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80 Meng Qis Selections

 "Why not choose both?" Qi Zhengyan asked in confusion. Meng Qi had 690 Karma points. He could certainly afford to exchange for both.

"I have concentrated six Aperture acupoints including Eye Aperture, and who knows how long until the next mission will begin," Meng Qi said seriously. "Therefore, I need to exchange for a Heavenly Acumen Pill and manage to step into the enlightenment period before the next mission. Besides I need to fill up the Pearflower Needles, and I also want a Lightness Skill to increase my speed, and a Refined Weapons Level Commandment Blade."

He smiled wryly and waved up his damaged Commandment Blade, which was made of Hundredfold Tempered Steel. Cui Xu had opened the Secret Chamber of Spirit, as well as that of Qi, so he'd had ebullient inner force imbued into his sword. Thus, Meng Qi's blade was badly damaged. If Cui Xu had had a sword of the Refined Weapon level, he would have split Meng Qi's blade directly in two.

The enemies encountered in the Samsara mission had been stronger after each task. Meng Qi was afraid that in the next mission they would meet many enemies with Refined Weapons. Then he would have to protect his blade with his genuine Qi to make it rival with his enemies', and his combat power would be compromised. In addition, he couldn't get a Refined Weapon from Shaolin for he was still an unenlightened acolyte. In order to choose one in Shaolin, he had to break through Bronzemen Lane and peregrinate downhill.

According to Jiang Zhiwei, Meng Qi knew that the classification of weapons and items in his world was similar to that of the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms. The most humble weapons were "common weapons" used by commoners, street villains and Jianghu heroes of the lowest class. The Hundredfold Tempered weapons were much better. They were used by normal martial artists, disciples of common sects or elites at court, and forged by decent smiths. They were normally worthy of hundreds of taels.

The Refined Weapons were relatively few, for they needed particular metals, wood or other materials which were relatively rare. The forgers themselves should also possess great inner power and knowledge of manipulating Earth Fire and other kinds of Fires. Therefore, only reputable Jianghu heroes, leaders and key apprentices of common sects, direct heirs of mainstream martial sects, members of aristocratic families and elite king's guards could be expected to own them.

Every Refined Weapon had its specialty besides sharpness, for they contained different materials. For example, when Sun-penetrating Rainbow, the sword of Jiang Zhiwei, was used to cut normal iron, it would make one feel like they were cutting mud.

The Refined Weapon level also contained some special components, such as a ring that could blow fire, a bracelet that could freeze the enemy, etc... Meng Qi thought they should be called magic implements.

Superior to the Refined Weapons, the Precious Weapons could incite changes of the sky and earth. They were not created by mortals. As for Magical Arms and Peerless Godly Weapons, Meng Qi had read their descriptions from the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms and found they embodied Dharma, Truth, or even Logos. They were formidable.

"Yes, a Refined Weapon is very important." Zhang Yuanshan tapped his waist and his long sword stuck out with a clank. The fog emerged around it, rendering the sword a clouded Chinese dragon. "After having solidified my foundation, I finally made the first step into Zhen Wu Sword Art. My father was so elated that he gave me his sword, Winged-python Sword, which he used to establish his fame when he was young. Without it, it would have been much harder for me in this mission."

"Why Lightness Skill? You already have Lightning Changes." Jiang Zhiwei asked Meng Qi after contemplating.

Meng Qi had considered strategically. "Lightning Changes was good at dodging and changing. It was relatively a good one among the Lightness Skills, but after the Enlightenment, its resulting speed and charge effects would be far weaker than other skills. By then, if I cannot win a combat, I need to be able to escape."

Jiang Zhiwei was closer to Meng Qi, so she spoke her mind directly. "Actually, I suggest that you choose a martial art which is able to improve your body potential. Those ones are not common, but it is essential that you improve your body potential as early as possible. With this you would have deeper foundation, a broader path and better achievement. If you improve it when you are older, it will not be as effective."

"Lightness Skills specializing in speed, or skills like Sky Demon Butchering Mighty Art. You should choose either, as a skill to save your life in the future. Overlap would be wasteful."

"If you are successfully enlightened this time, you won't be so exhausted as before after performing Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. And with Pearfower Storm Needles, you will not be weak if you fight a vital combat. Skills like Sky Demon Butchering Mighty Art could be redeemed next time."

Most Kung Fu referred to as "Supreme Arts", when practiced, would also improve one's body potential. Potential was not congenital and immutable. But many stages of a certain supreme art often required a certain level of body potential, so sometimes one would need more time to practice and improve his physical body in order to enter a new stage.

Therefore, all sects and schools loved to choose disciples with outstanding body potential as their apprentices to inherit their fundamental martial arts. Afterward they would pick disciples who were sedulous and committed, and impart to them when they accomplished certain achievements.

The auxiliary arts, used exclusively to improve body potential, were very rare, and of course very expensive.

"I agree with you. The arts that could improve body potential are legendary and wanted by many people." Zhang Yuanshan was a little sentimental saying this. "Among these arts, the best and most famous one should be the Muscle-bone Strengthening Scripture of your Shaolin. Not only could it help improve potential, but it will also help improve the quality of major martial arts you are practicing, as well as lower the difficulty. It is really miraculous. However, the first volume costs ten thousand Karma Points. Brother Zhen Ding, which one are you going to exchange for? Arts of this kind are rare and costly."

He had paid attention to this kind of martial arts long ago.

Meng Qi had the advantage of already knowing many of the "strange Kung Fu" on the Exchange List. He didn't need to read carefully about them.

The large number of Exterior Level Kung Fu types was a huge advantage. They didn't have enough time in the Samsara world and their choices could easily be rash and wrong.

As for Zhang Yuanshan's questions, Meng Qi smiled and said, "I decided not to choose arts similar to Sky Demon Butchering Mighty Art for the time being. I will exchange for the Chapter of Sinew Changing and Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture from the Nine Yin Divine Scripture."

He had intended to choose Internal Force Absorption Skill or Kung Digestion Supreme Art. These Demon Path arts could absorb the energy and blood of others and improve oneself quickly. But they were risky as well. Many people suffered mania during its practice and hurt themselves while hurting other people. They were also relatively expensive. Meng Qi was in Shaolin Temple where it was inconvenient to practice these types of Kung Fu, so he finally gave up.

"Nine Yin Divine Scripture?"

"Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture?"

They all wondered with consternation and looked through the List.

"It can indeed improve sinews and forge bones, and it costs only 300 Karma Points!" Zhang Yuanshan exclaimed with wonder, which was rather rare for this stoical Taoist.

It could change one's body potential and cost only 300 Karma Points? They all stared at Meng Qi in shock. How had he found such a cheap type of Kung Fu with this function?

"I ran across it by accident. I was lucky." Meng Qi had to answer this way.

The Nine Yin Divine Scripture contained two volumes and was worth 900 Karma Points altogether, in which Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture was worth a third. It really was precious.

"Although the effect is rather limited, it is a good choice anyway. Little monk, you are really blessed by the Buddha." Jiang Zhiwei put her palms together and made a jest.

Zhang Yuanshan paused for a moment and said, "Junior Brother Zhen Ding, to be honest, I will also redeem this."

His body potential was not bad, but in terms of his family importance and expectation, he was just normal, especially compared with his fellows Yang Tai, Yang He and the Yao Brothers. So he had always been looking for this kind of Kung Fu, and even thought that if he couldn't find one he should seek direct improvement of body potential from the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms.

"If the Book of the Chaos isn't good for improving body potential and my points are sufficient, I might also exchange for this one," Qi Zhengyan said honestly.

Meng Qi guffawed, "It seems that my choice is smart. I am surely going to have it."

"What other Lightness Skill are you going to redeem?" Jiang Zhiwei asked curiously. The Little monk could always find something unheard of but plausibly good.

Meng Qi chortled and pointed to the jade-slip scroll. "The first move of Wind-god's Legs Moves, Wind Arresting and Shadow Catching. It is a tutorial step into a decent Lightness Skill, and costs only 90 points. But if I want to fully fulfill its strengths, I would have to wait until the Exterior level."

Speaking of 90, Meng Qi wanted to jest with an advertisement slogan: "Only $99, Arresting Wind and Capturing Shadow is yours".

Wind-god's Legs Moves were from Wind and Cloud, a Wuxia comic book. The moves took advantage of wind and sped oneself up to meteor speed. Meng Qi thought of nothing else, for he still needed to focus on bladesmanship and the Golden Bell Shield, as well as two auxiliary types of Kung Fu, Sinew Changing and Bone Forging Chapters and Transformation Strategy. So aside from escaping skills, he need not consider other Lightness Skills with palm or leg movements.

Jiang Zhiwei read through the description and nodded. "Not bad. It's not expensive. You can always find a good one."

Compared to the methods of improving one's body potential, leg moves and lightness skills felt more familiar for Jiang Zhiwei and the others, so they didn't show too much wonder.

"Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture needs 300 points, the Heavenly Acumen Pill 110, Pearfower Storm Needles 50, and the Wind-god's Legs Moves 90. Then you will have 140 left to choose a commandment blade of the Refined Weapons level. If your points are not enough, I can lend some to you." Zhang Yuanshan said to Meng Qi, "Currently I have enough elixir, and only need Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture, so I will have 30 points left."

Jiang Zhiwei said, "I think I will have my Nose Aperture opened after the next mission. Until then, I don't need the Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing. This time I will only exchange for the Ruthless part in the Sacred Spirit Sword Art. You could borrow 20 points from me."

"My Kunlun Crush is not accomplished yet, so I don't need to exchange for the fourth layer, Azure Blizzard crystals. But I also intended to redeem for a refined long sword which could subdue demons. Yet in this mission I failed to gain much," Qi Zhengyan said grimly. "Besides, I also need elixir to assist my enlightenment."

Meng Qi nodded with a smile. "Then let's go have all of this exchanged, then I will choose the Refined Weapons with Brother Qi."