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92 The Idea of the Companions

 The milky light splashed and soaked into Meng Qi's body, just like a good rainfall reviving everything after a long drought.

After his pain quickly disappeared, and his Dantian became warm again, Meng Qi's will soon recovered. He said to the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms, "The Karma points of the treatment can be deducted from mine, I will use the first four passes of the Golden Bell Shield and the Sacrifice Formula in exchange for the treatment."

At this point, Meng Qi couldn't think too much. Anyway, the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms itself contained the Golden Bell Shield and the Sacrifice Formula. In addition, Jiang Zhiwei's elixir might be the key to turn the tables in the next Samsara task, so it was important to recover more strength in advance.

Alas, the principles of less importance easily succumbed to the reality, but fortunately it did not overstep his bottom-line... Meng Qi secretly mumbled and felt a little guilty about his Master.

"Don't worry about it Little monk, I have prepared several tablets from the Elixir Pavilion," Jiang Zhiwei advised. The Hundred-herb Bolus was a panacea from the Sword Washing Pavilion, great for all kinds of wounds, and much better than the Zhen Wu Sect's Curing Bolus and Shaolin's Small Recovery Pill. Her strength grew day by day and she would soon go out to tour Jianghu. Thus, she had the qualification to get a bottle of it in the Elixir Pavilion.

Meng Qi was immersed in the milky light. He waved his hand to Jiang Zhiwei. "It would be better to solve problems on my own if I could. To tell you the truth, I don't have much sense of belonging to Shaolin. Haha, I don't want to waste your favors on things like this."

Just feel sorry for my master because he cares about me too much, alas.

"What is wasting favors? We're best friends that are ready to die for each other. Besides, Junior Brother Zhen Ding, you have not only shared your Transformation Strategy with us but also advised us on how to exchange for the Karma points." Zhang Yuanshan said calmly.

Meng Qi quickly said, "No, no. Just because we are best friends, I can't trouble you if I can deal with the problems by myself. When I really need your help, I will ask for it without hesitation. You see, I've always been thick-skinned. So, I'll ask for help even if it is very dangerous."

"For example, if I am wounded again, Zhiwei, you will be generous enough to give me your Hundred-herb Bolus during the next Samsara task, won't you?"

As he described his mentality, he implicitly pointed out that there was a more important role for the Hundred-herb Bolus.

"OK, little monk, I won't insist because of what you have just said." Jiang Zhiwei smiled and put away her Hundred-herb Bolus bottle.

Zhang Yuanshan, Qi Zhengyan and she all knew that Meng Qi came from the Chores Yard, and had been part of the Kung Fu circle since the beginning of the World of Samsara. So it was normal for him to have little sense of belonging to Shaolin. They didn't prevent Meng Qi from exchanging his two Kung Fu methods with the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms.

After they discussed it, they heard the voice of the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms as expected.

"The treatment costs 160 Karma points."

"You gain 110 Karma points from the first four passes of the Golden Bell Shield and 200 from the Sacrifice Formula."

"And you still have 150 Karma points."

As the milky light disappeared gradually, Meng Qi felt his right hand was as good as new and its strength had returned too. He was so moved that his face was almost covered with tears.

"I'm a strong man again!"

"An Guoxie, this time I'll bring the Pearflower Storm Needles and the Red Sun Evil Blade with me to fight with you. Just wait for your hour of doom."

Seeing Meng Qi's intoxicated expression of excitement, Jiang Zhiwei couldn't help laughing. "Little monk, you seem so miserable. Who is it that put you in such in a tight corner?"

Meng Qi came to his senses from the nightmarish memory of his destroyed Dantian and broken arm, and sighed. "It was the White-headed Vulture, An Guoxie."

"How did you end up in the Western Region?" As a famous one on the same Ranking List as Young Masters, Jiang Zhiwei knew a lot about An Guoxie, so she was amazed.

Zhang Yuanshan also frowned. "An Guoxie would not go to the Great Jin Dynasty alone."

Although Shaolin had sent monks to inform all sects of this matter, Jiang Zhiwei and others weren't the executives of their sects. If they didn't ask about it, they wouldn't know.

After Meng Qi briefly described it, Jiang Zhiwei, Qi Zhengyan and the others all wore a serious look on their faces.

"I think there is something wrong with Zhen Chang's suicide. If he had had the courage to commit suicide, he would have directly killed you, little monk. At least, he would have chosen to jump from the cliff, leaving a chance of survival." Jiang Zhiwei commented on Zhen Chang's suicide from a courage standpoint.

Qi Zheng Yan also nodded. "For me, I would rather be arrested with de-martialization and be expelled from Shaolin. As long as I don't die, I still have a chance."

The Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms was an expert in curing difficult diseases!

"It is unlikely that Zhen Chang is a Samsara traveler." After hearing what Qi Zhengyan said, Meng Qi immediately understood his implied meaning. Then why had he been robbed of his scrolls of mystery? If he hadn't commit suicide, who was it that killed him?

Zhang Yuanshan was thinking of something else. "It is strange that the Crying Elder, who has just recovered from his injury, can accurately block Master Xuan Bei. It's also weird that he hasn't been heard from for nine years and yet pops up just as Master Xuan Bei arrives at the West Region."

The Crying Elder was in the distant West Region, and Xuan Bei had come neither fast nor slowly. Therefore, unless his tracks had been observed for a long time or someone had deliberately let it out, who could know about Xuan Bei's arrival? And the most important thing was that Shaolin wouldn't have sent Xuan Bei to the West Region if they had known earlier. Nobody had known that Xuan Bei would appear in Jianghu again before he arrived at the Quicksand Town.

"Ah, I feel there is a large dark hand behind the scenes." Fu Zhenzhen sighed with emotion to ease the depressing atmosphere.

Jiang Zhiwei nodded thoughtfully and then smiled to Meng Qi with a bright and charming look mixed with a valiant and arrogant expression. "It is not the right time to discuss this. What matters most is how to deal with An Guoxie after you return to Shaolin little monk.

"His Source of Pith is damaged and his injury isn't completely healed, so his strength is less than 70% of that in his heyday. And he could never expect that I have recovered to normal after my Kung Fu was abolished and my arm was broken. In addition, I get one more Buddhist Commandment Blade of the Refined Weapon level and a horrible concealed weapon. So, out of his anticipation, even if I don't use the Sacrifice Formula but present the Peace Quietude Split first, and then shoot out the Pearflower Storm Needles. I am likely to kill him on the spot."

As Meng Qi said these words, he felt funny and could not help but silently mumble. "An Guoxie would loudly shout out 'Boycott all plug-in' before he died if he knew the truth."

Zhang Yuanshan solemnly said, "You cannot underestimate a master with Nine Apertures opened. Your strength can't compare with his. You may be able to harm him again, but you can't kill him or defeat him."

"Ah, the Violent Sand Super Force has the excellent ability to resist the common poison, and the Pearflower Storm Needles may not be fatal." Jiang Zhiwei thought they might be equal. After all, the Violent Sand Super Force, which was worth 8000 Karma points on the Exchange List, was a very famous Kung Fu. An Guoxie had reached the stage with Nine Apertures opened, indicating that he had been admitted to the top class, and could not be underestimated.

She pondered for a moment and continued, "The time of the Samsara task is generally short. So you cannot open your Ear Aperture again. Unless you get your whole-body imbued after you finish the task. But this requires a lot of Karma points, and we may not get enough. It has big potential risks too."

"During the Samsara task, can you guarantee that you will not use the Pearflower Storm Needles to keep your life?" Qi Zhengyan raised his own question.

Meng Qi took a slight breath. Indeed, the Samsara task was both an opportunity and a danger. Maybe he would not get many Karma points and consume his Pearflower Storm Needles. And he himself had more or less subconsciously looked down on An Guoxie with Nine Apertures opened, because he'd achieved his initial targets after their two fights.

But after thinking it over, he realized that the first time he could escape smoothly after striking An Gouxie, it was because he hadn't known the Transformation Strategy and he didn't know that Meng Qi had grasped the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. The second time, with the environment and the Transformation Strategy hiding his traces, which formed a scene like an assassination, he had harmed him relying on the force of the Peace Quietude Split refined from the Sacrifice Formula. An Guoxie hadn't known he had reached Enlightenment.

But now, An Guoxie knew his entire background, so he wouldn't act in confusion. Meng Qi's Red Sun Evil Blade was a really important chip but not a deciding factor. And his Pearflower Storm Needles might not be at his disposal until he returned. So they might not cause deadly wounds. If he just fought with him using the surprise element, he'd be in a dangerous situation.

Alas, too many variables. Meng Qi sighed silently and looked at Jiang Zhiwei and the others. "Do you have any good ideas?"

Fu Zhenzhen, who was not familiar with Meng Qi, said timidly, "I have grown a seven-star begonia. Upon your return, if you still have the Pearflower Storm Needles, I will make it into venom and smear it on a silver pin. If you lose it, I have a few small candles made from the begonia. You can hold your breath and keep the antidote in your mouth while you secretly light a candle. It is colorless, tasteless and violently toxic. An Guoxie should have no way to resist it. By then, you can strike him with your blade.

Because she'd grown up in a nunnery, Fu Zhenzhen was not used to shouting and killing.

Good idea! Meng Qi's eyes lit up and at the same time he secretly praised her. Fu Zhenzhen was really gifted in making poison.

Qi Zhengyan seemed to have been inspired too. "Grieving Wind Softener with a bottle of antidote needs 200 Karma points. With the reward from the main task, it should be easy to exchange for the violent poison. So An Guoxie's inner force will be greatly affected even if he doesn't lose all of it from the poison."

My God, my little partners are all relentless! Meng Qi was stunned, but also greatly inspired.

Zhang Yuanshan could not help but smile and shake his head. "This is only one part of the preparation. For the other part, Junior Brother Zhen Ding, you have to redeem a set of the Desperate Hit. After all, the Peace Quietude Split can't play an unexpected role now, so you'd better regard it as a spare part. Of course, if you feel that you are not secure, you may ask the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms to help you to open your Ear Aperture, which requires 600 Karma points. If you exchange for time to cultivate it, you should pay 200 Karma points a month for it."

The normal exchange rate for the "Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing" was 260 Karma points, but if you wanted to get help to directly open the Enlightenment, you needed to pay double under the premise that you had cultivated to concentrate all the Aperture acupoints related to the Ear Aperture. Of course, the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms could do it all for you only if you had enough Karma points.

"If you have enough Karma points, you'd better choose all of them. If not, you can choose some of them to get ready for it according to the sum of your Karma points." Meng Qi nodded slightly and felt much more relaxed. Sarcastically, he silently whispered, Poor An Guoxie!

"If the Desperate Hit belongs to the enlightenment period, I actually have a trick." Jiang Zhiwei said suddenly with a sweet smile.

As he could only come across the tricks of the Exterior by chance at the present and not ask for them, Meng Qi wanted to exchange for the Desperate Hit bladesmanship, which must belong to the enlightenment period. It had been divided into separate tricks for exchange. If you didn't have the Primary Instruction and most of the tricks, it could only present the force of Qi storage and the Enlightenment level.

Hearing this, Meng Qi asked with confusion, "Zhiwei, don't you only know the sword methods?"