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76 Cui Xus Soft Spo

 After the gimmick was pressed, streaks of silver lights radiated out, covering all the positions that You Tongguang could change, just like heavy rain or a tight dragnet which were too quick for people to respond to!

Seeing the black tubes with dark light, You Tongguang's face paled. He could not imagine that this legendary concealed weapon was in the hands of a little monk!

The fifth younger brother obviously knew that, but why didn't he tell me?

He wants me to die?

When pondering about these things, he resorted to the Iron Bridge, turning it backward to try to keep off the frontal Pearflower Storm Needles.

However, this was the Pearflower Storm Needle, the legendary concealed weapon, whose speed went beyond the ordinary imagination. "Da, da, da!" After the sound like that of raindrops drumming against banana leaves, You Tongguang directly fell back to the ground with 10 silver needles thrusting into his chest, head, and lower body respectively.

His face turned black, frozen with the expression of horror and puzzlement. He had already died from poisoning.

Meng Qi did not even glance at him. Tucking the Pearflower Storm Needles into his arms, he crossed his legs at once and meditated so as to harmonize Qi-circulation and heal the wound so that he would lose no time stabilizing his Golden Bell Shield, which was on the brink of breaking off.

Inside the corridor, Cui Xu, with his exquisite sword art, completely subdued Duan Xiangfei, who was badly injured. It seemed that they did not fight too intensely, but the spiritual interference and subtle changes from each other were amazing.

Duan Xiangfei was struck by swords one after another, constantly retreating. But his palms were strangely free from getting hurt. He was quite far away from Cui Xu, it seemed that with the passage of time, he gradually failed to confront the spiritual invasion to his facial features from Cui Xu due to excessive loss of blood.


In the Castellan Mansion, with the arrival of the letter from Luo Qing to postpone the duel, everyone was disappointed, only to see Castellan Cui return to the quiet room to regulate his mind.

After some speculation about the reasons for the postponement of the duel by Luo Qing, the famed seniors of martial arts got up, ready to leave.

But Cui Jinxiu naturally did the honor of the host and detained everyone to enjoy lunch.

Just as the seniors were rejecting the hospitality out of politeness, someone suddenly said in distress, "The Sword God in White is coming."

Everyone was astonished as they turned around and saw Luo Qing in white holding a sword, whose forehead was wide, his eyebrows were like flying dragons, and the expression in his eyes was cold and fierce.

"Luo Qing, didn't you delay the duel?" Mu Shan shouted angrily and in bewilderment.

Luo Qing said coldly, "I did postpone the duel, but I didn't say that I would not come today."

"What are you doing here?" Mu Shan lowered his voice.

At this time, Cui Jinxiu could only let his uncles control the whole situation.

"I seek justice." Luo Qing's gaze swept over Fei Zhengqing, Mu Hengtian, and so on, which made Fei Zhengqing clench his Judge Pen.

"What justice?" the head of the Longyou Clan asked as an unrelated person.

Luo Qing no longer looked at Fei Zhengqing, "You'll get it when meeting Cui Xu. Take me to the dungeon."

"The dungeon?" the head of the Longyou Clan asked doubtfully.

"Cui Xu is not in the quiet room, but in the dungeon." Luo Qing looked around the crowd. "I think not any one of you could stop me from going. I came here because I hoped that you could also follow me and have a look."

As a grandmaster, Luo Qing indeed could have bypassed the "obstacle" to easily arrive at the dungeon if Cui Xu did not impede him.

Everyone looked at each other, and Fei Zhengqing said loudly, "We must make things clear, how dare you break into Castellan Mansion at your own discretion?"

Luo Qing did not reply but directly ran toward the dungeon with his bodily movement, whose speed and variation were so subtle that nobody could stop him.

"Go and catch him!" Cui Jinxiu could not help shouting, but did not notice that Uncle Fei looked over at him coldly.

With this command, the famed seniors in Jianghu went after him, without knowing if they wanted to stop Luo Qing or to see exactly what the matter was.


"Luo Qing should have arrived, right?" Meng Qi temporarily stabilized his Golden Bell Shield and turned over to sit up.

After linking the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods with Cui Xu, he secretly wrote a letter to Luo Qing, earnestly elaborating his own judgment and today's adventure. Since Luo Qing also opened his spiritual Secret Chamber, Duan Xiangfei dared not get too close to Meng Qi after Meng Qi had departed from You Tongguang to sneak into Dabei Temple. Duan did not know this, or he would not be so impulsive.

Although Luo Qing got injured, he was also a grandmaster, whose participation would totally change the situation of the duel.


When Meng Qi intended to enter the course way to join hands with Duan Xiangfei, with a sudden exclamation, Duan Xiangfei "cracked" his body into seven streaks of ghosts, each holding a handprint which then shot out toward Cui Xu simultaneously.

This palm made the ice cellar more frigid, and even Meng Qi could not help but shudder. A few snowflakes seemed to flutter in the corridor, but whether it was an illusion or reality remained unknown.


Transformation Strategy

is really extraordinary..." Meng Qi knew that there was only one real body in the seven ghosts, but he could not tell. In the meantime, the scene that the similar astronomical phenomena changed in a small area suddenly led him to speculate.

"After opening Nine Apertures together, was it relying on condensing Primal Aperture at Mid-brows and hooking the inside and outside world to step into the Half-step Exterior Scenery?"

If so, the martial art in this world laid a weak foundation, but there was another way out.

"Good to come!" After seeing that, Cui Xu exclaimed all of a sudden, turning into the light of the sword and combining with it!

The light became more and more bright, as if it could fill up the entire corridor, so that Meng Qi could not look straight ahead.

"It is really horrible to open the spiritual Secret Chamber..." Meng Qi knew it was an illusion influenced by his close proximity but he still could not tell where exactly Cui Xu was and where his sword came from.

Under such circumstances, he did not dare to intervene, but was on high alert.

He clearly knew that Duan Xiangfei was forced into a desperate case so as to display the Kung Fu similar to the disintegration of Skyscraping Devil, which prompted the Snow God Palace palm, while Cui Xu also spared no effort in drawing this sword. Hence, the outcome was about to be clear!

The light of the sword dissipated and Duan Xiangfei flew backward, severely falling on the top of the ice with a perforated wound on the right side of his chest, and blood spewed out to stain the ice red.

Cui Xu stood with a sword that was horizontal in his hand. The clothes on his right shoulder suddenly crushed into a fine debris, as if butterflies were flying together, and there was one more ice-blue palm print on his skin.

His was slightly trembling with white gas emerging from the top of his head. His look quickly returned to normal as he stepped toward the ice cellar.

"Snow God Palm deserves its reputation as expected, but unfortunately you're injured too badly to let it fully display," Cui Xu said as he stood at the entrance of ice cellar, looking at Duan Xiangfei.

Duan Xiangfei heaved a deep sigh. "One false move may lose the game, Cui Laogui. Come on, you are superior to me both on your scheming and Kung Fu."

Cui Xu revealed an expression of recollection. "Actually, I've been imitating your scheming."

"Have you guys not finished yet?" Meng Qi said carelessly at that time.

"Don't you want to live longer?" Cui Xu looked at him with his head aslant.

Meng Qi put the Buddhist Commandment Blade across his chest with a smile and said, "Will you let me go after killing Mr. Leisure?"

"No," Cui Xu answered without changing in his expression.

"I would rather take the initiative and go all out." Meng Qi converged all his expressions, only a pair of eyes revealed a strong fighting will.

Cui Xu hummed slightly. "You must have been prepared since you've guessed that I am Zodiac Dragon. Luo Qing is coming, why not wait longer?"

"The Sword God in White is only the backhand, who might come by luck but not by seeking for him. Putting all my hopes on him will only make me weak and I will lose my intention to put up a desperate fight, so then you could just casually kill me with a sword," Meng Qi calmly replied.

Cui Xu raised his eyebrows and said with pity, "You might be a future grandmaster as expected. What a pity, what a pity."

He seemed to be pitying that Meng Qi would die under his sword.

"I am not badly injured." He pointed his sword at Meng Qi. "And do you think I was doing my best that night? Your Pearflower Storm Needles must have run out."

"It's no use saying so much. Come on." Meng Qi picked up his Buddhist Commandment Blade from the bottom up, pointing it directly at Cui Xu's belly at a weird angle, which made people feel badly uncomfortable.

Cui Xu thrust his sword and suddenly disappeared. Meng Qi's pupils sharply contracted, seeing two or three streaks of sword lights respectively come from the left, right, and front of his body with the sound of wind and footsteps fading away.

He could not who tell the real one was, but he wielded the Buddhist Commandment Blade, trying to block the sword with a wide range of defense.

The light of sword was like a wave that scattered with the blade. A tip of the blade emerged suddenly from the void and stabbed the middle of Meng Qi's back.

A sharp pain hit Meng Qi, who reacted very fast and plunged forward directly. Obstructed by his Golden Bell Shield, the sword thrust into his body a little, but instantly came out.

Meng Qi did not utilize the "Peace Quietude Split" immediately because, after this thrust, he would have nearly collapsed. He would lose his life if he did not kill Cui Xu, so he had to wait for a good opportunity.

Cui Xu seemed to be affected by the injury so that he did badly in connecting his attack, which gave Meng Qi time to catch his breath after rushing forward.

The light of sword showed up again and divided into seven streaks, hitting from different directions.

Meng Qi knew now that his eyes, nose, ears, and sense of touch were all disturbed by Cui Xu so that he could not exactly avoid the attack. Hence, he simply closed his eyes, held his breath, and restrained himself from hearing while just relying sheerly on Lightning Changes, backward or forward and to the left or right irregularly. And to protect his major weak points, he tightly gripped the Buddhist Commandment Blade, paying no "attention" to other parts of his body.

Meng Qi was stabbed by the sword again and again with his blood spurting out, but he withheld the fierce pain, patiently waiting for an opportunity.

Where was the chance?

He would never find a chance if it went on like this!

At that moment, Meng Qi, who excluded or weakened the various senses automatically, seemed to have plunged into a tranquil and gloomy world with only the pain of a constant attack.

Nothing could be seen or heard. There was nothing but peace and pain!

Where was the turning point to break this?

Duan Xiangfei saw Meng Qi struggle to support himself. As the flowing dark gold with cracks all around was about to break, Meng Qi made up his mind to get up with difficulty, rushing toward the sapphire coffin.

Only by distracting Cui Xu could Zhen Ding support himself any longer and wait until Luo Qing had come!

"How dare you!" Cui Xu exclaimed with his disfigured face.

"How dare you!"

This voice just like thunder exploded in the peaceful world of Meng Qi, leaving everything fragmented.

Peace had been destroyed and uproar was coming.

Meng Qi drew his blade along with the lingering sound.

His blade lit up, accompanied by red dust billowing!