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52 People in the Prison

 "Poop!" Chui Yizi was talking to himself in surprise when he heard this noise, "Why do I suddenly lose Kung Fu? Are humans' hearts so fragile? Is it so hard to communicate happily?"

Invincibility Skill made this noise when it was broken. The difference between them was that the former became brighter and brighter while the latter would become dim and finally disappear.

Chui Yizi knew that Meng Qi had finished the third round yesterday so he didn't realize that Meng Qi's Kung Fu was broken. Chui Yizi just thought that Meng Qi couldn't stand the training but was unwilling to stop.

In that moment, he saw a man with a golden shadow rush to him and catch him.

He tried his best to struggle. In the prison, his Kung Fu couldn't work even one tenth and the magic power was broken. Finally, he failed and couldn't escape from Meng Qi. Meng Qi drew his belt and tied him firmly to the iron guardrail.

"Let me go! Can't you respect the old and the wise!" Chui Yizi shouted loudly. Suddenly, he found that Meng Qi had a strange white textile in his hand. "Wh-What is it?"

Out of Meng Qi's imagination, he completed the fourth round of Invincibility Skill within a day. Luckily, he caught this noisy Chui Yizi. He felt happy from head to toe. He said, "it is my sock for gagging your mouth."

"No, no... " Chui Yizi shook his head painfully. Meng Qi gagged him tightly.

The world finally returned quiet. Meng Qi closed his eyes and felt this hard-won peace. It was so nice!

He sat crossing his legs again. The confusion of hot and cold didn't bother him. The pain just reminded him that the world, like a furnace, was always painful.

"Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship doesn't only kill people but also benefits the user. It is so amazing! It can fit well with the Invincibility Skill." Meng Qi thought about the break and had a deep understanding on Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. He realized that the Kung Fu was broken but his heart had been washed clean.

"Training magic power in Buddhism needs a meditative mind and insight. If the user has a meditative mind and a good understanding on the Gist of Trueness, his training will have incredible effects and maybe improvements within a day. If the user can't do this, he must train himself and take it slowly. "

With this experience, Meng Qi had a new understanding on the insight of Buddhism.

"The insight cannot be completed without action. The true insight is the combination of soul and heart. The user needs to truly understand the rule and follow it in practice."

"I need a Ganoderma Qi Replenishing Pill to advance the success of Qi-cultivation. I will try concentrating Eye Aperture." Meng Qi thought about what to do next.

It was truly an unexpected happiness to enter the fourth round of Invincibility Skill before the samsara task began. It didn't mean relaxing. The completeness of the fourth round was the symbol of the advanced success of Qi-cultivation. His genuine Qi wasn't enough and needed to calculate. However, Meng Qi worried that the Ganoderma Elixir of Restoration would lose effect in this bad environment and he hadn't brought it with him.

The Fire swan glanced at Meng Qi and retreated slowly. The chilly air of the cold turtle increased.

Meng Qi didn't care. He exercised the heart sutras of the fourth round to strengthen his foundation. He considered the sword understanding and the changes of style his Master had shown yesterday.

At this time, the clean and quiet environment ensured that he could reflect deeply without distraction and flightiness.

"It was a wise decision to stop that ugly bird's mouth! How quiet now!" Meng Qi thought. Peace Quietude Split came to his mind and he lost his thought.

When he slowly held the sword and started to change styles, a noise came to his ear.

"Haha. You think I can't speak with socks in my mouth? Naive! Stupid!"

"I am a Roc. I can swallow anything. It doesn't work to stuff things into my mouth."

The extraordinary quietness was broken. The clean thought was cut off. States of forgetting disappeared.

Faced with this striking noise, Meng Qi didn't feel impetuous. He suddenly rose his head and turned to Chui Yizi feeling enlightened.

The quietness was broken... Peace Quietude Split... it was such a feeling.

He narrowed his eyes and kept his body and feet still. He used his four fingers of the right hand as a sword and performed the style following the understanding and thought.

The wind blew with no sign and it seemed to blow the world.

Chui Yizi bit the belt. At this happy moment he felt sad. He felt like he'd been laughed at by a sparrow when he failed at his first attempt to fly.

He was angry and hateful. Then he saw a palm stop in the distance.

It shivered and stepped back to the corner. Two wings covered its head. It seemed to be afraid of Peace Quietude Split.

In the prison behind Meng Qi, the fire swan thumped and flew directly to the corner. The cold turtle moved toward Meng Qi slightly.

Meng Qi didn't notice. He was lost in the impatient state after swinging his blade. A bitter feeling of homesickness, strange and living pressure came to his mind and was quite strong.

Peace Quietude Split broke the peace of others and himself.

Later, Meng Qi defeated these feelings and held his heart. He felt wet. It seemed that he had just experienced a rough battle. Half of him was dried up and the other half was frozen.

"Each movement cleans the mind. This is 'Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship'... " Meng Qi sighed. Luckily, he'd gotten the Gist of Trueness. If he hadn't, it would have been more difficult to understand bladesmanship. No wonder few monks of Shaolin could successfully use Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship.

Meng Qi was totally aware that he knew very little about Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship. There was still a long way to go to master it.

"I don't know what the next four styles will be... " Meng Qi thought randomly. He thought about the four styles of Landing in the World, Calculating the Shan, Attracting Outside Magic, and Cause and Effect, which he understood little.

Soon he returned back from his random thoughts. He continued to train on the Golden Bell Shield tirelessly. After the fourth round, he could open his eyes freely and pause at any time.

Meng Qi was concentrating on training when he heard light footsteps. He stopped and turned to the far direction.

Commandment Monk Xuan Ku and the other familiar monk walked close to Meng Qi with two men wearing large robes and sleeves.

The monk was tall and thin and looked gentle and weak like Xuanzang. It was Zhen Chang, he had broken through Bronzemen Lane while walking down the mountain two months ago.

"He came back from traveling that short time?" Meng Qi was confused. It was easy to understand. It would lead to much trouble to walk down the mountain for the first time. Maybe he'd just hung around the mountain and returned to the mountain. The second trip would lead him to Jianghu.

The two men showed by Xuan Ku and Zhen Chang had different features. One was middle-aged and had a gentle face with a long beard. He held his hands at his back and looked elegant. The other was a handsome but childish looking young man. He seemed to have just reached adulthood. He had a similar gesture with the former one.

They seemed to be noble men. Meng Qi judged from their clothes, accessories and gaiety. It was not rare to see people from aristocratic families wear rags. But at least they attached great importance to appearance.

The four people aimed to enter the door to the second floor. They didn't care about Meng Qi, rather they just passed him quickly. The elegant man glared at him and said to Xuan Ku and Zhen Chang, "Does this little master use this environment to train the Golden Bell Shield or Vajra Unbreakable Force?"

Xuan Ku and Zhen Chang were at the beginning of the enlightenment period. They were often interrupted by kinds of magic air and other air. They saw Meng Qi and wondered. It was rare to see people use this environment to train because few people could handle the Iron Shirt.

The Iron Shirt was a kind of Thwart Kung Fu and based on beating practice. If the user wanted to handle it, he needed to exercise for three years. Of course, there was a fast way to handle it too. However, in this way, the Iron Shirt could no longer advance. They all thought Meng Qi had taken the shortcut because they didn't believe he could practice the Iron Shirt as the main way.

Xuan Ku stopped for a moment when he noticed that Meng Qi was dried and frozen. Later, Xuan Ku nodded his head and praised. He'd never thought that Meng Qi could bear those difficulties.

Zhen Chang didn't stop. When he saw Meng Qi, he smiled and said to his guests, "It is meant to be."

"It is so good to stand such difficulties at this young age. Who is his master?" The middle-aged man laughed. The young man behind him was barely an adult. Hearing this, he also glared at Meng Qi. The acolyte was quite different among the fire swan, the cold turtle and other monsters.

He was not a zoo! Meng Qi closed his eyes and ignored them.

Zhen Chang frowned and then said with smile, "He should be a new disciple. I left to travel for a few days. I don't know whose disciple he is."

"His master is Xuan Bei." Xuan Ku took back his sight.

Xuan Bei was good at Kung Fu and was the elder. However, he had started to learn Kung Fu later than Xuan Ku. Xuan Ku also called him little brother.

"Xuan Bei divine monk... " the middle-aged man nodded his head in thought. He didn't ask Meng Qi for his Buddhist name and passed slowly.

The other young man continued to look at the fire swan, the cold turtle and other monsters. He appeared to be curious about them and wanted to touch them.

"Father, it is so surprising that Shaolin suppresses so many monsters with original bodies." He had a monster servant. The monster had been acclimated. It couldn't be easily recognized unless in battle.

They passed the corner. Meng Qi opened his eyes and cursed. Who like being watched when training? Impolite!

At this time, a speaking noise broke the quiet of his prison.

"His Abbotship's allowed the Cui Family in PingJing to bring their defected monsters." This elegant and slow voice must belong to Zhen Chang.

"Amitabha. It is the right token. Please come in." The Elder guarding the second floor said in an aged voice.

The Cui Family in PingJin? Meng Qi repeated secretly. They were the Cui Clan from Pinjin!

The Cui Clan in Pinjin was the most powerful aristocratic family in the Great Jin Dynasty. The family owner Cui Qinghe claimed "Zi Yang Dharmakaya" and suppressed the royal household a lot.

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