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79 Fu Zhenzhen

 A milk-white light pillar appeared in the square before Meng Qi answered. Suddenly, the pillar lit the square and made it solemn.


"Why one more person?"

Jiang Zhiwei and Meng Qi were both confused. It was a single task. Why was there one more person?

The last light pillar disappeared first. Qi Zhengyan was surrounded by red light and looked like a ghost. He stopped slowly Rosy Afterglow Swing and briefed them, "Another leading freshman task was added to my single task. But finally, he was killed by the monster."

"The freshman? Lead by Senior Brother Zhang?" Meng Qi guessed.

"Yes, you are right, Junior Brother Zhen Ding." The light pillar around Zhang Yuanshan had disappeared. He wore a Zhen Wu Taoist robe and kept his back high and straight. He looked handsome and manly.

A young lady stood near. She was around seventeen or eighteen years old. She was medium tall and had an oval face and crescent eyebrows. She wore an emerald green shirt and looked gentle and sweet.

Zhang Yuanshan introduced her with a smile. "This is Fu Zhenzhen, a disciple of the North Zhou Dynasty 'Yinghua Monastery'."

Yinghua Monastery? Meng Qi didn't know everything about mainstream martial arts, let alone the Yinghua Monastery. Maybe it was literally a nunnery.

"Zhenzhen, this is Zhen Ding. This is Jiang Zhiwei of the Sword Washing Pavilion. And this is Qi Zhengyan of the Huanhua Swords Sect." Zhang Yuanshan introduced the three people to Fu Zhenzhen.

Fu Zhenzhen said with a sweet smile, "Hello, sister Jiang, senior brother Qi and junior brother Zhen Ding. You are all so good at mainstream martial arts. It really puts me to shame."

The others didn't take him seriously. Meng Qi had seen a great deal of life and ridiculed, "Old Zhang, no, senior brother Zhang, Zhenzhen..."

He deliberately dragged the word "Zhenzhen" out long.

They've only known each other a few minutes and he could call the girl by her name. There must be something special. Thinking this, Meng Qi felt like a gossiping girl.

"Oh." Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan got it. Their eyes moved between Zhang Yuanshan and Fu Zhenzhen quickly.

Fu Zhenzhen became red and shy. She looked at her toes. Zhang Yuanshan coughed slightly and he avoided her eyes, "We live in Jianghu and don't care about these details..."

When they were talking, he thought what he'd said before was a little improper. Then, he became serious and said, "Junior sister Jiang, junior brother Qi and junior brother Zhen Ding, please take care of Zhenzhen."

Hearing this, Fu Zhenzhen became shyer and looked down.

"Senior brother Zhang, we get it. It's normal to fall in love." Meng Qi laughed silkily and thought, the Samsara task can also lead to a romantic relationship. Should the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms change into the host of a big blind date program?

Zhang Yuanshan had fallen in love for the first time. He felt a little nervous from the teasing. "Junior brother Zhen Ding, why do you smile like a flighty monk?"

He almost called him 'a sensual monk'.

"Really?" Meng Qi touched his face and said, "should I be a kind, matchmaking monk?"

Jiang Zhiwei burst into a smile. The little monk was serious on formal occasions but was humorous sometimes which released the task pressure and general pressure off the team a lot.

Zhang Yuanshan changed the topic. "How many Karma points did you earn? Let's check what we can exchange."

He said directly before Meng Qi answered, "I earned three hundred and sixty Karma points in total for side tasks and leading freshman tasks."

"Three hundred and twenty..." Fu Zhenzhen looked straight at her toes and whispered.

Jiang Zhiwei smiled. He didn't want to make it difficult for Zhang Yuanshan and Fu Zhenzhen. "I completed two side tasks and earned five hundred and fifty Karma points. I also found some mystery scrolls, so maybe over six hundred."

"So many." Meng Qi had thought he had the most karma points in this single task. He hadn't expected that Jiang Zhiwei would have more than him. "I also completed two side tasks and earned four hundred and eighty Karma points. But I owed thirty Karma points last time."

Qi Zhengyan said in brief, "Three hundred and eighty Karma points plus the thirty left after exchanging Kunlun Crush. Four hundred and ten."

"Senior brother Qi, is the 'Book of the Chaos' spar good for your training?" Meng Qi was curious about the spar.

Qi Zhengyan shook his head, "The spar will break once the magic power within is absorbed. According to the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms' suggestion, if you want to own the spar with magic power and training help, you can have the chance to get it in the task world."

"A task can earn the 'Book of the Chaos'. The difficulty..." Meng Qi thought and felt his scalp go numb.

Suddenly, the grand, cold voice of the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms reverberated, "Task evaluation: Jiang Zhiwei and Zhen Ding are 'medium'. These two people have no signing opportunity and are awarded thirty Karma points. The rest of you are 'general'."

"It was a pity that I didn't have time to find treasures. Otherwise, I would have the signing opportunity..." Meng Qi sighed secretly.

Meng Qi had had five hundred and ten Karma points. Thirty Karma points had been dropped. He had four hundred and eighty left. Jiang Zhiwei had five hundred and ninety Karma points. Zhang Yuanshan had three hundred and eighty Karma points. Qi Zhengyan and Fu Zhenzhen's Karma points stayed the same.

"Let's decide what we need to exchange," Zhang Yuanshan said. He didn't want to change the topic.

Jiang Zhiwei smiled, "Wait a minute."

"What?" They all looked at him in confusion.

Jiang Zhiwei looked at Meng Qi. "Can I say it now?"

It was about Meng Qi. She herself couldn't make the decision.

Hearing her question, Meng Qi soon understood. He smiled with relief. "I earned a strange magic power. It can stimulate the Primal Aperture at Mid-brows."

He talked about the Transformation Strategy in brief. Meng Qi was quite clear that if his fellow became stronger he would be safer. As long as the conversation was not about core power and safe strategy, the sharing would be good for the present situation. However, the truth about the Jade Buddha was too strange. Last time they hadn't known yet. Meng Qi decided to keep it a secret and consider it when he had more clues.

"This magic power can interfere with the enemy's five senses and cause hallucinations. It is of great help in fighting before Half-step Exterior Scenery. Junior Brother Zhen Ding, can we exchange it with Karma points? It is better to exchange with us than the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms." Zhang Yuanshan understood the value of 'Transformation Strategy'. He exchanged a look with Fu Zhenzhen.

"I agree with him," Qi Zhengyan held the same view. His 'Primal Acupore at Mid-brow emphasized the internal and external induction. His 'White Cloud Smoke' could blind and hinder enemies. But these were the other kind of magic power. They absorbed and exercised energy from the sky and land to work but couldn't stimulate the Primal Aperture at Mid-brows.

Meng Qi smiled, "Since I decided to say it, I had prepared to exchange. But I couldn't give it to you without return. To be honest, I am not so cruel, but I think it is better to make rules. I don't care about common cheat codes, but it did take great effort to earn it. I also need Karma points. It seems unfair to share with you for free or just conceal it. I think both of them are harmful to our team growth, development and cooperation."

Surprised, Jiang Zhiwei looked at Meng Qi with gratitude. She had planned to say it. She hadn't expected that he would say it directly. Now, if the others felt displeased about it, they would be mad at him instead of her.

"Yes, you are right, junior brother. I agree with you." Zhang Yuanshan smiled in relief. Fu Zhenzhen had just met them for the first time and didn't feel bad. They were not familiar with each other, so the atmosphere was normal.

Qi Zhengyan nodded slightly and didn't feel bad about this suggestion. Most people would think about the future when he or she had the mystery scrolls. Only a low person would want others' mystery scrolls for free and hide theirs in the future.

Meng Qi was pleased with the atmosphere now and smiled. "If I exchange 'Transformation Strategy' with the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms, I will earn two hundred Karma points. But I have shown all of you. Maybe it's worth ten to fifteen Karma points now. Each of you gives me fifty Karma points."

Zhang Yuanshan and the others didn't say more. They gave their Karma points to Meng Qi and got the copy of 'Transformation Strategy' in return.

"Transformation Strategy is the enlightenment period martial. It has been shared four times so it's now worth ten Karma points." Meng Qi finally threw the shared strategy to the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms' and earned Karma points. Now he had six hundred and ninety Karma points in total. Jiang Zhiwei exchanged many common scripts with the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms and earned eighty Karma points. Now she had six hundred and twenty Karma points in total.

Zhang Yuanshan still had three hundred and thirty Karma points. Qi Zhengyan had three hundred and sixty. Fu Zhenzhen had two hundred and seventy.

"Let's decide what we will exchange." Meng Qi had more Karma points suddenly and was ambitious.

Jiang Zhiwei glanced toward Fu Zhenzhen and said, "Zhenzhen first. We don't know what she is good at or what she wants to exchange."

"I have an advanced success of Qi-cultivation. I need to concentrate on the Eye Aperture, so I want to exchange a Heavenly Acumen Pill." Fu Zhenzhen said gently. She wasn't shy anymore.

Zhang Yuanshan added, "Zhenzhen is interested in medicine. Yinghua Monastery was good at curing, but she wasn't in the sect and she couldn't exercise it. This script has three parts and the first part needs nine hundred Karma points. Maybe next time. Do you know such scripts?"

He thought about what he knew. Some were common, and some were too insidious. The rest were too expensive.

Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan were lost in thought. Meng Qi said, "If you want to save people and earn poison, I know a script that doesn't cost too many Karma points."

"What?!" Zhang Yuanshan knew that Meng Qi had studied the 'Exchange List' intensively and knew more than the others. The Exchange List recorded a lot of things. Most of them were hardly remembered except for a little part at the top of the list.

"The Chapter of Medicine King." Meng Qi said it directly. It was good to have a teammate who was good at curing.

The Medicine King Chapter was from the Young Flying Fox. Ninety percent of it was used for curing and the rest contained many kinds of poisons.

Zhang Yuanshan searched in the jade books and suddenly his eyes lit up. He clapped his hands and smiled, saying, "Zhenzhen, what do you think of it?"

The Medicine King Chapter was worth one hundred and fifty Karma points. Fu Zhenzhen could afford it. Of course, if she couldn't afford it, Zhang Yuanshan would help.

Fu Zhenzhen looked carefully at the description from the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms and she said happily, "That is fine. It can summarize the medical theory and poison theory."

The medicines in the Medicine King Chapters were common compared with the exotic flowers and rare herbs in the true world. But the medical theory and the poison theory could be used widely.

Then Fu Zhenzhen exchanged a Heavenly Acumen Pill, the Medicine King Chapter and a bottle of Ganoderma Elixir of Restoration, using up all of her Karma points.

"Little monk, what about you?" Jiang Zhiwei asked Ming Qi. She just wanted something simple and was not in a rush.

Meng Qi stopped and thought, "Right now, which one is more suitable for me? A saving script like the Skyscraping Devil Breaking or a helping script to improve myself?"