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62 Bad Reputation and Gold-Lettered Signboard

 Jin Ancheng kowtowed to the Buddha in the library and murmured in his study.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and felt a little released. Something in his heart annoyed him.

"God blesses me... " he sighed.

"Yes, you should pray to God." A husky but harsh voice came from the room.

Jin Ancheng tightened his back and pulled down the Buddha without hesitation. The Buddha made a breaking sound. He turned around and performed "Yama Deception".

However, he did not catch anything.

Just then, Jin Ancheng found that a mystery man was sitting behind the desk with a black robe. He wore an ugly mask for children that had a smiling monkey head.

"When did he enter this room? Where are the guards?" Jin Ancheng felt a chill and rushed to the window immediately when he saw him.

He blinked, and seemed to see that smiling monkey face again.

"If you run, I will cut your legs first." The hoarse voice came to Jin Ancheng's ear.

This thrilling magic really shocked Jin Ancheng. The monkey face did not do anything and Jin Ancheng calmed down. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he asked, "Are you Mr. Ennea Monkey of the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods?"

If I can beat him, then I will finally win. If I can't, my action now will annoy him. Maybe I will be appointed and have no chance to run away.

"Since you know me, you had better give up fanciness and answer my question honestly," Meng Qi said in a hoarse voice.

Jin Ancheng prepared movements under the table and squeezed a smile, saying, "May I have your question?"

"I want to know, what did Duan Mingcheng do before he disappeared?" Meng Qi asked directly.

Jin Ancheng frowned. "Mr. Ennea Monkey, this is nothing important. I have told Head Constable Fei everything. That night, Lord Duan booked a special room and invited Castellan and Head Constable Fei. He didn't call dancing girls and sent me away. Around half an hour later, Castellan and Head Constable Fei left. He came out to pay the bill. He talked randomly with a familiar dancing girl 'Night Moon' and left directly.

"He talked with me no more than three sentences. All were about the dinner.

"He must have disappeared when he headed home. But there was no any evidence of any fighting."

"Really? But my information was not like what you said." Meng Qi started to lie to Jin Ancheng.

Jin Ancheng said composedly, "Mr. Ennea Monkey may be deceived by rumors. What I said is all true."

Meng Qi did not say anything and looked at Jin Ancheng silently. The cold atmosphere and the smiling monkey face made him depressed.

Jin Ancheng said awkwardly, "Don't you believe me, Mr. Ennea Monkey?"

"What do you think?" Meng Qi asked and then said in a low voice, "You have three sons and two daughters but no grandchildren, haven't you?"

"What do you mean?" Jin Ancheng's eyes became sharp and he looked terrible.

Meng Qi said slowly and deliberately, "If you don't tell me the truth, I will kill them one by one in front of you. How long can you stand it? It is said that you love your little son most. Let's start with him."

He impossibly did that, he just scared Jin Ancheng. The Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods were extremely cruel and merciless. They could accept any tasks and finish them in any way. They had no boundaries. Jin Ancheng had to believe.

Sometimes, bad reputation had benefits.

Jin Ancheng looked more terrible, "Mr. Ennea Monkey, what I said is true. Please don't push me."

"You thought I didn't know anything?" Meng Qi snorted and turned his body outside deliberately. "Your little son lives in the Western Yard, doesn't he?"

Jin Ancheng was very angry but tried to stay calm. He rushed toward Meng Qi and held his throat and right hand. He also prepared to shout loudly to attract the guards' attention. He did not hope they could save him, but he just wanted to make more noise. This was Destiny City! The 12 monsters could only act secretly.

The reason why Meng Qi turned his body outside was to confuse Jin Ancheng. Meng Qi moved away from Jin Ancheng and crashed into his embrace.

At the moment Jin Ancheng saw Ennea Monkey's performance, he took back his hands and held Meng Qi's sleeveless shirt backhanded. He could not shout.

Meng Qi did not dodge him and tightened his back to fight. He took his Buddhist Commandment Blade and pointed it at Jin Ancheng's throat.

After Jin Ancheng caught Meng Qi's sleeveless shirt, his put his power into his fingers. But he felt as if he was catching stones and felt a sharp pain.

As soon as he realized the bad situation, his neck was locked by the Buddhist Commandment Blade.

Meng Qi moved his left hand and acupunctured Jin Ancheng. He smiled and said, "Mr. Jin, we are both too elegant to fight."

Meng Qi annoyed Jin Ancheng deliberately and caught him successfully.

Normally, Meng Qi had confidence in catching the enemy. But at midnight, if he could not catch the enemy quickly, the noise could attract the attention of the head constable of Destiny City, young Castellan, and even Castellan Cui Xu.

"What do you want?" Though he had been caught, as a master, Jin Ancheng still felt angry.

Meng Qi calmed down and said, "I want to know the truth."

"What I told you was all true." Jin Ancheng answered looking at the Buddhist Commandment Blade at his neck as his eyes blinked.

Meng Qi laughed, "You had better tell the truth. We 'Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods' always do what we said. I said that I will kill your family before, and I will do what I said."

Maybe the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods' gold-lettered signboard worked. Maybe old Jin Ancheng attached great importance to his family. He sighed and said, "It is not because I don't want to say. But I can't say."

"If you tell me, you still have the chance to leave away with your family and possessions. If you don't tell me, your family will all die now." Meng Qi felt good because he finally heard the truth.

At that time, he learned the benefit of "**". If the man were master Duan Xiangfei, Jin Ancheng would not have believed what he said. However, the Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods will do what they said. He said he would kill Jin Ancheng's family and he would do that.

No wonder that Duan Xiangfei asked to investigate the "Twelve Animal Zodiac Gods".

Jin Ancheng sighed and said, "That day, after Lord Duan sent young Castellan and the head constable, he didn't leave directly. He talked with dancing girl Night Moon, then he went out and walked into a quiet yard. He made another reservation and invited other people.

"That guest was in a long black robe and wore a face-cloth. I could hardly guess his age or see his face, but the guest should be a man. He was as tall as you, Mr. Ennea Monkey. He was thin, too.

"After Lord Duan entered the yard, he sent me out. I still felt strange and I worried that it would be harmful to young Castellan and Head Constable Fei. I went to the other side of the yard and slightly heard their talking. They spoke in low voices and I heard dimly about the Snow God Palace."

"Snow God Palace... " Meng Qi repeated quietly. "Most things I come across in this world could be related to the Snow God Palace."

Jin Ancheng glanced at that smiling monkey mask and said, "It was about Snow God Palace. I could hardly hear clearly but I tried my best. Later, the talking sound disappeared. To my big surprise, I walked back to the front door to find that nothing but dinner was left and they both were gone.

"Since then, I have never seen Lord Duan."

"Was there any fighting?" Meng Qi asked carefully.

Jin Ancheng shook his head, "No traces of fighting, but a pound of silver. I guess Lord Duan left with the black-robed man of his own accord or he was caught for lacking Kung Fu."

"Was there something special with the silver? Was there poison in the food?" Meng Qi thought deeply and tried to find clues according to novels that he read before.

Jin Ancheng shook his head again. "That silver belonged to Lord Duan, the impression of the Duan family was on it. There was nothing wrong with the food. There was no debris from clothes.

"Mr. Ennea Monkey, I told you what I know."

Meng Qi shook his head slightly with that smiling monkey mask, which made Jin Ancheng anxious. Jin Ancheng heard Meng Qi say in a hoarse voice, "It is clear. But I still have a question. The part that you wanted to conceal didn't seem worth it."

He can speak about this part of the issue and it wouldn't cause any problems. Why was he unwilling to say it?

Jin Ancheng's face became pale. He hesitated a while and said slowly, "Yes, Head Constable Fei wouldn't let me say it. I had to conceal it."

"Fei Zhengqing?" Meng Qi looked at Jin Ancheng's eyes directly.

Jin Ancheng nodded. "Yes. After Lord Duan disappeared, the first one to investigate was Head Constable Fei. He knew my secret and has better Kung Fu than me. I didn't dare to disobey him. I don't know why he concealed it."

"Well, the wise man can change in different environments. It is a pity not to kill your family." Meng Qi laughed, then moved quickly and ran out of the study. Within a moment, he disappeared from Jin Ancheng's sight.

Jin Ancheng was acupunctured and he could not run and catch him. He breathed deeply and shouted soon after. In a moment, the guards arrived and unlocked his acupuncture points.

He let the guards go out with a somber face, then he sat on the chair in the study silently.

After an hour, he stood up slowly and looked at the guards outside. While they were not paying attention, he opened the window and went into the dark. He jumped out of the yard and ran in the other direction.

"Heng, you are double-dealing, but I am wise, too... " Meng Qi sat cross-legged in the eaves in the dark and saw Jin Ancheng running out of the yard.

He had read many novels and he knew something would happen under these circumstances. Maybe someone would kill Jin Ancheng. Maybe Jin Ancheng did not speak the truth and he would tell the one behind it all after Meng Qi had left... Meng Qi at first doubted what novelists had said, but he decided to hide outside and watch how things went on. He did not leave until dawn arrived.

He jumped onto the roof and followed Jin Ancheng silently.