thick eyebrows and bright eyes laughed and said. She was thin and wore a white dress. She was beautiful and elegant and looked like a fairy in the sky.

"Accidently? So what did you plan to do?" on the other side, a weedy scholar turned his head up and asked. He was thin and weak, his face was pale, and he looked like a girl. He looked coquettish and coughed a lot. Two beautiful young girls stood beside him and held his arms.

Those two young girls had white and thin skin. They looked pure. A kind of indescribable enchantment poured out from every inch of their bodies, like their red and hydrated lips; like their clear and clean eyes; and like their thin clavicles.

That young man glanced at those two young girls and swallowed, turning down the corners of his mouth, and looked at Hong Xiu.

Little Zi's eyes blurred. "I just wanted to see if my little lover was there. I couldn't feel at ease if I didn't kill him."

"Little lover? Is he?" The young man whose last name was Yun frowned.

Little Zi stretched her eyebrows and smiled. "Of course he was there. He was taller and white. Handsome!"

The young man whose last name was Yun felt something wrong. He picked up his eyebrows. "Little Zi, you are good at Kung Fu and have a special name. Why did I never hear your name before?"

"Is the name Yu Longzi rare?" Little Zi laughed. "What's more, you two are martial pros of Eight Apertures. You are as good as others in the Ranking List of Young Masters. Why have I never heard Yun Tingfeng or Su Yuanying before?"

There were seven people in the room. They were Little Zi, Su Yuanying, two charming young girls beside Su Yuanying, Yun Tingfeng, Hong Xiu, and a thin man in black on the left.

"You are right." Yun Tingfeng stretched the eyebrows and smiled. "We both don't hunt for reputation and our names should be rare to hear. However, I don't believe Yu Longzi is your true name."

He looked at Little Zi with a smile.

Little Zi smiled and looked directly into his eyes with confidence. "It is my true name."

Yun Tingfeng moved his eyes away and nodded. "Hong Xiu, Ying Sha, what do you think of the enemies?"

Hong Xiu smiled. "Luo Shengyi and Jiang Zhiwei are masters of the Ranking List. They have great power and can not be ignored. Besides, we should also take importance in a guy like the Taoist and his little lover. One of them is good at changing movements and the other is long in medical theory and poison theory. The rest are useless to speak about."

"The woman with double knives is not bad. The dead-faced man and the bald ass are good in some way. Those two guys should be the weakest points," black Ying Sha added.

Su Yuanying stopped coughing and listened carefully. Yun Tingfeng listened and nodded. He looked at Little Zi. "Little Zi, what do you think of their judgment?"

Little Zi smiled. "They all have eagle eyes and made the right judgment. They are right."